These stories are entirely works of fantasy fiction. Please do not act anything on this blog out. Doing so would be extremely dangerous.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

A Roll of the Dice

The Missourian countryside was cloaked in an absolute, surreally quiet, darkness. As Friday night mingled carelessly into Saturday morning, even the ubiquitous sound of crickets had ceased for the evening. An ocean of wafting knee-high grass stretched off into the horizon, interrupted occasionally by a towering oak and, almost hidden in the blackness, dual trails of flattened grasses; tire tracks.
Five miles from the nearest town, the tracks veered off a nearby one lane road and into the field heading towards what on a cursory glance appeared to be nothing. About a quarter mile into the field, an eerie orange square lit the ground, being cast from the lone window of a cabin. The cabin – or more accurately a large tool shed – had rusting metal siding, a flat roof and a tiny, passably mowed ‘lawn’ in which four cars sat. Their tire threads were filled with earth and the ruins of grass stalks that had been flatted just an hour or so before.
Inside the almost perfectly square, one room building, the walls were mostly barren, with the exception of a few faded posters with grinning pop culture icons staring back, a few calendars and a little shelf with empty beer and liquor containers. A few pegs sticking from the walls, obviously placed to hang rakes and various tools, hinted to the building’s long-forgotten original function as a work shed.
The silence of the night was interrupted by a cold metal on metal snap as the tiny window was slammed shut by a muscular; mid-twenties man wearing only a wife beater which showcased his perfectly tanned skin: “Damn thing rusted! Look, it’s been open since the last time we were out here!” he complained, feigning dismay as he picked up the tattered remains of a poster that had been exposed to the elements.
“Yeah, when was the last time we were out here?” Matthew asked his voice calm but obviously shaking slightly.
“I wanna say the night after Mary Jane’s twenty-first… man that was a night!” Jose, the young man holding the tattered poster, replied while turning to face Matt and the rest of the group of guys standing in a circle in the middle of the shed. Jose walked over to the five men, ranging from nineteen to twenty four, who were standing essentially naked around a three-legged stool in the middle of the room. There was the occasional wife beater or flatteringly-tight t-shirt, but the boys were otherwise naked.
“Okay, gentleman!” Jose announced, “We all know why we’re here, and Jesse’s got the goods –“
With a nod, Jesse -a solidly-build, dark haired boy standing about 5’8” and showing off a 12 pack chest – giggled a duffle bag he’d been carrying and the sound of lots of little metal objects rattling inside. The boys chuckled nervously.
Jose continued “And Eric was nice enough to let us borrow this most refined venue,” and he nodded toward Eric, a tall lanky 19 year old with brunet hair and a defined, but not ripped, chest. “Jesse if you would?” Without delay, Jesse walked up to the three legged stool and reached into his duffle bag, producing two plump eggs. After some maneuvering, he was able to position them such that they were not rolling and were resting side by side. He then reached into the bag and produced two dice, one white and one blood red, and a small black ball, no larger than a cocktail olive, with a long while string attached.
“This…” he said standing dominatingly in the middle of the circle and holding the black olive above his hands as if showcasing a valuable treasure “… this is a product of Jesse’s Heavy Industries. A masterpiece of what a Google search for ‘mailbox bomb’ can produce.”
He held the bomb above his head, its fuse dangling lazily down his arm. Each of the men looked up at it as if expecting the unlit thing to explode in Jesse’s hand. David, who’d been silent up that point, licked his lips and exhaled loudly as he eyed the devise. David was a bit over 6 feet tall, with handsome – if a bit sharp –facial features, tree-trunk legs and a tidy head of jet black, styled hair.
Meanwhile Ben, the last of the boys, was by far the tallest as just shy of 7 feet, lankier even than Eric, but with arms that were so muscled they seemed comically disproportionate to the rest of this body. Between his legs his pendulous sack was hanging lower than normal, due to the heat of the evening, and his walnut sized nuts were resting heavy in them. When his eyes caught the gaze of the bomb, he giggled nervously and his cock sprang to attention in anticipation of what Jesse was going to say.
“The white dice is going to be the Boy Dice…” Jesse explained as he stuffed the bomb back into the duffle and pulled out a Sharpie. While walking around the circle, he wrote numbers on each boy’s chest, starting with Ben, who was 1.
“We’re going to go around the circle in the order that I’m marking us now..” he wrote on each boy casually as he explained his little game’s twisted rules “Eric is 2, David is 3, Jose is 4, Matt – or resident volunteer fire fighter – is 5 and …” He finished by writing a small ‘six’ on his own left peck “I’m six”
“Now, this red dice is the Time Dice…” he reached into his bag and produced another bomb, a roll of white tape and a lighter. He proceeded to tear off a bit of the tape, held it for all to see, and lit it. With a blinding flash, the tape section incarnated into a puff of smoke and was gone. “This tape burns in a flash, so it won’t leave a mark if… well you’ll see.” He grinned.
Jesse then plucked off another small section of tape and proceeded to tape a bomb to one of the eggs, being careful to set it down carefully so as to not make the whole thing tumble off. The black olive looked like a small tumor compared to the egg and the fuse hung slightly over the side.
“Now, let’s say, for example, I roll the Boy Dice and I hit a 5…” he set the white dice on the stool with five displayed.
“And red dice I roll a six…” he demonstrated landing a six on the red dice.
“That’d mean that I’d have to light the fuse…” he lit the fuse without delay “and let it burn for six seconds…”
The seconds went by slowly as Jesse counted aloud. “There!” he said, the fuse had progressed up to the lip of the stool by the time he snuffed if with his fingers. “Now, let’s say I keep on rolling sixes…” he lit the fuse and walked casually away from the doomed eggs.
The radius of the circle grew slightly as the boys instinctively stepped away from the imminent explosion.
“You said this was a mailbox bomb?” Eric asked nervously.
“Hell no!” Jesse laughed, giving Eric a playful slap to the nuts as he took his place in the circle ‘I said it is molded after a mailbox bomb, but we’re not trying to rip anyone’s guts out!”
“He toned it down a bit,” Jose assured everyone, “Just watch.”
After about thirty seconds the fuse had disappeared inside the bomb and, after a slight delay while the chemicals reacted, the ‘olive’ exploded. The tape incarnated instantly. The attached egg exploded in half and bits of (now cooked) yolk went flying. The second egg had escaped the brunt of the blast, but its shell was badly cracked and yolk was oozing out of it onto the floor.
At the end, the smoking remains of one badly cracked and one half blown apart egg were swept unceremoniously onto the ground by Jesse who continued “See, just enough power to um… scramble some eggs…” he winked at Jose, “but not enough to do much else.”
