These stories are entirely works of fantasy fiction. Please do not act anything on this blog out. Doing so would be extremely dangerous.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Winter Charity Ball(s)

It was Saturday, the day before winter graduation and the brothers of Chi Beta Tau were huddled close together on the sprawling backyard of their fraternity house, the ground still coated in a fresh layer of snow several centimeters thick.  Despite the fact that the sun was shining brightly in the cloudless sky, the dial on the little thermometer that hung outside the fraternity house window barely registered four degrees Celsius which is what made three of the waiting young men look especially out of place.

Although most of the shivering young men were bundled up in thick pants, pea coats and hats, some of them taking swigs out of flasks to stay warm, three of them were standing shoulder to shoulder wearing nothing but boots and a thin white T-shirt with the fraternity's letters scrawled hastily across them in thick black marker.

"Brothers!" came a booming voice that instantly quieted the den of chatter. 

Trevor, a tall handsome young man wearing a red sweater but no jacket stood in front of the group of current and soon-to-be graduated students and clanged the inside of a small metal bucket with a stick like a crude bell. 

"Thank you all for coming to the 2018 Winter Charity Ball!" he announced to roaring applause.

"First of all, let's hear it for our brothers who volunteered risking pneumonia for our entertainment."  

There was another round of applause as Trevor called out the names of the three T-shirt clad fraternity brothers.  

Winston was a tall, lanky fair skinned freshman with jet black shoulder length hair and a pair of medium sized nuts that clung tightly to his body.  Next up was Kevin, a husky, somewhat short young man whose legs and arms were covered in a thick layer of comically orange-red hair that matched the wild mop on the top of his head and nearly obscured the ample balls that were swinging slightly below his legs. Finally was Patrick, easily the most fit of the three, whose defined pecks and abs could be made out even through the tight-fitting T-shirt and whose shaved scrotum hung several inches between his legs as if weighed down by the large, pendulous balls inside.  He made a cocky pose as he name was called, flexing his arms and kissing his biceps, the movement of his body causing his junk to swing like a pendulum.

"So this is just like our Summer Ball," Trevor began to explain "I'm going to put the bucket down in front of our heroes and if you wanna' try to make one of them sing soprano you gotta' pay,"  

Trevor dug in his pocket for some loose change, throwing it into the bucket and rattling it around for effect. 

"Last guy left standing wins the bucket,"

Trevor set the bucket down in front of Patrick, who was between Winston and Kevin, as he pulled out his wallet and produced a crisp bill which he threw into the bucket.

"Oh, and guys, no coins allowed.  These guys will need all the money they can get to pay for the reconstructive surgery,"

Trevor gave Patrick's low nuts a playful slap that sent them flopping and elicited giggles from the watching young men.

The first young man to come forward was Bruce, Patrick's roommate who was equally svelte and toned, though it was impossible to see under this thick coat and jeans.  He reached into his pocket and threw a few small bills into the bucket before stepping in front of Winston.

Winston gave an exaggerated face of defiance, trying not to laugh, as Bruce drew his leg back and sent his booted foot flying into Winston's waiting crotch.

The force of the impact caused Winston to gasp, the frozen air stinging his lungs, but he barely shifted from his pose.  Not deterred Bruce threw a few more bills into the collection bucket, drew back his fist and sent it sailing into Winston's nuts.  

This time Winston let out a shrill squeal, mostly from surprise than pain, but kept his legs spread wide as if daring Bruce to try again.  Bruce chuckled and gave Winston a high five before stepping away to clear room for the next player.

Seth stepped up next, pulling out his designer wallet and casually throwing a wad of cash into the bucket.  Seth was slightly short but powerfully built, a feature that could be made out even through the chunky Christmas-themed sweater he was wearing.  Smiling, Seth stepped up to Kevin and slammed his jean-clad knee hard into Kevin's groin.  

Kevin squealed as he felt both of his nuts compress into his pelvis and the cold air only seemed to magnify the pain.  Kevin had barely fully registered the first knee when another was crashing into his junk, then another, each time preceded by Seth throwing a few bills into the bucket.  Both Seth and Kevin were nearly crying, though for totally opposite reasons, as Seth stepped back, wiping tears of laughter from his eyes as the next young man stepped up.

"Oh man, it was like cracking chestnuts!"  Seth chortled.

"Good one, man,"  Xavier said giving Seth a high five as he took his position.

Xavier was just slightly shorter than Kevin, but he filled out his sweater nicely, holding some bills in one hand and a flask in the other.  The slightly staggered way he approached Patrick made it obvious there was something more powerful than eggnog in it.

Patrick mentally braced himself for the kick and his eyes shot open as the tip of Xavier's booted foot caught the bottom of his swinging sack and sent both of his nuts rocketing upward into his body.  Xavier nearly fell backward from the high kick and Patrick could feel his tender nuggets colliding with his pelvis.

"Holy fuck!" Xavier exclaimed "Did you see how those suckers bounced!"

Patrick flushed with embarrassment as Xavier tossed a few more bills into the bucket, took Patrick by the shoulders and slammed his knee into Patrick's crotch.  Xavier felt his jeans get a little tighter in the crotch as he felt Patrick's over sized baby makers instantly flattened between his knee and Patrick's muscular body.  Despite the wave of pain, Patrick laughed and struck a pose as if he was in a body building competition. 

The watching boys laughed as Jason stepped up for his turn.  Jason was bundled in a long coat and his boyishly handsome face was red from the cold but he eagerly threw some bills into the bucket before standing in front of Winston and delivering a powerful uppercut to his sack, stopping precisely at the end of the motion as he twisted his knuckles.  This final move was simple yet effective and Winston shrieked at the unexpected burst of pain. Patrick and Kevin couldn't help but chuckle as Winston howled after another devastating punch.

Seth took out a few more bills and tossed them into the bucket before taking a stance in front of Winston.

"You like peanut butter?" he asked the lanky underclassman.

Winston's eyes instantly turned from a look of confusion to being crossed in pain as Seth slammed his fist twice into Winston's now reddening nuts, being sure to twist his knuckles into the young man's fleshy sack after each blow.

"Well I hope you do, because I just thoroughly cracked your nuts, kid,"  Seth laughed as Winston bit his lip and placed his hands on his knees hunching slightly as he tried to catch his breath.

No sooner had Seth stepped away than Jose took his station in front of the still recovering Winston. 
Jose was quite short but his aged face made the freshman look several grades older and his thin black long sleeved T-shirt and tight fighting jeans showed off every one of his rippling muscles.  His face was flush  from the cold but he seemed hardly to care as he casually tossed a wad of cash into the collection bucket and, almost simultaneously, drew his leg back and sent his boot smashing into Winston's tight nut sack.

Winston's stomach was instantly overcome with waves of nausea that nearly countered the fire like pain in his balls, so much so that he actually put a hand to his mouth out of instinct.  The waves of pain were amplified as Jose's muscular leg was drawn back and his heavy boot again laid waste to Winston's balls.  Winston could feel his balls starting to swell as they were mercilessly crushed into his body and for a split second he nearly took himself out of the game, but a quick glance into the collection bucket firmed his resolve.

Jose ran a hand through his thick black hair and winked at Winston as Seth once again stepped up.  Without fanfare he drove his massive fist squarely into Winston's throbbing manhood, inadvertently crushing the left nut between his knuckle and Winston's pelvic bone.  Again Winston thought he was going to puke and his eyes crossed as his mouth was stuck in a comical 'O' shape.  His knees were shaking and his balls were now in so much pain it was starting to cancel out the numbing cold that was starting to overtake him.  Winston's red, battered balls looked especially striking against his pale skin and the white snowy backdrop, which was entirely too tempting for Jose to pass up as he threw more bills into the collection bucket.

