These stories are entirely works of fantasy fiction. Please do not act anything on this blog out. Doing so would be extremely dangerous.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Carnival Carnage

Three football players stood side by side, their legs forced apart with a spreader bar tied at their ankles and their arms tied behind their backs. They were affixed to wooden posts mounted securely to the ground. All of the young men were gagged but all of them were smiling and in good spirits despite their situation. It was the annual student body carnival at their prestigious all boys college and they had volunteered for the 'Make the Jock Sing Soprano' booth setup by the football team

The sun shone down brightly on the scattered booths and attractions at the carnival, causing the three trapped jocks to sweat, their fit young bodies glistening with sweat. All three were wearing only tight fitting, white boxer brief underwear that left little to the imagination.

Patrick was the youngest at nineteen, a freshman on the team with a mess of shaggy blond hair topping out his athletic five foot nine frame. He was built for running, so lacked the bulging muscles of the other two, but his twelve-pack, rippling abs and toned biceps still glistened invitingly in the sun as a goofy smile was plastered over his face. Next to him was Darius, a junior, a handsome dark skinned line backer who was only slightly taller than Patrick but easily twice the weight and filled out with hulking, powerfully cut muscles. An almost unrealistically large bulge protruded from the intersection of this thick, muscular legs, the snaking outline of a donkey-like penis inching down his leg. Earlier in the day passerbys had questioned if it was real and the ring master pulled down Darius' shorts to reveal two quite real enormous, black balls. Last was Travis, a boyishly handsome shaved haired senior. Travis was the tallest of the three at just over six foot, and had a similar build as Patrick -- muscular, extremely well-defined but not hulking. A fiery red goatee gave a splash of color to his otherwise pale face and a trail of thick, curly red hair lead from his mounding pecs down his washboard stomach, disappearing into his shorts. Travis made a point of parading around the locker room naked to show off his huge testicles which hung nearly six inches. His large nuts made for a hefty bulge that rivaled Darius'.

The Ring Master, a fellow footballer dressed in a stripped shirt and large straw hat, rang a bell and shouted to the passing crowd.

"Step right up! Step right up! Have a chance to make these jocks sing soprano!"

The three bound jocks giggled.

A short, Asian student all three instantly recognized as a nerdy though popular sophomore stepped up and handed the Ring Master his money. The Ring Master handed the young man three softball-sized orange rubber balls and stepped aside. A line had been drawn in the sand several yards away, the closest a contestant could stand, and the Asian took his place right on the line. He carefully aimed and sent the first ball sailing with a well-aimed, though not very powerful throw. It collided weakly with Patrick's stomach. Patrick winced mockingly and the Asian readied the second ball. This one landed with a bit more force, but hitting Patrick's thigh instead of his crotch.
"One more chance. Are you gonna' make him sing soprano?"

The Asian carefully wound up his pitch and sent the last ball flying through the air.

"Mmmph!" Patrick gasped as the rubber ball collided with surprising force directly into his left nut.

"Good job! Good job! Tell your friends to come back so these guys can really be sopranos by the end of the carnival."

The Asian student laughed at the still wincing Patrick as he walked away.

The Ring Master turned toward the three and sighed.

"I thought this would've been a hit. I mean come on. It's a novel idea. Who wouldn't want to nut a jock."

The four of them laughed as another student, a tall, somewhat lanky basketball player named Jordan stepped up and handed the Ring Master his cash.

For reasons no one on campus could quite remember, the football and basketball teams had been rivals for some time. Jordan gave Travis a menacing look as he took his first ball, wound his arm several times, then sent the ball sailing.


It was a direct hit, the rubber ball compressing Travis's huge right nut. Travis's eyes grew large and he had barely registered the pain of the first hit before...


The next two balls struck back to back, both perfectly aimed into his right nut. Travis's eyes watered despite his efforts to control himself; those balls were heavier than he thought! Jordan laughed and handed the Ring Master another wad of money.

Jordan didn't break eye contact with Travis as he wound up a pitch and sent the orange ball toward Travis's defenseless crotch.

Travis let out a guttural, muffled scream into his gag as the ball collided with force into his left ball.

Jordan feigned sympathy as he shouted "That didn't sound soprano to me. Maybe this will do the trick,"

The next ball traveled faster than the first, impacting Travis's battered right nut again. Travis, to his surprise, was in agony. The balls were much, much harder than the plastic softballs they had used for practice. He could feel his crotch throbbing from the five previous impacts and knew there was still one more to go...


Jordan put everything he had into the last pitch, the rubber ball crushing Travis's right nut into his body. Travis gasped and tears streamed down his face. Jordan and another basketball player who had come up to watch both mockingly rubbed their eyes. Travis's face flushed red with embarrassment as he tried to contain himself, his mind going crazy from the burning pain in his crotch.

"I want a turn," Fred, the other basketball player, asked.

Fred handed the Ring Master cash, then handed him what looked to be enough money for a second turn. He leaned in and whispered something into the Ring Master's ear. The Ring Master nodded and walked toward the line in the sand, which he promptly erased with his foot.

