These stories are entirely works of fantasy fiction. Please do not act anything on this blog out. Doing so would be extremely dangerous.

Friday, November 7, 2014

The Curious Gifter

It took Carlos' dark brown eyes a moment to adjust to the dim lighting inside The Curious Gifter, a small but tidy shop on the outskirts of town. The store was quite small and filled to bursting with tables and displays full of all manner of glass and crystal trinkets, bobbles and ornaments. There were exotic plants in ornamental pots and piles of dusty books on stands. Even the walls were filled with display cases showcasing a haphazard array of gold and silver jewelry. Carlos carefully maneuvered his hulking frame through the store, not wanting to bump into any of the expensive looking, precariously arranged merchandise as he made his way to the counter that wrapped along the back of the store.

His husband John had left an add for The Curious Gifter out on the kitchen table in a not-so-suble hint in the weeks leading up to Valentine's Day. Most of the other stores on the block had closed long ago, unable to compete with the city's mall, but The Curious Gifter's uniqueness was enough to draw just enough business to stay afloat.

Like the rest of the store, virtually the entire surface of the counter top was covered in trinkets and display cases. Carlos, picked up a small glass tiger near the cash register and was holding it up to examine it in the dim light. He was struck by the intricate detailing...

"Hello!" came a loud, yet frail male voice out of nowhere.

Carlos, not realizing that someone had emerged from an obscured door behind the counter, dropped the figurine in surprise.

The tiger figurine exploded into thousands of shards when it hit the floor.

"That was limited edition Charn Crystal Company figurine, probably from the late 1700s," the voice continued as Carlos looked down at the ruined tiger.

Carlos looked up to see a relatively short, neatly dressed white-haired man in his late forties or early fifties standing behind the counter. Of course, to Carlos most men were 'short'. Thirty year old Carlos was six foot ten, with a filled-out, husky body. His muscular chest strained the fabric of his sweater and his thick, toned legs stretched out his khakis. He wasn't intending to show off his body, but most clothes simply ended up looking too small on the beefy Latino. For a split second, Carlos thought he caught the shop keeper eying the slight mound between his legs, but figured he was probably looking down at the shattered merchandise.

"I'm so sorry, I -- it slipped. I'll buy it." Carlos produced his wallet and placed a metal American Express card on the counter.

"This wouldn't cover it," the man said, oddly smiling as he pushed the sleek black card back toward Carlos with his finger.

"But its a Centurion card..."

The shop keeper seemed thoroughly unimpressed.

"Some would call a Charn collectible priceless," the man said picking up the credit card and handing it to Carlos.

"And since my register doesn't have a 'priceless' button, I can't ring you up,"

The man handed Carlos his credit card smiling slyly. Carlos couldn't tell if the man was quietly angry or bemused by Carlos' loss for words. Or both.

"What can I do for you, young man."

"I was looking for something for my husband, for Valentine's Day."

The shop keeper's eye brown rose slightly.

"Well we, um. We got marred last year and it's our first Valentine's together. I just wanted to get him something nice."

The shop keeper rubbed his chin and looked off as if in deep concentration, not saying a word for nearly a minute while Carlos looked on in confusion.

"So what does he like?

"He collects novelty spoons, he likes to read. And he likes homemade jam, but I don't think you sell that here. And he..."

The shop keeper rose his hand, motioning Carlos to stop his rambling wish list.

"He likes jam?"

"Yeah. Loves it, he's always going on about some crazy new variety he found at the farmers market. I guess that's a normal obsession for a guy with a spoon collection," Carlos laughed but the shop keeper seemed unimpressed with the lame joke.

"Well you're right, I don't sell any food here, but I could offer this."

The shop keeper came from behind the counter and motioned for Carlos to follow him. The Latin jock and the shop keeper made their way toward the front of the store to a shelf full of what appeared to be innocuous looking glass jars. Carlos almost reached to grab one but the shop keeper reached out, grasping his hand mid way to the shelf, and held it firm with surprising strength. Perhaps, like the priceless crystal tiger, these jars were worth more than they appeared.

The man held Carlos' large hand with crushing force for several seconds.

"Sorry," Carlos said as he finally released his grip, "I shouldn’t touch anything. What's so special about these anyway?"

The shop keeper gave a coy smile as he reached for a relatively small jar and handed it to Carlos. The jar looked even more tiny in Carlos' huge hand. At a cursory glance, it looked no more special than any of the hundreds of thousands of mass produced glass jars that filled the shelves of grocery stores. Carlos held it up hoping to see some kind of inscription or ornate carving, but found nothing special.

"So? Is this like one of those Charn Crystals or something?"

The shop keeper's coy smile broke into a hearty laugh as he patted Carlos on the back. Carlos was taken aback at how hard the man's ostensibly frail hand was able to hit his rock hard back.

"No, this is just a washed out Smucker's jar. You can have it engraved and then filled with a custom jam or jelly. What's your Valentine's name?"

"John," Carlos said, his face blushing.

John and Carlos had been together for years, but the mention of John's name still made Carlos' heart flutter. He was madly in love with him and didn't want to spoil their first married Valentine's day with some generic gift from the mall.

"Do you know what kind of jam would you like me to make for John?"

Carlos followed the shop keeper to the register.

"You make it here?" Carlos said glancing around, not seeing any space in the tiny shop where any sort of cooking could take place.

"Yes, in the back room," the man explained, nodding toward the door he had emerged from earlier.

"Tell you what, I'm getting ready to make a batch of my famous wild strawberry and mint jelly for some customers. I should have it ready Friday,"

The man finished ringing in the cost of the jar -- and the as of yet unmade jam -- and swiped Carlos' credit card.

"That sounds great. I'm sure he'll like it. Listen, are you sure I can't pay for this?"

Carlos pointed down at the shattered figurine that was still on the floor.

The shop keeper laughed and smiled warmly. "It's fine. If I really charged people for the things that have been broken over the years, I'd be rich. No, it's much better to make a good customer for life than fleecing them over a single broken trinket."

Carlos sighed at the prospect of not having to pay to replace a 'priceless' artifact.

"I'll come back Friday,"


Carlos arrived a few days later and found the shop was abuzz, a stark contrast from his last visit. A crowd, mostly middle aged women, had gathered at the counter. The shop keeper was handing out ornately decorated small gift bags and ringing in the crowd one at a time. It was obvious from the frequent use of heart and Cupid motifs that these were all Valentine's gifts that had been ordered in advance by the crowd. The prices Carlos was able to make out from the outward facing display of the old cash register were quite high.

"Isn't Oliver wonderful?" a beaming young woman gushed to her friend as they passed Carlos.

Being as sly as his large frame would allow, he leaned in to over hear the conversation.

"Look at this, Miranda. This gift bag is perfect. Steve will love it."

The young lady pulled out a dusty book, a candle, something that looked like a glass frog figurine and finally a jar with 'Steve' etched into the glass. Inside was a light pink colored jam with streaks of red decoratively swirled in. The two woman were still going on about the apparently genius selection of gifts Oliver the shop keeper had picked out as they left the store.

Finally it was Carlo’s turn a the register.

"Ah, you're back. Here you are,"

Oliver handed Carlos a red gift bag with two interlocking male symbols on the front in glittering white ink. Carlos was surprised to find the bag contained a vintage collectible spoon and a three-inch high glass figurine. At first, Carlos thought it was just an abstract geometric shape but quickly realized it was the letter 'J' and 'C' - for Carlos and John - interwoven into each other.

"This is amazing. Where did you get it? How much do I owe you?" Carlos stammered.

"It's on the house. And I didn't find it, I made it," Oliver winked.

Clearly Oliver was a jack of all trades.

"Thank you!" Carlos said beaming, making sure that his follow up question didn’t come across too demanding, especially considering he had just got something free.

"One question, I'm not seeing the jam in here."

Oliver, who had already started ringing in another customer, excused himself and turned to Carlos.

"Yes, that was my mistake. I shouldn't have offered that to you without checking my inventory. I didn’t have enough,"

Carlos looked dejected, but was still quite pleased at what he already had. He was about to just thank Oliver and leave when Oliver placed a hand on Carlos' bulging bicep and said with uncharacteristic sternness.

"Come back tonight, around 7. I have another batch cooling. I'll give you a double on the house."