By now all of the boys were hard, their cocks fueled by watching a ripe pair of nuts being destroyed by proxy. This is what Jesse had hoped for, as it made their nuts more accessible. He walked up first to Ben who was towering over him. Ben’s impressively thick 6 inch cock stuck out at full attention as Jesse carefully taped a bomb between his nuts like a third testicle.
Eric – number 2 – was next, with his bomb being placed on his slightly larger right ball. David was fitted with a bomb on his left nut, Jose’s bomb was tucked between his nuts, but in the back so that it could not be seen from the front (expect the dangling fuse). Jesse then stepped up to matt and gave his ample nut sack a playful squeeze before taping a bomb onto his right nut. Finally, Jesse carefully separated his own walnut sized nuts, placed a bomb between them, and let the balls close back in, like Ben, he looked as if he had a new third ball.
“Okay everyone!” Jose announced, “Let’s get ready to have a very unfortunate fireworks accident!!” he finished handing Ben—number 1 – the lighter and dice.
The group of boys laughed, all signs of nervousness replaced by thinly-veiled malice as each boys eyed the one he most wanted to nut.
Ben took the dice nervously and tossed them onto the stool. Remarkably, both stayed on. Boy Dice: Jesse, Time Dice 6. There was a hoot from the group as Ben stood in front of Jesse knelt down and lit the fuse. Jesse playfully counted down “Six… five…” as the boys laughed. At zero, Ben promptly extinguished the flames and it was then the boys noticed a striking difference between their own bombs and the one’s that had been used to decimate the eggs; their fuses were shorter! The eggs had busted at about 30 seconds, but there was no way to calculate how much less time these shorter fuses would allow… Jesse’s calculated snipping of the fuses had achieved its dramatic effect: the game was suddenly on, and serious!
Ben handed the die and lighter to guy #2 – Eric. Eric rolled them, the Boy Dice, rolling off the stool and landing a foot away: It was Matt. The Time Dice, however, landed on the stool and was a disappointing 1 second. Ben sighed as he took spot in front of Ben, grabbed the fuse hanging from his middle testis and lit it “One!” he barely got out before he was putting out the fuse again.
Boy #3 – David – wasted no time scooping up the dice and giving them a casino-style roll. Jesse was again the target and the time was five seconds. Ben cupped Jesse’s copious balls with one hand while lighting the fuse with the other. The group chanted “Five… four… three…” Meanwhile, David’s eyes were locked on Jesse’s, who – while still cheerful – was a bit nervous having been picked twice so soon in the game. Finally at zero, the flame was extinguished and the boys admired Jesse’s now noticeably shorter fuse, relishing in vulnerability it highlighted.
“Gee, Jess,” David chortled afterwards “Looks like your eggs are about the get scrambled,” the group laughed, except Jesse who gave his cock a quick jerk and spat back “We’ll see.”
The game carried on for the next eight rounds, with Jesse’s fuse losing eight more seconds, but Jose’s losing twelve. During the rapid round, Ben, and David also lost a few seconds of fuse, but miraculously Eric and Matt were spared.
It was Jesse’s turn to roll and his Boy Dice landed on Matt while the Time Dice stopped at 5. Jesse walked between Matt, smiled and kneed him lightly in the crotch, Matt doubled over slightly and Jesse swooped down, took Matt’s cock in his mouth and lit the fuse. As he sucked Matt’s veiny 9 inch cock, Jose counted down from five. When the fuse was extinguished, Jesse gave Matt’s cock one last lick and said “Come on guys! We don’t want whoever is gonna’ lose this game to have their last load splattered all over us by a bomb!” he laughed and the others joined in.
The next round consisted of Ben having to burn his own fuse one second, Eric burning David’s for six and David lighting Jose’s for six. At the end of that round, Jose was looking nervous. He fuse was now dangerously close to this bulging sack, and though the bomb couldn’t be seen from the front, all the guys knew that – if it lit – they’d be in for a very messy explosion as Jose’s egg-sized nuts burst outward from behind. David cupped Jose’s enormous balls in his hand, squeezed them a little harder than playfully and laughed as he announced “Looks like we’re all about the get some fresh, chunky Mexican salsa!”
“Mmm, gimme some!” Eric chimed in, swooping to his knees and taking Jose’s amble cock into his mouth. The boys watched as Eric’s cute face bobbed up and down on the Jose’s toned, Latin body. Jose, forgetting for a moment that Eric was only doing this as a ‘last rite’ tilted his head back and moaned.
“Okay, that’s enough of that kids,” Matt barked, picking up the dice and handing them to the next player – Jose.
“Okay Jose, time to even the score!” Matt said grinning, “Try for Jesse’s number, his fuse is really short!”
Jose blew on the dice for luck and chucked them onto the ground. There was a muted gasp from the crowd when they saw what the dice read: Boy Dice – Jose. Time Dice – 6 seconds.
“Oh god!” Jose gasped.
“You know the rules!” Jesse snapped handing Jose the lighter.
Jose’s entire body tensed, making his massive pecs glisten with sweat. His pendulous nuts hung heavy between his well defined legs and the fuse had no more than many 12 seconds left. With a sigh he lit the fuse and counted “Six... five.. four…”
“Cheater!” Jesse indicated and took over counting “Five… four… three…”
The fire was snuffed at zero and not a moment too soon. The fuse was practically touching Jose’s bomb and sweat was pouring from his face and abs. He mottled something to himself in Spanish as he handed Matt the dice and lighter.
Matt rolled Jesse and two seconds. “Two… one…”
To Jesse’s harrow, the fuse crept closer to his threatened manhood, nearly reaching it. He knew another six second roll would have him changing his name to Jessica.
Next, it was Jesse’s turn.
“Maybe he’ll have to blow off his own balls, like Jose almost did!” Ben laughed. “Or maybe we’ll be getting that mmm, mmm, fresh salsa!” Eric grinned, licking his lips and eyeing Jose’s body with lust “Nice and…”
Eric was interrupted by a bloodcurdling scream. While he’d been talking, Jesse had rolled the dice and it landed Boy Dice: Jose, Time: six seconds.
Jose screamed and grabbed his massive package as Jesse walked up to him with the lighter. Ben gasped. Eric stopped talking and stared. David and Matt looked at each other and all but gave high fives across the circle as their minds both reached the same conclusion about this round’s outcome.
Jose’s fuse obviously wouldn’t have lasted two seconds, three tops, let alone six.
“Hmm…” Jesse contemplated, “Eric, we know you like that south of the border flavour. Why not taste it one last time.”
“Hell yeah!” Eric barely got out before he was on his knees swallowing Jose’s big tanned cock. Jose moan in pleasure as Eric’s lanky arms explored Jose’s ripped chest and played with his ass. Eric licked Jose’s nuts while stroking his cock, slobbering on the sack. It was then Eric was actually consciously aware of how large Jose’s nuts actually were. And they tasted delicious; an intoxicating mixture of Axe and musk that drove Eric crazy. He stood up, still stroking Jose’s cock, and proceeded to lick and kiss up Jose’s chest – being sure to roll his tongue over the Latin boy’s tight six pack – until Eric’s face was buried in Jose’s neck, kissing it while Jose’s cockl stayed rigid under Eric’s manipulation.
