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Monday, June 23, 2014

Football Camp Incident

Dust flew as the short blue and white bus traveled down the heavily wooded lane one Saturday morning.  On board were eleven members of the local college football team, Pierre, the team’s physical trainer and the coach on their way to a team building weekend at Camp Charn.  Situated miles outside the city, Camp Charn was a university-owned twenty acre patch of walking trails, forests, a small lake and a central complex of a few minimalist brick buildings.

“Coach,  how much further is this place?”  asked one of the players sitting toward the front, a husky lineman with fair skin, a mess of red hair and an almost comical amount of freckles.

“Not too much further, Cody,”  the coach said as he slowly navigated the bus down the unpaved road.

“Yeah, that sign said ‘Welcome to Camp Charn’ like ten minutes ago.  I don’t even have a cell signal out here,” another player -- the short yet powerfully build quarterback -- Blake shouted a
few seconds later.

Blake dramatically held up his smart phone was flashing a ‘no network coverage’ animation. and pretended to scoff in annoyance.

The other players laughed.
“Ooh, you’re right. How are ya’ gonna get texts from you boyfriend back home?”  mocked Matt, a dark skinned running back sporting a bright yellow bandanna in his hair.  The bus erupted into
jeers and laughter right as it finally rolled to a stop.

The bus had stopped in the middle of a large grassy field, that doubled as a parking lot. Surrounding the field were the camp’s only five buildings. Two  small dormitory buildings , able to  house about twenty people each, a small administrative office building, a cafeteria building and a relatively large gymnasium that could also double as a conference. center  It was spartan, to  say the least, but it was (even the most macho football player would have to admit) nestled among a gorgeous early spring landscape of forests and wildflower fields.  Camp Charn filled  quickly in the late spring and through summer with band camps and conferences so Coach Maxwell had booked an early spring weekend to beat the rush.

“Here we are gentleman,” said the coach as he flung open the door, “Let’s unpack in Dorm Building A and meet at the fire pit in, say, twenty minutes.” he motioned through the bus windows to a large stone fire pit about a football field away from the buildings.

The players were a rowdy bunch as they made their way off the bus carrying so many bags and equipment it looked as if they were going to be staying longer than their three night stay.

Freshman Jake Pennington was the last player off the bus. He had a slight limp and was using the seat backs as guides as he made his way down the bus aisle.

“Are you okay?” asked  Pierre, his French accent especially thick, as he made his way back onto the bus and stood on the landing.

Jake smiled “Yea, I’m fine. Just this damn foot.... oww!” Jake winced as he put too much pressure on his hurt right foot.

Jake Pennington had silvery-blonde hair and gray eyes which stood out prominently against his tanning booth bronzed skin.  At five foot eight he was the shortest person on the trip, with the
exception of the non-athlete Pierre, but he had a very well-defined, but not overly- build muscular frame, his washboard abs clearly discernible under his muscle-fit Abercrombie sweater.
Despite the slight chill in the air, Jake was wearing a pair of loose fitting basketball shorts that showed off his powerful lower legs and let his egg-sized nuts and thick penis sway as he moved.

Jake caught Pierre gazing at the obviously free-swinging package under his shorts and grinned “Later, guy. Calm down.”

Jake motioned toward Pierre’s own crotch, an erection at least seven inches long snaking down the front of the skinny trainer’s  blue jeans.  Pierre was an average-build 25 year old graduate student, a bit softer around the middle than Adonis like Jake, but compared to the football players he was in charge of looking out for, he was quite out of shape. But what he may have lacked  in physical strength was more than made up for my his charm and his European accent which he played up regularly with the ladies and -- in Jake’s case -- the gentlemen on campus.

“Oh, sorry. What can I say, “ Pierre laughed, his face flush with embarrassment as he adjusted himself.

“There you two are, come on!” Blake shouted, reaching into the bus just far enough to give Pierre a playful pat on the ass. “This whole place is deserted! We have  run of it!!” Blake let out a  sophomoric laugh and ran back toward the dorm.

As Jake, assisted by Pierre, made his way to Dormitory he did notice an eerie sense of isolation on the camp grounds.  Since the football team was the first group to use the facility that season the entire complex was, quite literally, still in mothballs.  All of the buildings’ windows were still blacked out with insulating foam, their power washed facades looked almost new.  Some of the buildings’ bright red doors still had bold ‘wet paint’ signs on them.  Jake couldn't help but feel a certain sense of foreboding amongst such surreal quiet.

Dormitory A consisted of a two long rooms stacked end to end with bunk beds joined in the middle by a narrow shared bathroom.  All of the beds still had protective plastic sheets on them, the
toilet water was purple from antifreeze and the whole place smelled and looked as if it had just been scrubbed down thoroughly in preparation for the busy season to come.  The rowdy football
players hooted and howled, running up and down the rows of bunk beds like excited children, claiming beds and haphazardly dumping suitcases and bags full of clothes onto their chosen  bunks.

“Alright guys, settle down!” Coach Maxwell shouted running a hand through his thick yet graying hair, “Fire pit in ten minutes, be there!”

The coach walked out of the door and a few of the players filed out immediately afterward.

Cody climbed to the top of bunk and shouted out, “Alright guys, we have to get serious!” in a tone playfully mocking the coach.

The players laughed.

“So Jake, you going to be joining our reindeer games anytime soon,” Matt asked, motioning toward Jake who was visibly in pain leaning against the wall.

“Ha, I hope so, this damn sprain. I might need to sit  out the first night run,”

“What a tragedy, and miss out on all the fun,” Matt laughed.

The ‘first night run’ was a tradition of these football camps where the players all met at the fire pit and went on a several mile run around the campgrounds, rounding the lake and finally returning to camp for more drills. Though in actuality many of the players would feign being too tired from the run and instead return to the dorm for the traditional football camp party night of  drinking games and pop music.

The group joked around for a bit longer before finally Cody, bringing everyone to order with  a clap of his bear-like hands called “Alright, kids. Over and out.”

All the players made a point to high five Jake as they made their way out of the door. And just like that, the mothballed dorm that had just sprung to life so dramatically was quiet.

Pierre stood in the doorway and watched as the players’ silhouettes became small dots along the horizon. A few moments later the fire fit erupted into flames, there was a barely audible cheer
from the gathered players and then - as they had done every year before - all  of  the figures on the horizon slowly disappeared beyond the grassy field into the forest on their run. Pierre and
Jake were alone.

“Are they gone,” Jake asked, managing to hobble over to Jake’s side at the door.

“Yeah, they just left.”

“Good, I really could use a nap, “ Jake smiled, stretched out his arms and yawned dramatically.

“Do you want me to wrap that for you?” the dark haired trainer asked kneeling to softly massage Jake’s foot.

“Mmm that feels good,” Jake signed, his head tilted back slightly.

Pierre slowly massaged Jake’s foot, slowly inching up to his shin, then his calves, finally his thighs.  Pierre’s hands stopped just inches from Jake’s bulging package and Pierre looked up at Jake  and winked.

The two looked at each other coyly for several moments before Pierre suddenly sprung to his feet, grabbed Jake around the waist and pulled the quarterback toward him.  The two locked lips and pressed so close together Jake could clearly feel Pierre’s rock hard, jeans-encased cock rubbing against his thigh.  Jake’s muscular hands roamed Pierre’s body, caressing him with a tenderness that wouldn't be expected from such a ruggedly built ostensibly straight jock.

The heavy making up went on for only a few minutes, but just long enough for Jake’s basketball shorts to be soaked in precum.

“Shit! I forgot my medical bag in the bus, I can’t wrap your foot. I gotta’ get it,”  Pierre grudgingly pushed Jake away.

Jake signed “Come on, Pierre. Just a quick...”

“No, we gotta’ wrap that. Seriously. It has to hurt, doesn’t it?”

Jake rolled his eyes while nodding yes.

“See, I don’t wanna’ see you hurt, Jake,” Pierre said kissing Jake tenderly on the cheek, “I’ll just be a minute. And when I’m done with your foot I am gonna suck your cock until your balls
fucking implode.” Pierre growled.

“Feisty, I love it!”  Jake reached out and gave Pierre’s bulging crotch a playful squeeze before the trainer ducked out the door for the bus.

The bust had been parked at least half a football field away from the complex of buildings, Jake thought, enough time for a lightning-quick shower to wash off the road grunge. After all, he didn’t want to disappoint Pierre.

Jake made his way to his bunk along the furthest end of the dorm, grabbed a towel and headed to the bathroom.  The bathroom was long and narrow with only two doors, one leading to the first
bank of bunks -- where the team was staying -- and the other leading to the  other which was still moth balled.  The shower area didn’t have dividers, which would play well for the towel-snapping and horseplay that was sure to come.  Jake stripped in front of the mirror, leaving a pile of clothes as a hint for Pierre to join him  in the shower. As he did so, he couldn’t help but to  admire the well-defined muscular young man in the reflection. He curled his bicep and kissed it playfully before stepping into the shower.

Jake turned on the water and was startled at how bone chillingly cold it was.

“Jesus!” he shrieked as he squirmed in place waiting for the temperature to slowly increase.

When it finally did, Jake relaxed and let the warm water cascade over his body, rippling down his washboard stomach, dripping off his large egg sized nuts, running down his toned legs and
pooling at his feet.  The warmth was incredibly relaxing and for a moment his mind  was clear from what had been a constant nagging pain from his sprained foot.

“I can’t wait until Pierre gets back! I’m gonna pound...” Jake’s thought was interrupted by a noise in the distance.

“Pierre?”  Jake called out.