Meanwhile, Xavier sauntered up to Kevin, his gait still a bit wobbly, and proceeded to send his fist flying into Kevin's swinging nuts.  Kevin's eyes crossed and he let out a squeal in unison with Patrick whose massive hangers were being wrecked by Jose's rapidly swinging boot; Jose had a wad of bills in one hand and tossed in a few before sending his boot arching into Patrick's testicles. Patrick's heavy nuts bounced wildly and were always still in mid swing when the next kick came making Patrick think he was going to be sick but the massive wad of money Jose was casually throwing into the bucket strengthened Patrick's resolve.

"Oh fuck!"  

Winston squealed, barely able to stay upright as Jose, Seth and Bruce had huddled around him delivering rapid fire fists, knees and kicks to his swelling sack giving the freshman's balls literally no reprieve between blows.  The three attacking frat brothers had their sequence down like a twisted ballet.  Seth would pile drive Winston's screaming nuts into his pelvis followed immediately by Bruce giving a strong knee and ending with Jose's boot stomping into Winston's groin with a twist.  Then the cycle continued again. 

The collection bucket was literally overflowing with cash, not like the three contestants could focus on that as more rowdy young men stepped forward, eager to give a few dollars for the chance to turn one of their own into a castrato.

"Nailed it!"   Jason laughed.

"Yup! That had to hurt!" Jose joked not taking a break from his kicking.

"They're gonna' fucking pop!"  Xavier said almost growling.

"I swear I just felt something snap!"   Paul joked as his fist sailed into Patrick's beet red balls.

Paul was a powerfully built, tall blonde jock who had been watching the scene shirtless to show off his chiseled abs and powerful upper body. Every ounce of strength in his powerful upper body had gone into the punch and Patrick's eyes crossed as this hands raced for his crotch, confident that his nuts had just cracked.

Winston, Kevin and Patrick made a pitiful chorus of squeals and shrieks as each one was surrounded by at least three or four guys in rotation who were all determined to be the first one to get one of the players to quit.

"I give up! I give up!"  

Winston  covered his throbbing, purple and swollen testicles and collapsed to his knees to riotous applause.  Xavier, who had literally just been pulverizing Winston's nuts with his knee, reached out a hand to his fallen brother and helped him to his feet.

"Nicely done, freshman! Nicely done!" the older boy bellowed to more applause.  

Xavier took Winston's arm and hoisted it into the air like he was a prize fighter, allowing Winston's hideously swollen package to be seen by all. The sack was nearly black and swollen to twice its normal size but, after a rougher than necessary squeeze by Bruce, was declared to still be mostly whole.  Winston hobbled into the house as the ravenous crowd turned their attention to Kevin and Patrick's low hanging, puffy sacks.  Each pair of balls was red, Kevin's was covered in welts, and the swollen organs inside made their impressive swings look even more dramatic.

Kevin's orange hair made the paleness in his face especially pronounced and his shaking knees seemed to invite more blows than Patrick like vultures circling dying prey.   Jason's fist smashed into Kevin's groin, followed by Bruce's then Paul.  Jose's boot caught Jason's left nut flattening it severely against his pelvis.

"Oh!" Kevin screamed, unable to focus as brother after brother took turns trying to destroy his nuts.  To his horror, his thick cock was starting to get hard despite the fact that its two best friends were about to die.

Patrick wasn't exactly being spared as Seth and a few other brothers were desperately trying to end his chances of ever fathering children.  

"Here it goes! On three!"  Seth shouted out after throwing a wad of cash into the overflowing bucket.

Patrick was too unfocused to hear the resulting count down but certainly felt the result.

"Fuck!" he screamed as Seth and Jose's fists smashed into his sack from opposite sides, pulverizing his huge testicles as they were forced into each other.

He had barely registered the pain when it happened again, and again.  In his mind Patrick could visualize his balls compressing together, flattening until they were impossibly flat.


Patrick thought we was going to vomit as a short dark haired brother who had been sitting out until now slammed his knee into his swinging sack with such force that they were instantly compressed to a quarter of their girth when they were trapped between his body and the boy's knee.  Had they gotten any flattered they certainly would have...


Kevin screamed at the top of his lungs as his cock, now fully hard and sticking out nine inches, defied him.  Jason, Seth and Bruce had formed a trifecta of pain around him like they had done with Winston and were unleashing kicks, punches, knees and uppercuts with such power and speed that Kevin's scrotum looked like a swinging blur, the organs inside being pushed right to the limit.  

"Please!" Kevin cried out.

"Please what? Please crush your nuts?" Jason sneered as he felt his fist smashing into Kevin's mushy sack. 

"I think he likes it!"  Jose laughed as he pointed at Kevin's thick, hard cock.

Kevin's sack was now alarming black and blue and felt much less firm than when the game started and the more Kevin struggled to keep standing the more boys circled him.  Money was being thrown into the bucket so fast that most of it was just ending up on the ground and each bill was met with a devastating, family tree trimming kick or punch.  Kevin's right nut throbbed and his left had gone numb, he could barely stand yet despite it his cock was throbbing.

"I think I might actually make him cum!" someone shouted.

More fists. More boots. Kevin's testicles were swollen and bruised yet his cock was starting to throb. It was almost like he was trying to blow one final load before...

"Oh fuck! I give! I give!"  Kevin wailed as his cock exploded several ropes of jizz as he collapsed to his knees.  

Seth and Bruce's chests were painted with thick ribbons of thoroughly scrambled baby batter which caused them both to erupt into laughter as they immediately helped Kevin to his feet.  Despite the fact that he had been trying to destroy them just moments earlier, Bruce was now gently massaging Kevin's balls, rolling the heavy organs in his hands in a genuine, if a bit clumsy, inspection for any signs of serious damage.

"He's still whole!"  

The crowd whooped as Seth helped Kevin walk into the house while cradling his virtually cracked nuts.  

"Our champion!"  

Trevor took Patrick's arm and raised it into the air.  There was righteous applause and shouts of congratulations which Patrick accepted with a weak smile whilst gently cradling his truly battered sack in his free hand, each ball felt swollen to the size of eight balls and were nearly numb, though the biting cold was starting to break through the ball-busting haze.  Patrick eyed the bucket and pile of money and his smile widened and he gave a small bow to the crowd, ignoring the sickening pain in his stomach.

"I can't wait to buy a ball crusher with that," Patrick thought.

Inspiration for Patrick

Monday, January 15, 2018

Bully's Just Deserts

It was just after three in the afternoon on Saturday and Travis was standing in the locker room admiring himself in the mirror after a workout.  Travis was an Adonis, with more rippling muscles than most guys even realized they had, strong legs and a handsome face that was framed by his neatly cropped hair.

Today Travis had been especially aggressive on the weight bench and his back and shoulders were aching from the effort, but boy did it pay off. Travis flexed, actually getting hard at the stunningly ripped reflection staring back at him.  It looked as if someone had Photoshopped the perfect male body, only this was no special effect, it was all real.  He was only wearing a pair of grey knee-length basketball shorts that were clinging to him with sweat leaving little to the imagination.

He was so caught up in his self admiration that he didn’t notice the sound of three pairs of feet walking up behind him.


Travis screamed in agony and buckled to his knees as an unbearable pain struck the small of his back, right above his bubble butt.  Travis didn’t realize it, but he had just felt the sting of a Taser.

Before he could regain his senses two sets of arms were lifting him up from underneath, propping him against the lockers like he was a sack of potatoes, his perfect male form on full display.  Travis’ head aches as he slowly regained his bearings.

