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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Fraternity Easter Egg Contest

Sorry I missed posting this on Easter but hope you enjoy. This story is a cross-over with the characters of Epic RoshamboA Woman Scorned and references the events of The Conquest of Tau Omega Chi so you may want to re-read those stories before continuing but isn't necessary.

The sun had barely started to set on Easter Day 2017 and the sky over Amajor University took on a beautiful albeit haunting hue of reddish-pink and a light wind rustled through the trees outside of the Tau Omega Chi fraternity house.  The stately brick mansion stood out even on a street, aptly named Fraternity Row, that was dotted with large homes and the ornately dressed tables still sat on the lawn from the day’s earlier charity Easter egg hunt.  

But now that the pious charity speeches had been given and the fraternity brothers had been on their family-friendly best behavior for most of the day and it was time for the real festivities to begin.  The huge overstuffed chairs and coffee tables that usually decorated the large parlor room were arranged into rows of stadium-style Italian leather ‘bleachers’ with stately busts and marble lamps replaced with buckets filled with beer cans and bowls overflowing with chips.

In the front of the room a stage had been erected and four chairs sat lined up across it against with their backs almost touching the wall.  The chatter and excitement in the room was reaching a crescendo in bizarre contrast to the conspicuously empty chairs and otherwise barren stage.  Suddenly the exaggeratedly high-pitched tones of children singing among a backdrop of hokey music filled the room, some ridiculously cheesy ‘Easter’ song one would expect to be assaulting shoppers in the background of a department store: The crowd went wild.

A young man dressed in a full body Easter Bunny costume strutted onto the stage carrying a bright yellow basket full of equally brightly-colored eggs.

When he got to the center of the stage, the music died down and the young man belted out in a comical voice, “Hi’ya boys and bros! I need some help this year painting my eggs! Can any of you nice boys help me?”

Right on cue four young men paraded in front of the stage dressed in casual jeans and T-shirts with the fraternity logo on the back and each carrying small black gun shaped object.

“Oh goodie! It’s my little helpers!”  

The crowd roared in delight as the Easter Bunny exaggeratedly danced and hugged each of the young men as they took their places a few fee from the chairs.  The music swelled again for a bit as the Easter Bunny reached in his basket and produced two unpainted eggs and placed them side by side on one of the chairs.

“Now how do you suppose we are gonna' color these?”  he asked, scratching his huge floppy bunny ear.

“Like this!”

One of the frat boys who had come onto the stage pointed the gun-shaped object in his hand at the eggs from a close distance and fired.  In an instance a small paint-ball pellet flew threw the air and exploded against the shell of the hard boiled egg leaving behind a huge cracked dent and splash of red.

“Or like this!”

Another frat boy stepped forward and fired, shattering the second egg in an explosion of pink.  The crowd laughed at the obvious visual and the Easter Bunny seemed to fret, stamping his feet comically.

“You broke my eggs! Now I need new ones!”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Bunny, we have some nice big eggs for ya’,”  one of the gunmen laughed and pointed to the back of the room.

There was a collective whoosh as everyone turned to see that four young men had been led quietly into the back of the room and were now being marched toward the stage. They were all blindfolded, wearing jeans and white T-shirts with the word ‘PLEDGE’ written across them in marker.  All of the pledges were markedly more youthful looking than their upperclassmen peers and despite the fact none of them had any idea what was going on around them, they all marched with a stoic indifference as if to prove themselves.

There was Jason, a tall athletic blonde who purposefully wore a shirt several sizes too small to show off his abs. Travis, a shorter brown haired freshman whose cockiness in being one of the first freshman ever considered for initiation into the fraternity was manifest in his stride.  Behind him was Pip, an extremely handsome red-head whose sculpted body and toned legs filled his modest outfit nicely. And finally there was Monty, a bronze skinned runner whose beefy calves looked almost disproportionate to his upper body.

“Fresh meat! Fresh meat!” the watching crowd chanted as the four young men were lead onto the stage and helped into the waiting chairs.  Still blindfolded, the pledges willingly put their arms behind their back, where the men who had lead them in quickly bound them with rope followed immediately by having their ankles tied to the legs of the chairs forcing their legs to be spread open.  

“Hey! What the fuck!”