Jake could hear the outside door to the dormitory close; “Pierre’s back!” the young jock smiled.

The water continued to cascade over Jake with such force that he didn’t open his eyes as he heard footsteps approaching from behind.

“I was wondering what took you so long, Pierre. Did you bring...”

Jake wiped the water from his face and turned to face to Pierre and screamed in sheer horror at who he saw instead.  A man, standing a little over six foot tall wearing black pants , a black sweatshirt and black boots was standing just a few feet from him.  The man was average build, though the outfit was a bit baggy so it was hard to be certain if he was muscular or not. The outfit wasn’t particularly off-putting except for the black ski mask that totally obscured the stranger’s face.

The man in black stood looking at Jake for a few awkward seconds before Jake, clutching his chest from the earlier fright laughed and reached to turn off the water.

“Dude, what the hell are you doing! You nearly scared me to death. Who are you, Matt?”

Jake reached toward the stranger’s face mask to reveal him, but as he did so the man reached out with incredible alacrity and grabbed Jake’s hand.

“Dude what the hell...”

WHAM! The stranger drove his free fist into Jake's right eye, catching the naked stud  totally unprepared

“Hello,”  the stranger rasped, his voice totally unknown to Jake and filled with a mix of annoyance and anger.

Jake staggered backward, clutching his eye, too startled by what had just happened to fight back immediately. It was just the opening the Stranger needed....

WHAM! the Stranger punched Jake again in the same eye sending Jake into a world of hurt and falling backward to the ground. The quarterback landed on his tailbone with a loud thud and
tried to scoot away from the Stranger who was lumbering toward him.  However the pain in his sprained right foot made even this difficult and the Stranger seemed to notice.

“Oh,” said the Stranger as he stomped his boot several times into Jake’s right foot.  Jake howled and was filled with so much pain he thought he was going to be sick.

“Who the fuck...”

WHAM! the Stranger delivered a roundhouse kick to the side of Jake’s head that sent him sailing into the wall.  Jake slumped there, totally dazed and clutching the side of his face. He could
feel blood running from his nose and eye. The Stranger stood looking down over Jake, whose perfect body was still dripping from the shower, and for a moment neither of them moved. Jake
knew this was no sophomoric prank and that he had to get out of there...

“Aaah!’  Jake grunted springing to his feet in a bid to run, but falling right to the ground again in pain from his foot.

Jake slumped against the wall, defenseless, his legs spread lazily.

“Please, take anything you want, please don’t hurt me,”  piss ran from Jake’s leg as he trembled in genuine fright.

“Not interested,” came the sinister voice as the Stranger lifted his large, booted left foot over Jakes nuts which were laying in a heap between his legs.

Jake looked down and knew instantly what was about to happen...

“No, don’t!”


The boot slammed down with tremendous force three times in rapid succession, crushing Jake’s balls into the tile floor. Jake’s eyes rolled in his head and his mouth was open, yet no actual  sound was coming out. Jake had never experienced any pain so intense in his entire life and his brain had quite literally shut down for a moment.  The Stranger lifted his boot and steadied it  over Jake’s now red balls again and stomped down.  Jake was able to  reach out and brad the Stranger’s leg at the shin, using all his strength to hold the Stranger’s foot just an inch above his battered sack.

For what seemed to Jake to be a long time, the Stranger grunted in effort as he attempted to finish stomping down. Jake’s arms were strong, but the Stranger’s legs were stronger, and he knew he wouldn’t be able to stop him from stomping long.  Jake let out a primal grunt and lifted his arms into the air in an attempt to lift the Stranger’s leg and unbalance him.  It didn’t work. Instead, Jake lost his grip on the man’s leg and the Stranger stomped twice more on Jake’s nuts.


Jake howled in agony, and flopped on his stomach in a desperate attempt to save his nuts. He tried crawling away but the Stranger gave out a grunt-like laugh and effortlessly lifted the blonde
quarterback by his hair.  When Jake was a few feet from the ground, the Stranger flipped him like he was a rag doll, holding Jake in a bear hug with Jake’s back against his chest.  The Stranger
carried Jake kicking and pleading in front of the same bank of mirrors Jake had been posing in front of just a few moments ago.

“Pretty little quarterback,” the Stranger hissed in Jake’s ear.

The Stanger had Jake firmly held from behind, forcing the quarterback to ‘admire’ himself in the mirror.  His muscles were glistening with sweat and the strain of trying to get lose, and his large red nuts swung wildly between his legs.  Jake couldn’t believe the strength this guy must of had to be holding him so effortlessly with one arm across this chest...

Jake’s struggles intensified when he felt the Stranger’s clammy hand reach between his legs and clutch both of his nuts. The squeezing started immediately and didn’t stop...

Jake looked at his reflection in horror as his prized ball bag was kneaded and squashed in the Stranger’s large hand.  It felt like they were in a vice, and he could feel -- and see in the reflection --
each testicle being mashed into the other. Tighter and tighter...

“Oh God!” Jake screamed, his eyes locked on the image of his genitals being destroyed.

“They’re gonna pop...” the Stranger whispered softly in Jake’s ear.

Pop? Jake’s mind was in panic but he was too overwhelmed by pain and terror to do much more than the feeble attempts to get away he was already doing.  The Strangers vicelike grip continued, Jake’s sack was turning beet red and was bulging obscenely, no longer able to discern the right nut from the left. They were being mashed into each other and Jake knew any moment  they were, like the Stranger had said, going to pop...

Jake was starting to pass out when he felt the pressure suddenly release from his balls and the arm that had been keeping him in place let up.  The Stranger stepped back and let Jake fall to the ground with a thud.

“I gotta’ get out of here,” was all Jake could think about as he crawled toward the bathroom door. The aching from his crotch was tremendous and combined with his still hurt foot what he  perceived to be a decent-pace crawl was in actuality a slow slog across the floor.  The Stranger stood over Jake laughing at the stud’s pathetic attempt to escape, then kicked Jake hard on his  side, rolling him onto his back and again exposing his football player balls.

Jake quickly went to cup his privates with his hands, but the Stranger had swooped to kneel down between his legs and, without warning, slammed both of his fists into Jakes’ tight solar plexus. Jake gasped in pain and his hands instinctively raced to his chest, again exposing his goodies.  The Stranger took the opening to roughly grab the Jake’s nuts with one hand while doing  something with them with the other. Jake was too distracted by pain to notice at first what was happening. The Stranger had wrapped Jakes sack with twine several times, pulling the egg sized  nuts inside several inches from his body, trapping them at the very limits of  the sack.  This also totally exposed the testicles to whatever force was applied to them.  If the Stranger hit them in  that position, they wouldn’t be able to deform or flatten; all the force would go straight to the tender membranes and tissues holding the ball’s shape together...


The Stranger sprang to his feet and before Jake could cover his genitals with his hands the Stranger had stomped twice on the trapped balls.

Jake attempted to roll over in pain but the Stranger’s boot was still on top of his balls.

Jake pleaded with the Stranger, who just laughed as he slowly lifted his other boot from the ground.  Even in his pain-soaked mind, Jake knew what was about to happen.  All of the Stranger’s
weight was going to end up on the foot that was standing on the trapped balls, so by extension all of the Stranger’s weight was going to end up on Jake’s balls.

Jake screamed and howled like an animal, grabbing at the Stranger’s shin in an effort to lift his foot off of the doomed balls.  The Stranger painstakingly lifted his other foot until it was knee
high, and the Stranger was standing entirely on Jake’s balls.  Jake could feel  the pressure mounting as the eggs flattened under the tremendous weight.   By now Jake was beyond even
screaming, his arms limp in shock and pain... but the Stranger didn’t let up.

The Stranger stood on one foot for at least a minute, but the sturdy jock spuds held firm. He then began to slowly bounce on his foot, mashing the orbs into the tile floor. He bounced harder and
harder as if he was on a trampoline but his foot never completely leaving the balls. Jake moaned and his eyes lost focus.  He could feel his nuts getting flatter and flatter and flatter.  He didn’t
know how much more they could take...

“Here they go, stud.  Gonna’ burst!”  the Stranger was taking sick pleasure in feeling the two firm eggs lose their shape under his boot.

“Here they go... they’re gonna' blow."

Indeed Jake could feel his ball membranes giving way.  They weren’t plumping back up after each bounce and the pain was unbelievable.

“Oooooh!” Jake wailed in a pitch and volume he had never produced as he felt his right nut explode like a huge crushed grape.

Now all the Stanger’s weight was on his left battered nut.  Lefty was the biggest of his nuts, but even if couldn’t hold up...


Jake’s last ball finally caved in with a loud, wet squashing sound.  Both of Jake’s hug jock nuts had totally blown apart in the sack, the Stranger’s heavy boot not standing on a flattened sack.   Jake’s eyes shot open, his body convulsed and he passed out on the cold tile floor.  The Stranger stepped off the squashed scrotum that was totally flattened and swelling purple-blue just long  enough to raise his boot and stomp violently a dozen times. The first five blows totally liquefied the contents of Jake’s sack. Stomps six and seven split the sack almost exactly at the seam and the remaining crushing blows ripped open the sack splattering the stud’s perfect abs, the floor and the Stranger’s boot with mutilated ball goop.

“One down,” said the Stranger, looking down at the passed out stud.

Jake truly was a paradigm of male perfection; strong arms, firm pecs, perfectly toned legs... and a splattered mess between his legs.


Monday, June 9, 2014

Bursting With Cum (Alien Invasion Series Part II)

This is the second part of the Invasion Series, the first part can be read here.