“Tyler? What the fuck!”  

Travis’ voice as venomous as he screamed at the man standing in front of him.  He instinctively lunged but was held in place by two other men who were mere shadows of Travis’ exquisite frame but were nonetheless keeping the hunky stud firmly in place.   Tyler actually looked a lot like Travis with a handsome face and short brown hair, only he was much heavier and far less muscular.

“You know what, Travis. You think you’re such hot shit,” Tyler laughed as Travis tried desperately to break away from this assailants.

“I’m gonna’ kill you!” Travis screamed. It wasn’t hyperbole.

“So you need your two faggotty helpers? Can’t even face me by yourself?”  

Travis was enraged. The veins on his thick neck were bulging and his face was flashing red with pure hatred.  He couldn’t wait to see what pathetic attack Tyler had planned so that he could endure it and turn around and beat Tyler’s ass.

Tyler grinned as he revealed a steel baseball bat he had been holding behind his back. Travis sneered and struggled but the two helpers Tyler had recruited were proving to be especially capable for the job.

“You know what, Travis. I’m tired of your shit. And ya’ know what? Everyone else is, too,”

Travis recognized the two men holding him from passing. They were just two equally out of shape guys, like Tyler. Nothing to worry about...

Tyler placed the business end of the bad on Travis’s nose and Travis, feeling both terrified and pissed, braced himself for the horrible nose-breaking blow he knew he was about to get.  Tyler wasn’t a muscle god like him but anyone could do a lot of damage with a metal baseball bat against a defenceless opponent.

“What are you gonna’ do, fat ass?  Couldn’t even face me alone?”

Travis’ heart was pounding in panic but his outward appearance was nothing but hatred and malicious arrogance as he struggled against his bonds.  He couldn't’ even believe Tyler and his goons would even be attempting this...

Tyler rubbed the bat over Travis’ perfect nose reveling in the terror Travis was trying so hard to keep behind his steely-grey eyes.

“I think you need to be knocked down a peg...”

Tyler moved the bad down Travis’ rippled midsection slowly stopping when it rested over the slight bulge in Travis’ shorts.

“... or two!”

Before Travis even heard the words Tyler swung the bat full force into his baby makers.

“Mother fucker!” Travis screamed.




Travis struggled valiantly against his captors, cursing and screaming for help as Tyler used his balls for target practice.  Travis’ average sized yet heavy, dense nuts were being slammed with crushing force between the bat and his rock-hard pelvis, each blow landing with gross wet impacts.  Tyler truly didn’t care whether or not the arrogant bully’s manhood survived as he treated them as nothing more than baseballs on a stick, striking the swelling bulge with reckless abandon.  

Tyler grunted in effort and his eyes flashed with pure hatred as he laid waste to Travis’ junk.  Suddenly Travis, in absolute horror, cried out desperately.

“Tyler! I’m sorry, I’m sorry please don’t... ooooh!”

Travis was in hysterics.  He could tell this was no ordinary locker room dust up; Tyler was out for blood. The same muscles Travis had just been admiring flexed and strained in an ironically hot display as he tried desperately to break free. For the first time in his life Travis was crying, begging for Tyler to stop.

“Tyler! Please! I’m sorry!”


Tyler had Travis’ whole world under his bat and it was about to literally shatter.  Travis’ sack was turning an uncomfortable shade of blackish purple and his balls were bouncing wildly, desperate to lessen the agony of the volley of blows.  At this point Travis wasn’t even making words, just desperate babbles as the other two men kept him held firmly in place.

Tyler reared the bat back, preparing for another blow when he noticed something quite unexpected.  Travis’ cock was starting to grow, and not just grow.  Throb.


Travis screamed shaking his head no, pleading with his eyes for Tyler to stop. For the first time in his life Tyler actually felt bad for Travis, but he quickly decided he enjoyed watching Travis scream too much to stop. Travis’ nuts were rocketed into his body and Travis nearly wretched as Tyler bounced his now hideously swollen nuts around with the bad.   Despite the pain and Travis’ hysterical gyrating to break free, his cock continued to swell. His thick jock cock got bigger and harder until it was its full nine-inch beer-can thick glory, creating an impressive tent in his loose shorts.  Tyler took a pause from his beating and placed the bat so that it was resting on top of Travis’ rock-hard cock.

The two goons holding Travis chuckled as Tyler looked with a truly malice look on his face.

“Looks like you’re getting off on this, Travis.”

Travis was sobbing, terrified at what Tyler could do with his cock so close to the head of the devastating bat.  Tyler thought for a moment before speaking.

“Tell you what? Since you’re liking this so much, I promise I’ll stop swinging when you blow your load.”

Travis screamed in protest as Tyler swung the bat and collided the head of his cock as if he were hammering a nail.  Travis’ eyes cross as the most intense pain he had even experienced racked his brain. Then it happened again. And again.

Travis was silent; he wanted to scream but his brain just couldn’t process what was happening.  Instead his handsome face was contorted into an anguished expression with his handsome eyes leaking tears, half-crossed, trying desperately to make eye contact with Tyler. Trying to make a raw connection as one human being to another. Travis had been an incredibly mean bully to Tyler over the years but nothing he’d done deserved this kind of retribution. It was inhuman.

“Ty... please... please.. Stop...”

Travis was losing consciousness as the bat squished and cracked his nuts and cock.  Despite everything though, Travis’ cock stayed hard and was actually leaking precum, stimulated by its constant bouncing and -- shockingly -- by the agony in his balls.


“Travis, you’re really liking this. But you’d better cum soon or else...”


Travis’ body went limp as the bat collided with the underside of his sack, sending his nearly cracked nuts flying into his abdomen.  They were literally still sailing upward when they were hit with another blow, and another, and another.  Travis’ ball sack was black inside his shorts but his cock stayed rock hard.

“Tyler... no...”  

Tyler spit in Travis’ face as he sent the bat crashing into the stud’s thick cock, nearly cracking it in half with the blow.  Surprisingly Travis responded with a moan and a shot of precum that made a wet stain in his shorts.  Tyler kept it up alternating between beating Travis’ balls and his cock, desperate to finish this sick game in a spectacular testicular rupture.

“Oh... stop... oh!”  

Travis opened his mouth and let out a deep, baritone, guttural scream as the front of his shorts were soaked with cum. Every muscle in Tyler's sculpted body shuddered in an orgasm so powerful the two guys holding him nearly lost their grip. Tyler kept smashing Travis’ nuts with bat as his busy balls unloaded a dozen squirts that soaked his shorts and ran down his leg in a thick, white stream.   Tyler, to his word, threw down the bat and signaled for his friends to let Travis go allowing the bulky jock to slide to the floor, clutching his junk and sobbing.

Tyler and his friends looked down at Travis as he clutched his battered but still whole nuts, sobbing and curled into a ball.

“Well I hope that taught you a lesson, you bullying piece of shit!”  Tyler said as he hawked a loogie onto Travis’ face.

Travis didn’t even protest, nodding in agreement with Tyler, desperate for the three bullies to leave him alone.  

“Do you think we can get another load out of him?”  one of the goons asked as he picked up the bat and handed it to Tyler.

“No!” Travis screamed as he tried to flee.

He was stopped immediately by a swift kick to the side of his handsome face.  He was out cold.

“Yeah, let’s see if we can make the next shots red,”

Tyler said grinning, holding the bat as his friends held Travis’ defenseless, perfect body against the lockers.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Good Doctor: Ball Drop - New Years Day


The group finished their count down just as the clock began to chime midnight.  It was 2018.