Carlos nodded, smiled and left The Curious Gifter. A few hours later, Carlos returned to the store. It was little before seven, but the door was locked. Carlos looked at the glass and saw the shop's hours were written on it: FRIDAY: Noon to 6 PM.

Maybe he got the time wrong. It was pretty busy in there, Carlos concluded and had turned to leave when he heard the shop's door open behind him.

"Oh, come in, come in."

Carlos turned to see Oliver standing in the doorway. Oliver, barely more than five feet tall, was wearing formal khaki colored pants and a tight fitting white T-shirt, which was clinging to every inch of the man's surprisingly developed chest. The short sleeves hugged his biceps. His bright white hair was still neatly styled and his face was much more relaxed than during the earlier rush of customers. He motioned Carlos inside and had already clicked the door shut by the time Carlos made it a few steps inside. Carlos and Oliver made their way to the counter. Carlos stopped on the patron side of the counter as Oliver continued on behind the door.

"Oh come now, I don't bite." Oliver said waving his hand, beckoning the Latin stud to follow him.

Carlos wasn't sure why, but he was getting an uneasy feeling from Oliver. Although before he wasn't positive, this time Carlos was sure Oliver was eying the meaty bulge in his jeans. But, Carlos concluded, he was still much larger than Oliver so if anything were to happen he could easily handle it. Besides, how dangerous could a person who makes housewife-approved gift baskets possibly be?

Carlos walked behind the counter, following Oliver through the door. The back room was surprisingly large. It was just as narrow as the shop itself, but seemed to be longer. It was also quite sparse, which made it seem even larger than the cramped main shop. A row of florescent tubes cast the entire greyish white room with a glaring white light that took Carlos a few moments to adjust to.

There were only four long tables, each covered with various pieces of paraphernalia for Oliver's varied skills. One table was filled with broken figurines and other glass objects with a swing-arm magnifying glass, glue and tweezers as if Oliver was working on repairing them. Another was full of still-folded gift bags and lists of items to put in them. The third had objects such as paper weights and table top sculptures carved out of clay. The last table, was clear except for an empty jam jar, what appeared to be a Bunsen burner and a bowl of strawberries. Beyond that was yet another door, with a thick pad lock.

"So this is where the magic happens?" Carlos said smiling.

Oliver seemed not to notice him as he picked up the glass jar and handed it to Carlos.

"I thought you'd like to see the inscription."

Carlos held the jar up to examine the inscription. The typeface was quite ornate and it had hard for Carlos to make out at first.

"I don't understand. 'Carlos Flavored'. What's that supposed to mean?"

The feeling of unease Carlos had jumped exponentially as a he looked up at Oliver, whose face was now contorted in a maniacal, half crazed grin. Carlos instinctively started to back away. Oliver reached for something on the table where the jar had been and slowly approached.

"Um. Hey, listen. Thanks for the stuff, but I'll ---"

Carlo, despite his size advantage, instantly stopped talking and turned to run as Oliver suddenly sprinted toward him with the speed and agility of a high school athlete.

"Ooomp!" Carlos, stunted by the sudden turn of events, was knocked to the ground after being struck by a leaping Oliver. Carlos fell backward, his heavy body making a loud thump and his head bounced from impacting the floor.

Oliver leaped on top of him, his dense, small frame giving just enough resistance to keep the still dazed Latin pinned to the ground.

Carlos lay looking up at the ceiling for several moments as Oliver straddled his broad torso as if he were riding a horse. He was stunned, too stunned to move at first as Oliver reached in his pocket and produced a plastic cable tie. Carlos barely registered what was happened when the crazed looking white haired man reached down and secured on end of the tie to Carlos' right wrist.

"Hey! What the Hell!" Carlos reached out one of his muscular arms and handily knocked Oliver to the side.

He went to stand but was knocked to the ground by Oliver who tackled the larger man at the knee, sending the beefy Latin crashing to the ground. Carlos screamed and attempted to cover his face as Oliver, his face red with rage unleashed a volley of devastating punches into handsome face.

"Aaah!" he screamed as a particularly brutal fist to the nose sent an explosion of blood upward, splattering Oliver's shirt.

"Get off me!" Carlos cried out, reaching his fists in a vain effort to knock Oliver off.

Oliver was again knocked to the ground, only this time he didn't give Carlos the chance to even stand before knocking him onto his stomach and pouncing on him again like a crazed animal. The two men, the beefy, muscular Latino and the older powerfully dense Oliver, wrested for several minutes. Carlos was stunned at how effect Oliver was at putting him in check.

Despite the obvious size advantage, it was apparent Oliver was much better trained as a fighter than Carlos was. Carlos, despite his muscles, was just a naturally large person with no extra ordinary effort going into building, or maintaining his powerful frame. Oliver, on the other hand and unbeknownst to Carlos, had been spending hours a day in the gym for decades, shaping his body into a disciplined, agile and shockingly effective ass kicking machine. The few fights Carlos had been in, he won on sheer size, not ability, an advantage he no longer had.

As they wrestled, Carlos desperately trying to get to the door while landing a few good blows onto Oliver's rock hard body, Oliver was slowly ripping and tearing Carlo's clothes off. His shirt was the first to go, the button up polo ripped off Carlos like it was made of paper exposing Carlos' taught, muscular abs, bulging pecs and large bicep. Then, as Carlos was on his back yet again, Oliver stood up and delivered a powerful kick to the side of Carlos' head.

"Aaaah!" Carlos screamed, dazed by the kick.

Oliver knelt down and quickly unbuckled Carlos' belt while Carlos held the bloody side of his head. Oliver had just finished pulling Carlos' jeans to his knees when Carlos stood quickly, attempted to take a step and collapsed, tripping on his own pants.

"Idiot," Oliver snorted in disdain as he jumped on top of Carlos.

The two struggled, Carlos's sheer size starting to become more of an advantage as Oliver was finding it hard to contain him as he started to tire from the mammoth task of taming such a large man. During their struggling, Oliver had ripped off Carlos' pants completely, literally leaving a trail of denim all over the room.

"Oooooh!" Carlos screamed and crumpled to his knees.

Oliver had slammed his foot directly between Carlos's thick legs, crushing the underwear clad bollocks into Carlos' body. As he nursed his junk on the ground, Oliver reached behind him, grabbed the hand he had attached the cable tie to and in a move reminiscent of police officer, secured the tie to Carlos's other hand before Carlos could even turn around. The beefy stud's hands were now tied behind his back. He stood and attempted to free himself, but the disadvantage he was in quickly became obvious...


Oliver's foot slammed three times into Carlos' spread legs, sending the crying man to his knees. Unable to move his hands to cover his privates, Carlos was defenseless as Oliver took aim and sent his foot crashing between his legs.


"Oh God!!" Carlos screamed and fell to his side.

Oliver jumped on him, pinning the pain wracked Latin to the ground as he proceeded to tie his legs together at the anchor. Carlos was totally incapacitated, unable to even stand, as Oliver stood over him silently for several seconds.

"What - what do you want? Please." Carlos pleaded.

Oliver ignored him, stripping off his sweat soaked shirt to reveal a truly magnificent, chiseled male forum. Even Carlos couldn't help but admire him. Oliver's pecs looked rock hard and protruded prominently from his chest. His abs were literally as shapely and rigid as a wash board that narrowed into a perfect 'V' as it disappeared into his slacks. Oliver's arms were quite a bit smaller than Carlos' but were ridiculously hard and well defined. Even in an idle pose, Oliver's biceps looked like they were flexing. If not for this weathered face, Oliver would have looked like a man in his early twenties.

He ignored Carlos's pleas and used his foot to roll Carlos so that he was on his back. He smiled with wicked glee at the nearly naked stud, his eyes fixating on the enormous, hulking bulge in his skin tight briefs. Carlos' underwear left little to the imagination, the outline of each of his large balls clearly visible along with the snaking outline of his thick, flaccid cock.

Oliver admired the handsome stud for a moment before raising his shoe over the bulge in Carlos' shorts.

"No! No!" Carlos begged, trying to roll to his side.


Oliver mercilessly squashed Carlos' entire sexual package into his pelvis. Carlos gasped and screamed so loudly he went instantly hoarse, which only made Oliver laugh and stomp down twice more.


Carlos thought he was going to pass out as he drifted in and out of consciousness. He felt as if both of this nuts had just exploded. Oliver bend down, grabbed Carlos's underwear with his hands and tore them to shreds. Carlos's tan, heavy balls rolled onto the cold floor.