Juan's head rocked slowly from side to side as he began to come to from a very long, very restful sleep.  As he came to in his darkened bedroom, the last vestiges of vivid nightmare were just slipping from his mind.  It was a nightmarish phantasmagoria of huge flying saucers hovering over downtown Brasilia, alien abductions and - for some reason - the feeling of being naked and afraid aboard an alien ship. There was also a lingering memory of some kind of medical exam but just before before he could remember anything clearly it was gone.  The twenty-five year old Brazilian yawned as he stretched his arms and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes trying to adjust to the dim light of his bedroom.  Something was amiss...

Suddenly, Juan's mind was so overwhelmed with fear he screamed out girlishly.  The nightmare that had slipped his mind wasn't a nightmare at all. It was a memory - very real memories of his abduction aboard an alien craft. He suddenly remembered fully the terrible game the aliens had forced him and six other captives to play wherein they mercilessly ground each others dismembered balls into mush.  Juan especially  remembered watching a hunky American man's bulging cheeks flatten while his own firm baby makers were squished like grapes between the man's teeth.  Juan instinctively reached for his crotch but to his horror found his arms were now immobile.  His legs were also now behind held in place and despite his thrashing, Juan couldn't move his arms or legs as if they were being tightly held down on the bed by bonds.

Juan cried out for help as the walls of the room gradually began to grow brighter and brighter until they flooded the entire space with a bright, white light as if he were in a greenhouse at midday.  With the lights on, Juan could see he was in a small room, no larger than ten foot by ten foot, with a low ceiling and stark white walls.  There were no visible doors, windows or light sources even though the room was now brightly lit.  Juan could look down at his body and see that despite his inability to move, there was ostensibly nothing holding his tan, toned body to the examination table style bed.  He was simply laying there naked and helpless, his rippled abs glistened slightly as he began to sweat.  The room was getting hotter.  Not uncomfortably so, but still warm enough to cause him to sweat and his almost perfectly round, already low hanging nuts to sag even lower in their sack.  He could feel them resting on the examination table between his legs, so vulnerable, but still somehow whole despite the abuse they had endured earlier... And that's when Juan realized, he had no idea of how much time had passed since he had first been abducted.  What other disturbing experiences had he been subjected to but couldn't remember?

There was no time for Juan to finish the thought when he saw something so strange happen he was - despite his fear - awestruck.  A doorway way that lead to a long white-walled hallway suddenly appeared along one of the exam room's walls. There was no sound, no hesitation, no machinery just part of a solid wall disappearing into thin air to reveal a doorway.  The hallway was much brighter than the exam room, forcing Juan to look away briefly to shield his eyes, which was all the time it took for an alien wearing a long flowing coat to enter the room which prompted the doorway to become solid wall again just as suddenly as it appeared.

This alien resembled the Scientist Juan had first encounter on the ship, only the Examiner was slightly shorter, though he was still well over six feet tall. Like the Scientist, the Examiner was wearing a floor length flowing cloak that shimmered eerily, but unlike the first alien Juan had scene, the Examiner's cloak was opened in the front revealing the creature's body and legs. Under the cloak, the examiner was wearing a tight fitting black shirt and plant pants that contrasted starkly with his white skin.  The examiner's piercing all-black eyes stared at Juan as he approached with an awkward gait, and Juan's eyes were fixated on the Examiner in a mix of fear and fascination.  Mounding pecs and a rippled stomach were visible under the shirt and the Examiner's legs were strong and muscular, an intimidating physique to be sure, but it was what was at the intersection of the Examiner's legs that made Juan's jag drop.  Clearly outlined were the bulges of what appeared to be three enormous testicles and one very fat cock that snaked halfway down the Examiner's leg, though for all Juan knew those bulges could have been caused by some strange alien organs that weren't sexual at all.

As he watched the Examiner cross the small room, Juan began to feel himself hoisted upward as the bed began to rotate until he was in a standing position. Despite the fact he was a few inches from the ground, some invisible force kept him pinned against the bed which was now perpendicular with the floor.  He was high enough off the ground that he was at eye level with the tall Examiner when he stopped, just inches from his face.  If it weren't for the fact that the Examiner's eyes were totally black, he would have just looked like a very tall, muscular human in need of a tan.  He had a handsome, albeit pale face and neatly styled black hair.

The two stared at each other for what felt like several minutes before the Examiner reached out and placed his hand on Juan's right pec.  The Examiner's hand was significantly warmer than a human's but the touch was thankfully quite gentle.  Juan breathed slowly trying not to go into a complete panic as the Examiner's large six fingered hand slowly ran down Juan's body caressing the terrified young man's fit upper body.  The contrast of the Examiner's pale white hand against Juan's flawless golden skin was striking.  The Examiner continued rubbing Juan's chest and abs as he extended his second hand and began massaging the inside of Juan's thighs.  Despite himself, Juan found himself starting to get aroused by the Examiner's expert rubbing and massaging of his body.  Juan couldn't help but imagine what kind of awesomely sculpted body was under the Examiner's clothes, especially the massive bulges in his pants.

"What.. what do you want?"  Juan got out as he felt the Examiner's hands brush against his dangling nut sack.

To Juan's surprise the Examiner smiled and blinked hard, opening his eyes to real that they now looked quite human.  They were violet surrounded by slightly bloodshot whites, not the all black mirror like surfaces they had been just a moment ago.  While the Examiner's hands began to fixate on Juan's tight Latin abs and his swinging baby makers, the Examiner's body began to gradually gain color until it looked like tanned Caucasian skin. The change was so gradual that at first Juan thought his eyes were playing tricks on him, and for all he knew these changes were nothing more than elaborate projections. Or maybe it was some natural ability the Examiner's species had.  Whatever it was, looking out at a ripped, handsome totally human-looking man smiling and rubbing his pecs and nuts was causing Juan's cock to stir.

Before long, Juan's eight in cock was sticking straight out, bumping into the Examiner's own hefty bulge as the alien drew even closer.  The Examiner smelled like a sweaty, human jock after a workout, just the thing to make Juan's cock start to leak.  The Examiner's hand was now wrapped around Juan's balls, squeezing gently as his other hand was stroking Juan's dick.  Despite the bizarre situation, Juan was incredibly aroused. The Examiner looked like a tall, hunky European human, complete with the smell and he was giving Juan a great hand job. Also, Juan's cock had been pressed in the Examiner's crotch for a moment and Juan could feel that the three huge lumps did indeed feel like giant balls.  Juan was panting as he looked at the buff, hot Examiner and could feel he was  about to shoot.

"You wanna' blow?"

The Examiner's violet eyes looked piercingly into Juan's.  Juan was struck at the alien's perfect, American Midwestern accent.

By now Juan's cock was slick with precum which the Examiner was using like lube, pumping the throbbing Latin fuck stick furiously with both hands.  Juan's breathing became heavy and his eyes rolled in his head as the Examiner pounded his cock so hard it made his large, bulbous nut sack ounce wildly.

"Oh.. oh shit!"

Juan moaned as his nuts rose slightly in the sack followed immediately by his cock squirting a massive rope of jizz that splattered the mound on the front of the Examiner's black pants.

"Oh yeah!"

The Examiner's perfect American English, gruff male voice coaxed the writhing Latin stud, continuing to pump Juan's dick as squirt after gooey squirt coated the front of the Examiner's pants with a sticky sheen of jizz.  Juan was still panting as the Examiner stepped back, rubbing his cum-soaked hands on his equally cum drenched pants.  Juan had unleashed what felt to be an unusually heavy load of cum and, to his amazement, he already felt like he needed to cum again.  The Examiner smiled and approached Juan again, barely touching the randy Brazilian's cock when it spewed again

"Oh fuck!"

Juan cried out in ecstasy as a dozen more thick ropes of semen splattered the Examiner's pants.  The Examiner smiled at Juan and blinked hard, revealing that the handsome violet eyes had again reverted to their natural icy black.  Juan was panting heavily as he felt yet another load building in his loins and watched as the Examiner's skin gradually shifted back to being pale white.  The Examiner was still as hunky as he'd been before, only now the color scheme was decidedly extra terrestrial.

To his confusion, Juan still felt like he needed to squirt a load despite the fact he had just blown two of the largest loads of his life...


Juan didn't even need the Examiner's expert touch to spew his third load, just as massive as the last two.  The Examiner looked on as Juan's spunk covered the front of his pants. The wetness was starting to make the fabric clingy and transparent and Juan could start to clearly see the definition of three grapefruit-sized nuts.

Just as quickly as the last load shot, Juan became aware of a tightening in his sack.  It wasn't painful per se, just an usual sensation of fullness, especially considering the massive amount of cum he had just shot.  The Examiner looked on as Juan's dick, still sticking out like a flag pole, throbbed with each heart beat.  Just the slight tugging his pulsing cock was giving to his swinging nuts was getting Juan horny again, though it wasn't a normal wave of hormones and pleasure it seemed almost forced....

"Oooh! Ooooh!"

Juan screamed in ecstasy as he shot out a load so powerfully it was actually painful.  The ropes made an audible splattering as it hit the Examiner's pants.  That's when Juan suddenly remembered the detail about this nightmare from earlier that had slipped away just as he awoke.  He was in the examination room, strapped to the table when the Examiner entered holding a long syringe filled with a clear fluid.  He remembered the Examiner plunging the needle into his ball sack and injecting them so full of liquid that he thought his scrotum was going to burst but, oddly enough , there was no pain or discomfort.  He only looked down in horror as the alien injected fluid into his sack, then turned curtly and walked away. The last image Juan had of the dream was of looking down over his rippling chest to see this balls were the size of grapefruit... then he passed out. What if that hadn't been a dream at all?