Pip spat after his captor did an unnecessarily rough adjustment of his knots and his captor only smiled and laughed.

After the pledges were all strapped to their chairs the Easter Bunny paraded in front of them and fretted to the audience.

“I don’t see any eggs here? What are we going to do!”  

He threw down his basket and stomped his feet motioning his arms wildly in the air. The crowd roared with laughter as the still blindfolded pledges sat trying to piece out what on Earth was going on.

“Cheer up, Mr. Bunny,”  

The four fraternity brothers who had lead out the procession of pledges cracked their knuckles and swooped down in a kneeling position between their pledge’s legs.  Although the seated pledges could sense the motion they still had no clue what was going on so were all equally shocked when they felt their captor’s strong hands grasping their flies and viciously ripping them open.  Buttons and zipper teeth went flying and the crowd let out a whoop of approval as the pledges’ big, heavy sacks and cocks flopped freely forward.

Like clockwork, and with the pledges still too stunned to react, each pledges nuts were bound with athletic tape wound around and around the base of their sacks.  Monty shouted in objection as his exceptionally large, golden brown nuts were manhandled roughly but he, and each boy in line was silenced as the Easter Bunny, still hamming it up, stuffed a large foam egg into their mouths.  The egg he stuffed in poor Travis’ mouth was so big it made his jaw hurt and the young man winced in pain.

“You didn’t have any problems last night!” the Easter Bunny said thrusting his furry pelvis at the young man to the crowd’s delight.

For good measure, while the helpers were still trussing the pledge’s balls, the Bunny doubled back and taped each pledge’s mouth shut with tape, causing their mouths to bulge comically with the now trapped foam egg.

“Now I think it’s time we take off these silly blindfolds, folks,” the Bunny squealed and his helpers complied, ripping off the blindfolds as they exited the stage.

It took the pledges a few moments to adjust their eyes to the light and Jason’s eyes widened in terror at the sight of the gun wielding brothers facing them just a few feet away.  

The Easter Bunny hopped up and down the stage several times, and then stopped when he arrived at Jason.

“Wow, these are big eggs. But so plain.”  

Jason winced as the Bunny’s furry glove caressed his nuts.  They were indeed quite large, easily bigger than hen’s eggs, and they looked even bigger tied away from his body.  His cock, like the other boys’, had been taped to his stomach under his shirt so as to not take away from the main attraction.

The Bunny hopped over to Travis.

“Oh, these are eggs are beautiful too, but I think a nice shade of red would be better,”  

Travis’ nuts were slightly smaller than Jason’s but more round and covered in stubbly brown hair.

Next up was Pip, whose bulging sack drew more than a few cat calls.  They were not as big as Jason or Travis’, but thick pulsing veins streaked the surface, becoming even more pronounced now that his sack was tied off.

The Easter Bunny strolled over to Monty last and whistled and squealed as he patted down on the Latin’s hefty trapped nuts with this gloved hand.

“These are so nice! And look they’re tan, must be organic,”

The crowd burst into laughter as the Easter Bunny’s patting became pounding. Monty’s eyes bugged and he attempted to cry out but only muffled noises came from his stuffed mouth.  Monty’s large balls were exceptionally dense, so when they were tied off they filled his sack so completely his bronze skin looked almost shiny from being so taught.

After the inspection of the lineup was complete the Easter Bunny stepped off the stage and the fraternity brothers who were holding the mini paintball guns took their marks approximately ten feet from the pledges.

Jason, Travis, Pip and Monty’s eyes grew huge and all four struggled in their tight constraints...


“Mmmphm! Mmmmph!”

Travis shook his head violently and attempted to rock out of his chair but it felt to be bolted down.

“Aim...”  the Bunny shouted with glee.

Pip screamed into his gag and the bulging veins on his neck were matched by the pulsing veins on his nuts.  Monty attempted futilely to close his legs but all he was managing to do was cause his nutsack to bounce and giggle more invitingly.


The cheesy children’s music began to play quietly, the crowd erupted into jeers and cheers, the four pledges were screaming into their gags and the sound of paintball guns firing in rapid succession filled the air.  The whole thing was a bizarre cacophony.

Jason had always loved having the largest nuts in the locker room.  He shamelessly enjoyed watching as other guys’ eyes became unconsciously fixated in awe at the over stuffed sack swinging beneith his thick cock.  But now he wished his balls were the size of raisins...