"Mmm. Very nice," Oliver smiled admiring the huge Latin bollocks.

He reached down and proceeded to roughly lift Carlos to his feel, dragging the half conscious hunk to the locked door in the back of the room. When he opened it, it revealed an even smaller room that may have at once been a walk in refrigerator. There was a single table with various pieces of machinery on it and a metal pole that ran from floor to ceiling behind it. Oliver, as if dragging an oversize stuffed doll, dragged Carlos so that his back was against the pole and tied him about the legs and chest with rope until Carlos was tightly held to the pole, slumped slightly at the knee so that his huge low hangers rested against the table top.

Carlos was starting to stir and looked down in horror at the vulnerable position his balls where in. They were shaved bald, making every fold and winkle on his golden tan sack stand out. They were slightly red and appeared to be swollen from the earlier beating but were otherwise fine.

"Let me go!" Carlos screamed while trying to struggle, but he could barely budge.

"We need to start gathering the ingredients for our jam,"

"Wha --- "


Before Carlos realized it, Oliver had picked up a small meat tenderizing mallet and was pounding his left nut as if determined to extinguish it. Carlos wailed in agony as he felt the hammer come down over and over and over into the softening ball meat. Then Oliver alternated to the right and pounded it in kind until Carlos could hardly stand it. The beefy hunk was totally defenseless, unable to move his nuts to safety no matter how hard he pulled against his constrains.


The mallet was making hideous, squishy splats with each blow into the quickly swelling organs, but they continued to plump back after each blow, though Carlos was sure they wouldn't be able to for long.

"Pl-Please. Please stop!" Carlos begged after nearly ten minutes of non-stop ball bashing.

By now his usually olive colored nuts were purplish red and so swollen they strained against the skin of his over stuffed scrotum. Oliver set down the mallet and looked down at the tortured jock's nuts, smiling at his handy work. Carlos was screaming non stop, thrashing violently, the pain pulsing from his balls was so intense it felt as if they were still being struck.

Without saying a word, Oliver left the room and Carlos could here him riffling around the store. He returned a short while later holding the small empty glass jar and a small bottle. He set the jar down on the table in front of Carlos's bulging sack and proceeded to flip open the cap of the bottle. Carlos, his eyes still glossed over from crying, couldn't make out what it was at first as Oliver squirted a large amount of the apparently clear substance into his hand.

"Time for the first ingredient," he proceeded to reach out and grab Carlos's limp cock with his hand.

Carlos shivered at the feeling of Oliver's hand that was, Carlos quickly figured out, full of an extremely slick lube. Oliver's light blue eyes scanned Carlos's dutiful body as he stroked the trapped stud's growing cock with his hand. Despite the pain in his sack and the fear and disgust of being jacked off by a madman, Carlos couldn't help himself as his cock started to inflate.

"Oh God!" Carlos cried out, as Oliver's hand pumped up and down the increasingly hard cock, pounding into his bloated nuts on each down stroke.

It only took a few minutes before Oliver was forced to involved his other hand into stroking Carlos's still growing cock. Carlos, through shouts of protest, shivered and moaned uncontrollably as precum began to drip from the bulbous head of his ten inch, throbbing cock. Whatever lube Oliver was using was amazingly slick, allowing Oliver's weathered hands to glide effortlessly over the entire length of Carlos's cock. The muscular shop keeper was starting to sport a visible bulge in his own pants, clearly getting excited at the sight of Carlos's enormous, rock hard cock.

Carlos looked down at his red, swollen nuts and thick, milked cock, trying to will himself not to get any more excited, but it was no use. It was going on fifteen minutes of what was literally -- aside from the earlier ball bashing -- the best hand job he had ever had, and his red blooded Latin dick wasn't going to be able to held back much longer.

Oliver looked down and could see Carlos's eggs starting to contract, painfully, in their sack as Carlos's boiling load prepared to blow. Carlos's eyes were closed out of reflex and his breathing was slow and measured as he tried to hold back from giving Oliver the sick pleasure of making him cum. Beads of sweat were starting to form along Carlos's forehead as Oliver stroked faster and faster with one hand while the other concentrated on gently twisting and pulling the head.

"Why are you doing this," Carlos asked breathlessly though now uncontrollable moans.

Oliver said nothing. Instead, he stopped massaging Carlos's dick head so that he could pick up the mallet. While not slowing down his sensual stroking of Carlos's thick, veiny cock, Oliver positioned the mallet head directly over Carlos's defenseless, sagging left nut. Carlos could feel his load building and opened his eyes to see the mallet over his ball. The bound stud screamed and begged, but his cock remained rock hard.

"No! No please!" Carlos begged as his back arched and a thick rope of semen erupted from the head of his cock.

As was usual for Carlos, his cum shot sailed several feet, easily clearing the top of his head, before landing and splattering the table top. Just as the second glob of cum was shooting out Oliver crashed the mallet only Carlos's contracting left nut.


Carlo wailed in pleasure and pain as his nut was pounded repeatedly, the impacts causing his still throbbing cock to bounce, sending streams of jizz flying all over Oliver's rippled abs, the table and even Carlos's face. He looked down in horror as Oliver pounded the mallet over and over, each time making a sickening SPLAT. The shop keeper didn’t stop pounding until Carlos's explosive orgasm had finally subsided. Carlos, starting to black out but still very much aware of the pain was mortified to realize that the last few spurts of cum were slightly pink.

"Please! Please stop!" Carlos sobbed as his orgasm subsided.

His beefy cock quickly deflated as Oliver set down the mallet and silently left the room. He returned a few minutes later with a long razor blade and a small shoebox sized plastic crate. Carlos's heart instantly began beating at a panicked rate at the sight of the razor.

As Oliver approached, he set the box down on the table and positioned the razor in his right hand.

"Please! No! Don't!" Carlos sobbed, convinced he was about to have his battered nuts sliced off.

Oliver chuckled darkly as he used the blade not to slice the Latin nuts, but to carefully scrape at the puddles of cum on the table top, depositing the scooped up jizz into the jam jar. When he had gotten most of the larger puddles scooped up, Oliver slowly ran the blade over Carlos's bulging sack. Carlos held his breath, trying to stay perfectly still...

"OOOH!" he screamed as the razor barely nicked the skin of his right nut.

It was barely a scratch, he'd done worse shaving himself, but coupled with the earlier beating it literally felt like his testicle had been sliced wide open. Oliver smiled at the overreaction and set the razor aside.

"I think they're ready now,"

Ready for what? Carlos cold only imagine what he was in store for next...

While Carlos struggled in vain to free himself, Oliver pulled out a small blue bottle metal canister Carlos instantly recognized as propane. He then produced a long, metal tube and attached it to the end of the propane tank.

"Oh God! No please!" Carlos wailed in terror as he recognized the finished assembly as a small blow torch.

Oliver, whistling an incongruently whimsical tune, flipped a switch that made a bright blue flame appear at the end of the torch. He furled his eye brows in disapproval and fiddled with a knob until the flame became smaller, only an inch long, and more yellow. Satisfied, he began to slowly bring the flame closer and closer to Carlos's nuts.

"No! Noooo! AAAAAAA!" Carlos was in agony as he felt the intense heat from the torch starting to boil his nuts.

Oliver continued whistling, slowly closing the gap between the flame and Carlos's bulging nutsack. Although the flame as more than a foot away, Carlos felt as if his sack was on fire...


Oliver moved the flame in closer... and closer.... The skin on Carlo's sack was starting to sweat and his testicles were becoming visibly looser in the bag, in a desperate attempt to cool off. Oliver moved the flame ever closer, not stopping until the tip of the flame was only an inch from Carlos's beautiful nuts. Welts and blisters started to appear in random places all over his wrinkled scrotum and Carlos, barely conscious, only moaned softly as his head rocked back in forth.

Oliver smiled broadly as he held the flame right against the Latin's bloated balls, roasting them mercilessly. After a few moments, Carlos's once perfect scrotum was a mess of oozing blisters. There wasn't a single square centimeter that wasn't either fiery red from the heat or purplish black from the beating. Oliver was sure to move the flame slowly back and forth, evenly cooking each of Carlos's huge balls. Sweat poured from Carlos' sack and torso.