There was no time for Juan to process the thought as he felt his nuts tighten yet again.

"Oooooh!" Juan moan as another huge load of cum splattered the front of the Examiner's pants.

The load had just left Juan's cock when he already felt another building.

"What did you do to me? What's wrong with my balls---Oooh!"

Less than thirty seconds after his last load, another shot of cum was erupting from Juan's cock head.  The Latin stud's torso was starting to glisten with sweat as his muscles tensed under the nonstop orgasm.  Juan's head was so awash with pleasure he could barely think straight, his face contorted in a permanent look of sexual ecstasy and his dark eyes rolling uncontrollably.  It was as if he was experiencing the usually fleeting sensation of blowing a load that was lasting for several minutes.

For his part, the Examiner stood by observing the young human's throes of sexual ecstasy with muted fascination.

Juan blasted again, and again and again each load becoming slightly more clear but just as copious.  Juan's over working testicles continued to produce sperm at a totally unnatural rate and even though his orgasms were no more than sixty seconds apart it wasn't enough to relieve the growing pressure.  Juan's juiced up baby makers were working overtime, filling with sperm so quickly that the organs were starting to swell and stretch out his shaved sack.

"Oooh! Aaah!"

Juan screamed out as a load of ten ropes of pure seamen erupted from his worn out cock.  His throbbing dick was starting to hurt from the non stop shooting, but his nuts were still filling with cream.  Juan managed to look down in horror as his balls, now the size of oranges, bulged in his stretched out sack.  The skin was nearly translucent it was being stretched so tightly and the pain was unbearable, causing a confusing sensation as his brain was overwhelmed with ecstasy and excruciating pain at the same time.

"Please! Please stop!"

The pleas appeared to fall on deaf ears as the Examiner looked on coldly at the writhing stud in front of him.   Juan was going delirious as the pain of his swelling testicles started to cancel out any modicum of enjoyment his forced orgasms were bringing.  His cock was throbbing as sticky, clear sperm squirted out at regular intervals like a water gun.  The Examiner's pants were now totally soaked, allowing the slick fabric to clean to his crotch leaving no doubt that the bulges were indeed giant testicles.

Meanwhile Juan's testicles were getting bigger and bigger and he screamed in agony as he felt his stretched scrotum begin to tear apart.  The helpless abductee screamed in shock when he looked down to see trickles of blood appearing from the multiple places where is nut sack was literally being ripped open.


Even though he was gushing one-hundred percent pure, sticky sperm, it wasn't coming out fast enough to counter the freakish rate it was being produced.  Juan let out one final, scream then passed out.  His handsome face hung expressionless and his cock started to go soft as sperm oozed out like a faucet. Still his testicles continued to grow, ripping apart the taught bronze skin like dough that was being spread too thinly.

By the time Juan's testicles were the size of grapefruits his scrotum had been totally shredded apart, leaving his gigantic, grayish white testicles to swing freely between his tone legs.  The Examiner knelt down as if examining the delicate, veined appearance of the liberated testicles,which were still growing.  By now the membranes that wrapped the organ keeping its round shape were starting to be stretched to their breaking point.

Juan's dick continued pumping sperm, leaving literally billions of Juan's unborn kids in a huge puddle on the ground.  Then, with a quick gesture, the Examiner grasped the Latin's semi-erect cock at its base and gave it one quick devastating squeeze.  Juan moaned and his head rolled slightly as the Examiner successfully crushed the tubes that connected Juan's cock to his balls.

His cock gave one more spurt of jizz and then the flow went off.  Juan's testicles were producing sperm so quickly they were spasming and now they had no way to expel their pent up juices.  It took only a few more seconds before Juan's right testicle exploded violently resulting in a spray of nut guts and fresh sperm.  It looked like a sperm filled water balloon had burst.  His hot, golden brown abs and thighs were covered in sperm and the Examiner's pants seemed to be getting tighter as his eyes fixated on Juan's last ball.

His enormous left testicle hung on for nearly another minute before it exploded spectacularly in another sperm shower. The Examiner looked upon Juan, a gorgeous South American jock suspended in mid air with absolutely nothing between his legs but a broken cock and loosely attached shreds of flesh where his balls used to be.

Juan barely came to just long enough to see the Examiner appear to smile before mercifully passing out.

Friday, May 30, 2014


It was hot.  Even though the sun was just starting to disappear behind the canyon like wall of office buildings that surrounded the 19th century brick and masonry church nestled in the heart of the City, the temperature was still a balmy ninety degrees.  From the outside, the ornate little building, directly in the shadow of a soaring office tower, was a symbol of a quieter era frozen in time.  Inside, however, the usually quite church was awash with noisy activity.

Air that usually carried Catholic hymns was instead filled with nailing, hammering and the sound of heavy machinery as a work crew feverishly worked to get the church open for its grand reopening in just a few days.  The renovation had fallen woefully behind schedule and none felt the pressure more than thirty-four year old Jason, the foreman to the stone masons who were rebuilding a brick wall in the rear of the church.  Where there should have been a forty foot high stone wall was instead a wall that was fifteen feet in some sections and at most thirty in others encased in scaffolding.  The glittering twenty-first century downtown was visible from beyond the wall as if somehow had punched a huge hole into the side of the building.

"Let's get this finished!"

Jason was barking orders up to a crew of men thirty feet up who were laying out rows of granite stones the size of phone books on the cat walk. But instead of putting the bricks onto the wall, they were carefully removing them from the already-setting portion of the wall. The stones had been individually numbered when the wall was originally taken down and now, half way through the project, it was discovered that they were building the wall upside down.

The building wasn't air conditioned so Jason's white T-shirt clung to his sweaty, modest chest.  He wiped his shaggy blonde hair out of his hands, wrung them in frustration and then proceeded to climb up the scaffolding to the men's location.  He was wearing a hard hat, but in his haste had forgone a safety harness or even safety goggles.  His face was turning grey from plaster dust and his jeans which were already tight now felt even more restrictive as he made his way up the scaffolding.  That's when it happened.

At the fifteen foot mark, Jason's pant leg got stuck on an exposed bolt in the scaffolding frame and, when he tried to pull his leg away he became off balance.


The trip to the ground seemed instantaneous for Jason who had the wind knocked out of him as he landed.  He was laying flat on his back with a shooting pain in his chest and back.

"Don't move! Don't move! Back injury!"

A young mason who had been in the group Jason was trying to reach called down to his boss and Jason, who was in no condition to get up anyway, complied.  In their haste to get down to a still sprawled out Jason, one of the men kicked over a stack of four granite bricks from the catwalk.

Jason watched as if in slow motion as the heavy bricks came toward him. He covered his head instinctively with his crossed arms...


Jason blacked out immediately, not even screaming as the stones landed in rapid succession on the modest bulge at the intersection of his open legs. Even with his ears still ringing from the fall, right before he blacked out Jason clearly made out the internal echoing crunch of both of his balls and his dick bursting under the stone.  The stack of stones had landed with such force that Jason's pelvic bone was broken in three places, so there was absolutely nothing left of Jason's manhood except a memory.



Seventeen year old Doug and two other employees made his rounds around the small entertainment complex where he worked after school ushering frightened customers toward the door.  A freak summer storm had just passed over town and now the lights in the darkened arcade were flickering on and off.  Even though it was now bright and sunny outside, inside the arcade was nearly black except for the occasional burst of light and friendly electronic anthems that came out of arcade games that flickered to life for an instance before the power went out again.

"Are all the kids out of the ball pits?" he asked as a coworker passed him.

She nodded and made her way toward a crowd of people who were too scared to leave despite the all clear siren blaring outside.

Doug was nearly seven feet tall and lanky, easily towering over the mostly preteen customers around him.  Because of his height, buying pants with a proper inseam was always a chore and the khakis he was wearing that day were no exception.  They were so short, they ended well above his ankle and were too small in the waist as well, resulting in a pair of very tight pants.  His large oval testicles made an almost comical bulge in his pants, the outline of each clearly visible.

"I'm gonna' go check the batting cages again. I think I saw some kids going out there,"

The other coworker nodded at Doug's update as he made his way out to the batting cage area. The lanky teenager checked each stall using the light of his cellphone to make sure there weren't any mischievous kids hiding out.  The overhead lighting in the cage area was flickering and stayed on for only a few seconds at a time.  Doug nearly tripped over a hastily-thrown down baseball bat.

"Fucking kids!" he cursed to no one in particular as he got up.

His knees were dirty, his ankle felt twisted and, to his dismay, his shiny new Nokia Lumia phone had a large crack across the screen.  He frowned as he inspected the damage and had just tucked it back into his pocket when it began to ring.

"No, we're fine here."

It was Doug's manager calling to check on the situation and Doug assured him that other than a felled light in the parking lot and a few arcade games that appeared to have shorted during the power surges, everything in the store was fine.

"Great to hear! I'm watching the news and it looks bad over that way.  You guys just be careful, just lock up and go.  Don't even bother putting up closed signs,"

Doug chatted with his boss for a bit, absentmindedly walking toward the pitching machines.  His boss was going on about some kind of emergency response plan as Doug walked over a solid yellow line marked 'WARNING' that had been painted on the floor. The flickering lights and commotion from inside the arcade made it seem like he was in the middle of a post apocalyptic thriller.

"Okay Mr. Quigley, we shouldn't be too much longer...:"

By now Mr. Quigley was just talking in circles, apparently more shaken up about the brush with the tornado than people who were actually in the store.  Doug turned toward the doorway and saw one of his coworkers motioning for him to which he made a circle in the air with his finger -- acknowledged short hand for 'Mr. Quigley'. The coworker rolled her eyes and returned back into the darkened arcade.   Doug was trying to force an end to the conversation with Mr. Quigley with phrases like "Okay, I gotta' go now...:" and was about to simply hangup and blame it on poor reception when suddenly the batting area became extremely bright.