In a bold move, Eric grabbed the back of Jose’s head, locked eye contact and proceeded to give Jose a passionate, lustful kiss. One hand jerked Jose’s throbbing cock and the other explored his tight muscled body. God, he’s hot, Eric thought to himself as Jose lost himself in the feeling of Eric’s expert make out session. Eric felt Jose’s cock start to spasm, so he pulled away from their kiss so he could witness Jose’s final load.
With a loud grunt and uttering something in Spanish, Jose’s cock spasmed and a thick rope of cum splattered against Eric’s thigh. Another rope hit Eric’s stomach. Eric kept stroking while Jose – lost in his orgasm – threw his head back and moaned. A third and fourth glob thoroughly painted Eric’s chest and was starting to drip to the floor. Meanwhile, unnoticed by spasming Jose, Jesse had snuck up and lit the last bit of fuse. Eric stepped back – as he had to the egg – and the boys all looked down at Jose’s amble junk.
“Two... one…” they breathed collectively, Jose just coming back to reality... but it was too late.
With a sickening ‘pop’ and a wisp of smoke, the bomb exploded. Jose’s eyes bugged out, a blood curdling scream escaped his lips and his knees buckled as he fell to the floor, his hands racing for the ruins of his balls.
What Jose didn’t get to see was what the watching boys all saw. The bomb, placed behind the scrotum, had completely exploded his right nut. Bits of it splattered Eric and Jesse. The rest of his sack was split open, and the left nut hung out by its chords, but it was charred and – unexpectedly – on fire. Jose’s beautiful cock had, by design, escaped the bulk of the damage, but was bleeding a bit near where his scrotum had been attached.
With Jose on the ground, Jesse walked up coolly, noticed the tiny flame and said with mocked concern “Oh no buddy! Gotta put that out!”
“Nooo! Ple...” Jose was in too much shock to even continue begging, as if Jesse was going to listen.
He rose his bare foot over Jose’s left ball – the small flash flame had since gone out – and stomped down. The boys gasped. Raising his foot he saw Jose’s nut, probably weakened by the explosion, and had exploded to mush. “Holy shit! Holy shit I popped it!” he said looking down as the bloody mess that had once been Jose’s huge Latino bollocks. He couldn’t believe how completely destroyed they were, especially the right nut which had turned to meat sauce and landed all over Eric after the explosion.
In quick succession, the other boys gathered around Jose’s writhing body and unloaded their pent up juice onto his face, turning it into a sticky, pain and shock contorted mess.
“Okay, grab a towel to wipe off the jizz, Eric. We can handle the bleeding with this conveniently-handy medic kit, but we gotta get him into town…” Jesse instructed.
The boys quickly carried Jose to one of the waiting vehicles and, as they were about to speed off, Jesse noted, “And don’t look so happy... we’ve just had a horrible fireworks accident.” he grinned.
Sometime later...
It was Sunday evening in northeast Missouri. The sun had barely disappeared beyond the tree-lined horizon and the sky’s colour was either velvet-rich purple or pitch black, depending on who you asked. Five miles from town, a large, badly rusted but otherwise sound-looking and somewhat large tool shed sat perched upon a tuft surrounded by a sea of knee-high grasses, virtually invisible against the darkened sky except for a patch of soft yellow being cast out its lone window.
A ripped, olive skinned 20-something Latino wearing brilliantly-fitted khakis, a white button up shirt -- purposefully half-tucked in for that ‘casual preppy’ look – and a plain black, tight blazer stood standing in front of a circle of five guys huddled around a three-legged stool. Despite the fact he was fully clothed, and looked more like he belonged in an Abercrombie catalogue than a Missouri wheat field, Jose’s clothes did nothing to hide the obviously well-muscled body underneath. The five guys, wearing only tight fitting plain white Ts stood watching Jose – some in open admiration – as he examined them.
“Well?” came a booming voice from one of the taller guys.
“Hold your horses, Dave, no hurries!” Jose winked at him as he walked toward them “Do you have the goods, Jesse?”
Without saying a word, Jesse, a solidly build but markedly-shorter young man with rippling abs reached for a duffle bag that’d been laying outside the circle. Picking it up, the boys heard the familiar sounds of little round objects clanking within.
“Here,” Jesse said as he handed the bag over to Jose, his eyes fixed on the slight bulge in Jose’s shorts.
“Well?” Dave came again, now also looking at the bulge.
After a moment, Jose realized and gasped “Oh! You want to see ‘em,” he said while he cooly undid his belt, unclasped his pants and let the khakis fall to the floor.
While still jostling items out of the duffle, Jose stepped completely out of the pants and walked confidently toward the waiting group of guys as he wielded a Sharpie like a blade.
“Ben was one…” Jose started around the circle, marking the chest of the tallest boy with a 1. Ben couldn’t help but smile, liking his lips seductively as he caught of whiff of Jose’s cologne.
“Eric was two…” Jose marked Eric’s chest. The two of them briefly locked eyes before Jose continued “David was three…” David’s handsome face beamed as if Jose was awarding him a medal.
“Let’s see… Matt was five.” Jose wrote a ‘5’ slightly above the nipple of a broad-chested young man, whose hair was dyed blond and spiked giving him a much more youthful appearance than mid-twenties.
“And finally Jesse was six.” Jesses’ well toned chest was marked with a six.
Jose stopped for a moment admiring his handy work as the five studs’ shirts were now neatly marked one through six, with the notable exclusion of four. He grinned, again locking eyes with Eric and bellowed “And I was four!”
He shorts dropped to the floor to a collective gasp. Eric looked especially distraught by what he saw, but couldn’t help but be caught up in the collective excitement. Five muscled guys were now fully hard, a few of them openly jerking, and staring at a totally bizarre spectacle. As Jose stood, his legs spread wide, the boys watched as two walnut-sized plastic testicles were perched below Jose’s cock, hanging like some twisted variation of ear-rings by a cockring nestled firmly against the base of his cock.
“Go ahead! Touch ‘em.” He joked as Eric, lanky yet tone, approached. The two looked at each other for a moment, exchanged a friendly kiss on the cheek and then smiled as Eric began fondling the false testicles.
“Yeah, they’re like some kind of silicone shit. The sack is molded to look real through my pants – its even filled with two sacks of this liquid goo that makes em…” he jiggled his hips a bit “… jiggle as I walk. I mean, they’re purely cosmetic, but combined with all the shots I gotta’ take now, I almost feel like a man again,” he chuckled.
“Actually stud, your manhood ended right here….” Eric roared and pointed to the point on his chest where much of Jose’s testicles had splattered the last time they played their little game nearly 3 months ago.
“And the rest of it ended right here!” Jesse chimed in, raising his foot and pointing to the under side, then stomping quickly. Jose grimaced while the other boys roared in laughter.
“Ha! Ha! Well, one of you is about to join the ranks of the un-nutted… but what are we gonna’ do about the number four? My number?”
The boys hadn’t thought of this. The game had to continue and dice still had six sides, not five.
“Let’s just skip the turn if it lands on four, like a throw-away,” Matt suggested.
“Nope, I got a better idea,” Jose beamed brightly as he proceeded to write a tiny ‘four’ on the chest of every guy in the circle “Four is the wild card. If you roll it, you get to pick any guy you want.”