"Please..." Carlos, mustering the last bit of strength he had, looked directly into Oliver's blue eyes and pleaded meekly before his head slumped and he totally blacked out.

Oliver turned off the flame and set the mini torch aside. He grabbed one of Carlos's nuts in each hand and rolled them in his strong fingers. The skin of the right ball was actually starting to char and turn black. The left was covered with blister . He gave the organs a firm squeeze and his own cock jumped as he felt both of the once firm orbs were noticeably softer, becoming unnaturally flat in his hands.

After several minutes of his brutal inspection, Oliver let go of each of the nearly ruined nuts and let them rest on the table top. He then picked up the mallet from earlier and positioned it far above the left nut....


Oliver let the mallet smash full force into Carlos's nut and was about to swing a third time before stopping short. He set the mallet down and left the room. Carlos was still blacked out, so didn't see Oliver emerge a short while later with a clamp style wood vice. Oliver, being ironically tender with Carlos's nuts, positioned the vice so that the captured hunk's sex life was sandwiched between the vice and the table top. Oliver tightened the gears until he could feel the bottom of the vice touching the underside of the table, firmly trapping the enormous nuts against the table.

Oliver casually left the small room and matter of factly sorted merchandise in his shop whilst he waited for Carlos to stir. It took nearly an hour for the beefy jock to wake up and he immediately started screaming for help. That was Oliver's cue.

"Ah, you're up. Good. I didn't want you to miss the best part. The last ingredient."

Without ceremony, Oliver tightened the vice tighter and tighter. The plates viciously flattened the usually plump nuts until they were only a half inch thick.

"Aaah! Ooh! Please! AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

Carlos was screaming and begging unintelligibly as he felt his nuts getting flatter and flatter. The right nut was especially painful as its delicate membranes were being crushed under the unyielding vice.

"Please! Please stop!" Carlos barely got out right as his right nut collapsed, imploding violently as Oliver kept tightening the vice without stopping.

Carlos's eyes shot wide open and his mouth opened in a wide 'O', a tortured drone coming out as tears of shock and unimaginable pain streamed down his ruggedly handsome face.

"Almost done,"

A loud, wet SQ--U---ISH marked the end of Carlos's last nut.

Oliver's cock jumped at the sound of Carlos's last nut collapsing in the bag. Oliver just kept tightening the vice until the wooden plate was touching the table top, the firm Latin nuts that had once been between them were reduced to absolute mush. Carlos had passed out again, so only twitched involuntarily as Oliver reached into the box and produced a circular metal brand. As if he had done the awkward maneuver before, Oliver heated the brand with the blow torch while using his knees to scoot the table out of the way. It only took a moment for the brand to glow red hot and there was a wet sizzle as he pressed it into Carlos's crotch, charring the small bit of scrotum that was still attached and sealing the wound.

Without paying further attention to the destroyed stud, Oliver used the razor from earlier and carefully scrapped the chunky nut goop off the table and put it into the jar, which was nearly filled with the nut pate.

He held the jar up to admire his handy work before inserting a cork in the top. The creamy white semen from Carlo's last load formed a gooey bottom layer to the bloody, greyish goop toward the top of the jar. Hardly a traditional 'jam', but, as Oliver had said, it would be uniquely Carlos flavored.

Oliver went into the front room of his shop and casually picked up the phone.

"Yes, hello, John? I've got your order ready," he began to the person on the other end.

There was a long pause.

"Excellent. I'll be right over." came John's excited voice as he hung up the phone.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Signs in the Woods

Twenty five year old David, his T-shirt clinging to his sweat soaked chest, leaned against a tree to catch his breath, running a hand through his blond hair in an effort to cool himself down. David was fairly fit, years of cross country running had sculpted his six foot body, especially his muscular legs. However, the weight of his overloaded backpack combined with the midday heat was oppressive even for him.

"Come on!" he called out to his approaching younger brother.

Tyler rolled his eyes as he slowly trudged toward his brother. Tyler was only twenty, and although he was as tall as his athletic older brother, he wasn't in nearly of good of shape. He easily weighed fifty pounds more, most of it in his stomach, and considered taking the stairs instead of the escalator at the mall constituted excise. As he approached, his husky frame weighed down by an equally large camping sack, he gave his older, fitter brother a scowl.

David had planned this brothers' camping trip as a legitimate way for the two quite opposite brothers to bond but his good intentions were totally lost on Tyler, who saw the trip as a blatant reminder he was the gimpy younger brother in his athletic, popular brother's shadow.

"How much further," Tyler was barely able to get out as he stopped as his brother's side panting heavily.

"Just a few more miles,"

Tyler rolled his eyes and the two continued on. A short while later they came across a line of sycamore trees, each with bold red 'No Trespassing' signs affixed to their trunks. David gave the wall of signs a quizzical look.

"What is it? Are we lost?" Tyler asked, taking a bit of satisfaction at his perfect brother's plight.

David pulled out his small map and studied it for several minutes.

"I told you we should have just used GPS..."

"Not now, Tyler," David said, trying to mask his frustration at his know it all brother, "We must have gotten turned around somewhere. Let's just cut through here."

David finished pointing directly toward the 'No Trespassing' signs.

Tyler was about to protest, but David was already several feet beyond the signs. The two continued on for several hours, the sun was starting to set and they were still wandering apparently in the wrong direction. Tyler had expected to be back at the car hours ago and was becoming openly impatient with this brother's refusal to acknowledge that he'd messed up.

"Are we lost?" Tyler said, stopping abruptly and plopping down, the weight of his knapsack starting to take a toll.

"No. We just... I think we're headed in the right direction."

"You think? You think?" Tyler said, raising his voice, "We're not all wonder jocks like you. I'm dyin' here. I can't just keep going in circles because you think..."

"Hey!' came an extremely agitated sounding deep voice.

David and Tyler both turned to see a large man, easily just shy of seven foot and quite broad, approaching with surprising speed. The man had ghostly pale skin which contrasted dramatically with his long, black ratty hair. A dark red plaid shirt was draped over his muscular frame. As he approached, it became apparent that his face was horribly disfigured, perhaps scarred, as if he had been in a fire or accident.

Tyler stood up quickly and stood slightly behind his brother, as if instinctively wanting his protection.

"Look buddy, we got lost. We're just..."

"Did you not see the signs?" the man roared, stopping just feet from the two.

David's heart raced, and Tyler grimaced, as the horribly disfigured man eyed them suspiciously. He was huge, perhaps weighing as much as two hundred fifty pounds, and quite muscular, huge biceps bulging the short sleeves of his shirt. The man was standing slightly crooked, as if one of his tree trunk legs was shorter than the other, and he was breathing heavily.

"We're just lost. We'll ..." David tried to explain.

The man took another step toward them, raising his fists. David stepped forward and without thinking pushed his younger brother further behind him.

"Look, buddy. We're sorry, Just point us out of here and we'll be on our way."

The man didn't say anything as he unexpectedly lunged at David, knocking him effortlessly to the ground. Tyler jumped back as the large stranger began pounding his huge fist into David's handsome face.

"Run Tyler!"

Tyler lunched on top of the stranger, but was easily knocked aside, hitting his head on a rock. He looked up into the canopy in a daze before passing out.

When he came to, his head still groggy, Tyler found himself tied to a tree. His arms and ankles were securely tied behind the trunk, leaving him totally exposed. He looked down to see he had been totally stripped, his soft stomach was bruised and sore as if he had been beaten further after he had passed out. His large, pendulous nuts dangled five inches below his spread legs.

Tyler looked around in confusion, trying to figure out where he was. The sun was still stetting, so he figured that not too much time could have passed since they ran into the Stranger. He glanced to his right to see David was tied to another tree a few feet away in similar fashion. David was stripped naked, his toned, muscular body in stark contrast to Tyler’s. David's balls were slightly smaller and rounder than his brothers and were much tighter against his body, his scrotum bulging out from under this cock like a fleshy orange. His face was bruised and bloody and it looked as if he was still passed out.

"David," Tyler shouted, "David wake up!"

David continued to hang from the tree motionless as Tyler began to frantically struggle against his constraints. The bonds barely yielded even after several minutes of Tyler's struggling.

"Help!" he shouted.

"Shut up!" came the familiar voice of the Stranger from behind.

The man's footsteps were uneven as he came from around the trees and stood directly in front of Tyler. The Stranger smelled putrid and his disfigured face was even more hideous up close. He had a wild glint in his eye, like a deranged character from a horror movie, as he spoke.