Although it wasn't actually any brighter than normal, the lights had been flickering in random patterns so long that having them all turn properly on was a shock to Doug's eyes.  The theme music to all of the popular arcade games could be heard coming from the arcade and some of the children actually cheered. And that's when it happened.

"Finally!"  Doug sighed just as his relief was interrupted by a booming male voice.

"Batter up!"

Doug, who had wandered to within three feet of the baseball pitching machine was startled at how loud the voice that announced the beginning of play actually was.  It always sounded so faint from the bating cages..


Without warning, the newly-revived pitching machines fired in unison as if the power had never gone out.  Doug didn't even realize what was happening when...


The machine directly in front of Doug shot out a baseball at near point-blank range that collided squarely with his bulging nuts.  Doug let out a howl and dropped to his knees clutching his crotch but it was too late.  His left nut had been totally annihilated, turned almost instantly into goo. His right had popped too, though not nearly as spectacularly as its twin.  The skinny kid writhed on the ground and wailed in falsetto as a bloody stain began to form in the crotch of his too-tight khakis.

Twenty-two year old Marshall whistled and winked at an attractive young blonde girl as she strutted passed him at the park.  It had been an abnormally cold winter and a cool spring, so when the forecast called for an unseasonably warm, sunny weekend, Marshall wasted no time organizing an impromptu cookout at the park.  The park was little more than an undeveloped field of weeks among the row upon row of housing projects, but it was park enough for Marshall and his homies. It was a cloudless bright afternoon and Marshall and two of his friends had fired up a small barbecue grill in the shade of a maple tree, almost exactly in the middle of the park.  All around them children ran around playing, old ladies briskly power walked and teenagers smoked and sipped vodka disguised as lemonade.

"Hey cutie..." the blonde girl smiled back before being visibly startled by barking.

Marshall's friend Taylor, a relatively short blonde teenager, struggled to restrain his dog Monster on an obviously too flimsy leash.  Monster was a rottweiler mix who stood nearly three feet on all fours with an enormous head, yet despite his viscous sounding barking his tail was wagging in playful excitement as he attempted to lay chase to the young woman.

The blonde recovered from her brief fright, smiled at Marshall and his friends again and jotted off to catch up to two other equally pretty young girls walking near by.

When she caught up with them, they all looked back at Marshall and his friends and winked, before laughing and going about their day.

"Eh, let 'em laugh, yo'. Dumb bitches,"  Marshall said laughing, just loud enough for the girls to over hear him.

Marshall was six foot of pure, gym conditioned muscle complete with a rippling set of abs, powerful looking arms and thick, meaty thighs.  He had hidden his physique under baggy sweaters and sweatpants all winter but now was showing off the fruits of his workouts wearing only a pair of baggy white athletic shorts that contrasted with his bronze skin.  Even though his knee-length running shorts were baggy Marshall's enormous package could be seen occasionally as a massive bulge whenever he turned his body a certain way.  Each of his hairy, sweating nuts was as large as a baseball and his cock was nine inches flaccid, though it was almost always hard due to his non stop hormones.

Marshall turned his attention back to the grill and his friends' banter, but never missing the opportunity to wink and nod at any hot girl who walked by.  He hadn't blown a load in nearly a week and he felt like his over full balls were going to burst.  His eyes landed on his buddy Chad's taught six pack abs and he suddenly had a vivid flashback to a night the previous summer when he and Chad had tag teamed a blonde bimbo all night long.  Marshall had blown multiple loads that night, including one that had inadvertently landed all over Chad's rugged face.  The three had been fucking so hard and in so many positions, Marshall couldn't remember exactly how Chad's face had ended up in the line of fire, but he remembered clearly how Chad had licked the thick cum rope off his lip and gave Marshall a wink... If he got any hornier - and the local girls continued to be non-receptive - Marshall wouldn't be opposed to chatting up Chad again and ending the night blowing his week-long load all over the muscle boy's face.

The thought of cumming, especially all over a closeted muscle hunk's face, was getting Marshall so excited that for a moment he started to slip on his grill master duties.

"Yo' wake up, dawg, you're burning the meat,"  one of Marshall's friends called out, snapping Marshall out of his day dream state.

"Eh', I got this,"

Monster barked loudly, his tail wagging like crazy and trails of drool forming from his mouth as he eyed the grill, Taylor seemingly using all his strength to constrain him. Marshall carefully turned all but one of the pieces of barbecue before using the tongs to grasp the last piece, a juicy sirloin, and flipping it dramatically into the air. His buddies laughed as the over-shot hunk of meat flew over Marshall's head, flopped over and came down with a wet splat that landed on Marshall's' chest. slid down to his crotch and finally landed at Marshall's feet.

"Goddam it!" Marshall said looking down at the large red patch of sauce and meat juices that now stained the front of his shorts.

"That's your piece, man. Tryin' to be fancy," someone joked.

"Yeah, yeah..."

Marshall bent down to retrieve the steak, hoping he could just brush off the grass and dirt and that's when it happened.


Taylor shouted at the animal as it broke free of his leash and lunged onto Marshall, who was still bent over.  The confused stud was knocked flat on his back, his beefy legs spread wide, and had barely registered what was happening before he felt a devastating, sharp pain from his loins.

Monster's huge jaws opened around the juice covered mound in Marshall's shorts and chomped.  Chad and Taylor watched in horror as Monster's pointy incisor sliced through Marshall's shorts and completely through his enormous left nut.

"Aaaaaah! Get'em off me! Get him off!""

Marshall flailed and succeeded in partially standing up.  A stunned Chad reached for Monster and attempted to pull him off of Marshall, not realizing that the dog had Marshall's meaty nut trapped in its jaws...


Marshall collapsed in agony as Monster pulled his neck back, stretching Marshall's nut to its breaking point.  The huge organ separated from Marshall's body with a disgusting ripping sound and stayed round for only a few seconds before Monster's jaws ground it into paste.  Monster and Chad fell backward as Marshall lay in the field clutching his bloody groin.

"Holy shit! Holy shit!"

Taylor was too stunned to even move as he watched Monster regain his footing, walk over Chad's body and lunge again at Marshall's crotch.  Marshall watched terrified as the dog's mouth compressed around his last nut.  He hysterically punched at the dog's face and pleaded for help from Chad, who was again trying to pry the dog off, and Taylor who was still too stunned to move.

Marshall's right ball was trapped in Monster's molars and was being compressed flatter and flatter by the unbearable pressure.

"Oh God!"

Marshall knew his ball was about to burst like a cherry tomato inside the dog's mouth and despite his and Chad's muscles there was apparently nothing they could do about it.


Marshall's ball was being pressed flatter and flatter... and flatter and flatter.  His enormous, sperm filled nut was nearly about to burst when Monster abruptly loosed his grip on the meaty treat.  For a split second Marshall thought he was going to be spared before...


In one mighty chomp, Monster's jaws closed so hard and so fast around the already batterd, baseball sized nut that it exploded, sending chunks of nut meat splattering his rippled abs.  Marshall let out an unearthly shriek and passed out, but Monster wasn't finished.

"Help me!" Chad, whose taught muscles were useless against the crazed animal, pleaded with Taylor.

Monster bit again into Marshall's bloody crotch, his fangs piercing Marshall's limp, thick cock over and over until chunks of it started to disapear down Monster's throat.  It had been only a matter of seconds since Monster had initially knocked Marshall over, but for the horrified young men it felt like ages.  It was all the time Monster needed to turn Marshall's pornographically huge package into shredded gore and dog food.


Chad fell backward, having finally pulled Monster off of his friend.  Monster's tail was no longer wagging as he gulped down a chunk of Marshall's mutilated cock.  The heavy animal was now resting on Chad's chest, his massive head and jaws, still dripping with Marshall's blood, were poised to strike the young muscle hunk's own mounding crotch.

Monster licked his chops before burying his head into Chad's ample manhood.

Chad wailed, desperately trying to get the heavy animal off of him and Taylor threw up as Monster turned Chad's equally impressive balls and cock into unrecognizable, chewed and shredded meat.


Friday, May 9, 2014

Brotherly Nut Roast

Despite his mother's shrill squeals of joy, thirty year old Logan Witler couldn't even feign a smile as he stood behind her in the open doorway. Standing on the other side with a wide grin on his face was Tanner, Logan's younger brother, home for a month during summer break before flying for a yearlong internship. At six foot, nine inches tall, Tanner was a full foot taller than his older brother. His slim athletic frame was hugged by a form flattering Emporio Armani suit and a royal purple tie that so perfectly bought out the color of his violet eyes it looked tailor made. Indeed, like Tanner himself, the ensemble exuded confidence and prestige and was in stark contrast to the sweat pants and T-shirt Logan was wearing.

As mother and son hugged and chatted rapidly as if they hadn't seen each other in years, Logan stood by literally twiddling his thumbs, waiting for the two to remember he was still there.

“Don't just stand there, Logan. Help your brother with his bags.” their mother instructed as she ushered Tanner through to the drawing room.

Logan knew his mother meant no offense, but he couldn't help but be annoyed at her dismissive tone as if Tanner was the center or some well-dressed universe. Regardless, he picked up both of his brother's suitcases and carried them into the house.