His shooter barely needed to aim as pellet after pellet crashed into his huge ball sack, exploding in bright blues and pinks.

Meanwhile Travis couldn’t help but stare into his lap in horror as pellet after pellet rained down onto his perfect nutsack, turning it into a multicolor orb.  


Monty’s sack was turning a festive shade of purple as the light blue of the paint ball pellets was mixing with the deep shade of red his nuts were quickly becoming.



Pip thought his sack was going to burst as the stinging explosion of each pellet ricocheted from his loins.  His shirt, and his balls, were turning a hilarious mix of bright yellow and fluorescent green with streaks of blue for good measure.


The pledges were screaming and writhing in agony so had barely noticed at first that the music had stopped and all of the shooters were now reloading.  

“I think we need more color! What’s a good color!” the Bunny shouted into the crowd.

Came a gruff voice from the back.

“Yeah! Blue balls for the pledges!”

“Blue balls! Blue balls! Blue balls!”

The four pledges could only look on in terror as the four shooters took a large step forward, aimed and fired.

Monty considered his nuts to be his best asset.  They weren’t just big, they were beefy and dense and gave even dress slacks a nice bulge.  People were always checking out his package and he especially loved the look of shock on a bitch’s face when his massive huevos rolled out of his pants, but now he would only watch helpless as they were turning a bright shade of blue as pellet after pellet exploded all over his sack.  The impacts were more stinging than truly painful, but it was still an uncomfortable dull ache.


Pip absolutely loved his balls. He especially loved it when a guy would lick and suck them while he was getting a blowjob, and he loved the way his nuts perfectly filled in his athletic cup.  He loved washing them in the shower, rolling the big saggy things gently in his hands; they were so sensitive that just doing that would usually cause his foot-long cock to spring to attention.  They were his favorite body parts. And now they were being destroyed, or so it felt, by a barrage of blue pellets that had turned his entire nutsack Smurf blue.


Jason was openly crying and begging through his gag as his enormous, swollen nutsack was assaulted.  His big balls danced and jiggled as stinging blow after blow found their targets and it felt like the pellets were plunging deeper and deeper into his firm nuts.

“Oh no! We need more color! More color!”

“Yellow! Yellow! Yell-ow! Yell-ow!” the crowd shouted.

The Bunny hopped up and down “Oh I get it! Yell! Yellow!”

Jason was sobbing and shaking his head ‘no’ as the shooters took more steps forward, stopping only five feet away.

“Color time!” shouted the Bunny!


Jason’s handsome eyes bugged out as the next round of pellets crashed into his nuts. Only this time they felt much different. The pellets were definitely harder and were not splattering their florence yellow insides quite as spectacularly as before.


Monty thought he was going to throw up as the impact of these harder paintballs being shot at a much closer distance filled the pit of his stomach with pain.  Each nut was visibly denting before the pellet would explode in a shower of yellow.

Travis was convinced his shooter was actually trying to castrate him.  The shooter smiled wickedly as each rapidly fired pellet sunk into Travis’ swelling ball bag and all the handsome brunette could do was thrash futily in his chair.



Jason’s eyes went wide, he looked down as his precious jewels, then blacked out. The audience was laughing and jeering at a fever pitch as the four large sacks in front of them were violently painted bright yellow.  Jason’s blonde head was slumped over and drool was streaking down his chin, he was out, only moaning weakly and sporadically after impacts.

Pip meanwhile was in a state of panic and his chest heaved as he felt the heavy, dense pellets crashing into his increasingly tender, painful testicles.  Monty was sure the ‘harmless’ paintball pellets were doing real damage to his baby makers and the pain radiating from them was becoming tremendous; every rapidly-fired pellet seemed like a kick straight to the nuts.

“Uh oh!” the Easter Bunny said in high pitched voice, motioning for the shooters to stop.

“Looks like someone went to sleep,”

The cruel Easter Bunny stood behind Jason’s slumped body grabbed the top of his head roughly and lifted his chin, forcing Jason to give a barely-there gaze to the crowd who whooped in delight.

“Looks like we know which pledge isn’t going to be making the cut this year,”  

The crowd was mix of cheers interspersed with a few groans; the fraternity brothers who had put the popular, athletic sophomore forward for consideration took his failing at this particular contest with personal indignation but rules were rules.