"I'm gonna' have fun with you,"

Tyler had to turn his head to avoid gagging on the man's foul breath. The Stranger reached out and cupped Tyler's defenseless, swinging sack in his large hand and gave it a devastating squeeze.

Tyler struggled and let out a blood curdling scream as he felt his manhood being compressed flatter and flatter... and flatter. He had never experienced anything so painful in his entire life. He threw up as the man's hand continued to mercilessly squash the young man's balls into each other.

"Stop! Don't hurt him!" David screamed crying. He was still obviously quite groggy, but awake enough to be aware of what was going on.

The Stranger released Tyler's now red balls and walked in his awkward, jilted manner over to the bound muscular blonde. He had barely reached David when he balled his fist and sent it crashing into David's mounding sack. David howled, his muscles useless in helping him escape, a the Stranger withdrew his arm and sent his fist crashing into the helpless sack over and over.


Each perfectly aimed impact made a sickening, wet splat into the jiggling nut sack. David's head rolled and he screamed uncontrollably as he felt the powerful blows were laying waste to his sex life. Tyler could only watch in horror as his older brother’s nuts were being reduced to paste. The beating continued non stop for nearly ten minutes and Tyler was sure his brother's nuts were being permanently wrecked. The wet splats were getting softer with each impact and David's sack was turning black and purple. It was swollen to an an enormous proportion, each nut now the size of an egg and straining against the skin of the now over filled sack.

"Stop! Please stop!" Tyler screamed as he watched his pain wracked brother finally pass out. But the Stranger just kept pounding.

Finally, a few minutes later, David's sack was visibly flatter but apparently still intact, the Stranger stopped and stepped back. Tyler looked over at his brother pleading him to wake up, but David's body looked especially limp. Had he died?

"Your turn," the Stranger said in an evil laugh as he walked over to Tyler.

Tyler screamed and attempted to close his legs to no avail. The Stranger just ignored him and pulled a small object out of his back pocket, fumbling with it in his large but apparently uncoordinated hands, before turning so that Tyler could see what it was.

Tyler instantly pissed himself when he was the small gun the Stranger was holding. Tyler couldn't tell if the gun itself was abnormally small or if the Stranger's fat hands just made it look that way. Th Stranger stood back several feet from Tyler, his hideous face gnarled in concentration as he took careful aim at Tyler. Tyler begged and pleaded until...


A high pitched boom, more like a 'pop' cracked through the air followed almost immediately by a sharp stinging in Tyler's left pec. Tyler looked down, expecting to see a bullet wound but instead found a large welt had formed...


Tyler writhed as two more sharp pains struck his left thigh and right arm, followed by more welts. He quickly realized the abominable stranger was using him as a pellet gun target.


Tyler was totally defenseless as the tiny metal pellets pelted his body. Huge, red welts marked his body and the stinging pain of each impact was driving him crazy. But the pellets were being fired from too far away to do any real damage...


The Stranger let out a sound half way between a squeal and a laugh as a pellet landed squarely on Tyler's right nut. He could feel the pellet trying to tear into his testicle's membranes, filling his crotch with an incredible pain. His entire sack instantly bruised...


Three more pellets found Tyler's right nut which was now rapidly swelling. Each pellet was digging deeper and deeper into the assaulted nut, though the skin hadn't broken yet. Tyler looked down as he felt a peculiar flushing sensation in his sack. The right side of the sack was now swollen to three times its normal size and it was apparent he was now bleeding inside his sack.. Had his testicle ruptured?

The Stranger took several large steps closer and began firing again.


Pellets landed all over Tyler's body, only this time leaving even nastier bruises as the shortened distance increased the force of each impact. Tyler's entire body was turning blue and black and he screamed and struggled to escape.


A well-aimed pellet to his throat instantly silenced him. For a moment Tyler thought he was going to suffocate from a collapsed throat, but he was able to slowly catch his breath as the initial shock and pain died down.

The Stranger took a few more steps closer to his target and was now standing less than three feet away from Tyler. Tyler, his voice still hoarse from the previous pellet to the throat, pleaded with the man to let him and his brother go. He looked over at the still passed out David and shuddered to this what kind of damage the Stranger could do to him in his utterly defenseless position.


The Stranger fired pellets directly into Tyler's sack. Tyler's entire world seemed to melt away, so consuming was the pain of having his nuts used as a point blank pellet gun target. The pellets were now breaking the skin with each impact and his swollen scrotum was literally being torn to shreds. Tyler writhed and screamed but the Stranger just kept firing...


Each pellet impact into his exposed crotch made a wet splat that echoed through Tyler's head. His sack was now dripping blood from the numerous open welts. That's when the Stranger took a final step and extended the gun in his arm. The barrel was touching Tyler's sack. Tyler looked into the man's eyes, shuddering at the awful appearance. Tyler closed his eyes tightly as he saw the man's finger twitch on the trigger...


To Tyler's surprise, nothing happened. The man grunted and reached into his pocket to retrieve more bullets. After the pellet gun was reloaded, he walked away from Tyler casually and took position in front of David, who was still passed out. He rose the barrel of the gun so that it was just touching the hunky study's swollen left testicle...

"Nooo! Please don't !" Tyler screamed as he helplessly watched his brothers' nuts about to be destroyed.


The Stranger fired three pellets which instantly lodged inside of David's meaty left nut. David's eyes shot open and he let out a horrendous howl, looking down to see his sack had been blown open.

His muscular chest rippled as he heaved and begged by the Stranger to stop, but the Stranger just moved the gun to the other nut and fired...


David's right nut fractured in the sack as the pellet tore through his scrotum. David cried out then passed out again, unable to handle the nightmare he was in. The Stranger grinned and took a step back, firing from slightly further away into the torn open scrotum.


A pellet collided directly with the left testicle...


Another pellet tore into the chunks of his ruined right testicle.


Pellet after pellet turned the jocks' nuts into a shredded, gory mess and Tyler could do nothing to stop it. ti was obvious David's sex life was over as a final pellet shattered his right testicle which was now hanging outside of the torn apart sack. The Stranger was giggling as he continued to mutilate the defenseless stud. Tyler was pleading for mercy and struggling as hard as he could against his constraints... then he felt something.

The knot around his ankles had broken in his struggle!


The stranger fired a final pellet that disposed of a fleshy lump that was hanging by a thread between David's muscular legs. His testicles had been reduced to a stain on a tree trunk. The Stranger, realizing he had nothing let to use as a target, roughly grabbed David's cock and jammed the barrel of the gun into his piss slit. David's head rocked back and forth slightly..


A pellet tore through the length of David's cock, causing irreparable damage to the shaft as it traveled the length, getting lodged at the base. Tyler continued to struggle as the Stranger moved the pellet over David's face.


A close range pellet caused a shower of blood to erupt from David's broken nose.

The Stranger rose the gun and hovered the barrel just inches from David's right eye. Tyler let out a scream as he felt his last constraints break. He fell to the ground and raced toward his brother...


A pellet flew harmlessly into the canopy, the gun knocked away at the last moment as Tyler lunged at the Stranger. The Stranger was knocked to the ground, Tyler on top of him, pummeling his disfigured face with angry, ill aimed but viciously powerful punches.

The Stranger laughed as he effortlessly tossed the much smaller young man off of him. The two scuffled for a bit before David awoke, his mind still too clouded with terror and pain to fully understand what was happening. His kid brother wielding a large stick, was charging at the large Stranger who now looked genuinely terrified. The Stranger fired wildly at Tyler as he approached, hitting him several times but doing nothing to slow down Tyler's rage induced speed. There was an audible whoosh as Tyler swung the heavy branch with a force David' didn't think was possible from his younger brother.

Tyler let out a war like howl as he and the Stranger collided. David looked down as his bleeding destroyed crotch. The pain was infinitely greater than anything he had ever felt before, but his cries were muted by his terror.

'No! Please!' the Stranger screamed.

There were several loud BOOMS and a truly disturbing, gargled scream as David passed out...

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Simple Gifts (Sequel to 'Cousin Busting')

This is a follow-up to an older story called ' Cousin Busting' which can be found here.

