These stories are entirely works of fantasy fiction. Please do not act anything on this blog out. Doing so would be extremely dangerous.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Good Doctor: Revenge of the Nerd

Zach Norris’ sleek black Tesla rolled silently down the winding roads of a suburban neighborhood, passing streets with names like Rose Scented Terrace and Sun Drenched Hyacinths and lined with impressive brick homes. It was was mid-afternoon on Thursday so most of the driveways were devoid of cars and the window dressings on most of the homes were closed tightly making the rich suburb look almost uninhabited, except for a single white van with a lightning bolt and the words ‘City Water & Power’ painted on it that was slowly driving along the curb stopping at each house for a few minutes before continuing on.  

As he made his final turn, Zach noted that the nearly-identical two story colonials on this street were even bigger and more regal in the daylight; up to now he had only seen them at night.
Finally he arrived at his destination, forty-seven Blossoming Chrysanthemum Lane.  Zach’s cock twitched in his jeans as he brought the car to a stop in the driveway and approached the door.

“Zach!  Glad you could make it!” came a familiar voice, yet slightly off-tone, as the large wooden door swung open.

Standing in the doorway was Dr. Joel Paulson, though Zach was startled by his appearance.  The usually dapper middle-aged man’s hair was shabby, his hair was a shaggy mess, there was two-days worth of stubble on his usually clean-shaven face and -- most surprising -- he was in jeans and a plain white T-shirt instead of slacks and a button up.

“Being casual today?”  Zach mused as he made his way into Dr. Paulson’s ornate foyer.  

Zach’s beefy cock was nearly fully hard, creating an obvious tent in his slacks, just at the memory of some of the things he and Dr. Paulson had done in that foyer.

“Oh, I’ve come down with something of a cold.  I was planning on just staying in all day but I had a um... patient stop by.”  

Dr. Paulson went on to explain that despite looking relatively healthy, if not a little disheveled, he actually felt terrible and couldn’t even bring himself to get hard for his ‘patient’.  Joel had been asleep until his ‘patient’ had arrived, right on time for their previously scheduled engagement, which Joel had forgotten to cancel when he realized he was sick.  That’s where Zach came in.

“So, I was glad you were available when I texted you.  I was hoping you could help me out.  He rode his bike all the way here, and I took the day off just for him.  Who knew Mother Nature would decide to knock me on my ass just in time,”

Dr. Paulson turned away from Zach to cough as if on cue.

“So you want me to fuck this guy?”  Zach asked excitedly as Dr. Paulson lead him down a hallway toward the back of the house.

Zach knew the kind of guys Dr. Paulson attracted hung, masculine, beefy-to-muscular studs, usually with over-sized cocks, heavy loads and veracious sexual appetites. Zach couldn’t believe the luck of being asked to stand in for Dr. Paulson and plow some tight hole or fuck some adorable jock’s face until his jaw was sore.

“Actually, I was thinking something a little less generic and a bit more Fifty Shades...” Dr. Paulson’s voice trailed off as he gestured for Zach to enter a small door at the end of the hall.

It was a small back bedroom with heavy wooden paneling, inlaid book shelves and a chauffeured ceiling.  It was a stunning room in a stunning house, made all the more gorgeous by what was in the middle of the room.  

Tied to a wooden chair in the middle of the room was Quinn, an incredibly beefy rugby player and fellow student Zach hadn’t seen in over a month.  Quinn has stripped completely nude, legs spread and secured to the legs of the chair and his hefty arms tied defenselessly behind his back. Quinn’s mounding pecs were glistening with sweat and his eight inch cock was at full attention, leaking precum that was pooling on his corrugated stomach.  A small window lined with privacy hedges let in just enough light to bathe the scene in an ethereal light, making Qunn’s sun-kissed muscles look even more delicious.

But more hot to Zach, and what was making his own cock start to drench his slacks with prejizz was the look of anguish on Quinn’s handsome face.  His thick black hair was matted to his forehead and tears were welling in his deep brown eyes, a ball gag several inches large around than it needed to be, looked like it was about to rip Quinn’s handsome face in two.  