Travis, Monty and Pip all gave each other nervous sidelong glances of relief, their swollen, painted and throbbing nuts occupying the rest of their attention.  Meanwhile, the Easter Bunny placed a furry giant paw on each side of his head, jostled them a bit then pulled upward removing the large head covering.  The watching young men erupted in applause as if a celebrity had entered the room.

Lyle Morgan, the charismatic president of Tau Omega Chi ran one of his still costumed hands through his sweat-matted black hair and waved.  Lyle was a rather tall young man which was evident even through the costume, but the rest of his body was occluded by the overstuffed, cuddly rabbit outfit.  His mysterious grey eyes, though striking enough to make even the straightest straight boy’s heart flutter, scanned the room yet oddly elicited no more emotion than the lifeless plastic ones he had just been peering through.

Lyle soaked in adoration for a few moments longer but raised his hands to silence the crowd who quickly obeyed.  All eyes were on President Morgan - except Jason’s of course - as he stood in front of Monty.  

“Fellow Tau Omega Chi brothers!”

“OMEGA! OMEGA!” the crowd shouted back.  Their military like precision that was a radical departure from their earlier sophomoric cheering.

“Our great fraternity has suffered much these past two years.  The probations, the scandal, the lies...”


President Morgan was referring of course to the incident a couple years prior where several graduating seniors, including legendary alumni James Monroe, had all lost their balls in a drug-fueled game of Roshambo.  The young men involved insisted they had been ‘cursed’ or that ‘demons’ were involved and the national news briefly followed the story as anchors talked breathlessly about the ‘lost generation’, but in the end the much more logical explanation of drugs and bets taken too far won the day.  In response, the University slapped Tau Omega Chi with sanctions; no more parties and a freeze on recruiting though the hit to the fraternity’s storied prestige already took a toll on potential interest.

But this spring marked the first semester the prohibition on recruiting was lifted and Jason, Pip, Monty and Travis were the final four as the spring term quickly approached its end.  The qualifications even to be invited were demanding and Lyle insisted that they not compromise quality for quantity; most members joined in the fall and the spring was limited to a single exceptionally qualified pledge, called a Spring Eternal, an arcane tradition Lyle thought would be fitting to bring back to rebuild the Skull & Bone-esque reputation they once had.

Turning toward Monty, Lyle began.

“So, Pledge Monty Garcia, you have survived this trial with your dignity intact,”  

Lyle rose his arms over his head and Monty winced thinking he was about to receive another blow but instead Lyle roughly slammed the head of the bunny costume over Monty's head to the delight of the crowd.  The site of this tone Latin hunk tied to a chair, his swollen techno-colored balls on full display and wearing a ridiculous bunny head was truly a sight to behold.  

Lyle moved down the line to Pip whom he gave a curt nod to before turning to the crowd; “And it looks like Pledge Phillip ‘Pip’ Greystone has passed as well,”

There was a whoop from the back of the room from a cohort of Tau Omega brothers who were rooting for him.

Next was Travis, whom Lyle cut a look of puzzled bemusement.  Travis had only started college the previous term, barely a freshman, yet had amassed the sort of reputation bona fides that paved the way to collegiate greatness; perhaps even James Monroe level esteem.

Lyle knelt between Travis’ spread legs, removed his oversized bunny costume hands and grasped Travis’ nuts in his hands which quickly started to take on an array of colour from the wet paint.  While kneading and squeezing, eliciting squeals from Travis and roars of laughter from the crowd, Lyle addressed the crowd.

“Pledge Travie Van Kirk, freshman Van Kirk, do you have any idea how rare a freshman pledge to Tau Omega Chi is? Especially a Spring Eternal candidate?  It isn’t just rare... it’s mythological.”

Lyle turned away from the crowd and his cold grey eyes locked with Travis’ as he gave the freshman’s nuts a devastating squeeze.  Travis screamed into his gag as his already battered nuts were cruelly compressed into each other and tears streamed down his handsome face.  Lyle could feel how swollen and soft Travis’ nuts had gotten under the barrage of paint ball pellets and openly licked his lips as he continued to squash them in his hands.