Matt's car rolled by a large sign that had just been constructed outside of his subdivision: "Coming Soon: Phase II, Ground Breaking Summer of 2025". The setting sun made a dramatic backdrop against the peaked roofs and palm trees of the comfortable suburban homes in the aptly named Dream Hill Estates. Despite the stressful day he had just had at work, a broad smile emerged on Matt's face when he saw a matching BMW with the license plate 'MATSGUY' in the driveway. His husband was home unexpectedly early from a business trip.

Matt was overwhelmed by a delicious aroma coming from the kitchen.

"Jesse! You're home early. How was Boston?"

Jesse emerged from the kitchen, still wearing his apron.

"It was... satisfying," he began, "I quit."

Matt's jaw dropped as he reached out to hug his husband.

"Quit? Are you serious?"

"Yes. I’ve been thinking about what you said. We can afford all of this even if I stayed home to watch the baby."

Matt's eyes welled with tears. He felt like his chest was going to burst from joy.

"Seriously! The adoption went through? We're getting a baby!"

"They called me in Boston. I came straight home..."

Matt lunged onto his husband, his tears of joy streaming onto Jesse's face as they locked lips.

"Honey this is the best birthday ever. I love you so much. How am I so lucky?"

"Oh there's one more thing," said Jesse, wiping tears from his eyes as he reached into his apron pocket.

He produced an aged piece of paper which he handed to Matt. It was a printed out transcript from several years ago, back when instant messaging was still popular. He chuckled at the name 'MattzGotGame', his screen name from a lifetime ago:

MessyJesse83: So you'll really do it?

MattzGotGame: Do What?

MessyJesse83: Pop my nuts

MattzGotGame:  Seriously?

MessyJesse83: Yes. I love you so much and I know how much you want to.

MattzGotGame:  Yes, yes!!! I totally wanna do it.

MessyJesse83:  Okay, if we're still together on your 30th birthday, it'll be my gift to you.

MattzGotGame: 30!?! That's forever from now. I'll be old and fat lol

MessyJesse83:  I don't care if you're bald and fat AND impotent. You know I love YOU, not your stats.

MattzGotGame: Oh Jesse I can't wait til I c u again :) How am I so lucky?

Matt looked up, a blank look of astonishment etched across his face. Jesse smiled at his husband, who -- at age thirty -- was just as handsome as ever.

Matt caressed the side of Jesse's face with the back of his hand, and Jesse kissed it softly, making his way up Matt's arm.

"Jesse, that was twelve years ago... I ahhh" Matt moaned in pleasure as his husband began kissing and licking the underside of his neck. Jesse knew exactly how to turn Matt on.

"We were kids. I was totally joking about that,"

Jesse stepped back, still holding Matt's hand, "I wasn't. Remember how much fun we used to have. You used to really work me over."

Matt sighed softly as his husband pecked the back of his hand, his soft lips sending tingles up his arm.

Matt and Jesse's relationship had started, ironically enough, with one of Jesse's testicles partially ruptured. Their lustful romp culminating in the ultimate expression of Matt's repentant dominance. Jesse's manhood healed completely and he continued to be the submissive half of the relationship. Rough sex with the small Matt manhandling the larger, beefier Jesse gave way to bondage and toy play, S&M and increasingly kinkier activities. But by graduate school, they were an upwardly mobile power couple.

They pursued traditional, white collar careers, law for Matt and political lobbying for Jesse, and by their late twenties were already respected pillars in their conservative suburban community. And, in matching their outwardly conservative lives, their relationship gradually became more traditional though just as fiercely passionate, though there was the occasional ball squeeze during sex or playful slap. Both of them vividly remembered the night Matt had ruptured Jesse's testicle and both knew that it precipitated the largest, most intense orgasm Matt had ever had before or since. Matt had fantasied about castrating Jesse, and castration talk was common in their earlier years, but he never thought it would actually happen. Matt's cock twitched in his slacks as he considered the note.

"But with a baby coming..."

"Okay, then pop one. Just burst one. I only need one anyway. I know how much you want to..." Jesse guided Matt's hand between his legs to the mound under his apron.

Matt's cock continued to stiffen as the realization of what was happening set in. Jesse was right. Matt's facilitation with ball busting, in particular busting Jesse's nuts, never totally went away. Matt loved Jesse and would never deliberately injure him, but that's exactly what Jesse was practically begging him to do -- and Matt was tempted to join in. The contradiction was overwhelming.

"Mmm," Jesse moaned. Matt, without thinking, was firmly squeezing the bulge in Jesse's pants.

"Let's um. Let's talk about it over dinner, okay?'

The amuse buse were crackers topped with flavorful humus and two soft boiled eggs served in delicate egg cups.

He licked his lips and winked as Matt cracked the egg with his fork, shattering the shell and exposing it's runny insides. The implied visual was obvious.


The next course consisted of chicken with peanut sauce, and Jesse went into detail about how he had to crack the nuts and crush them into mush. It was making Matt hard... For desert was a simple fruit bowl, full of grapes, cherries and melon balls.

"Have one," Jesse said feeding a rather large, firm grape to his husband.

Matt rolled the grape around in his mouth for a moment, pretending it was one of Jesse's large nuts, then chomped into it when it was between his molars. He felt the insides of the grape exploding, splattering the back of his throat. Jesse then fed him a cherry, which Matt chomped in half with his front teeth. Matt, then took of the melon balls and put them in his mouth, rolling them slowly as he rubbed over his husband's crotch, his cock now raging.

"Oh yeah. What if those were my nuts."

Matt gave a devilish wink as he chomped down hard, making both of the testicles-by-proxy burst in his mouth. Jesse's cock twitched.

"Let's take this to the bedroom" said Jesse, taking his husbands hand and leading him toward the bedroom.

They barely made it out of the dining room before they were ripping each others clothe off. Matt, with a roughness he hadn't shown in years, literally threw his husband onto the dining room table, sending dishes crashing to the ground. Jesse knelt over the table,his ass in the air as Matt spit into his hand , lubed up his partner's ass and rammed his now throbbing cock into Jesse's hole. Jesse screamed in pleasure. It was the roughest penetration Matt had done in some time, and he was plunging all the way in, the entire eight inches, not stopping at five like normal which was more comfortable to Jesse.

"Oh yeah! Own me stud!" Jesse screamed, reaching around and clutching his husband's ass.

Matt fucked Jesse mercilessly for several minutes before grabbing him by the back of the head and motioning him to stand up. Jesse made his way to the bedroom, but was stopped midway through the living room, forced to his knees while Matt face fucked the hell out of him. They continued like this for hours, stopping all over the house before finally making it to the bedroom. Behind them was a trail of overturned chairs, broken picture frames and shoved furniture. They hadn't had such a wild, rumpus fuck since they were in their teens. Matt had cum twice and was ready to go a third time as Jesse lay spread eagle, covered in sweat and his ass dripping with cum.

"So, are you gonna do it? Are you gonna crack this nut?" he asked breathlessly, clutching his huge right ball so that it bulged against his sack.

Matt's eyes fixated on the large, vulnerable organ, his mind swimming with lust, as he shouted "Hell yes!"

He jumped on top of Jesse, rolled him on his back and plowed into him , grabbing his right nut and squeezing it as he plunged into his husband’s well lubed ass. He formed an 'O' around the ball with his thumb and forefinger, trapping it from escaping into Jesse's body and proceeded to punch it with each stroke.

Jesse was writhing and crying. He hadn't experienced true ball pain in years. His legs kept trying to close out of instinct, but he willed them to stay open. He had been craving this domination for moths, a welcome dose of the old days into their modern lives.

"Oh God! Pound it flat!" He screamed as unbearable pain and pleasure erupted from his loins.

Matt was fucking him with the vigor of an eighteen year old, grunting like an animal and plunging balls deep with each piston like thrust.

"Oh! I'm gonna -- I"m gonna cum!" Matt screamed, continually pounding the swelling sack as he got closer to climax.

"Oh fuck! oh fuck!" Jesse screamed, his fourth load of the night flooding the bed under him, "Pop it!"

Indeed, Matt could feel that his devastating punches were starting to soften the now blood red ball. The delicate membranes and tissues starting to tear just like had done all those years ago. Only this time there wouldn’t' be anything left to heal..


Matt screamed as his body arched in pleasure. He pulled out just in time to shower Jesse's back with another copious, thick load. In his ecstasy he had stopped punching the swollen nut, instead collapsing onto of his husband's gooey back.