At the same moment Kamran and Quinn let go of the weights they were holding and stepped to the side so as to not block Zach and Dr. Paulson's view.  Almost immediately there was a loud clang as the weight that had been suspended from Archie's sack landed harmlessly to the floor.

The sound had barely registered with Lance before his eyes bugged out and he screamed "OH FUCK!"

He wasn't sure what had struck him first, the actual pain or the realization of what was about to happen, but both struck with equal ferociousness.  Lance's huge, swollen nuts were pulled violently downward by the heavy weight and the noose tightened around his sack, causing them to visually balloon as they were crammed into less and less space.

For the watching crowd everything that happened next was watched as if in slow motion.  Lance howled as the weight plunged toward the floor, pulling his sack along with.  His cock lurched and began firing ropes of jizz and his testicles neared his knees but the weigh wasn't slowing down.

"Ooh!"  Lance blacked out, his cock still squirting only the final shots were tinged red.

The entire fleshy balloon that had been pulled to the bottom of Lance's sack burst inside Lance's sack while he was still cumming and the weight hit the floor with a clang.  Both of his fat nuts, close to ruptured from the earlier pummeling, just couldn't withstand the pressure of being yanked and squeezed by the knot.   Dr. Paulson squeezed and inspected the visibly misshapen lumps in Lance's sack and confirmed, to the watching men's delight - including Archie's - that Lance's balls were history.  They hadn't quite burst in the gory shower Lance had always fantasized about, but they were not just chunks in his rapidly swelling sack.

Like clockwork Quinn, Kamran and Dr. Paulson helped the blacked out stud down from the platform and the watching eunuch jocks followed Dr. Paulson as he took Lane to begin the well-rehearsed procedure for dealing with the aftermath of one of his over-the-line ball busting sessions.

"Hey buddy, it's okay. Let's get you down," 

Zach whispered softly, kissing the back of Archie's neck as he undid his handcuffs.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Good Doctor: Ball Drop - New Years Eve

The stately homes that lined Chrysanthemum Heights looked almost stoic, their ornate shudders resembling sad eyes on giant stone faces, as if they - like their occupants - were ready for this year to come to an end.  It was 10:30 PM and the final hours of 2017 were ticking away.  Parked in the driveway of 47 Blossoming Chrysanthemum Lane were several cars, including two ostentatious Porsche 911 convertibles.

Inside the posh home seven men were milling about the large living room sipping festive cocktails as pop music blared from the stereo and scenes of New Year's celebrations played on the television screen.

"Great party, doc!" Archie shouted, his red hair flopping as he danced to the music, literally as if no one was watching. 

Dancing in front of him was his identical twin Lance and both of the muscular, svelte twin's six foot tall bodies were gyrating to the rhythm.  They were both wearing tight fitting black jeans and black A-shirts that would have clung to their rippling stomachs even without the sheen of sweat they were working up.  Despite their frenetic pace, it was evident that both of the handsome brothers knew exactly what they were doing - each thrust, hip pivot and suggestive wink designed to enthrall the watching crowd and their efforts didn't go unnoticed. 

"Wow, you weren't kidding. Those guys are hot as fuck,"

Quinn said as he sipped his glass and nodded at Dr. Paulson, the host of the party.  Dr. Paulson and Quinn had fallen out of touch after a particularly wild session of ball busting the previous year had left Quinn two balls short of a full sack but it was the circumstance of a far flung job, not bitterness, that had kept Quinn away.  Quinn, was just as hot at the last time Dr. Paulson had clapped eyes on him, a powerfully built former rugby player in his mid twenties with sleek dark hair.  Horn rimmed glasses and a mustache made him look older than his age but he was still ruggedly handsome.  Quinn was wearing dark slacks, a white button up shirt, tie and vest and looked quite dapper especially in the sea of jeans and T-shirts and, most impressively, he was still sporting an impressive bulge in his crotch.

"I see you went with the extra-large replacements,"  

Dr. Paulson joked as he jabbed his finger into one of Quinn's large, plump artificial testicles.  Quinn grimaced out of instinct as he gave his former doctor a shit-faced grin. 

"You're still looking amazing too, by the way," Quinn said eyeing Dr. Paulson hungrily.

Despite being the oldest man in the bunch, the forty-nine year old was arguably the most fit a fact that was evident even through his baggy khakis and a rather frumpy red sweater that entirely hid his muscular body, though his bulging arms were still obvious under the fabric. 

Meanwhile two of the other guests, Zach Norris and Kamran, were standing next to each other licking their lips and swaying to the music as they watched the twins dance.   Zach was a thirty year old, beefy graduate student wearing jeans and a tight fitting T-shirt.  At five foot nine Kamran was slightly shorter than Zach but was significantly more muscular; a ridiculously attractive jock whose piercing blue eyes, sculpted body and shaved hair made it look as if he'd stepped out of a porn studio.  And stuffed into this tight jeans were two ample lumps, artificial testes like Quinn's, and a second, entirely real bulge of his massive cock snaking down his toned thigh. 

"Glad to see it's still working," Zach said smiling at Kamran.

Kamran gave his cock a squeeze through the fabric as he leaned in and gave Zach a friendly kiss on the neck.

"Yeah, I seem to get even harder now that the boys are gone."  Kamran answered, his husky voice dripping with lust.

"I get really fucking hard whenever I replay you cracking my nuts in my head.  You were so... ruthless! It was hot, man."

Zach blushed as he felt his own thick cock start to stir.

Music continued and Lance grabbed Quinn toward him using his tie like a leash and pulled the hunky young man into him.  The cheeky red head smiled before plunging his tongue into Quinn's mouth and the randy athlete didn't complain.  The crowd whooped in approval as Lance removed Quinn's shirt and vest - without breaking his kiss - to reveal Quinn's mounding pecs and six pack abs. 

Quinn placed his large hands on the small of Lance's back and began swaying in rhythm with him.  As the two's danced and rubbed into each other Archie snatched up Kamran and in short order had him stripped to his red-and-white striped boxer briefs. Archie and Kamran's sweaty, sculpted bodies made a visually stunning display of raw maleness and Kamran couldn't help but lower his stance until he was nearly squatting allowing Archie's bulging crotch to rub over his face.

"Holy fuck you're hot," Quinn said panting, running his strong hands through Lance's ginger hair and over his abs.

"So are you," Lance grabbed Quinn's fake balls through his slacks and gave them a squeeze.

"I'm glad everyone's having fun,"

Dr. Paulson motioned for Zach to stand next to him and they watched the two couples as their movements morphed from erotic, but still rhythmic, dancing to barely choreographed groping, heavy petting and making out.  Piece by piece articles of clothing began falling to the floor and loud moans, deep moans of pleasure could be heard over the thumping music. 

Archie was the first young man to get completely naked and Kamran, still in his underwear, seemed dumbstruck at the sight.  Archie's upper body was ripped, with virtually no body fat and his legs were fit and powerful.  But Kamran was most impressed by the foot long, veiny cock and huge, heavy  balls dangling between the hot red head's legs.  

"Oh Hell yeah, I can't wait to see these balls drop!"

Kamran dropped to his knees and took in as much of Archie's cock as he could into his mouth whilst stroking his own cock through the fabric of his boxers.  

The four men's moans grew louder and, had this been any other night, it may have just turned into a gang bang with the two horny in-tact twins plowing the two de-balled submissive jocks but this wasn't any ordinary night.  Zach's palms were sweating in excitement at the macabre game Dr. Paulson had planned to mark the turn of the new year...

"Holy shit!" 

Quinn, who had stolen a glimpse of Archie, immediately grabbed the waist band of Lance's underwear - the last clothing he was wearing - and ripped them to shreds. Lance was so turned on by having the beefy rugby stud literally ripping off his clothes than his matching foot long cock started leaking precum.