At first Zach couldn’t figure out what was causing Quinn to be in such anguish, but he quickly realized it after Quinn jerked his massive thigh allowing Zach to catch a glimpse below the chair.

“Holy shit that’s hot!” Zach stammered as he squatted down to take a closer look.

A strategically placed hole had been cut into the chair, allowing for Qunn’s lone, hairy and erotically enormous ball to dangle under him.  A black rubber chord the width of a finger was wrapped around Quinn’s nut sack like a noose, forcing the heavy ball to the bottom of the sack and the chord was attached to a U-bold on the floor. Zach reached out and touched the chord, which was taught to what felt like a breaking point, with dire consequences for Quinn.  His ball was turning an angry shade of red as it was stretched an inch lower than its normal, pendulous swing.

“Aww, poor baby, doesn’t look like you like your nuts stretched.  I mean your nut stretched.”  Zach laughed standing so that his own slack-clad junk was in Quinn’s face.

“Maybe I could give you something to gag on beside that ball.”

Zach pulled his now throbbing ten inch cock out of his slacks and rubbed it over Quinn’s face leaving behind a sheen of precum on Quinn’s eyebrows.

Dr. Paulson watched Zach glazing Quinn’s face for several moments before stepping in and saying,  “Mr. Norris, try not to spill your load just yet, I have a special surprise for you two.”  

Dr. Paulson then left the room, leaving a helpless Quinn sprawled before a vengeful Zach.  At six foot, two inches, Zach had a solid, beefy though not necessarily muscular frame that looked even more towering to Quinn from his seated position.  Zach glared at Quinn through his horn rimmed glasses as he circled the defenseless jock.  

“So, looks like you’re about to get all kinds of fucked up,”  Zach began, unbuttoning his shirt.

Quinn looked at Zach pleadingly as he discarded his shirt.  Zach’s pecs weren't as defined as Quinn’s and his four-pack abs had faded away, but he -- at this moment -- was infinitely more powerful than Quinn and that filled Zach's twisted mind with glee.

“Pwwwwwft!”  Quinn attempted to shout out as Zach stepped out of his pants and underwear, letting his thick cock and heavy balls hang freely in the air.

“Aww. What is that? Are you saying ‘Please’?”

Zach scoffed as he squatted so that the was eye to tear-stained eye with the helpless rugby stud.

“Yeah, you remember when you almost turned these to paste?”  Zach asked grabbing his two egg-sized shaved nuts and shaking them.

Despite himself, Quinn couldn’t help but get aroused at the memory of the last time he had seen Zach.  It had been about a month and at that time, after a rather brutal ballbusting session, Zach’s already large balls had swollen to ridiculous proportions, filling his sack to nearly bursting, Quinn, in orgasmic ecstasy had delivered one last devastating kick to Zach’s balls causing the studly nerd’s over-stuffed scrotum to literally burst in multiple places.  Yet, despite the gory scene, Zach suffered nothing more permanent than a few fading wounds on his nut sack and hurt pride.  But now the tables were turned.  Here was Quinn totally at his mercy, his last ball stretched dangerously far from his body, and there wasn’t anything he could do about it.  Zach contemplated whether or not he had the upper body strength to lift Quinn, increasing the pull on the rubber chord, but after another look at the hulking rugby player decided against trying.

Instead, Zach squatted so that he was nearly eye level with Quinn’s crotch, then reached a hand out.  Quinn whimpered as Zach’s strong fingers wrapped around his stretched and trapped nut.

“Mmmph! Mmmph!” Quinn struggled against his restraints as Zach’s fingers dug into his ball, dimpling at the center and causing the organ to deform unnaturally.

“I bet if my boys were in the same position, you wouldn’t show me any mercy.  You didn’t that night...”


The veins of Quinn’s thick neck bulged as he shook his head ‘no’ frantically as Zach stared at his only testicle maniacally as he squeezed and kneaded it in his strong hands.  Ordinarily, Quinn could withstand a little ball squeezing, but his ball had been painfully stretched for -- actually Quinn couldn’t remember how long -- and the numbness was ironically amplifying the pain.

“Mmmph! Pwfffft! Pwwfff!”