The two lay still for several minutes, panting hard. Recovering from their marathon fuck fest. When Matt had finally recovered enough to speak he rolled Jesse onto his back and leaned in to whisper something in his ear.

"Next time,I'm not gonna stop pounding until Mr. Righty goes splat." he finished licking his husband’s ear.

Jesse's back arched in pleasure as he shrieked "Oh God! I can't wait."

Matt pulled more favors than he knew he had to have his case load transferred to other partners at his law firm long enough for him to take an unannounced week off of work..

On the first day, Jesse woke up early and prepared an elaborate gourmet breakfast for Matt, delivering it to him on a tray in bed complete with a fresh cut flower in a glass vase. The vase, along with the rest of the breakfast, ended up on the floor as Matt immediately grabbed his husband and fucked and sucked him for hours. They took a break for lunch, barely clearing away the dishes before Jesse had pinned the smaller Matt against the refrigerator and inhaled his cock like a pro. Jesse got a particularly thick, creamy load shot directly into his waiting stomach as a reward. Matt, his knees still weak from the powerful orgasm, bent over the breakfast bar, his muscular butt in the air.

Jesse smiled in delight, spit in his hand and plunged his rock hard cock into Matt. Matt was usually a top, so his ass was especially tight. Matt grunted as Jesse's cock tore into his tight guts, a few times wincing in genuine pain. Jesse eased up a bit taking a softer rhythm on Matt's practically virgin ass until he filled his husband's insides with what felt like gallons of cum.

The two fucked each other for hours in every conceivable position -- on all fours, pinned against walls, on their backs, on their stomachs, even in the back seat of Matt's car. Through it all, Matt squeezed and kneaded Jesse's doomed right ball in his hands, causing it to swell considerably. By dinner, Matt's loads were smaller, merely dribbles, but his cock almost immediately got hard after he shot his load. Jesse was loving how brutally his muscular husband was owning his ass and kept egging Matt on to continue.

Despite the ostensibly carnal nature of their relationship that day, the two had never experienced stronger, heart-felt love in their entire lives. While Jesse was getting fucked yet again on his back, Matt looked down with awe at this amazing, handsome blonde man. "How am I so lucky?" Matt thought to himself as he became so overwhelmed with joy he started crying. Jesse followed suit and soon the two were holding each other tightly, their bodies wet from cum and sweat, crying and professing their love for one another with the rawness of their very first night together.

"Matt, I love you. But I gotta' eat. We've been at it for hours," Jesse said laughing, his stomach grumbling as if on cue.

"Okay, but after dinner, Mr. Righty gets a proper work over."

Jesse grinned and his cock twitched at the prospect. The two, who wreaked of sex, took a shower together -- too spent to even attempt to fool around again -- and ordered a pizza.

The delivery boy was a handsome, dark haired young man in his early twenties wearing a rainbow necklace. Matt and Jesse both answered the door wearing only their bath towels, causing the cute delivery boy to flush red with embarrassment as his cock stiffened in his jeans. There was a point in their lives where Matt and Jesse would have invited the young man in, but now they only had eyes for each other.

The door had barely closed before Matt and Jesse were at it again, making out like school boys while their pizza got cold. After they finally ate an hour -- and two explosive orgasms later -- Matt lead Jesse into the kitchen for 'Mr. Righty's' work over.

Jesse's right ball was quite swollen and sore from the day's worth of squeezing, but it was in for much, much more. They had decided to burst Jesse's nut in a room of the house they used regularly -- like the kitchen -- instead of the basement or garage. That way they would be reminded practically daily of the amazing experience they were about to have.

They hadn't talked about about exactly how Jesse was going to be nutted, and Matt was planning on simply playing it by ear, using this opportunity to act out every ball busting fantasy he had ever wanted to until his husband's meaty testicle finally exploded. The thought of his man's ball exploding was making Matt incredibly hard. His cock was raging so hard, it almost hurt as it throbbed, swinging freely between his legs.

"Spread 'em," He instructed as Jesse stood in front of the double wide stainless steel refrigerator..

Jesse spread his legs thick, muscular legs allows his heavy ball sack to swing in front of the refrigerator door. Matt licked his lips and stood facing his husband. He reached out and kissed him, putting his hands on his shoulders to brace as he lifted his knee into the waiting ball bag with a CRUNCH.

Jesse gasped and attempted to double over, but was held up by his smaller partner. Matt and Jesse continued to make out passionately as Matt slammed his knee into the bouncing ball bag six more times, each time Matt's cock jumped as he felt Jesse's lumps compressing against his body. Jesse was crying from pain, but didn't try to close his legs or pull away. If anything, he grabbed the back of Matt's head and pulled him in closer as Matt reached a hand down and cupped Jesse's right nut.

"Mmmph!" Jesse groaned, as Matt's strong hand closed around the doomed ball.

Matt squeezed tighter and tighter, his cock gushing precum as he felt the ball getting softer in his bare hand.

"Aah" Jesse gasped, instinctively pushing Matt away from him as he started to slide to his knees.

Matt grinned, as he kept his tight grip on Jesse's swollen right ball. Jesse stopped half way down the refrigerator, unable to slide down further without causing Matt to stretch his nut like a yo yo string.

"Mmm" Matt said finally letting go of the abused organ and letting Jesse slide the rest of the way to the ground.

Jesse's strong hands cupped his crotch as he struggled to catch his breath. Matt had put him in a world of hurt and he hadn't even done any permanent damage...yet. Despite it all, Jesse's cock was harder than it had been in years. Matt smiled as he roughly lifted his husband to his feet and shoved him over to the table.

"Stand! Put your balls on the table!" Matt barked in a dominate tone.

Jesse nodded and placed his sagging nut sack on the table top. Matt went to the counter and fetched a metal meat tenderizer mallet. Jesse's eyes grew wide as Matt carefully aimed the mallet over his right nut.

"Oh Matt, I love you --"

Whoosh! CRUNCH! CRUNCH! CRR-U-NCH! Matt sent the heavy mallet crashing down on the defenseless flat orb rapidly three time, each time feeling the mallet head dangerously compressing half of Jesse's sex life. Matt had reared his hand back for a fourth strike, but Jesse collapsed in a heap on the kitchen floor before he could swing.

Jesse was rocking back and forth howling in agony, clutching his sack which felt like it had been broken in two. Matt set down the mallet and crouched to his husband's side and roughly pushed his hands off his throbbing nuts. Matt reached for and roughly fondled the now totally red, slightly flat looking right nut and rolled it in his hand. The enormous nut felt a bit softer than earlier, but was still entirely whole. Matt's thumb dug into the fleshy orb and his face was red with effort as he pressed in deeper, and deeper... and deeper. And deeper. His thumb mercilessly tore into the delicate, inflamed membranes causing his larger, totally submissive husband to wail in pain even though his cock was pointing straight up leaking precum.

"Oh God!" Jesse screamed out, reaching his large hand to grasp Matt's flexing bicep.

Astoundingly, instead of trying to push Matt's hand away, Jesse lovingly squeezed the muscle that was laying waste to his nut.

"OH yeah! Fucking crush it! Own me stud --- aaah!" Jesse screamed out as he felt Matt's thumb suddenly sink deeper into his ball.

Matt thought he was going to cum as he felt Jesse's huge, battered sex organ starting to literally collapse in his hand. He let off the pressure quickly, causing another wave of pain as blood quickly rushed back into the swollen nut. Jesse cried out as he fell over, landing spread eagle on his back clutching his nuts and crying. His cock was starting to go limp, which was misleading considering he was hornier than he had been in years. His smaller, muscular husband climbed on top of him, chest to chest, and started kissing him.

Jesse's face was contorted in pain, but his tongue swirled inside Matt's mouth as Matt's hand slowly made its way to Jesse's crotch. Matt grabbed Jesse's right ball and squeeze viciously, rolling it between his thumb and fingers. He was checking to see if there was any damage, but it still felt quite whole, though much, much softer.

Jesse's eyes bugged out at the rough examination, but he just wrapped his arms around Matt's studly back and held him tightly. He could have easily pushed Matt off torso to save his doomed testicle, but the feeling of being so totally dominated was canceling out any urge to save himself.

"Oh yes! Crush it! Crack that nut!" Jesse screamed out as Matt let the swollen gonad go.

Matt stood up and barked for Jesse to do the same. Jesse was rising slowly to his feet when Matt grabbed him by cock and pulled him up the rest of the way.