Quinn smiled as he cupped Lance's beefy sack in his hand and gasped.  They were easily the largest testicles he had ever seen and insanely dense.  Lance moaned as Quinn's fondling became harder, pressing his thumb into Lance's right nut.

"Dr. Paulson, are we sure we can't, ya' know, pound these instead?"

Lance's cock shot precum at Quinn's suggestion and Dr. Paulson gave him a coy smile.

"But what's New Year's Eve without a ball drop?"

Quinn continued to roughly fondle Lance's nuts and Archie moaned as Kamran struggled to swallow his entire girthy cock when the clock chimed 11:00.

"Okay everyone, we'd better get ready." 

Quinn gave Lance a wink as he tightened his fist over Lance's over stuffed sack.  Lance let out a gasp but his cock stayed rock hard as Quinn lead him down the hall toward the library.  Zach and Dr. Paulson followed and Archie had to push Kamran's eager mouth off of his cock to get his attention.

"Come on stud, don't you wanna' watch these balls drop?"

Kamran laughed.

"More like watch them pop instead,"

When everyone was in the bedroom, Dr. Paulson quickly explained the contraption he had setup in the vaulted-ceiling library.  Small step ladders leaned against two wooden platforms just barely large enough to stand on had been erected near each other and two wooden posts protruded from them.  On a table between them was a small table clock, too low to be seen by anyone on the platform, but the perfect height to be seen by anyone on the ground.  Dr. Paulson instructed Archie and Lance to take their places atop the pedestals and, once they were standing upright the two twin's heads barely missed touching the 12 foot ceiling. Next, Dr. Paulson and Zach secured the twins' arms behind their backs with handcuffs, trapping them against the posts, and secured their legs wide apart with shackles around the ankles that were bolted to the platform.  It was obvious from every measurement, from the height to the spacing of the restraints, that this contraption was designed specifically for Archie and Lance.   On

After Zach hopped off his step ladder he joined Dr. Paulson, Quinn and Kamran to admire the two prime male specimens before them. Archie and Lance's bodies were terrifically chiseled and their rock hard pecs and abs were covered in red hair that was slightly longer than the last time Zach had seen them.  The sweat glistening from their skin only made their perfect bodies look even more amazing but despite their gym-sculpted perfection the three watching men were far more fixated on the twin's other attributes.

"What a perfect dick!"  Quinn said, his mouth literally watering. 

Both of the jocks were fully hard, their twin cocks sticking straight out in a combined two feet of ass pounding perfection.  Dangling beneath were two obscenely large, round balls dangling in their shaved sacks. Kamran stepped up to Quinn and, without warning, slammed his fist into the young man's defenceless balls. 

"Hell yes! Ruin him now! Don't wait for midnight!"  Archie screamed as another and another and another of Kamran's powerful blows landed with deadly accuracy.

Lance screamed but his cock stayed rock hard and leaking precum.

"Fucking pound 'em! Make me a eunuch like you! Fuckin... OOH!"

Lance was silenced by a particularly brutal uppercut that drove his nut sack into his pelvis.  Zach shamelessly pulled out his cock and started stroking and Quinn looked on in amazement as Kamran laid waste to Lance's manhood.  Lance's enormous nuts were turning beet red and swelling as they bounced wildly under the unbridled reign of destruction.  It was obvious Kamran wasn't even trying to hold anything back and Lance, through his fog of pain, was incredibly turned on watching Kamran's muscular upper body as it flexed, knowing that all of that raw power was going into finally bursting his bubbles.

"Do mine!"  

Archie thrust his pelvis forward and Quinn wasted no time taking the invitation.  Zach and Dr. Paulson were both stroking their dicks as they watched Quinn and Kamran trying to turn the twins into ball-less wonders.  Over their screams of agony the brothers looked over at each other, as if they were watching themselves being busted in a mirror, and screamed for their attackers to finish them off.  All the the while their cocks stayed fully erect as if desperate to blow their final loads.

"That's enough,"  Dr. Paulson instructed and the two jocks stepped away.

The clock had just chimed 11:45 PM, midnight was quickly approaching.  The twin's big balls had been mercilessly beaten for over a half an hour and the damage was starting to show.  Both sets of nuts were purplish black, swollen, bruised and hanging even lower in their sacks.  Archie's left nut looked slightly misshapen and both of the hunky red heads were drenched in sweat, their handsome faces were streaked with tears and their voices were hoarse.

Although he was incredibly turned on, Zach couldn't help but feel oddly upset at the sight of Archie's misshapen gonad and the thought almost crossed his mind to call off the next part of Dr. Paulson's plan... though he had been waiting for it for months.

"Zach, will you give me a hand?"

Dr. Paulson made his way to a drawer and came back with two round metal objects, about the size and shape of kettle balls and a length of thin rope.  Perched on step stools, Zach and Dr. Paulson proceeded to roughly pull the twins swollen nuts downward and tie the rope tightly around them.  When they were done, each set of nuts was pulled several inches from their bodies, pulling their balls so far down their sack the skin was shiny.

"Looks like they're gonna' pop right out,"  Dr. Paulson laughed.

Archie and Lance were now in real pain and it was everything they could do not to cry out.  The two brothers glanced at each other and nodded as Dr. Paulson instructed Kamran and Quinn to stand in front of Archie and Lance, respectively, holding a kettle ball.  Quinn was startled at how heavy it was and his face took on an evil smile as he looked up at Lance.

Dr. Paulson tied the other end of the ropes to the kettle balls.

"Make sure you don't drop the ball, so to speak, until midnight."

"Holy... holy fuck! This is it, dude! Holy shit, this is it!"

Archie's face lit up as his pain wracked mind suddenly became aware of the ramifications of what was about to happen. 

"Hope I don't drop it early..."  Kamran teased and jerked his hand as if he was going to drop the ball he was holding.  It was too much for Archie.

Just the thought of Kamran dropping the kettle ball was enough to make every muscle in Archie's body flex as he thew his head back and howled. 

Kamran was totally unprepared for the force or volume of the cum that shot him nearly point blank in the face.  He very nearly did drop the kettle ball in surprise as four thick, gooey jets of sperm plastered his face.  

His face was absolutely drenched and ropes of cum were still dripping off his chin when he laughed, "Looks like Archie wants midnight to come,"

Everyone laughed.

As midnight approached Dr. Paulson explained that he had purposefully tied a very loose knot on one of the kettle balls, although both looked quite secure on a cursory glance.  When the weights were finally released at midnight, one of them would detach harmlessly and fall to the floor and the other..

"That way, we won't know which weight is going to just fall and which is going to, how can I say, make a couple of balls drop."

Lance's cock jump and Archie's which was still hard even after having painted Kamran, stood even more to attention.

As midnight approached the twins' breathing became faster, almost labored, and Zach and Mr. Paulson stood back to watch the show.  Kamran and Quinn were sweating in anticipation, both of them hoping that they were literally holding one of the twin's manhood in their hands.

"This is it!"  Zach shouted and pointed to the clock.

Everyone, including the twins who knew that one of them was about to have something extremely bad happen to their sex life, began counting down.










You'll have to wait until New Year's Day to see the result of the ball drop. ;)

Monday, December 25, 2017

POPS! - Anything for Master


Chase was wearing nothing more than a white apron as he made the finishing touches setting the table.  Master had been out of town for nearly a week and Chase knew he would want a nice meal when he got home.  

"Master is going to be so please," he thought.

The beefy manservant greeted Master at the door holding a glass of Brandy, which was promptly knocked out of his hand.  Chase knelt to pick up the shattered pieces but was grabbed by his short brown hair by Master and pulled to his feet.