After a few moments, Lyle stood, wiped his hands clean on Travis’ shirt then sauntered over to Jason. The chant of ‘Omega! Omega! Omega!’ began with the same disciplined rhythm, increasing in intensity and loudness culminating when Lyle was standing in front of Jason. Some of the watching men were red in the face, flush with excitement as if witnessing a religious revival.

“But you, Pledge Jason Hart, have proven to be unworthy of continuing your trials. Your quest to become a Spring Eternal has come to an end,”

“Omega! Omega! Omega!”

Lyle clasped his hands in front of his chest with his head down as if in deep contemplation before turning to the four brothers still holding their paintball guns.

“My brother Taus, I leave it to you to decide Pledge Hart’s fate,”

He then rose his hand in the air with a thumbs up.  There were a few shouts of approval and some clapping but otherwise the room fell silent.  Lyle slowly began to rotate his hand and the closer it came to morphing into a ‘thumbs down’ the louder and wilder the chanting became. The usually stuffy drawing room was practically in hysterics by the time Lyle was making a thumbs down.

Lyle grinned and stepped aside as the four shooter formed a semicircle just a few feet from the still blacked out Jason.  The crowd watched breathlessly, stomping their feet or pounding their fists in rhythm as President Morgan counted down in Greek as if to add a level of regalness to the affair.







Jason’s head slowly started to roll back to life, though he was still totally unaware of what was happening.


All eyes in the room were darting back and forth between Jason’s truly enormous nuts and the four paintballs guns pointing at them. If a single paintball gun, fired at a distance had caused Jason’s eggs to swell and turn bright red under the layers of paint, there was no telling what four fired at essentially point blank range would do...


Jason’s head continued to roll and he moaned into his gag, still not fully lucid, but starting to come to.



There was a prolonged pause for the final count and the room fell silent.  Jason could sense the throbbing pain coming from his two huge balls even in his altered state, the pain literally manifesting as bright flashes of red light in mind...



At first the tall blonde stud barely seemed to register the blinding barrage of pellets pelting his nuts and exploding in every color of the rainbow but he suddenly awoke as if struck by lightning.  His eyes were huge and he was crying and screaming into his gag, and despite being bolted down the chair was starting to rock from his violent rocking causing his massive nut sack to swing wildly.


Each pellet felt like a small stone being fired directly into his nuts, crushing and compressing the increasingly swollen ball meat, each one jostling violently in his fuzzy sack. Meanwhile the crowd was going wild, chanting and cheering, watching the slow and painful emasculation of the confident jock.

Jason’s nuts were swelling and turning downright squishy under the barrage, though their colorful festive appearance made the scene look almost playful.

“Mmmmp! Mmmmph!”  

Jason pleaded for the firing squad to stop but they didn’t.  Pellet after pellet made hideous indentations into his sack and the membranes that were struggling to keep his jock nuts from cracking were at their limit, that’s when it finally happened.


The last paintball gun was emptied of its bullets and the shooters stepped back. Jason’s shirt was soaked in sweat and paint, causing it to cling to his sculpted pecs and abs and his balls were visibly larger from the swelling. The mix of all of the colours now looked almost brownish as the paint dripped from his sack.

Lyle knelt between Jason’s legs and grabbed his massive balls, one in each hand, and squeezed as hard as he could, pressing his thumb toward the very core of Jason’s manhood. Jason was hysterical, he could feel in excruciating detail as his battered testicles were squeezed to their breaking point.

“Looks like we’re still good here,”

Lyle announced to cheers and, after sensing the atmosphere had gotten a bit less animalistic, Jason even managed to give a wry smile as his head cocked back in relief.

“Mmmmph! Mmmph!”

“Oh wait, what’s this?  I think I feel a crack,”

Lyle’s thumb suddenly sank much deeper into Jason’s squishy left nut.  The multiple rounds of paintball pellets had done a number on the integrity of Jason’s nuts and Lyle’s squeezing wasn’t helping.  Jason screamed as the pressure on his nut increased...

Lyle let go of Jason’s right nut and clasped his other hand around Jason’s trapped ball, pressing in on the large oval from both directions.


“Nut him... nut him.... NUT HIM!”  a few of the fraternity brothers started chanting, which was picked up by others, then others until the entire room was chanting it.  Even the other still-tied pledges were doing it through their gags.