Despite their icy history, there was a relative peace among the Witler sons for the first full week of Tanner's visit. The fact that the home's palatial size made it easy to avoid unplanned run-ins kept Tanner and Logan's interactions to a minimum, only sharing dinners their mother had prepared from scratch and served on her finest dishes. The sit down family meals were a departure from the usual routine of Mrs. Witler and Logan ordering take out and eating in front of the television.

By the second week, the implicit truce was broken and Tanner routinely dropped barbs about Logan's prolonged unemployment, whilst he was on his way to jet set for a posh internship in the land down under. Despite the fact that the basement apartment of Witler Manor rivaled anything Logan could have found in the city, it was still the basement of his mother's house, a stark reminder that he was being left further and further behind by an economic recovery that had been so generous to Tanner.

It was a Sunday evening after dinner and Logan was hunched over a table in the manor's stately drawing room. In front of him were several lengths of wire, a soldering gun, circuit boards and technical diagrams.

“What are you doing?”

Tanner's booming voice rang out distracting Logan from his papers.

He looked up and rolled his eyes at his brother as he approached.

“You know all this tinkering isn't going to get you a job. When are you gonna' stop mooching mom and...”

“I'm not tinkering. I'd explain it to you but you wouldn't understand, dumb ass.”

Logan spat, not even letting his bother begin one of his self-righteous speeches.

“Funny, looks like tinkering to me. Why else would an electrical engineer have so much trouble finding another job? And when's the last time you took a shower? Isn't that the same outfit you were wearing yesterday?”

Tanner knew Logan wasn't wearing the same clothes from the day before, but used the comment as a way to insulting compare Logan's baggy jeans and hoodie to his more elegant formal attire.

Logan scoffed.

“This isn't Downton Abbey, you pompous little prick. Who the hell changes for dinner at home anymore?”

“People with class. Hell, you could at least put on something that fits.”

Logan could feel his face getting flushed as he held back from engaging his brother in a tit for tat exchange of insults that could go on all night. Besides, Logan had to admit, by all of the shallow markers of success Tanner measured others by, Tanner won hands down. Although Tanner and Logan looked strikingly similar in the face, Tanner's taller, more athletic build made him overall much more attractive. Everything about Tanner's appearance was more refined and poised than his brother. 

Tanner had always been the more gregarious, confident brother, viewing Logan as an overweight nerd who could never compete on his level. But like most of Tanner's world view, his impression of Logan was incorrect. At five foot nine-inches, one-hundred seventy pounds Logan was not overweight, though he liked the defined musculature and athleticism of his younger brother. And Logan was not just some depressed nerd, he was an accomplished engineer whose company's scandalous bankruptcy had left him and dozens of colleagues wrapped in stigma.

“Look, what do you want, Tanner?”

Logan asked, sounding quite polite despite the fact his brother was still laying on childish insults.

“Where are the keys to the Carerra?”

“That's my car...”

“Actually, it's mom's car and she said I could borrow it. Now the keys, hand them over.”

Logan grudgingly handed over the keys, instantly causing a shit faced grin to spread over Tanner's face. There were six cars parked in the garage, a veritable showroom of high end sedans any one of which would have met Tanner's high standards. Logan knew Tanner had singled out the Porsche Carrera simply because Logan's car in every aspect except for it was his mother's name, and not his, on the title. It was another way for Tanner to rub in the fact that Logan was a failure.

For his part, Logan dismissed Tanner's weak attempt to insult him and went on about this business until the next day. His widowed mother relied on him to do the 'manly' chores around the house, which included servicing the garage full of vehicles. It was just after lunch time and Logan had finished changing the oil and checking the brakes of every one of the Witler's cars except for the Porsche and to his dismay the door was locked. He had hoped to avoid having to face the awkward situation of having to ask for his own car keys back from his entitled brother, but now here he needed the keys back. He had hoped Tanner would just leave them on the counter, but no such luck.

Logan, his white T-shirt stained with grease, looked quite out of place as he made his way through the manner, through the drawing room, to the doorway of Tanner's bedroom. He was about to simply barge in when he was stopped by the sounds of moaning coming from the slightly cracked open door.

Logan peaked his head around the corner slowly, and instantly recoiled at the site. His jock of a brother was totally naked, lying on his back stroking his cock with both hands. The moaning he had heard was the sound of a porno the randy young man was watching on his giant screen television.

Logan was embarrassed and slightly disgusted by what he had almost walked in on, but a teenage-like mischievous thought came over him as he stood just behind the door.


The sound of Tanner's furious, heavily lubed stroking was audible even over the TV and his heavy breathing made it obvious he was close to shooting his load.

“Oh yeah,” Tanner moaned, feeling his nuts tighten as they prepared to blow their pent up load.

Tanner took one hand off his cock in order to rub it over his washboard abs and play with his nipples. He hadn't cum since he'd arrived at the house and was ready to unleash the flood gates...

Logan placed a hand gently on the back side of the door in preparation...

“Oh! OH SHIT!”

Tanner's voice cracked slightly as he moaned in ecstasy, his entire body writhing like a fish out of water as if he was unable to comprehend the waves of pleasure coming from his loins. The first rope of cum overshot Tanner's head, landing with a splat on the headboard. The second equally thick rope had just launched when Logan threw open the door and feigned surprise at the scene. To Logan's befuddlement, Tanner didn't race to cover himself or act embarrassed in any way. Instead Tanner winked and continued stroking his cock as spurt after powerful spurt painted his face, hair and washboard abs. His hefty nuts contracted with each blast and his equally impressive ten inch cock stayed rock hard.

After the orgasm had subsided, Tanner's upper body resembled a glazed doughnut and there was a look of cocky self-satisfaction on his handsome face. Tanner knew he was a sexy piece of work, and instead of being embarrassed at the prospect of being watched by his brother, he took it as just another opportunity to show off his tight body, porn star quality genitals and load.

"Mmm. Bet you wish you could do it like that, don't ya'? Tanner asked with a tone dripping with cockiness.

Logan rolled his eyes, turning away as Tanner rubbed a hand over his cum coated abs. The sheen only accentuated his truly impressive, rippled stomach.

"I need the car keys, man," Logan huffed disappointed that Tanner had turned what would have been a mortifying experience for anyone else was taken with complete stride by his brother.

Tanner rolled his eyes, rolled over to the night stand and grabbed the keys.


Without thinking, Logan reached for and caught the keys, holding them just for a moment before dropping the cum covered keys in disgust. Tanner laughed hysterically as his older brother wiped his hands on his grease stained shirt and left the bedroom without even bothering for the keys. As he made his way back through the house, Logan couldn't help but compare the size of Tanner's massive, thick equipment to his own much more modest manhood. Yet another thing for Tanner to hold over him, he lamented.

The following week was spent with Tanner bringing home a different girl from the club each night. He would come in well after his mother had gone to bed and show them around the stately manor and brag shamelessly about himself and his family. Where others fondled and kissed for foreplay, Tanner basked in his own self-importance, which was only reaffirmed by having a runway model caliber woman on his arm. And the tours always included passing through whichever room Logan happened to be in at the time, rubbing in the fact that he was with a beautiful woman about to unleash his porn star sized cock on her whilst Logan was reading alone in the study nor engaged in some other less than noteworthy activity.

It was a week to the day after Logan's botched attempt to embarrass his bother and he was snuggled up on his apartment's couch with his Kindle. He didn't remember the exact time he nodded off, but remembered precisely when he awoke.

"And this used to be a series of cisterns when the manor was built in 1870. My grandfather, you may know of him, Lord Travis Witler, turned it into a wine cellar in the 1980's..."

Without so much as knocking, Travis had led this night's date down into the manner's basement level apartment to show it off. At first the woman and Tanner didn't seem to notice Logan who was lying on the couch with his eyes closed, although now very much awake.

"...and my father and I converted it into an apartment the summer before I left for Oxford. It's interesting..."

"Logan?" the woman, an attractive, perfectly proportioned blonde interrupted Tanner's speech.

Logan sat upright, and then bolted to his feet when he saw who was standing before him.

"Miranda? Miranda! Hi!" he said, his voice heavy and groggy despite his best effort to put on a friendly face.

Tanner was dumbstruck that his loser brother was on a first name basis with a woman who was, literally, a fashion model. For the first time ever, Logan saw Tanner's perfectly disciplined air of control and confidence waiver as his perpetually coy smile slipped for a microsecond into blank confusion. Miranda, for her part, didn't notice the slip as she reached out to hug Logan. Logan, meanwhile had extended his hand for a handshake. Miranda, adjusted and extended her arm as well just as Logan had leaned in for a hug. Then, finally, they awkwardly shook hands and smiled politely at each other.

Miranda was in a burgundy Louis Vuitton dress with a stunning up-do and flawless makeup. Tanner, even Logan had to acknowledge, looked sharp and sexy in his form flattering suit and slicked black hair. And then there was Logan, a middle aged man in a plain black t-shirt, loose running shorts and sleep in his eyes from sleeping in his mom's basement. Tanner had succeeded in making Logan feel perfectly out of place in his own home.

Miranda and Logan smiled at each other and were just about to engage in insincere pleasantries when Tanner motioned that they should head back upstairs. Logan stood silently for a while contemplating things. He knew that at that very moment Tanner was probably fucking his ex-girlfriend, who had just caught him sleeping on a basement couch a far departure from his huge condo they had briefly shared when they were together. His contemplation drifted into self pity, but he stopped himself from feeling too sorry for himself considering he lived in a mansion and drove a Porsche. He then drifted into retrospection; what might have happened had he taken that job at a competitor before his former company imploded. What if he had had the self confidence to make it work with Miranda? What if he had been more like Tanner? 