Chase, his chiseled face in a stoic expression, went to speak but was silenced by a throat chop from Master's meaty arm.  Chase obediently nodded, holding back his instinct to cough.  Master looked agitated and angry, Chase thought.  Something must have gone poorly on his business trip.

"Strip and get to the basement! Get to the basement" Master barked.

Chase quickly undid his apron, revealing his strapping body, and made his way to the basement stairs.  He had never heard such malice in Master's voice and Master's hulking frame seemed to be seething with rage.

"In the chair!" Master ordered pointing to the chair in the center of the stony basement.

Chase sat on the punishment chair.  It was just a regular plastic chair with four legs, bolted to the floor, and a hole cut in the bottom.  Chase knew exactly what the hole was for and made sure his large pendulous nut sack was dangling beneath the seat.

Master didn't even take off his suit as he rustled around the basement frantically fetching supplies.  Master must be so upset, Chase thought.

"Master, I've made you your favorite for dinner,"  Chase said in a soft voice.

Master grunted and shoved a ball gag violently into Chase's mouth.  He then proceeded to tie Chase's arms behind his back, followed by chaining his spread legs to the legs of the chair.  Chase was totally vulnerable to whatever stress-relieving activity Master had planned.  Master rubbed his throbbing cock through his slacks as he drank in the sight of his slave, then went to fetch the final piece for his plan.

He returned holding the mace, a heavy metal ball attached to a chain with dozens of dulled spikes protruding from it.  Chase's eyes grew wide at the site of it.  Master had purchased the mace years ago but it had only hung from the wall collecting dust until now.

Without warning, Master swung the mace sending it crashing up from under the seat. Chase's nuts were nearly flattened outright and the beefy stud screamed into this gag.  Every muscle on Chase's body strained as the mace swung up again and again, each time flattening his huge nuts into the seat bottom.  The mace's spikes were dulled, but they were still pointed enough to be felt.  Chase could feel each one digging into his fleshy balls.

Chase was crying as Master prepared for another blow.  Master was thoroughly enjoying his stress relief, his eyes darting between Chase's bouncing balls, his handsome pain-contorted face and his heaving muscular chest.  Master continued raining blows, each more punishing than the last, and Chase's nut sack started to bleed and turn purple. Meanwhile, Chase's cock was rock hard, all seven inches pointed straight up; he was so pleased to be offering himself up to Master, though he had never seen him so...


Chase screamed into his gag, for the first time experiencing true fear as Master sent the mace crashing down onto his cock.  Chase's cock bent dangerously and was starting to resume its upright position when the mace was sent crashing down again.  There was an audible crack, like gristle being torn, and Chase thought he was going to black out from pain. His beautiful cock had a nasty bend in it that was starting to turn black.  Another blow crushed Chase's cock like an accordion.

Master smiled as he sent the mace upward into Chase's ball sack.  Chase's swinging nuts bounced and jiggled under the assault.   It was obvious from the lumpy appearance that Master was about to break his favorite toys, but he didn't care.  Chase knew that one day Master would take him over the edge and tears of joy streamed down his face despite his screams as his left testicle finally ruptured.

"Burst! Burst, mother fucker!" Master roared.

The mace was a blur, crashing upward so hard and fast that Chase couldn't even comprehend it.  Master had never, ever been this upset. Chase cried for his Master, angry at whatever had gotten Master in such state and happy that he was there to help.  

His right nut burst in his sack.  

Chase's eyes rolled into his head as the mace was now just mercilessly pulping goo.  If Master didn't stop soon...


Master creamed into his slacks as Chase's bloated, swollen scrotum exploded like a fleshy balloon.  Chase smiled at his Master as he faded into blackness.


Sunday, December 10, 2017

Bet You Can't Make Me Cum?

Two young couples found themselves sitting on their patio, sipping wine after a light dinner and chatting about nothing in particular.  They were somehow right in the middle of one of those conversations that started off totally innocuous but then, inexplicably, had taken a turn for the taboo. The conversation had drifted so slowly off the rails that none of them could quite remember exactly how a discussion about politics had someone evolved into Jared and Connor's surprisingly kinky sex life.

"So, you're telling me you don't find it hot?"  Jared said goading his boyfriend to give the expected response.

"No, I actually don't,"  Connor retorted chuckling uncomfortably as he sipped his pinot noir. 

Jared and Connor were both in their early thirties and had been married for just over a year, though they'd been dating since high school.  They were at a cursory glance totally vanilla, unassuming gentleman wearing khakis and sweater vests with their shirt collars poking through who usually discussed current events and social issues with a whiff of liberal elitism.  Which is why Connor was especially embarrassed by the blue turn this conversation was taking.

"Come on, Connor.  You know you blow your load like a volcano whenever I do it to you,"

Connor's face flushed red with embarrassment as Jared and the other couple - Zelda and Greg - laughed.  Like Connor and Jared, Zelda and Greg were a newly married couple in their thirties, literally card-carrying conservatives who prided themselves on how assimilated they were in their middle class neighborhood.  At first blush hardly the type of people who would be joking and laughing with two gay men about their sex lives.

"Jared, I really don't think..."

"Come on, Connor, lighten up!"  Greg said patting his friend on the back.

Connor had known Greg the longest out of the group but even that familiarity wasn't enough to lessen his embarrassment.

"We all have secrets," 

Greg gave Connor a playful wink as he pecked his wife on the cheek.  Zelda smiled broadly as she turned to Jared.

"So what, exactly, is it that you do to Connor again? I was too busy laughing the first time to actually hear the details,"

Zelda gave a clearly annoyed Connor a genuinely playful smile, but his facial expression didn't change as he downed the rest of his wine and stood up abruptly.

"If you'll excuse me, I'm heading in for a refill."

"But Connor there's wine right here,"  Greg said motioning for the nearly full bottle sitting on the table.

"I want something white," he snapped.

"But not vanilla!" his husband shouted behind him as the patio door shut.

All three friends laughed hysterically, more at Connor's overly sensitive reaction than anything else. When they'd settled back down, Jared continued.

"Well, I first noticed it a couple years ago, whenever I would play with his balls he'd get hard as a rock,"  

Jared knocked on the metal table to emphasize the effect.

"Then one day, just for shits and giggles, I gave 'em a squeeze and he damn near drowned me on the spot.  Come to find out my loving, butter-wouldn't-melt-in-his-mouth husband is quite kinky..."

"Really?"  Greg asked in legitimate astonishment.

Jared nodded yes.

"And let me tell you, ever since he's opened up about his love of having his balls, how should I say, manhandled, the sex is so..."

Jared looked up as if struggling to find the right words.

"... it's so fucking hot! Just hot! Amazing!  He's a little animal and let me tell you, the money shots are volcanic!  It's like I'm literally squeezing it out which, by the way, is a lot hotter than I ever thought it would be."

Zelda giggled as she took a sip of her wine but Greg looked genuinely puzzled.  He held his wine glass aloft like a pointer as he contemplated what Jared had just said.

"So let me get this straight, you bust his balls and he gets off?"

Jared gave Greg a coy smile "No, I wouldn't say 'bust his balls'. That sounds non-consensual and violent. I love Connor, I only do what he wants and what he wants is..."

Jared abruptly cut off his sentence and the three turned to the patio door.  Connor was holding his full wine glass in one hand and a partially empty bottle of white wine in the other.  Jared frowned.

"Honey, what's wrong?"

"What were you guys talking about?" Connor asked as he sat back down, purposefully ignoring his husband out of irritation.

"Actually, Jared was just telling us how in love with you he was.  It was sweet. " Zelda replied, smiling at herself that she wasn't technically lying. 