Quinn trying making eye contact with Zach, but Zach’s eyes were clearly fixed on Quinn’s ball.

“Oh yeah!  I wonder if I can get it to actually pop.  What do you think, Quinn?  Do you want me to make you an eunuch?”

Despite Quinn’s head shaking ‘no’ his cock squirted a stream of pre-jizz so powerful that at first Zach thought he had actually made the big stud cum from the abuse. But no matter, Zach kept squeezing and squeezing Quinn’s meaty ball until he couldn’t manage to squeeze it any tighter.  That’s when he bought in his other hand.

Even through the gag, Quinn let out a hideous high pitched screech as Zach attempted to pop his man-balloon between his clasped hands, yet even despite the agony Quinn’s cock throbbed and squirted precum and his eyes rolled in his head with ecstasy, not agony.

“Almost there... it’s starting to actually pop!”  Zach exclaimed, looking to Quinn’s pleading eyes.

Zach was bluffing, the tough ball - no doubt conditioned by countless sessions with Dr. Paulson -- was resisting any more deformation despite Zach’s most sincere efforts to snuff out the stud’s sex life entirely.

Quinn was shaking violently, nearly toppling himself over when suddenly Zach let up the pressure and turned toward the door.

“Whoa, there.  We’re just getting started.”

Dr. Paulson entered the room carrying what appeared to be hand-powered hydraulic jack like the kind to lift cars to change a tire.  Without saying a word, Dr. Paulson swooped to kneeling position at Quinn’s feet and proceeded to place the jack under the chair.  Both Quinn and Zach looked on as the good doctor ratcheted the jack so that it was just touching the underside of the chair.  Zach’s heart pounded as Dr. Paulson took his hand and placed it over the jack’s articulated arm.

“I guess you know what will happen if you...”

Without waiting for further adieu, Zach proceeded to pump the jack furiously up and down.  Quinn squealed as the chair was ratcheted a few inches from the ground.  The chord holding Quinn’s nut to the ground tightened with the strain, causing Quinn’s nut to stretch an additional inch downward.  Quinn screamed as Zach pumped the jack again... and again.

The chair, and Quinn, had now clearly left the ground, causing Quinn’s ball to be tugged a painful two inches lower in the sack than normal.

“So, Dr. Paulson, how far can his nut be stretched before it rips right off?”  Zach asked with all seriousness.

Pump. Pump. Pump.

“It depends, on the guy, I guess.  But I’ll leave it entirely up to you, okay Zach. Just remember what he did to you last time you were vulnerable.”

Dr. Paulson whispered something in Quinn’s ear that caused Quinn’s face to turn white with dread before he started thrashing in his chair to no avail.

Zach pumped the jack a few more times adding an additional four inches of stretch to Quinn’s ball.  By now the chair -- and Quinn -- were several inches off the ground and his ball was still tethered securely to the ground causing Quinn to squeal frantically through his gag.  His nut was now stretched five inches lower than its normal, healthy swing and the effect was devastating.  Quinn’s ball bulged grossly at the bottom of the sack as if any further stretching would cause it to burst right through the skin and and his entire stretched and bloated sack was now taking on a dark purple.

“Maybe you should slow...”

“Why?  Remember when we tried to castrate me?”

Pump. Pump. Pump.

Quinn looked like he was going to vomit despite the gag as the chair rose higher.

His nut was now stretched seven inches longer than normal and the pain was barely registering before Zach cranked the jack several more times.

At ten inches of stretch, Zach was sure Quinn’s ball was at his limit and was about to pump the jack again when he removed his hand from it and placed it delicately on Quinn’s shoulder. By now poor Quinn was shaking, begging for the stretching to let up, but both Zach and Dr. Paulson who was standing to the side watching, ignored him.

“So, Dr. Paulson, how much stretch can he actually take?”

Dr. Paulson rubbed his chin with one hand and the slight bulge developing in in his pants with the other and replied cooly:

“I honestly don’t know.  But it doesn’t matter, really. He doesn’t really need it, what with hormone therapy and all.”

Quinn’s eyes grew huge as Zach pumped the jack further and further.