There was a whoop of delight. “Now for the equipment…” Jose wasted no more time taping the grape-sized black bombs to each boy’s potentially-doomed left testicle. Jose took special delight in attaching Jesse’s bomb, looking up into the cute boy’s face as it briefly filled with dread and rubbed his hand smoothly over Jesse’s Abercrombie inspired chest. There was an ever brief moment of hesitation before the bomb on Eric’s nut was attached, and Jose – consciously or not, it wasn’t certain – handled Eric’s package much more gently than the way he manhandled the others’.
“Okay, so we all remember the rules? The white dice is the Boy dice and the red one is the Time dice. Roll a boy’s number, light his fuse for the number of seconds on the Time dice. The game keeps going until… well…. “he gave his fake nuts a hard slap that would have sent him reeling had they been real. The boys all laughed. The game was on.
Ben rolled first, hitting Eric’s number and four seconds. The crackling of the bomb’s fuse was almost deafening in the silence. Four...three… two… one. It was over.
“Looks like the tables may turn, Eric” Jose laughed balling his hand into a fist, then opening his palm to feign the look of something solid and round suddenly bursting apart…
Next up was Eric, who rolled David’s number for three seconds. David, who towered over Eric even when Eric was standing, looked even taller as Eric knelt between his muscular legs to light the fuse. Three seconds came and went while David nonchalantly stroked his thick cock, pre-cum oozing from the cockhead and landing on Eric.
The next three rolls were nothing short of devastating to one of the poor boys. David, his hands still slimy from precum, took the dice and rolled Jesse’s number for three seconds. Since this was no longer than anyone had gotten so far, Jesse took his burning fuse in stride, even making ‘scrambled egg’ references.
Next it was Matt’s turn, who promptly rolled a wild card and a four-second dice. The boys looked around nervously, except Jose who knew he was safe. Matthew slowly walked behind the boys and around the circle, making no effort to hide the lust as he eyed them up and down.
“Mmm… how about you!” he stopped at Eric who was shaking like a leaf, “Nah… how about…” he stopped at Jesse, “You!”
Taking a step in front of Jesse, he knelt down and lit the fuse, being sure to enunciate each number of the countdown with deliberate bliss.
Next up was Jesse, glad to have the attention taken from his twice-threatened package; he rolled the dice quickly as if they were cursed and let out a barely-muted yelp at the results: It landed on his number and five additional seconds.
“Blow them off! Blow them off!” the boys, led by Jose, began to chant. Reluctantly, Jesse took the lighter and flicked the fuse to life. Jose conducted a ‘non-bias’ countdown and Jesse’s fuse inched closer to his oversized testicles. After was seemed like forever, Jose gave the signal and Jesse extinguished the flame. Sweat now beading on his forehead and soaking through the pits of his shirt.
The other boys now eyed Jesse like an animal stalking wounded prey; his fuse was markedly shorter than the others and sweat was beginning to bead up on his scrotum. It was Ben’s turn to roll, landing on Eric’s number and four seconds. Eric, who unlike the other boys, was visibly horrified by the prospect of his fuse running short, strained to stand still –legs spread – while Ben reached down and lit the fuse. As he counted down, Ben’s locked onto Eric’s with a malicious, piercing gaze that was countered by a pleading stare from Eric. By the time the four seconds were up, Eric’s fuse was only slightly longer than Jesse’s, which was in – the boys collectively determined – the danger zone.
Next was Eric, who, in a twist of fate, rolled Ben’s number and six seconds. Eric knelt between Ben’s tree-trunk legs and was instantly turned on by the sight of Ben’s massive, 8 inch cock sticking straight out. Eric licked his lips and stared at Ben’s ample nuts as they hung between his legs like small eggs stuffed into a too-small coin purse.
The circle continued until it was Eric’s turn again. During the rolls, Jesse, David, and Ben’s fuses were all burned – Ben’s was burned twice in a row for a total of 9 seconds, making his fuse among the shortest. However, Jesse’s triple exposure earlier on meant that his fuse was now the absolute shortest – mere inches from the bomb.
As Eric again took the dice, he hoped it would land on Ben’s number so that he’d be able to shorten his already short fuse. However, what he got turned out to be even better. The ‘Time’ dice landed with a thud on six seconds – the maximum – and the boy dice landed on 4; the wildcard.
Eric’s cock sprang to full attention at the thought of the de-nutting power he now wielded. Unlike most of the other burns, which were a matter of pure chance, Eric had the choice of whose nuts to blow. He thought carefully, occasionally looking over at Jose’s huge fake nuts.
“I pick… Jesse!”
Jesse shuddered, this entire over-muscled frame seemed to convulse. Eric stood next to the shorter, studlier Jesse, grabbed his package roughly and lit the fuse. As the fire burned, the circle tightened around Jesse as the flame raced toward its final definition.
“Oooh! Ouch! Ow! Man you’re crushing them!” Jesse whined, looking pleadingly at Eric whose hand was now in a vice-like grip on Jesse’s nuts.
“Not like that’s gonna matter soon,” Eric half-joked as he extinguished the flame. Jesse’s fuse was now the shortest and – much like they had earlier – the boys eyed his plump balls with malicious glee.
Next, David burned Ben three seconds so that Ben’s fuse was only barely longer than Jesse’s. Matt was forced to light his own fuse six seconds but as he hadn’t been picked yet, his fuse was still relatively safe in length.
Next it was Jesse’s turn and, feeling his place as a cornered animal, rolled the dice with a purposeful flick of his wrist. It landed on Ben and five seconds. There was a collective gasp.
“They’re gonna blow!” David shrieked, his cock throbbing as he stroked it “Ben’s balls are gonna…” David kept stroking as the boys gathered to watch Jesse light the fuse.
Suddenly, caught up in the fantasy of Ben’s nut sack exploding, David explosively shot his load, hitting Ben’s left thigh, Jesse’s chest and a bit of Eric’s shoulder, who had knelt down to watch the lighting.
Jose moved in closer, adding “Mmm, looks like someone’s nuts already busted!”
“Man than was – hoo – oot!” Matt exclaimed as suddenly Eric felt a blast of something warm and sticky hit him in the back of the head. Then another blast and another. Matt, who had also gathered in front of Ben and who’d been standing behind Eric – had cum watching David blow.
Eric’s cock jumped at the sensation, but he quickly added “Okay, let’s see some nuts REALLY bust!”
Jesse lit the fuse. “Five… four…” the boys chanted in unison… and at one... nothing happened. There was barely any fuse left, only a few lone fibers leading into the bomb.
“Damn it!” Jesse made no attempt to hide his contempt for not having ruptured Ben’s huge nuts.
“Next time.”
Ben had the largest nuts of the group, and he knew it. As if his towering, hunky body wasn’t enough, he also out-sexed them in the genitals department with his egg-sized gonads hanging provocatively between his always-hard 9 inch mushroom-headed cock. Jesse was hoping the bomb would blow apart Ben’s huge left nut which it was attached to, while the right would be ‘cracked’ and near-bursting like the badly cracked egg in the bomb demonstration during their very first game. The boys would take delight watching Ben writhe around as – while he clutched his package in vain – his right nut would finally give and collapse.