Jared leaned in to give Connor a kiss on the cheek and Connor rolled his eyes but the feeling of his husband's soft lips on his skin quickly undid most - but not all - of his earlier annoyance.  The two couples sat sipping wine and enjoying the breeze for a few minutes before, quite abruptly, Greg blurted out a question.

"So do you actually get your rocks off having your balls squeezed?"

Connor looked so mortified with embarrassment that Zelda couldn't help but erupt into laughter, her hand catching most of the spray of wine that had escaped her mouth.  Jared, who had been lazily rubbing Connor's thigh tightened his grip slightly as if holding him in place, afraid that Connor was going to self righteously excuse himself and kill the evening.  Greg, for his part, seemed unfazed by the social Pandora's box he had just opened.

Connor sat in stunned silence for a few moments and Jared was about to launch into an apology when something unexpected happened.  Connor laughed.  The mood lightened instantly as the slightly tipsy Connor took another gulp of wine, spilling some on his sweater.

"Actually, yes. Yes I do."

Connor reached down and took the hand Jared had been using to stroke his thigh and placed it over his crotch.  Now Jared was the one blushing in embarrassment has he felt his husband's large nuts and fat cock through his slacks feeling his heart race.  If Zelda and Greg weren't there Jared would have gone down on Connor right then and there. 

"I love you, babe!"  

Jared gave Connor's bulge a playful squeeze before giving him a short but passionate open-mouth kiss.  Zelda was smiling and soaking in the scene - what a perfect evening, she nearly thought aloud.  Greg, however, was much more conflicted.  How on Earth could a guy actually enjoy having his nuts cracked?  Apparently his confusion was visible on his face...

"What's wrong, Greg? You look confused?"  Connor asked.

"It's just... I mean I don't... I guess I don't understand how that works,"

"How what works?" Jared asked.

"Well, I know for me getting hit in the balls hurts like Hell. I took a fastball to the junk at the company cricket match last year and the last thing on my mind was getting my rocks off," Greg explained.

"Well, there's a difference between slow, consensual play and being hit with a ball," Jared laughed.

Greg still looked confused, his own balls aching in sympathy pain just from the description.

"I mean how hard do you..."

"Pretty hard, actually.  Sometimes he kicks them," Connor laughed taking another swig of wine before refilling his cup.

"No! I would never kick 'em, babe.  I do knee them though,"  

Jared gave his clearly tipsy husband another peck on the cheek.  Despite the vanilla suburban setting Jared was starting to get excited about what was going to happen when he and Connor got home, but he quickly adjusted his collar and sat upright in his chair.  After all, this was a polite dinner. 

Zelda, who had just been watching the three men and sipping her wine, finally chimed in.

"I do have a question. Is it the hitting itself that gets you off or... I guess I am still a little unclear of the mechanics of it all."

Connor looked on with glassed over eyes as Jared detailed exactly what it was Connor enjoyed.  He liked to have his large balls squeezed with increasing intensity, and then tugged whilst being squeezed, yanked until he squealed.  He liked when he and Jared were kissing and Jared would raise his knee, starting off by just bouncing his nuts and going harder and harder until Connor was crying but unable to scream because Jared's tongue was in his mouth.  Connor would fall into Jared as Jared's blows grew harder and harder, feeling as close in their embrace as he'd ever felt with anyone.  After all, Jared was both the comforter and the tormentor.  Jared for his part had unlocked a hidden dominant side that got his cock raging long before they made it into the bedroom.  All of this was foreplay but occasionally Jared would squeeze Connor's nuts just right and Connor would spew just from the feeling.  Jared had gotten it down to a near science, being able to tell exactly when Connor was about to cum based on his breathing, his twitching cock and his eyes rolled to the back of his head and Jared knew exactly when to pull his husband from the brink.  Though he admitted he often kept going, eager to lap up Connor's explosive load.

Greg subconsciously crossed his legs as he listened but Zelda looked on with an almost academic curiosity.

"That's actually really interesting," Zelda began.

"Why were you so embarrassed, Connor?"

Connor shrugged. He had been rubbing Jared's thigh the entire time, looking on with affection.  Then it dawned on him, he actually couldn't answer Zelda's question.

"You know what, I don't know.  I guess because it's weird?" 

Zelda shrugged as she drank her wine, pouring herself another glass.

"And? Who is anyone to judge?  No one is being forced to do anything and it's clearly a good thing for your relationship. I think it's sweet and if a few eggs get scrambled along the way, so be it."

Everyone laughed.

"You know what, cheers to that! When we were in high school, you two walking down the street holding hands was considered weird, so you know what I say? Fuck normal!" 

Greg rose his glass and everyone toasted.  Greg kissed Zelda and Jared kissed Connor.

"Like I said, Connor, everyone has secrets." Greg winked playfully, if not a little suggestively at Connor as he spoke.

"And what exactly are your secrets, Greg?"  

Connor gave his old friend a shit face grin.

"I'm actually pretty vanilla, I guess. Definitely wouldn't get off having my berries juiced,"  

"Are you sure?" Zelda asked asked giving Greg a wink.

Greg shook his head 'no' so fervently that his long brown hair looked like a mop.  

"Are you mental?  Just the though..."

Suddenly Jared extended his leg under the table and placed his loafer-clad foot on Greg's crotch.  Everyone had been friends long enough for something like that, especially considering the context, to not raise any eyebrows but Greg's hands raced for his crotch as if he literally feared for his balls.

"What's wrong, Greg? Afraid you might actually like it?"

Greg looked as Jared with a mix of fear and annoyance as Jared started slowly pressing his foot into Greg's crotch.  Greg was nice looking but, being straight, wasn't at all Jared's type but Greg's big balls, the dual lumps of which were obvious under his foot, were admittedly hot.  Greg shifted in his chair and Jared sensing Greg's growing discomfort promptly removed his foot.  He considered Greg to be one of his closest friends, straight or otherwise, and wasn't willing to let a bit of harmless fun make things awkward.  However...

"Why don't you give it a try, Zelda?"  Jared said tipping his wine glass at her.

"Honey?" Greg looked mildly horrified as Zelda nodded in agreement, her pretty face curled into a smile.

Before Greg knew what was happening, Zelda had reached into Greg's lap and clasped his balls through his slacks.  Greg's balls were bigger than even Jared had imagined and Zelda's petite hand stretched to cover both of them.

"Honey, what are you... oh!"

Zelda gave Greg's sack a squeeze, pressing as hard as she could.


Greg screamed and grabbed the table prompting Zelda to instantly let go.

"I think I did it wrong," she laughed.

"Yeah, too hard to start, probably." Connor agreed.

"Agreed. You don't want to pop anything. I mean, maybe one day..."  Jared's eyes met his husband's as his sentence trailed off.  Connor's face lit up with a smile.

Pop?  Greg grimaced just at the mention of the word.

"You all are too freaky for me, I guess.  That would never, ever, ever get me off."  

Greg exaggeratedly nursed his balls with one hand as he drank wine with the other.

 "Freaky? That isn't polite," Zelda said taking on a sanctified tone though her face made it clear she was being sarcastic.

Greg sighed.

"Connor. Jared. I love you both, you know that. I didn't mean any offense."

Jared and Connor toasted each other and laughed.

"Did you hear that, Connor? A straight guy just admitted he was in love with us,"

"I didn't mean 'in love' I meant..."

Everyone, especially Zelda, laughed at Greg's exasperation.  Greg just ignored them by finding the bottom of his wine glass before filling it anew.

"So how would you recommend I begin?"  Zelda asked Jared with utmost seriousness.