Tanner was always so poise and collected he would probably greet the Apocalypse with a coy smile, carrying on his business as if there were no doubt he'd survive unscathed. Yes, Tanner certainly seemed to have it all.

Miranda made several more visits to the Witler manor in the following days and Logan was confident Tanner was parading her around simply to toy with him.

One evening while Tanner fussed with his bow tie in front of a hall mirror, Logan walked up and asked with uncharacteristic bluntness.

"So what's the deal with you and Miranda anyway?'

Tanner gave his tie a final adjustment and turned toward his brother, making a point to lower his head slightly to accentuate the height difference.

"Oh. Nothing's going on, she just can't get enough of this quality dick,"

He laughed and grabbed his crotch with his hands, squeezing his balls and cock so that their outline was clearly visible through his trousers. Even flaccid, Tanner's cock was thick and his balls looked even bigger behind fabric than they had in person.

"You know what they say. Once you go Tanner Witler you wonder what the fuck you were ever doing with some moron named Logan."

Tanner wasn't given the opportunity to chortle at his own stupid joke before he was doubled over in pain. An enraged Logan had planted his fit firmly into the still bulging outline of Tanner's baby makers in his slacks. Logan could feel his fist sinking into the surprisingly soft organs and knew he had scored a devastating hit.


Tanner dropped to his knees clutching his crotch, his eyes tightly closed and a tear rolling out of the corner of his right eye. Logan started laughing hysterically at what he presumed to be Tanner's signature theatrics. But he soon realized his little brother was in real pain.

"Oh come on, Tan. I barely touched you,"

"Fuck you, fat ass!"

Tanner spat the words with another rare breakdown of composure as he slowly stood upright and resumed adjusting his outfit in front of the mirror. He gave Logan a dismissive hand gesture and walked away without saying another word. As Logan crossed the great hall leading back to his apartment door, was struck by an idea as if by divine intervention. He smiled darkly as he sat at his desk and began putting his idea down on paper.

Over the next week, Logan gave no clue of what devious plan he had in store for his brother. The first part of the plan was to get Mrs. Witler out of the house for a few days, which Logan was able to do after talking her into heading into the city for a few weeks for vacation. Next, he had to build a working model of his machine, the idea for which had sprung from a dark corner of his imagination he didn't know he possessed but was nonetheless pleased he'd tapped into. The last and most important part was to give Tanner absolutely no idea that anything was amiss, which wasn't particularly hard considering Tanner barely registered Logan's existence when he wasn't directly in front of him.

It was Thursday night and like clockwork Tanner was emerging from the home's gym at precisely 6:30 PM. His white A-shirt clung to his sweaty, muscular torso and his Lycra running shorts left absolutely nothing to the imagination. The outline of each nut and his fat cock was clearly visible between his legs as he made his way to the kitchen for his post work out protein shake. That's when Logan intercepted him holding a cocktail glass.

"What is this?" Tanner asked as he took the glass.

"Just a martini. Feeling kinda' down and figured I'd see if a little self-medication would help."

"Couldn't hurt, bro." Tanner said smiling, downing the nearly full glass like a shot.

Logan smiled slyly as he poured Tanner another drink whilst starting to drink his own. Even after an intense workout, Tanner still managed to look like he had just walked of the set of a photo shoot. Even though he was still winded and red in the face, he was still breathtakingly handsome; his hair looked like it had just been styled despite the sweat beading on his forehead. Tanner managed to make tired and sweaty look sexy and cool. Although he tried to downplay it with the cut of his suits, Tanner's arms were starting to get quite large and muscular, as were his thighs and calves. His daily workouts were paying off with vigor and over the course of the summer he had evolved from tall, svelte and ripped to tall, muscular and hunky. It was no wonder he attracted woman like moths to a very bright flame.

"Thank you, Logan."

Tanner said smiling sincerely as he set the glass on the counter.

"Hey, Tan. I have a question for ya'. How do you feel?"

Tanner was obviously confused by the question and was about to say so when he suddenly felt a rush of extreme fatigue and confusion.

"I feel... um. I don't....feel very well."

Logan took a step toward his hulking brother and caught him as he lost his balance.

"Oh yeah. Probably should've said something earlier. Those martinis had a little extra kick." Logan laughed accentuating the 'K' sound.

Tanner held on to his brother for support as another wave of confusion washed over him. Logan tried to ignore his brother's sweaty, masculine scent and the feeling of his wet skin against his as he slowly laid Tanner on the ground.

"It's okay, Tanner. Just a little Vitamin K,"

"Ketamine? Logan... why? I don't understand..." Tanner said with a goofy grin of complete unawareness on his face, his eyes glazed over as he started to black out.

Tanner babbled unintelligibly at a whisper for nearly another minute before finally passing out. He snored loudly as Logan struggled to lift and then carry his brother's extremely dense, heavy dead weight.

Tanner came too slowly, instantly recognizing where he was. He was in Logan's apartment, standing in the middle of the main room. He was confused how he had been standing yet passed out, but quickly realized that he was being held in place by his arms being suspended above him by ropes secured to huge eye bolts in the ceiling. He attempted to take a step only to find that his legs were bound at the ankles with more rope that was secured to anchors that had been driven into the oak floors. As if the situation wasn't bizarre enough, the most unsettling thing was that his legs were spread almost as wide as they could stretch and because of the tight binding around his feet, he couldn't close them no matter how hard he pulled.

"Help! Help!" he shouted as a burst of adrenaline bought him further out of his drug induced stupor.

Logan emerged from a side room carrying a car battery and a duffle bag. Logan had to admire his brother's truly beautiful body, now devoid of a shirt but still wearing his tight running shorts. Tanner's futile thrashing only made his tightly constrained body glisten and his muscles flex and look even more sculpted. Logan, still expressionless, put down the battery and bag near Tanner's feet then turned to face him. Despite the fact he had to tilt his head up slightly to make eye contact with his much taller sibling, Logan felt vastly superior at that moment.

"Hmm. Look at those muscles,"

Logan extended his index finger and placed it on one of Tanner's firm pecs. He could feel his scared little brother's heart pounding despite the fact he had stopped struggling and was putting on a face of poised resolve.

"What the hell, man"

"Tan. I gotta' say, no wonder you get women left and right. This is like a washboard,"

Logan ran his finger slowly down his brothers taught abs, rubbing over each solidly defined and rock hard ab. Although he felt extremely weird about treating his brother's body like a sex object, the satisfaction he got in knowing he was -- for once -- making Tanner feel like he was no longer in control was worth it.

"Logan. Logan, man, what are you doing?"

"Oh, I'm just checking out all this muscle. All this masculinity you're always flaunting."

Tanner was talking controlled, measured breaths, trying not to panic as Logan's large hand now rubbed up and down his rock hard abs, then squeezed his biceps.

"Logan! Please, I'm scared now. Happy?"

Tanner wasn't sure what Logan was playing at, but it seemed as if he was about to be the victim of a sick incestuous rape.

"Hmm. What do we have here?" Logan said as his hand ran down Tanner's abs again.

Only this time he didn't stop at the waist band of Tanner's shorts, he kept going until his hand was covering the ridiculously huge mound at the crotch. Tanner winced as Logan applied slight pressure to the mound, feeling the distinct outline of each nut as they flattened slightly. Tanner yelped as Logan increased the pressure ever slightly and Logan smiled in delight as he backed off the pressure. Logan had barely been touching Tanner and was already about to make the cocky stud cry. He couldn't wait until they got to the main event.

"You think you're so tough, sleeping with whoever the hell you want. Flaunting all of this,"

Logan said scathingly as he eyed his brother up and down.

"But what if deflated some of that ego a bit,"

Tanner had barely comprehended the words before he screamed in shock and pain. Logan had slammed his fist full force directly into Tanner's left nut. Tanner's brain was still processing the horrendous pain when his right nut erupted into unbearable agony.

Left, right, left right.

Taking up a boxer's stance, Logan was unleashing full force punches into Tanner's sack, alternating between striking the left ball, then the right. The Lycra was keeping Tanner's big ball perfectly in the line of site and his restraints kept his legs spread and crotch open for attack.

"Please! Please!" Tanner was hysterical.

He was pissing on himself as Logan's fist sank into his screaming nuts. The abuse continued for almost five minutes and would have gone longer if Logan hadn't needed to step out of the way from Tanner dry heaving in agony. By then, Tanner was hoarse from screaming and his eyes were blood shot from crying.

"Please! Logan! Please!"

Logan stood back to admire his handiwork. In less than ten minutes he had reduced this arrogant, beefy jock into a blubbering mass of muscle pissing on himself and crying. He could only imagine the looks Tanner would have gotten if his fraternity brothers or the legion of women admires he kept around had seen him in that condition. Logan ignored Tanner's pleas and fetched a pair of scissors from the bag. He stood close to Tanner and ran the scissors so that the sharp point ran over his rippled stomach, much like his finger had done earlier, and then positioned the point directly over Tanner's quivering left nut.

Tanner screamed and struggled when he realized the mortal danger his nut was in.

"No! Logan! Logan, don't... Aaaah!"

Logan pressed the point firmly into the spandex-trapped organ, smiling as he felt the sharp point flattening the ball. It seemed as if any moment the scissor tip was going to puncture into Tanner's nut.

Logan was getting high off the power he had over the much bigger man. He could have easily jammed the scissors forward, puncturing Tanner's beefy nut like a pincushion. The fate of Tanner's nut, the center of his well choreographed manly persona, was literally in Logan's hands and the temptation to plunge the scissors into Tanner's nut was almost undeniable. Tanner screamed as Logan absent mindedly pushed the scissor point in even further.