Next up was Ben, who rolled David’s number, letting his fuse burn for four seconds. Ben took pleasure watching the fuse burn and approached David’s recently emptied nuts, especially since they were emptied by the thought of Ben’s nuts being destroyed. However, David’s fuse was still well within the safe zone and the boys’ hard ons began to dissipate slightly.
Next was Eric’s turn. He again rolled the wild card and a four seconds. He as faced with a hard choice. Ben’s huge equipment would surely explode if picked this round; in fact, so little of the fuse remained that the bomb would likely explode at the mere flicking of the lighter. Eric, like Jesse, was fascinated by the prospect of watching such large balls splatter out of existence. However, the fuse leading to Jesse’s amble junk was vulnerably short as well, and Eric had always wanted to see Jesse’s walnut sized nuts get really cracked…. Finally, Eric took his spot in front of Ben. He’d made his decision.
“One flick and its meat sauce time for these things…” Eric began, grabbing Ben’s huge right nut, kneading it mercilessly in his hand
“… fuck that’d make a mess.”
Ben shook and began to cry. He looked down at his massive junk – his cock was fully hard despite it all – and thought this may the last time he’d see his precious jewels.
“…But, I think Jesse’s would make a bigger mess.”
Before anyone could even register than Ben’s nuts were safe, Jesse side-stepped to Jesse’s bulging crotch, swooped down and lit the fuse. Jesse shrieked as the felt the heat of the flame lap his testicles. It felt like his sperm was boiling; his nuts roasting the flame was so close. Jesse’s nuts were the size of walnuts, tightly packed together and typically drawn close to his ripped body. He shuddered at the prospect of losing them… the flame was extinguished without an explosive end. Now Jesse’s fuse, like Ben’s was so short, it disappeared into the bomb.
Next was David, who licked his lips and shouted “Come on Jesse!” as the dice hit the floor. The Time dice was 1 second. The Boy dice was a wild card.
“Oh hell yes!” David shouted, his cock already hard again.
He walked between Ben and Jesse, grabbing one set of ample man pods in each hand and squeezing. Ben and Jesse squirmed and moaned as David proceeded to manhandle their sensitive equipment. “One of these nut sacks is about to be opened… which one guys!” The room erupted into shouts of “Ben!” and “Jesse!” David squeezed the four nuts until his hand nearly closed shut. If he managed to pop one of their nuts like this, he thought, he’d just finish the job with the bomb.
“Okay, okay. It seems like there’s a tie as to who’ll lose em.”
“I say nut Jesse!” Jose screamed, not hiding his rage at the memory of Jesse mercilessly stomping his balls out of existence.
“Mmm…hot. I know. I’ll squeeze each pair of nuts, and whoever goes the longest without screaming, wins their manhood!” David had barely explained his twisted rules as he began to squeeze. Sweat poured down each boy’s face and their ripped abs flexed; their faces contorted as they fought the urge to shout out.
“Oh! And if I manage to bust a pair like this…” David continued, he was now alternating between the ample nuts squeezing and kneading, “...then I’ll just cover the evidence by blowing them apart!”
Eric especially liked watching David’s well-toned arms flex and ripple under the exertion of crushing the four nuts. David, through with his taunting, was now completely motivated to crush one of the balls with his bare hand. His face was heavy with determination, sweat pouring off it as it turned red with effort.
Ben and Jesse squirmed and bit their tongues, trying desperately not to scream. Meanwhile, the others watched in amazement, all of them stroking their cocks. Even Jose was mindlessly fondling his limp cock. David could feel one of the pairs of nuts swelling badly and getting a bit soft, so he instinctively began applying more pressure on them in an effort to make their’ owner crack and shout out… it didn’t take long.
“Ooow fuck!” Jesse screamed. David instantly let go of both nut sacks and Ben crumpled to the floor clutching his badly squeezed nuts and screaming.
Meanwhile, David, knowing who his victim would be, held out his now free hand and Jose placed the lighter in it. Locking eyes with Jesse, David proceeded to lift him into the air holding only his nuts. Jesse’s eyes crossed and his screaming became unintelligible babble. The boys were sure they heard a few ‘pleases’ and ‘oh Gods’ tossed in as the hunky boy writhed in the air, David’s arm flexing as he held him there. David then lowered Jesse to the ground, the rose him into the air again, his feet just barely off the ground and his entire body weight supported by his nuts. David did this several times, until several things happened at once. For the second time, David’s cock shot a thick rope of cum that painted Jesse’s shirt. Jesse let out a blood curdling scream and David shouted “Oh yes! I popped a sucker.”
He lowered Jesse to the ground, still holding his nuts and squeezed. Sure enough, Jesse’s right nut couldn’t take the pressure of being a yo-yo with 160 pounds of Jesse’s tight body at the other end. It was mushy in the sack and beginning to swell. Amazingly, Jesse was still conscious, though starting to black out.
“No! stay awake for this! There’s one left!” David laughed maniacally as he lit the barely existing fuse.
Jesse’s last nut exploded into nothing. Bits of it hit Eric and Matt, with the bulk landing on David’s thigh. What was left of the right testicle was literally oozing out of a split that had formed at the middle of his once taught scrotum. The blast must’ve finished what David had started with the right ball and liquefied it. Jesse collapsed to the ground. His ruined right nut leaking out; half his sack gone.
“They aren’t gonna be able to do anything for that – he’s Jessica now.”
The group laughed and promptly sprang into action, removing the remaining bombs from themselves and loading the blacked-out Jesse – into a waiting Escalade, which sped off into town. In the commotion, Jose and Eric found themselves alone in the shed.
“Boom!” Eric laughed “Did you see them?”
“Yeah, hot! And the way David destroyed one without even using the bomb…”
“Guess he’s gonna’ need a pair of these,” Eric added matter-of-factly, slapping Jose’s faux-nuts hard with one hand while his other explored Jose’s rock hard body.
“Well I may know of a place. I’ve never tried them though…” Jose joked, grabbing Eric by the back of the neck, pulling his face in and locking his lips onto his.
They made out for several minutes before Jose dropped to his knees and swallowed Eric’s long, slender cock into his mouth. Eric thrust his hips rhythmically faster and harder while Jose moaned in pleasure. It didn’t take long before Eric pulled out, jerked his cock and plastered Jose with several gooey squirts of cum.
“Mmm.. I’m drenched.” Jose gasped admiringly as he rubbed his hand over his face, spreading Eric’s load and making an even bigger mess of himself, “Even my shirt is soaked.”
“Yeah, well I wanna keep on painting you every night…” Eric said softly as he knelt down beside Jose and admired his gorgeous cum-covered face.
“… as long as you have a pair of these!” Jose laughed, giving Eric’s dangling, spent nuts a light tug.
The two locked lips briefly and walked out of the shed into the night.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Locker Room Spunk Fest - A SneakerBB Collaboration