"Well..." Jared began before being silenced by Greg who was shaking his head.

"Nope. It isn't going to happen. I am not going to get off having my nuts cracked. Not happening."

Jared, Connor and Zelda all leaned in.

"Oh yeah? You want to put money on that?"  Jared said with a coy smile. 

Greg was taken aback but before he could protest Zelda was digging in her purse and Connor was pulling out his wallet.

"I've got twenty quid on that!"   Connor said, dropping a twenty pound note on the table, Queen Elizabeth smiling back coyly. 

"And I've got fifty!" Zelda declared, proudly dropping fifty pounds on the table.

Greg started to protest,  "Hey now, just a minute I..." 

"Count me in, too!"  Jared said placing more bills on the table.

Greg laughed, too caught up in the fun moment he was having with his wife and his two best friends to be annoyed.

"Fine!"  Greg said faking a stern voice as he pulled out his wallet, "I'll put down one-hundred quid..." 

Greg emptied some loose change out of his pocket which landed with a clang on the growing pile.

"... and sixty pence!  So if I win, which I will, I get all your cash but if you all win..."

"Connor keeps the cash!"  Jared declared.

"After all, it was my beautiful, amazing husband that led us down this path."  

Jared and Connor looked at each other as Jared stroked Connor's shoulder.  Zelda's heart melted and she clasped her hands together as if watching a romantic comedy and even Greg smiled sincerely at the adorable couple.

"Fine!" Greg said standing, his feet shoulder width apart. 

He ran a hand through his neatly-styled hair before placing both clasped hands behind his back.  Zelda stood up in front of him and Jared and Connor looked on as if watching live heterosexual porn. 

"So, Zelda, the first thing you want to do is reach in there and cup them, don't squeeze yet,"

Zelda nodded and reached into Greg's pants, taking one of his jumbo-egg sized nuts in each hand.  Greg shuddered in pleasure as the cold metal of her wedding ring brushed against his sack.  Zelda held Greg's balls in her hands, rolling them slowly as she waited for further instruction.

"So, first thing you want to do is give them a very, very, gentle squeeze,"  Jared instructed. 

Zelda nodded and gave her husband's gonads a barely perceptible squeeze, alternating between the left and the right.  Greg stood, arms still behind his back, turned on by having his big balls in Zelda's hands but not really feeling especially horny.  After a few minutes Zelda turned to Jared frowning.

"This isn't doing anything,"

Jared nodded, "Well start increasing the pressure, and roll his balls in your hands like dice."

"Make sure you do it slowly!"  Connor chimed in.

Jared and Connor never considered their best friend in any sexual way but it was hard not to admire Greg's body as he was having his ample nuts worked in his slacks.  Zelda seemed quite focused on her task, increasing the squeezing pressure slowly, her eyes darting between Greg's crotch and his eyes.  After a few moments she started lightly pressing her thumbs toward her palm as if checking the ripeness of an avocado being sure to listen and watch her husband's reaction.  If he grimaced, she would let up, if he moaned she'd continue.  Eventually she was squeezing and rolling his nuts quite hard but it had been so gradual Greg was more focused on pleasure than pain. 

Greg meanwhile had his eyes closed and was breathing slowly, surprisingly turned on as Zelda - at Connor's instruction - began tugging downward.  Greg winced and his eyes shot open briefly and Zelda adjusted her tactic.  Listening to Connor and Jared's direction she alternated between gently pulling Greg's balls downward and quickly yanking them forward.  

"Don't stop squeezing,"  Greg said breathlessly.

Zelda, in concentrating on the latest tactic of yanking and tugging had let up on her squeezing duties.  It took her a few minutes to get the rhythm just right and avoid squeezing, yanking or tugging too hard, all while watching her husband for every subtle hint that he was enjoying what she was doing.  The biggest, and far from subtle, hint was Greg's long, thick cock which was pointing straight up, constrained by his slacks and being held in place by his waistband.  The outline of his mushroom head could be clearly made out as it rested against the underside of his shirt.

"Too bad he tucked in his shirt,"  Connor laughed only half joking.

Zelda chuckled and briefly lost her concentration, Greg winced as her left thumb dug into his nut.  She kept up her routine until a small wet patch started to form on Greg's shirt.  

"Oops, sorry!"  

Greg, who had been lost in pleasure, suddenly became aware that he was starting to leak precum in front of his best friends.  He gave Jared and Connor a sheepish glance before closing his eyes and getting right back into the vibe. Zelda kept it up for a bit before, at Connor's suggestion, she withdrew her hands from Greg's slack but before he had even realized what was happening she rose her knee, catching both of his beefy baby makers full force.  

"Oh!" Greg yelled but obediently kept his hands behind his back.

Zelda kneed him again and again then immediately returned to squeezing and tugging only this time slightly harder.  Greg moaned and his cock lurched under his shirt.

"Oh... oh fuck... yeah..."  

Greg was lost in ecstasy as if all the sexual energy in his body had gone to his nuts and it was all being expertly massaged by his beautiful wife.  Jared and Connor couldn't help but get turned on and it was all they could do not to rub their own throbbing dicks. 

"Now squeeze the left one really hard,"

Zelda obeyed and Greg gasped, then the left, then she alternated squeezing one and tugging the other or yanking one and tugging the other, increasingly hard only stopping if Greg winced though the reprieves were becoming shorter and shorter.

"Quick, knee him again," 

Zelda kneed Greg's nuts gently yet rapidly, bouncing them on her knee.  Greg's cock twitched as she increased the pressure until, right when her kicks were starting to hurt, she quickly resumed her yanking and squeezing regiment. 

"Oh.. yeah..."  

Greg placed her hands on Zelda's shoulders as his knees started to buckle under the assault.  The petite woman was putting everything she had into the task and inside Greg's slacks his usually pale white nuts were starting to turn a rosy red.  He gently pulled her closer and leaned in, taking in the scent of her hair as he felt his load starting to boil over.

"Oh... oh fuck!" 

"This is it! Crack his nuts!" Connor laughed.

Zelda smiled as she pulled out one hand, formed a fist and plowed it into the large bulge in Greg's pants.  She punched him full force and squeezed as Greg nearly collapsed on top of her moaning, a large wet sheen appearing on his shirt.  His wife continued to wreck his busy nuts as his load shot up, coating his pecs and stomach creating an increasingly large stain on his shirt.  Finally, his breath still ragged, Greg tapped his wife on the shoulder in an impromptu signal that he was ready to stop.

As Zelda withdrew her cum-covered hands, wiping them on Greg's slacks for good measure, the spent Greg turned toward Jared and Connor.  Jared gasped in genuine amazement at the sheer size of the gooey stain on the front of his friend's shirt, the fabric was absolutely saturated with cum.

"Wow, looks like we win the bet!"  Connor joked.

"Yeah, you could say that..." Greg, suddenly awash with embarrassment and self awareness said, crossing his arms over his shirt as if that would hide the massive stain.

"Let's get you cleaned up,"  Zelda said clutching Greg's nuts through his pants and giving them a squeeze.  Greg gasped in pleasure.

"Well it is getting late, we can see ourselves out." 

Connor and Jared stood up to leave, giving Zelda the customary peck on the cheek.  When they turned to Greg his arms were still crossed over his chest.

"No hug?" Connor joked.

Greg shook his head no.

"Too bad!"

Jared opened his arms as if about to give Greg a big hug, which was usual for them when they parted ways.  Greg begrudgingly opened his arms and the two embraced, Greg's face cringing as if he was grossed out by the sticky pool that was being spread around his chest.  

"Take care,"  Jared shouted as he and his husband left the garden.

Greg... little does he know his whole world is about to change ;)