Quinn’s nut was now stretched a foot from his body and the veins pulsed over the now purple looking organ.   It was obvious to Dr. Paulson Quinn really couldn’t take much more before something really bad happened to his manhood but the horny doctor decided to stay out of the way.  Zach, for his part, was slowly stroking his cock with one hand and stroking the jack handle with the other, stopping his stroking of the machine just long enough to lean in and kiss Quinn delicately on the neck.

Quinn’s toes curled at the sensation and he longed for the torture portion of this session to be through so that the ridiculously attractive Zach could finish out by pumping a load in him... but it was evident Zach had other plans.  Without warning, while still licking and sucking the back of Quinn’s neck, Zach ratcheted the jack until Quinn’s nut was stretched fifteen inches from his body... and then sixteen.

Quinn’s brain almost shut down from the dual stimulation of having Zach’s tongue dance on his neck and his nut being literally ripped from his body.

“Oh shit, Dr. P!  I don’t know how much more he can take,”

Zach asked, his heart pounding.  It really did feel like at any moment Quinn’s nut was going to be ripped from his body but he couldn’t help himself.

Seventeen inches...

Eighteen inches...

Quinn was in hysterics.  Tears streamed down the handsome studs face as he realized this was the end...


Quinn’s cock spontaneously erupted a rope of jizz so enormous the sight of it was enough to cause his tormentor's knees to buckle too as Zach joined Quinn in spewing a huge load of cum all over Quinn.

Unfortunately for Quinn, Zach’s hand was still on the jack as he was shooting and he was pumping the jack with reckless abandon as he pumped.

Quinn wailed as his nut was pulled further and further from his body, but the closer Quinn came to castration the more turned on Zach got.  Both young men were squirting cum everywhere and moaning...

Further and further Quinn’s now black-colored ball was stretched as he was drawn higher and higher off the ground.  By now, even an ill Dr. Paulson was fully aroused and his cock snaked down the leg of his jeans.  He knew, medically, he should step in and stop this slow motion castration, but sexually he wanted nothing more than to see Zach tear Quinn’s big nut straight off his body.

“Pump it faster!” Joel shouted as he stroked his cock through his jeans.

Pump. Pump. Pump.Pump.

Quinn was nearly comatose as Zach pumped feverishly at the jack, barely noticing at first that the jack had reached its limit.  Despite pumping more, the jack refused to inch up, sparing Quinn’s ball from any further stretch.  Quinn let out a sigh of relief until he felt himself lowering rapidly.  Zach had twisted the handle, causing the jack to lower, and was now pumping it back again...

The up and down stretching of Quinn’s battered nut happened three more times, each time culminating in an explosion of jizz from Quinn and a grunt of disgust from Zach that he wasn’t able to literally rip Quinn’s nut right off.

At the end of the third round of lifting, with Quinn’s nut still stretched to its absolute limit, Zach got to his knees and grabbed the trapped organ with his hand and began to squeeze as hard as he could.

“Oh yeah,”  Dr. Paulson moaned as he stroked his cocked through his jeans, high on how maniacal Zach was turning out to be.

The nerdy, hunk's hands pressed into the very heart of Quinn’s manhood.  Quinn, by now, was screaming at the top of his lungs, begging and pleading.

Zack clasped both hands together, desperately trying to crush Quinn’s only nut with his bare hands.  Unlike this first attempt, the constant stretching must have weakened something in Quinn’s nut because it now seemed much more pliable than before.

Quinn screamed and pleaded as he felt his ball getting impossibly flat between Zach’s strong hands.


“Take out the gag! I wanna hear him sing soprano when I pop his cherry!”
Dr. Paulson, horned up beyond belief, obliged and removed the large gag ball from Quinn’s mouth.

“Please! Please stop! Please!”

Zach ignored Quinn as he kneaded and squeezed Quinn’s ball flatter and flatter.  The black-blue sack deformed hideously as Quinn’s only nut tried desperately to hold its shape.

“Fuck, it won’t pop.”

Zach had barely finished his angry exclamation than he let go of his death grip on Quinn’s ball, placed his left hand behind it, balled up his right and centered it over Quinn’s dying nut.