"Not fast enough," Matt said pulling his husband to the counter by his dick.

Jesse felt like Mat was going to rip his throbbing cock off his body, but the pleasure Matt was getting from releasing his pent up dominate nature was unmistakable.

"This is the end. I'm gonna bust this ball,"

Matt knelt down between Jesse's spread legs. He grabbed the throbbing right ball and made an O with his thumb and fore finger at the base, making the trapped testicle bulge against the skin of the sack. Matt balled his fist and pounded it into the trapped nut with a resounding, soft SPLAT.


Jesse's legs buckled as he braced himself against the counter, struggling to keep himself upright. He was sobbing and felt like he was going to throw up, but he found the strength to shout out "Oh Matt! Fuckin' destroy it! Pop it!"


Matt's powerful fist sank further and further into the ball with each hit and the poor testicle took slightly longer to plump back with each blow.

"Oh you want me to pop this nut?" Matt screamed, not stopping his pounding for a moment.


Jesse's eyes rolled into his head. He could feel himself blacking out as half of his manhood was being crushed by his husband.

"Oh... please... pop...." Jesse got out, a smile of satisfaction on his face as he passed out.

Matt stood up just in time to catch his husband's large, husky body as it fell. He inhaled the smell of Jesse's sweat soaked body as he picked him up and carried him into the living room. He gently lay him down in front of the fireplace on his back and brushed the side of Jesse's face with the back of his hand. Matt's entire body tingled as he slowly caressed his husband's body, his hands feeling over ever inch of his mounding pecs, his smooth stomach, his thick thighs. Jesse moaned slightly and his cock started to stir as Matt used his tongue to swirl over each of Jesse's nipples before running his tongue down his body, stopping at his crotch. Matt knew Jesse was amazingly hot, but he felt like he was discovering Jesse's body for the first time. Jesse was starting to stir, his cock now leaking precum like piss, right as Matt opened his mouth as far as he could and went down on Jesse's now throbbing cock.

Jesse gasped as Matt expertly bobbed up and down the entire length of his cock. Matt's stomach was filling with salty, sticky precum which he eagerly swallowed, desperate to make his husband cum one final time before losing a nut.

Jesse moaned and his eyes lost focus as he was consumed by the amazing blow job he was getting. Matt's hands rubbed up and down Jesse's body, pinching and squeezing Jesse's filled out frame. This went on for several minutes and Jesse could feel another load boiling in his abused nuts. He reached out to touch Matt's face, caressing it gently as Matt worked to suck out Jesse's final two-nut load.

"Oh! Oh shit! Oh shit!" Jesse screamed looking down at his husband to watch his throat contracting several times as he struggled to swallow the surprisingly copious load without spilling a drop.

Matt was surprised at the volume of Jesse's load, considering how many times he had already cum that day, but greedily slurped and gulped the salty load. Rope after rope of sticky cum splattered the back of Matt's throat, the sensation driving Matt wild. His own cock was leaking precum and he thought he too was going to shoot just from the feeling of being stuffed with cream by his husband.

Matt pulled off Jesse's spent cock with just a swallow of cum left in his mouth. He smiled at Jesse, a dribble of jizz running down his chin ,and knelt over to kiss him. The two exchanged a deep, cum filled kiss with Jesse swallowing the rest of his own thick load.

"Thank you sir," he said smiling, his head still cloudy from orgasm.

Matt, still on his knees, spit on his hand and lubed up his cock, taking position between Jesse's spread legs. He grabbed Jesse's legs and lifted them into the air, resting the back of Jesse's shins on his shoulders. The position left Jesse's gaping hole totally exposed and Matt grinned as he plunged his thick jock dick into it.

Jesse moaned and his back arched in pleasure as his husband piston fucked him harder than he had ever been fucked. Matt was slamming his cock in balls deep with each thrust, moaning lust as he looked down at Jesse's glistening body.

"You're --- so --- hot. I fuckin' --- love -- you --- so much!" Matt was able to get out through his unintelligible grunting.

Jesse thought Matt was going to rip his guts out he was being power fucked so mercilessly, but he begged for more - his cock already hard and dripping again. Matt loved how totally he was dominating his larger husband, which made his cock throb even more as it tore into Jesse. As he kept fucking, Matt looked down and saw Jesse's sack resting on the ground between his legs. His mind flashed back to their very first night together when he had ruptured Jesse's testicle by punching it flat into the ground. Jesse had been in a similar position then...


"Oh God!" Jesse screamed, making a fist and biting it to contain his outbursts.

Matt was slamming his fist as hard as he could into Jesse's ridiculously swollen, ready to burst right nut with each thrust. He could feel it getting flatter and flatter with each viscous pounding and knew the end was coming.

Jesse, his face a mix of fear, lust and pleasure, made brief eye contact with his husband before blacking out, his mind unable to process the intense pain of his testicle literally being crushed.

"Oh yeah. Fuckin' crack!"


"Yes! It's starting to go! It's popping!" Matt screamed as he continued to plow into Jesse's hole, now pounding the doomed right nut quickly and with so much force it was barely able to plumb back into shape between blows.

Over and over the huge organ was pounded into the ground, Matt could feel it starting to collapse under his knuckles, the once spherical object getting flatter and flatter. He had taken Jesse to this point once before, years ago in college, during a particularly brutal ball busting session, but had stopped before any real damage


"Oh yeah! I'm crushing it!" Matt screamed, his voice cracking as his load erupted into Jesse's ass.

He pulled out in time for a gusher of semen to splatter Jesse's stomach and chest. Matt grabbed his still throbbing cock and jerked it, another glob of cum landing on top of Jesse's cock and balls. He kept stroking, feeling like he was still having an orgasm as he balled out his other fist and proceeded to pound as hard he could onto the flattened right nut.



SPL--OO-TCH!! Jesse's marked right nut finally couldn't take any more and split apart.

Matt's eyes grew wide and he shot a rope of cum several feel beyond Jesse's head. Then another. And another. His cock just kept squirting and squirting as he replayed the wet, sickening yet thoroughly satisfying wet sploshing CRUNCH of Jesse's nut imploding in the sack.

"Fuck! Fuck!" Matt screamed as his orgasm finally subsided, his husband's body by now looking like it had been the target of a massive bukkake.

Matt kept pounding the already cracked nut until he felt the two chunks shatter further in his swollen sack.


The right side of Jesse's once full sack became flatter and mushier with each blow until...


The last small chunk of Jesse's right testicle that hadn't already been turned into paste finally gave out. Matt grabbed the mushed side of the sack and kneaded the crushed remains in his fingers. Jesse's cock had gone limp, but was still leaking precum. Matt could feel there were still small, chunks of nut in the sack and, his cock still raging and his head still spinning from this ultimate ball busting session, he raced to the kitchen and feetched the meat tenderizer from earlier.

When he got back to Jesse, he dropped to his knees between Jesse's spread legs, raised the mallet over his head and sent it crashing down onto the now totally flattened right nut. The mallet came down a dozen times, each time making a wet sploshing, as Jesse's nut was thoroughly, utterly destroyed. When he was satisfied, Matt positioned the mallet over Jesse's relatively untouched left ball and sent it crashing down -- full force.

Jesse let out a subconscious whimper as his last nut was dangerously compressed.


Matt couldn’t control himself as he sent the mallet down over and over onto Jesse's defenseless left testicle. He grabbed it and roughly rolled it around in his hands, feeling for damage. The nut was swollen, but still whole, though it was obvious the tenderizer was starting to do real damage to Jesse's nut. If Matt kept going Jesse's ball would probably...


Matt, using his fist this time instead of the mallet pounded Jesse's left nut as hard as he could twice more before finally getting control of himself. Jesse's injured left nut slowly plumped back from its slightly flattened state and Jesse's head was rocking back and forth slowly, though the stud was still totally blacked out.

The feeling of totally crushing a testicle was more incredible than anything he had ever experienced and -- for a moment -- he thought he was going to totally castrate his husband right then and there to replicate the experience. Matt was panting, still holding the mallet, which he cast aside as he cradled his husband's head and kissed him.

Jesse barely came to a few minutes later. He was still in a daze, but could tell he was in a car - city lights passing by quickly through the window. It was a lot like their trip to Mercy General more than a decade ago... He looked over at his husband who was driving and smiled before blacking out again.