I decided to write a story based on a recent SneakerBB animation called 'Locker Room Spunk Fest" which you can see here. And a note to my American readers: The sports team in this story is association football (you would likely call it ‘soccer’) not American ‘football'

A heavy rain fell upon the football pitch of Abercrombie College, turning the field into a soggy mess, its sod uprooted and tattered as the cleats of two teams continued their friendly despite the fact the driving rain had forced the stands to clear.  

“Uhhn!”  Lewis, the goalkeeper of Abercrombie College grunted as he dove in vain to stop yet another goal from entering the net.  

The svelte, quick player landed with a wet splash, his face rendered unrecognizable under a thick layer of splattered mud.  There was a roar from the opposing team as the players huddled around each other hugging and cheering in victory.  Lancaster Academy’s fifty-one year losing streak to Abercrombie College had come to a muddy, rain soaked end.  The Lancaster players were too excited -- and the Abercrombie players were too dejected -- to care that the outcome actually didn’t matter.  The officials had long since called the game, but regardless of whether or not the official log would record the outcome of this particular game the players would and that was all that mattered.

The rain let up and the sun peaked out just in time for the usual post game handshakes though the tone was hardly conciliatory.

“Yeah we’ll see who's smiling when it counts,”  Lewis sneered as he shook the hand of the bloke who had got the final shot past him.  

The arrogant Lancaster kicker only grinned broadly.  A short while later the players of Abercrombie College were back in their locker room, peeling out of their soaked burgundy uniforms and washing off the mud, and the stench of defeat, in the showers.

Dan, a freshman, and Damien were the first to exit the showers and head to the changing area.

“Good game, yeah?”  Dan said meekly as he toweled himself off.

Damien responded with a glower, turning away from Dan as he toweled off the mop of dreadlocks perched atop his head.

Dan and Damien were nearly opposite in every way.  Dan was relatively short, not particularly athletic by team standards and shy.  His pale skin contrasted sharply with his fiery red hair, which was always neatly trimmed, and his bushy eyebrows that dominated his boyish face.  In contrast Damien, though not much taller than Dan, seemed to tower over the underclassmen just by the confidence that seemed to exude from his ebony skin.  He wasn’t the most tone lad on the team, but the thick, heavy cock and nice-sized balls that swung between his toned legs gave him locker room swagger nonetheless.

Dan was about to say something to interrupt the awkward silence when the silence was broken by the sound of pop music followed by laughter coming from the showers.  One of the boys was - quite badly - doing his best rendition of the latest hit song.

“... Yeah baby! And you know that I’ll always be yours!”  

Keith danced into the changing area, belting out lyrics and holding a shampoo bottle to his mouth like a microphone.

“You’re my one! You’re my heart! We can never be apart!”   

Keith ran his free hand over his washboard abs, his face scrunched, as he channeled his inner boy band psyche.  The handsome junior, his thick black hair matted to his head, looked every bit the part of a pop-singing heartthrob -- and he knew it. He continued his truly awful rendition unabated by the jeers of Spike and Tyler walking in behind him.

“Quiet that rubbish, will you,”  Spike said faking annoyance.

Spike’s mohawk, gauged ears and piercings made him look, at least on the surface, the part of the bad boy, setting him apart from the other straight laced players on the team. But he could run - fast - and his roommate Tyler had been persuasive at convincing him to join the team.

“Those aren’t even the words, man.”  Tyler groaned.

Tyler grabbed the faux microphone and proceeded to belt out his own butchered version of the song which caused Damien to burst out laughing.

“Well isn’t this a site.  You two are a regular One Direction,”

Indeed, the two handsome, toned naked footballers, their modest packages swinging as they swayed to the rhythm, looked like they would fit in on stage, granted someone else was doing the actual singing.

Within minutes the last shower spigot was turned off and every player had made it into the changing area.  By now Tyler and Keith had been joined by sophomores Justin and Brian, filling the locker room with a comically out of tune rendition of Miley Cyrus’ Malibu.

“A dream come true. In Malibu....!”  

The impromptu quartet finished their rendition in surprising harmony, taking a bow.  

“Well isn’t this brilliant,”  David, the team captain said to his buddy Raj.

David and Raj had stayed back from the main crowd, both of them still visibly bitter from losing the friendly, too bitter to be soothed by poorly-sung pop music.  They were juniors and had been on the team together since freshman year and took the game much more seriously than the others.  Even Lewis, who had been close to slapping the Lancaster player at the height of the game was now playfully snapping his towel at random bystanders and laughing.

“They’re singing songs after we just got our asses handed to us,” Raj snorted.

Raj ran a hand through his still-damp, incredibly thick black hair and turned toward Dan who was wrapped in a towel styling his orange locks in the mirror.

“Ya’ know what? I think that freshman isn’t pulling his weight!”

David’s raised voice and accusatory tone silenced everyone.

Dan, being the only freshman on the team, knew instantly whom David was talking about but chose to ignore him and concentrate on his hair.  Dan had concluded that David was a bully, an academically inept student riding on his perceived athletic prowess, a pompous windbag who acted as if he commanded Manchester United itself.  Even after a win, his permanently scowled face - which was not nearly as attractive as David thought it was - made it difficult to divine even a hint of satisfaction.  Yeah, David was a jerk... though Dan could never bring himself to say such things to his face.

“Nothing to say, freshy?”  David said tauntingly as he walked up to Dan.

Dan continued to ignore him, instead humming ‘Malibu’, much to David’s chagrin.

“I’m talking to you,”  

The other players watched as David grabbed Dan by the shoulder and spun him around, the force caused the towel around Dan’s waist to fall to his ankles.

Dan’s eyes grew wide and he shriveled as David’s hazel eyes burned into him.

“I don’t think you’re carrying your weight, squirt.  Would probably help if you weren’t so distracted all the time,”

Dan attempted close his legs but was too slow.  David’s knee rose, stopping just short of colliding with Dan’s modest nuts, above David’s knee Dan’s small cock was fully erect.

“Back off, man,” Dan hissed pushing David away in a flash of anger.

“Are you mental?”  David chuckled, incredulous at the small footballer’s defiance.

“Is he actually sporting a little chubby?”

Raj laughed pointing to Dan’s crotch.

“If you call that a chubby,”  Justin laughed.

“Looks more like a bee sting,” Brian added.

Everyone laughed and Dan’s face flushed red in embarrassment.  The annoyed young man reached for his towel but Raj places his bronze-skin foot on it to stop him.

“I think David’s right, you were distracted out there,”
Raj placed his hand on Dan’s chest and pressed him against the wall as he spoke.

“No reason you should have missed that last goal,”

Damien, who had started to turn away from the drama, suddenly tuned back in.

“Raj is right. You basically stood there on the pitch like a statue,”

“He’s right,” Tyler chimed in.

Spike nodded in agreement as he fussed with his hair in the mirror.

David placed a hand on Dan’s chest and stepped toe to toe with him. Dan was now being held against the wall by Raj and David and though they weren’t pressing particularly hard Dan could feel his heart thumping in muted panic. Unfortunately the excitement, and added blood flow, only made his fledgling erection swell even more.  

Brian and Dean burst into laughter, pointing at the throbbing, but still small, cock.

“Hot date tonight?”  Dean chortled giving Dan a playfully suggestive wink.

“Looks like someone is getting excited, yeah?”  

Damien approached the group and Dan, out of sheer amazement, couldn’t help himself from staring at Damien’s enormous black cock.  It was easily three times as big as Dan’s and it was totally flaccid.  Dan’s eyes darted away only to stop at the site of Raj’s fat Indian package protruding from between his legs and darted again only this time stopping on David’s package, his nice thick tool hanging lazily over his taught nut sack, the whole package fitting nicely with his washboard abs, but it wasn’t as nice as Damien’s...

Dan’s thought feedback loop was abruptly stopped by Justin laughing and shouting “Is he checking out your junk?”

“What?”  David sneered.

“He’s totally checking out your junk,” Tyler commented taking a step toward the fray.

Now Dan was surrounded by Damien, Raj, David, Tyler and Justin, all of them naked, and all of them sporting impressive equipment.  Dan had never noticed how thin Justin’s cock was, though it did explain why his ex girlfriend had confronted him as ‘pencil dick’ on the campus quad.

“What is going on over there?”

Spike who noticed that a crowd was forming, stopped fussing with his hair and stepped forward.  Now Dan was confronted with yet another dick swinging in his frame of vision.