Logan withdrew the scissors and proceeded to use them to cut the Lycra shorts off and to Tanner's relief, Logan tossed the scissors across the room along with the ruined shorts.

Tanner's face, neck and pecs flushed red with embarrassment, perhaps one of the only times Tanner had ever experienced the emotion. His huge nuts were swollen and red from the earlier beating, but were starting to sag lower and lower after having been trapped in the tight underwear for hours. His cock was totally limp, an inch long stump nearly as thick as a beer bottle. Logan grabbed Tanner's hanging nutsack, grabbing one nut in each hand and started to squeeze. Despite their titanic size, Tanner's nuts were very squishy, barely resisting deformation until they were compressed nearly flat. At that thickness, they became extremely firm, like two overcooked meat patties, and firmly resisted any more flattening... for now. But that didn't stop Logan from trying. He biceps flexed in effort as he mustered every bit of strength he had into crushing 
Tanner's balls.

Tanner couldn’t even scream the pain was so outrageous. Logan actually laughed at his brother's sobbing as he let Tanner's swelling, hanging left nut rest in the palm of his hand. He balled up the opposite fist and took pleasure aiming at the ball trapped in his palm...



Tanner entered a state midway between consciousness and blacked out, his tone body hanging helplessly from the ceiling, as Logan mercilessly plunged his fist over and over into Tanner's battered nut. Logan could feel the ball being crushed against his palm and knew he was inflicting serious damage the young man's sex life, but didn't care. Logan looked upon the scene and smiled as he ignored the tortured stud for now and got to work constructing his macabre contraption.

Tanner couldn't be certain how much time had passed since he had blacked out but awoke to find he was still suspended from the ceiling. At first Tanner was too groggy to fully recall where he was, but as soon as he saw Logan standing before him, he was filled with an emotion no one had ever elicited in him before; terror. Tanner screamed in horror and begged to be let go, his well-defined muscles glistening in sweat. Logan smiled in self-satisfaction at how he, a gimpy engineer, had so totally dominated the perfectly sculpted hunk. In his panic, Tanner at first didn't notice the strange tugging sensation on his nut sack, but became acutely aware of it after Logan grabbed his right nut between his thumb and index finger and gave the collapsing organ a quick, devastating squeeze.

Tanner let out a high pitched yelp as he looked down to see that Logan had used several tight rubber rings tied around the base of his nutsack to stretch it outward. The grotesque noose ran from the base of Tanner's nuts to his balls, now bulging at the bottom of the sack six inches away from his body. The setup made Tanner's already large nuts look even more enormous as they bulged so obscenely against the skin of his scrotum it looked like they would burst out at the slightest touch. Tanner's eyes bugged out at the site and he was so fixated at his ridiculously vulnerable manhood that he almost didn't notice the metal ring that Logan had placed around his bulging nuts.

At Tanner's feet was a wooden block with a metal rod sticking up that terminated at a metal ring. The ring was just slightly larger around than his genitals with just a quarter inch of clearance all around. There was a cable running from the box to the car battery from earlier and another cord attached to the box was wrapped in a tight coil near his feet.

"What do you want? Please stop!"

Logan was too far along to stop now, so reached for his duffle bag and pulled out a bottle of pinkish liquid and proceeded to squeeze a large quantity onto Tanner's bloated nuts. The substance had a peculiar odor Tanner didn’t recognize and a strange viscosity that he had never felt before. It almost felt like lube but was grittier and less flowing.

"Don't worry, little bro, just an electrical conducting gel."

Tanner was confused and frightened but didn't have time to process anything before Logan reached for the coiled cable and held up the end so that Tanner could see there was an exposed loop of what appeared to be extremely thin wire.

"Wha... what is that?"

Tanner was again ignored as Logan wrapped the loop around the midsection of his flaccid penis.

"Ya' see, Tan. You think you're such a big man and you know what? You're right? Your dick is so big and hard that I bet it can probably get hard and thick enough to break that weak little ring I just put around it."

Logan smiled broadly as he knelt down to turn a switch on the wooden box. To Tanner's confusion, nothing happened.

Logan could sense Tanner's moment of relief and smiled.

"The loop is a switch. When your big hard dick breaks it, it'll open a circuit that connects that battery to this ring," Logan finished tapping on the metal ring that circled Tanner's nuts.

That's when Tanner instantly knew why his brother had doused his balls with electrical conducting gel; he was going to fry them!

"No! No don't..."

"Don't what? It's your big fat dong that's going to turn the machine on. If you can keep your dick in your pants, so to speak, the loop won't break and your nuts won't get roasted. But I'm thinking a horny jock like you is probably just dying to pop a load."

Logan reached for two more items duffle bag, a battery operated vibrating butt plug and a high end water based lubricant, Tanner's lube of choice. Logan lubed up the rather large plug and positioned it at Tanner's puckered asshole. The totally straight jock knew he was about to be violated despite his pleading...

"Oh God!" he screamed as Logan rammed the plug in with one thrust.

Despite the unfamiliar sensation of having something up his ass, Tanner found himself getting aroused as the plug vibrated and massaged his prostate. To his horror, it only took a minute for his cock to start to respond. Logan watched as Tanner's cock began to swell. It was 6" long and still growing when Logan squirted a copious amount of lube on his hand, looked into his brother's eyes and grabbed his cock.

Tanner couldn't believe what was happening. Despite the fact he was disgusted by the incestuous hand job, his cock continued to grow...


Soon Tanner's cock had grown to its full ten inch length and was starting to swell and become thicker. Meanwhile, the butt plug was doing its job as the prostate massage it was giving the horned up jock was making Tanner's eyes roll back in his head from pleasure. Logan watched as Tanner's swelling cock started to stretch and pull at the loop that was wrapped around it and Tanner could feel the loop pressing into the skin of his dong. It was already extremely tight and he knew it was going to snap any second... and he also knew his bull cock was still going to get thicker still if Logan kept it up.


"Oooh! Logan... ooooh.... please stop! You're gonna' make me.... ooooh!"

Despite being in an absolute panic, Tanner's body was switching into auto pilot has his cock got harder and thicker. By now Logan had to pump Tanner's huge cock with both hands and was amazed at how thick it was getting. Tanner could feel the loop tighten around his cock...

"Please! Ooooh!"

Logan knew precisely how much stress the loop could take before it snapped and knew Tanner's cock was just seconds away from swelling to critical mass.

"See big man. If you weren't such a fucking stud you wouldn't have anything to worry around..."

Tanner closed his eyes and cried, begging his brother to stop but he could feel that the expert hand job and amazing prostate massage was about to make him spew one of his signature splattering loads.

The loop was getting tighter and tighter, digging into Tanner's beautiful cock. How much tighter could it get before it snapped?

"Oh yeah! Look at that big manly cock. So thick, better hope it doesn't..."


The thin metal loop snapped with a hallow pinging sound. Tanner's eyes opened wide in terror...

"No! Noooooo!"

While Logan continued to stroke his brother's massive tool, tiny archs of electricity began to bridge the gap between the ring and his trapped nuts. Tanner howled as he felt his young nuts getting roasted and despite the situation his about-to-spurt cock stayed hard.


Tanner's balls were turning bright red, then purple as the constant stream of electricity continued. His cock was starting to deflate, but his twelve pack abs were on full display as his body tensed from the unbearable pain. Logan let go of Tanner's cock and stepped back to enjoy the show. Tanner's balls were heating up from the surge of electricity and could be seen starting to jiggle in their sack as the shocks caused them to spasm. Then there was the smell of burning flesh as Tanner's roasting balls transitioned from burgundy to purple.

"Ooooh! Aaah!"

Tanner was beyond himself as he felt his nuts being burned to a crisp. Meanwhile, the vibrator was continuing to massage his prostate and the overwhelming sensation from his loins from the electricity was too much...


Tanner's now half-deflated cock spewed a dozen shots that landed with wet splats all over the basement floor. But the battery just continued pumping unbearable amounts of power into his fragile nutsack. Tanner's beefy nuts were now turning purplish-black and were smoking. Logan knew any chance of his brother having kids was lowering every second...

"Uh oh! Looks like someone's dick got too big," Logan pretended to wipe tears from his eyes in mock sympathy.


Tanner's nuts were roasting in their sack. Any sperm that hadn't just been shot all over the floor was being rendered sterile by the intense current. Tanner passed out as his smoking nuts turned black and trickles of blood began to appear. Logan just stood back and watched the total destruction of Tanner's enormous balls. After ten minutes Tanner's ball sack spontaneously erupted into flame, to Logan's delight. For a moment, Logan contemplated letting the fire burn uninterrupted, but he didn't want to risk burning the manor down, so he quickly deactivated the device grabbed a pillow and beat it into Tanner to muffle the small flames. While the air was still heavy with smoke, Logan removed the ring so he could observe the results of his time with Tanner. He grabbed his brother's bloodied, blistered ball sack in his hands and squeezed.


Tanner's fried left nut imploded at the slight squeeze. Logan smiled as continued to squeeze Tanner's sack for several minutes. Alas, although he was sure Tanner's last nut had been sterilized, he couldn't quite get the ball to pop in his hand. He took a few steps back to admire Tanner's hulking, muscular frame suspended from the ceiling. He was a paradigm of the male form, perfect abs, powerful legs, strong arms, mounding pecs, a thick fat cock and a handsome face. In every respect Tanner truly was an alpha male... except for the charred, flattened mess hanging between his legs.

Logan pondered what Tanner’s life might be like now that he wouldn't have the balls -- literally -- to keep on being the same arrogant prick he'd always been....

Not my problem, he thought.