“No! Please don’t!”  

Quinn pissed on himself as Zach hammered his large fist into his nut like a piston.

Quinn’s nut took on a sad black hue as Zach continued to lay waste to to increasingly mushy organ.

“Stop! Please!”



“My nut! Zach, please! Joel! Help!”

Zach’s dick throbbed with every nut cracking impact, fully expecting Quinn’s ball to explode at any minute.  Dr. Paulson knew Quinn’s nut was about to be cracked, but was too turned off to stop it.  Zach was really getting into destroying Quinn’s junk, grinding his knuckle with each punch.


Quinn’s eyes rolled to the back of his head and the handsome rugby stud’s face instantly went slack as if he was sleeping while Zach continued to rain down blow after blow.  Quinn’s ball was swollen to almost half of its normal size, stretched to the very bottom of its sack and literally being turned to paste under a fist.

“Oh shit!”

Zach let up on his pummeling just long enough for him to arch his back as an orgasmic shudder ran through him.  Another load of sperm coated the floor in front of him as he continued slamming his fist into Quinn’s nut.  Quinn’s beefy nut was being pounded longer and harder than it had ever been subjected to before and the damage was starting to show. It was taking on a permanently-flattened look and a dangerous shake of blue-black.

Meanwhile, despite his cold, Dr. Paulson’s cock was raging in his jeans and had already flooded them twice with jizz causing a large stain in the front.  He was going wild watching Zach absolutely destroy Quinn’s chance of ever fathering a child, and the Devil-may-care attitude Zach was taking while approaching the task made the whole scene even hotter.

“Oh yeah! Pop!”

Zach’s fist was a blur as he pummeled Quinn’s increasingly squishy, flattening testicle.  The wet splats coming with each impact were taking on a more wet, sinister sound with each hit but it was obvious Zach was beyond the point of caring.  Despite having blown multiple loads, his dick was still raging and his mind was awash in a powerful fog of hormones that only seemed to get heavier has Quinn’s manhood deformed under his fist.

“Fuck, Zach! You aren’t showing him any mercy! If you don’t stop it’ll probably... oh fuck!”

Dr. Paulson arched his head back and started cumming again at the site of Zach laying waste to the bigger, stronger Quinn’s ball.  Dr. Paulson stepped out of his jeans and proceeded to pump his still-hard cock with both hands, licking his lips as he surveyed the deranged scene.


Quinn was starting to come to just in time to notice Zach’s hands had moved to the jack shaft.

“For God’s sake! Please!”

With a jerk, Zach turned the handle releasing the jack quickly, causing Quinn’s battered nut to rocket upward into his own body as the chair lowered.  Quinn’s meaty ball crashed into his ass with a sickening, wet splat.

“Fuck, Zach. Maybe we should give him a break.  Hormone therapy is expensive...”

“Fuck that! He didn’t have any problem trying to knock my nuts out of the park.”

With that Zach dropped to his knees and proceeded to swallow Quinn’s thick shaft, licking and sucking the fuck stick until it had regained its normal, eight inch stature.  

Dr. Paulson moaned as he watched Quinn’s cock expertly serviced by Zach disappearing over and over down Zach’s eager throat.  Despite the throbbing pain radiating from his now black-purple nut, Quinn couldn’t help but moan and squeal as he felt a tortured load being forcefully sucked from his body.

Quinn shuddered and screamed as Zach came closer and closer to emptying his nut, perhaps for the last time.

“Please! Please stop! It hurts!”

“Fuck you, slut.”

Quinn and Dr. Paulson reacted with surprise as Zach slapped Quinn clear across the face, leaving behind a red hand print on his handsome face.

Zach stood up, leaving Quinn’s dick flopping in the wind, straddled Quinn’s thighs and - without ceremony - thrust himself onto Quinn’s aching cock.

“Holy shit!”  Quinn bellowed as he felt his cock tearing into Zach’s extremely tight hole.  

Zach was so tight it was almost painful for Quinn, but Zach clearly didn’t mind and he rode Quinn’s pole like a carnival ride, bobbing up and down and thrusting his hips as he milked the rugby stud’s cock.