“Oh, Danny here has the hots for David,” Tyler said with faux seriousness.

Everyone laughed.  Dan blushed and his cock twitched yet again.

“That’s brilliant!”

“Maybe you’re the reason Dan’s always distracted,” Brian jested.

David cut Brian a look of extreme annoyance before cupping his heavy nutsack with his free hand.

“Not my problem if he can’t keep his eyes off my jewels,”

David gave his package a shake, then pressed his hand into Dan’s face.  It smelled mostly of soap but there was a whiff of David’s musky nutsack mixed in.

Dan’s face blushed and his cock twitched visibly.

“It’s dancing!”  

“Maybe it should join your band, Keith?” Dean laughed.

The locker room filled with riotous laughter and Dan wished he could simply disappear into a puff of smoke or blink and suddenly be transported far into the future, an old man for whom these mortifying events were only distant, foggy memories. But there was no easy escape as his cock continued to twitch.  By now everyone was standing around Dan waiting to see what would happen next.

Damien but his hand to his chin as if in concentration, “Maybe we oughta help Dan out. I think I can make him forget all about David,”

David gave Damien a glare as the others listened intently.

“Keith, you remember when you took that ball to the meat and potatoes?” Damien asked.

Keith winced as if even the memory was painful, “Don’t remind me! Couldn’t shag Marissa for a week.”
“Exactly, so maybe we might should try that on Dan, yeah?”  

Before Dan could react Damien reached out and grabbed both of his plump nuts in his hands.  Dan’s nuts clung close to his body, covered in a dusting of orange hair, and though they weren’t particularly large they were quite dense.  So dense, Damien actually rose an eyebrow in genuine surprise as he gave Dan’s balls a hard squeeze.

“Aaah!”  Dan screamed totally out of proportion to the actual pain he was feeling.  

If empathy is what Dan was hoping for, his comedic display of pain only made matters worse.  Everyone was laughing, Brian was even making faux grimaces openly mocking the young player.

“I’ve got an idea,”

In a flash Dan’s view changed entirely, instead of a smorgasbord of muscle and cock he was staring up at the ceiling.  Raj had performed a body slam maneuver and laid Dan out on his back.  Dan’s back was a little sore but he had taken harder tumbles on the field, he was more confused than anything.

Dan attempted to right himself but was stopped by Raj placing his foot on his chest, the contrast of Raj’s tropical skin against Dan’s pail pecs was striking.

“Are you absolutely mental!” Dan protested.

In a flurry that made the whole impromptu scene seem rehearsed, Keith swooped down and grabbed Dan’s left ankle as Raj grabbed his right.


Dan’s legs were hoisted into the air, exposing his plump nuggets for the world.  He tried to pull his arms forward but they were already being held in place by Brian who had taking up a position lying on his belly, his body in line with Dan’s.  David meanwhile knelt behind Dan’s head, his knees pressed into the frightened freshman’s shoulders and his thighs resting on Dan’s upper arm, further pinning him in place.

“Hang on, hang on. I gotta’ get this on video,”

Justin darted toward the lockers and returned a moment later with his mobile.

“What do we have here,”

Damien took a seat on the end of a bench over Dan, positioning himself so that Dan had no choice but to look up into Damien’s spread legs.  To Dan’s surprise Damien’s cock was starting to swell, growing to at least seventeen centimeters though it still had room to grow.

Dan looked around and saw Dean, a muscular older boy on the team, was standing next to Damien and shamelessly sprouting a woody as he eyed the helpless freshman.  Damien, his cock still semi-hard, lifted his foot and placed the heel on top of Dan’s nutsack and Dan knew exactly what was going to happen next.


Dan hollered as Damien rolled Dan’s heavy nutsack under the ball of his foot and Damien smiled as he felt the two dense orbs flatten slightly as they were compressed into Dan’s abdomen. Despite the pain radiating from his balls Dan’s stubby cock remained hard, though it had deflated slightly from its earlier excitement.  Damien kept up the steady-but-slight pressure for a few minutes, at times leaning in as if he was really going to stomp on Dan’s nuts which elicited a shriek from Dan and scattered laughter throughout the changing room.

“Crack his wee nuts,”  

Spike said jokingly as he leaned back on the floor opposite of Lewis. Both of the footballers were lazily stroking their own cocks as they watched Damien roll Dan’s balls under his foot.  Tyler was especially aroused, his eyes fixated on Dan’s nuts, watching intently as they flattened, turned red, and plumped back after each press of Damien’s strong leg.  

“Hey, Dean, be a sport and fetch my trainers would you?”  

Dean’s eyes grew wide and he darted off to the locker room, fetching Damien's cleats and handing them to him.  Dan shouted in protest and attempted to escape but his captor's grip on him was too strong. The other boys whooped in delight as Damien held up the still-muddy cleats so that each of the boys could see the spiked bottoms, knowing that in a matter of moments they would be colliding with Dan’s own footballs.  After putting on the trainers Damien stomped his foot hard onto the tile floor, kicking off most of the sod and dirt and making the spikes even more pronounced.

“Oh yeah!”  Brian cheered as Damien braced himself on the bench.

The handsome black player cocked his foot back, positioned it over Dan’s crotch and sent his foot sailing at full force.  Dan let out a shout - Keith looked away in anticipating of the brutal kick - but Damien’s foot stopped just short of making contact.  He did this again and again, each time Dan’s eyes growing wide in terror only to stop short at the last minute.

“Oh right on! Fuck him up! Make sure he keeps his focus...” Lewis shouted as he stroked his cock.

“Yeah, focused permanently!”

Tyler took a hand off his cock long enough to make to ‘O’ shapes his his hands in the air, then opened his hands quickly to simulate two orbs exploding.  The other boys whooped in delight.

“So, freshman, you stand accused of being too horny to think straight. How do you plead?”

Damien’s foot rested on top of Dan’s nutsack as he interrogated him and Dan could feel with unsettling resolution the impact point of every spike.

“I... no! No!”  

Dan screamed as he saw Damien’s leg rear back as if preparing for another faux kick, only this time Damien’s foot didn’t stop until it was arrested by impacting with Dan’s pelvis, his unfortunate balls pressed almost totally flat.  Dan gasped in a mix of pain and surprise, the true gut wrenching effect wasn’t even fully registered before Damien had lifted his foot and kicked Dan again crunching his berries into his body.   Dan screamed and struggled anew but he was no match for his captors.

Damien’s foot crunched into Dan’s denseless balls several times, the muddy trainer making a wet crunching with each impact, and Dan winced and bit his lip trying not to give them the satisfaction of hollering again.

“Oh fuck!”  Dan shouted after a particularly brutal stop.

“Hell yeah, mate! That’s it!”

“Nice!”  Tyler cheered on breathlessly.

Dan looked around to see that despite - or perhaps because - of his predicament all of his teammates were now slowing stroking their cocks, some with more earnest than others, but all intently focused on Dan’s reddened, swollen berries.

Lewis grinned evilly as he stroked, stealing glimpses of Spike who was lying across from him resting on his elbows.  Spike wasn’t touching his cock at all, but it had come to full attention as he watched Damien’s assault on Dan’s nuts, egging him on with the occasional sassy one-liner.