Jason was bawling as he felt his left nut, his favorite nut, being crushed impossibly flat.  It was throbbing with an intensity he could barely comprehend and he looked down in terror to see Lyle’s hands were nearly closed.  There’s no way my big nut is that flat, he thought to himself, but it was... and getting flatter.


“Almost there...”

Indeed, Jason’s nut was huge but could only take so much, and the volley of paintballs -- some of them he would later find out were frozen to inflict maximum damage -- had already started to wear down on it.

Lyle’s eyes were locked on his clasped hands, knowing that half of Jason’s entire world was trapped within, but no matter how hard he pressed, Jason’s ball had stopped compressing and was now a super-dense patty that was resisting any further deformation despite Lyle’s best effort.

“Oh, what’s this?”

Lyle let up squeezing to point out that Jason’s cock was starting to swell.  Laughs erupted from the crowd as Lyle resumed his squeezing and although Jason’s mind was shutting down from panic and pain, his cock was slowly swelling.  The harder Lyle squeezed, the harder Jason’s cock became until it was at it’s full eight inch fullness, throbbing with each heartbeat until it broke free from its restraints and was pointing outward, literally inches from Lyle’s face.


“What are you waiting for?”

“Do it!”

The crowd was ravenous and Jason's screams for mercy only amplified it.

“Pledge, you knew this was the risk, but you seem to be enjoying it,”

Jason and Lyle’s eyes met right as Jason’s eyes bugged out comically and Lyle felt the patty in his hands that had resisted flattening for almost two minutes suddenly get slightly fatter.  Jason’s fat cock jumped and a string of precum dripped from the head.

“Crush it flat!”

“Pop it!”

“POP! POP! POP!” chanted the crowd.

“Oh yeah it’s so flat....”  Lyle announced almost moaning.

“You guys really want me to crack this pledge’s egg?”


Was the resounding reply.

Flatter, and flatter. Lyle was alternating between loosening his grip and applying devastating compression compression.  Jasons’s cock jumped again as Lyle felt something else in the big blonde’s ball bag give way.

“Mmmph! Mmmph!”

Jason threw his head back and screamed into his gag has his cock erupted in a two thick ropes of sperm, splattering Lyle’s face, but the fraternity president was unphased.

Flatter and flatter...

“You only need one, pledge,” Lyle laughed coldly as he continued to lay waste to Jason’s young nut.

Jason couldn't believe it.  His awe inspiring, swinging overstuffed scrotum, the thing that made him king of the locker room, his favorite things to play with as he masturbated were about to be crushed.  His left nut was so huge, there was no way Lyle could actually...


Jason screamed as his nut got even flatter in Lyle’s death grip.  Finally, at what Jason was sure was the last possible moment, Lyle abruptly released his grasp stood and turned toward the audience.  No one seem phased by the spectacle of being addressed by a young man dressed in a bunny costume.

“Pledge Jason Hart, you are henceforth banished from the Great House of Tau Omega Chi, never to return do I make myself clear?”

The jock shook his head violently yes, too terrified to realize that one of the shooters was already behind him untying his bonds.  The watching fraternity brothers erupted into jeers holding up thumbs down signs as the wobbly-legged, Jason was assisted off the stage.  As he made his way through the hostile crowd brothers hurled all manner of insult at him.

“You aren’t worthy, you shouldn’t even been on stage!”

“I would’ve cracked that nut, fucker!”

Jason was assisted to the grand double oak doors then pushed out, stumbling down the regal stone steps.  As he made his way across the still decorated lawn, the shell shocked stud gingerly stuffed his balls into his pants, the large colorful orbs had already attracted the attention of a nerdy looking young man walking by.

The usually confident, handsome sophomore made his way back to his campus apartment, barely closing the door before leaning against a wall and slumping to his knees. He was dripping with paint, walking with an awkward limp, and his usually neatly-styled hair was a paint splattered, matted mess. He was sure he had attracted curious stares and giggles as he walked through campus, something that ordinarily would have bothered the posh young man, but today he didn't care.

As he clutched his balls and sobbed at the sickening pain, he remembered Travis, Pip and Monty and thought he was - despite his humiliation - the lucky one.

He had survived his first -- and last -- fraternity Easter party with his own eggs still intact. The other candidates might not be so lucky...