“Oh, fuck... Quinn... you feel... so... fucking... good... fuck”

Zach took a long hard look into this captive’s tear-streaked eyes before leaning forward and kissing him surprisingly delicately.  Their lips locked as Zach slowed his pounding up and down motions into something resembling passionate sex.  Dr. Paulson was loving it, stroking his cock and circling the two studly young men as they made out and fucked.

After several minutes, Zach pulled his head away from Quinn, who leaned forward desperately wanting to continue the kiss, and motioned for Dr. Paulson.  Dr. Paulson knelt down for Zach to whisper something in his ear, shaking his head solemnly before slumping to his knees and grasping Quinn’s ball in his hands.  Quinn’s eyes bugged out as Dr. Paulson began squeezing -- hard -- his thumbs pressing into the very core of Quinn’s manhood.  Quinn gasped as Dr. Paulson exerted significantly more pressure than Zach on his delicate, deflating nut.

“Oooh! Please! Please stop!”

Zach silenced Quinn by leaning in and continuing their passionate kiss, all the while bobbing up and down faster and faster on the young stud’s cock.  Quinn’s mind was about to shut down.  He was overwhelmed by the amazingly good feeling of fucking and making out with the handsome Zach whilst at the same time dying from the crushing of his only testicle and the realization that Dr. Paulson wasn’t going to stop until his nut -- his last nut -- actually cracked. It was nightmarish.


Quinn broke away from Zach long enough to make pleading eye contact and literally beg for them to spare his nut, but it was clear Quinn’s manhood was about to be toast.

“Don’t worry, Quinn.  Hormone therapy, reconstructive surgery.  You won’t even miss them.”

Dr. Paulson couldn’t help but grimace himself at the sick crunching noises coming from Quinn’s sack as his fingers dug deeper and deeper into Quinn’s ball meat.  Membranes were starting to fail and Quinn’s oversized ball was only moments from being crushed.

“Oh yeah, baby!  Fill me up while you can!”  

Zach egged Quinn to cum - for the last time - while he rode Quinn’s aching cock methodically.  Quinn’s eyes rolled to the back of his head from the sensory overload.  Zach could feel Quinn’s cock starting to swell and knew the beefy stud was getting close to shooting.

“Do it now!”  Zach screamed as he plunged down in one swift motion, causing Quinn’s cock to be buried in his ass and Quinn to gasp in pleasure and surprise.

Quinn’s pleasure was short lived as Dr. Paulson formed two fists, placed them on either side of Quinn’s still encircled nut and brought his fists together Quin’s bloated ball was trapped between the two crashing fists and Quinn nearly threw up from the pain.  But no sooner had Quinn realized what happened, Dr. Paulson had drawn his fists back and pounded again... and again.


“No! Please!”

Quinn was frantic, rocking his chair but was held down by Zach’s weight.


“Not my last ball! Noooooo!”

Quinn’s eyes rolled to the back of his head and he erupted a load so thick and enormous into Zach that it made Zach instantly spill his own load, painting Quinn’s pecs.

“I hope you liked cumming!”  Zach teased.

Zach was still milking Quinn’s dick, and Dr. Paulson was still pounding his spud when Dr. Paulson spotted something startling in the window.  Whilst the two young men were coming down from post orgasmic bliss, Dr. Paulson spotted a handsome young Latino face staring into the window, and the young man immediately ducked away upon making eye contact with Dr. Paulson.

“Did it break?”  Zach asked breathlessly.


“No... almost...”


“Stop! Noooo!”

Quinn couldn't believe it! He was really about to lose his junk!


"Stop! Stop! I give!"


Quinn was hysterical...


“Ooooh!” Quinn bellowed as he felt his tough nut finally crack.

Zach’s eyes rolled in his head as he felt Quinn’s final load flooding his guts.  Quinn sobbed as Joel continued to pound his ruined nut over and over, reducing it to four shattered remnants floating in his sack.  Quinn’s eyes rolled in his head a final time as he passed out.

“Fuck! Fuck!”  Zach exclaimed a he dismounted Quinn’s deflating cock.