“The choir needs another soprano,” Brian laughed as Damien’s foot collided three times rapidly with Dan’s swollen junk.

Dan couldn’t help but let out a high pitch squeal as Damien’s trainer crushed his balls, only instead of recoiling for another blow he ground his foot inward as if trying to squash a bug.

“This bloke’s got some pretty tough chestnuts,”

Damien laughed as he continued to kneed and squash the helpless freshman.  Meanwhile Dan could hear David stroking his fat cock just centimeters away from his ear, the bully occasionally letting out an uncontrolled moan of pleasure, as he watched the team’s best kicker lay waste to Dan’s manhood.  Raj looked down cruelly, his modest brown cock sticking straight out in front of his nuts, ignoring Dan’s pleas for him to free him from under his foot.

“Nice man!”

Lewis’ stroking became faster as Damien picked up the speed of his kicks, compensating a bit by decreasing the intensity.  Now instead of feeling like his balls were going to burst outright, Dan was afraid Damien was going to wear them down to paste gradually with teasing, rapid fire blows.

“Say cheese!”  

Justin gave Dan a big grin as the flash went off on his mobile’s camera.  Dan looked away just as the flash went off again and again, almost in time with Damien’s stomping.

“Guys please!” Dan shouted but it was obvious he had no allies in the room.

Dean and Keith were stroking off right over him, David’s hard cock was practically pressed into the back of his head and Tyler’s breath had quickened and his rippled abs tightened and flexed as his stroking became more frantic.  Even Brian, who couldn’t use his hands lest he let Dan break free, was thrusting his hips as if trying to fuck the changing room floor.  The entire locker room was filled with the sounds of wet hands stroking hard cocks and the sick crunching of Dan’s nuts being turned into peanut butter.

“I bet he’s really distracted now,” Raj joked, his cock flopping.

Everyone laughed.

Damien had just picked up the force of his kicks, whilst keeping his rapid speed when Lewis moaned and threw his head back.

“Oh shit!” the goalkeeper moaned as a thick rope of jizz shot nearly to his face before landing with a wet splat on his leg.

It was followed by another and another, each graceful arch only slightly smaller than the last, creating a messy pool of fresh jizz on his calves and thighs.  Dan screamed as Damien’s cleats pistoned into his balls and he could hear David’s breath becoming fast and shallow and his legs trembling as they pressed into shoulders.  Dan knew exactly what was about to happen...

As Justin’s mobile flashed yet again, Dan could feel several extremely thick, wet globs of cum landing in his hair as David tossed his load nearly point blank onto his head.  If the blast had been just a little more powerful, Dan was certain his face would have been drenched.

Raj gave a smile of approval as he looked down at Dan’s messy red hair and  Keith and Tylers stroking became faster and louder.  Damien’s cock throbbed handsfree and his heavy nuts jiggled as he drove his foot again and again into Dan.  He had gone back to the slower rhythm he had started with but now the kicks were even more powerful.  Dan screamed.

“It’s like crushing bugs!”  Damien giggled.

He could feel that Dan’s swollen, beet red nuts were being turnd to paste under this trainer but the sound of the mass masterbation, and Justin’s constant camera flahses, told him that the show must go on.

“Oh fuck!”  Dean screamed, his usually husky voice cracking and his knees nearly buckingly as he stroked himself to the finish.

Dan looked up just in time to look directly at Dean’s cock but grimaced and screamed as Damien planted a stomp-and-grind combination that was easily the hardest blow so far.  The timing couldn’t have been worst for Dan as Dean’s watery load rocketed out his cock like a annon, pointed straight at Dan’s face.  A rope of cum landed in Dan’s mouth with such force that it triggered his swallowing reflex.  As Dean’s salty load filled his stomach, another rope painted a thick line of cum clear across Dan’s boyish face.

“Right on!” Tyler shouted as Dean painted the changing room floor, some of the ropes narrowly missing Tyler and David more than a meter away.  

By now Dan was starting to look especially miserable.  His neatly styled hair was drencehd in David’s cum, his face and chest were painted with Dean’s baby batter and his nuts were deep red and quite swollen, his face was contorted in a near-permanent grimace and a deep agony was building in the pit of his stomach.


Justin snapped his fingers getting Dan’s attention long enough for the red head to look up, his face dripping with cum right in time for another camera flash.  Damien was now absolutely pounding Dan’s nuggets with all his might , but thankfully at a slower speed than before.  Dan was convinced that his nuts would actually crack if Damien’s speed picked up with that much force.

Suddenly Dan felt Brian’s grip on his wrists tighten as the olive-skinned sophomore moaned and spew out an epic load as his grinding reached a fever pitch.  A soaking pool of jizz formed under him, some of it splattering David’s foot but David didn’t seem to mind. He was too busy watching his buddy Damien give the cocky freshman his just deserts.

“Oh I’m gonna shoot!”

Brian was still recovering from his orgasm as Tyler shouted, arched his back and squeezed the base of his cock as three spurts of cum squirted nearly three meters, sailing clear over Dan and making a pool form at Dean and Justin’s feet.

“Wholy fuck!” Justin gasped in legitimate admiration but Tyler wasn’t done.

“Fuck guys!”

Dan shook his head as he felt a rope of Tyler’s cum landing on his head and chest.  Another rope splattered Raj’s leg and another struck Justin’s foot.  Tyler was a cum fountain, apparently, and the rapid flashing of Justin’s camera ensured the feat would live on in social media posterity.

Damien’s cock twitched and his balls flopped wildly as he started slamming his foot over and over into Dan’s now purple nuts, pile driving the defenseless orbs with everything he could muster.

“They just won’t break,” Damien chortled.

“Harder man!”  

“Nut the freshman!”  Justin shouted to everyone’s amusement.

Of course Damien had no intention of permanently bursting Dan’s bubble, but Dan didn’t know that - and the feeling in his crotch and stomach would suggest otherwise.


Dan was in a world of hurt but gritted his teeth in a desperate bid to steal away the satisfaction of giving them a scream.

“Damn it! Fuck!” Spike cursed.

Everyone, except Dan who was in too much pain to pay attention, looked over to see Spike plastering his own face with a thick stream of cum.  The mohawked young man hadn't even been touching his cock, it had just erupted spontaneously after Damien landed three particularly viscous, wet-sounding stomps into Dan’s crotch.  

By now Dan’s balls were swollen to nearly twice their normal size and were purplish-black.  Dan looked over his stomach unable to believe the pain two relatively small organs were causing him.  He meekly tried to break free of his bounds but it was no use.

Justin’s camera kept flashing, the players who hadn’t already blown their loads were feverishly jacking, except Damien who was more interested in neutering Dan then getting his own rocks off though the thick rope of precum glistening from the head of this horse cock suggested the two were one in the same.

Dan felt like he was going to pass out; it felt like the pit of his stomach was full of lead, his balls were on fire.

Dan’s eyes rolled back into his head, the last thing he remembered seeing was a thick spurt of fresh semen spurting out of Raj’s cock directly toward his already cum-soaked face.  The resulting facial was brutal; Dan felt the wet splash of at least six volleys hitting his face and splattering. He looked like he had been on the receiving end of a one man Indian bukakke.


The poor freshman faded to black as Damien kept up his assault, after all Justin and Keith hadn’t cum yet...