“Did you do it?” he asked Dr. Paulson hesitantly.

Dr. Paulson shook his head yes as he hastily put on his jeans and headed for the door.

“Why don’t you see if you can really turn ‘em to paste. I have to take care of something real quick.”

Zach dropped to his knees and started kneading and squeezing Quinn’s ruined nut, hardly noticing Dr. Paulson leave the room and run through the house.

Dr. Paulson flung the door open and looked around in time to see a young man clad in all white with a bold black lightning bolt symbol on the back hastily walking down the street and he was sure it was the peeping tom he had spotted earlier.

“Hey! You, come back!”

The figure continued to leave apace.

Without thinking, Dr. Paulson lept off of this front step and ran toward the young man, who had only managed to make it a few houses away.  When he caught up to him, he grabbed him by his arm and spun him around.  As Dr. Paulson expected, it was the same young man from the window.

“Come with me... Abner,”  Dr. Paulson instructed firmly, spying a a name tag on the young man’s uniform.

“Please, I don’t want any trouble.”

“Too late,” Dr. Paulson whispered as he applied enough pressure to Abner’s arm to let the young man know he could easily just pick him and take him if he wanted to.

When Dr. Paulson got Abner back inside his foyer, he was able to size the young man up.  Abner couldn’t have been older than mid-twenties, with a svelte yet toned five foot six frame that filled out his uniform nicely.  He had olive skin, bronzed by hours of working in the sun, neatly styled short black hair and strikingly dark green eyes.

“So why were you sneaking around my house?”

Abner shuddered as he heard Quinn squeal from the back bedroom.

“I um... I ....”

“You’re gonna’ have to do better than that...”

Dr. Paulson reached out a hand faster than Abner could react and clasped the young man’s crotch. He could feel he was holding both of Abner’s walnut-sized nuts in his hand and applied slight pressure to let the young man know he was serious.

“Your smart meter... your smart electric meter, it wasn’t sending a signal so I had to do a manual reading.  I heard screaming so I looked in..”

Abner spouted out in a thick Hispanic accent Dr. Paulson couldn’t immediately identify.

“And what did you see?”

“Oooh!”  Abner moaned as Dr. Paulson applied slightly more pressure.  

To Dr. Paulson’s glee, Abner’s cock was starting to form a slight tent in his white slacks, and Abner was clearly checking out the hot doctor’s body, especially the wet sheen at this crotch.

“I saw you going all Ball Busting Boys video on that guy’s junk,”

Dr. Paulson loosened his grip and Abner took a step back, but not toward the door.  Dr. Paulson coughed and shook his head as he thought about what to say next.

“So you’re a fan of that website?”  Dr. Paulson asked winking.

Abner’s cock jerked noticeably in his slacks and he shook his head affirmatively.

Several moments passed before either spoke.

Dr. Paulson had just parted his lips to speak when Zach appeared -- still naked and glistening with cum and sweat -- from the hallway.

“Well that sucker is nothing but paste and... Oh! Who?”

Zach reacted with surprise at the site of the uniform-clad Abner.  His hands instinctively went to cover his crotch but it was too late, Abner had already gotten a good look at the randy stud, especially the relatively huge nuts swinging between his legs.

Abner was now sporting a massive tent in his slacks and both Dr. Paulson and Zach were busy mentally undressing the scared, but increasingly comfortable young man.

“Turned to paste?” Abner stammered “What does that mean?”

Zach and Dr. Paulson cut each other sly glances before Zach extended a hand to Abner to guide him down the hall.

“It’d be easier to show you.  Why don’t you take off that uniform, it looks so hot.”

Zach ran a hand over Abner’s chest and he smiled at the rock hard pecs barely visible through the conservative uniform.

“You’re hot, dude.”  Zach said breathlessly as he leaned in to kiss the shorter electrical meter reader.

Abner didn’t contest as his lips locked with Zach’s.  Abner had always fantasized about hooking up with one of the hot guys he interacted with along his route, and now that it was finally happening he couldn’t believe his luck.

“So, do you like ball busting or just watch the videos online?”

Dr. Paulson asked as Zach lead him down the hallway.