The three trapped jocks looked on helplessly as the Ring Master used a spray can to pain a new starting line in the sand, this one three feet closer than the last. Travis, remembering the pain he had just experienced, panicked at the prospect of being hit from even closer range.

"Well, it is for charity, guys." the Ring Master said reassuringly as he handed Fred there orange balls.

By now a small crowd, mostly basketball players, had gathered around the scene. Fred was fairly muscular with a disproportionately built upper body and arms. Fred let out a slightly maniacal laugh as he sent his first ball directly into Travis's right nut. Travis gasped and would have doubled over if he wasn't held up by the post.

"I think Travis has had enough. Maybe you could aim for the others..."


The second ball crunched Travis's now swollen right nut with much more force than any of the other balls so far. A wet crunch echoed up to Travis' head as the rubber ball dug into the membranes of his huge, assaulted nut. He was really in pain. This wasn't like the practice rounds at all.

"Aah!" Travis screamed through his gag.

"Hmm. Didn't seem high pitch enough."

Fred winked at the now openly crying Travis as the last orange ball crunched his suffering right ball.

Fred stepped away from the line and another basketball player too his spot.

CRUNCH! CRUNCH! CRUNCH. All three balls landed on Travis's visibly swollen crotch.

CRUNCH! CRUNCH SPL-A-T! Another contestant aimed exclusively for Travis's manhood, the last ball hitting his dangerously assaulted right nut with a sickening splat that made some of the watching young men wince in sincere sympathy -- though most of them were laughing.

Travis, despite his powerful, intimidating physique was sobbing, squealing girlishly with each blow. The membranes and tissues of his assaulted nuts were starting to cave in, though no one was aware of the extent of the damage.

The Ring Master was getting nervous as yet another player was aiming for Travis.

"Come on guys! There are two more targets..."


Thee more of the heavy, rubber balls compressed Travis's manhood. He thought he was going to pass out from the pain. The front of his underwear was soaked with piss, which only seemed to make the watching crowd laugh harder. He wasn't having fun anymore and really wanted to be let down by his screams of genuine terror were thought to be nothing more the jock 'singing soprano'.

After several more players had all taken their turns, all aiming at Travis, Travis was nearly comatose, his head shifting slightly and his rippled abs tensing with each powerful impact. The bulge in his shorts was now twice the size, making it look comically large, the outline of each battered, swollen nut clearly visible. If anyone had taken the time to examine him up close, they would have seen that -- though they were larger -- the orbs were much flatter than when the game had started. The delicate membranes of Travis's gonads were literally being crushed flat as ball after ball found its target.

"Hey, hey. That's enough!" the Ring Master grabbed the arm of yet another basketball player who was lining up to crunch Travis's junk.

The basketball player roughly shoved the Ring Master to the ground and spat on him "Hey now, I paid my fee. I get my turn."

The Ring Master, stunned, went to stand but was quickly pinned down by two other basketball players.

"Hey, what the fu---"


Greg, the next player in line, sent his size thirteen foot crashing into the side of the Ring Master's head with a deafening crack. The Ring Master instantly blacked out as his head snapped to the side.

All three tied up jocks looked out at the maddening scene in horror. The Ring Master, the only voice of reason in an increasingly hostile crow, had just been brutally knocked out leaving them vulnerable and totally defenseless as the entire basketball team gathered around them .

"Hey, I think this line is too far away," Greg said picking up the fallen Ring Master's spray can an spraying another line -- three feet closer to the bound jocks.

He took his place holding a ball on the new line, now a mere six feet away and hurled it as hard as he could into Travis's crotch.


The ball sank further into Travis's bruised sack.

Each basketball player took a ball and hurled it toward Travis. Dozens of hard, orange rubber balls slammed into Travis's crotch. His nuts were visibly flatter, and the rubber balls were sinking in further and further with each blow. Fred was about to take another turn when he threw down his ball and approached the now blacked out Travis's limp, beautiful body.

Without a word, we reached for Travis's underwear and pulled it to his knees. The watching students laughed riotously at the black and blue genitals now swinging between the helpless jock's legs. Each ball was swollen to three times their normal size so now just looked borderline ridiculous they were so large. Fred roughly grabbed Travis's right ball and squeezed while Darius and Patrick looked on helpless..

"Mmm. This thing is getting soft, boys," Fred announced, a wicked glean in his eye as he roughly kneaded and squeezed the softening, enormous testicle in his strong hand.

He stepped back to the line and barked "Did you bring 'em?"

Fred produced a knapsack filled with blue, apparently rubber or plastic balls, roughly the same size as the orange ones. Even Fred seemed surprised by the weight of the ball as he struggled to hold it upright. Darius and Patrick screamed for Fred to stop as he hurled the much heavier blue ball into Travis's junk.


The heavy orb collided with Travis's ball sack and instantly turned both abused nuts into mush. The crowd cheered as the next young man took another heavy blue ball and hurtled it at Travis.

The ball hit the defenseless jock's ruined sack with a satisfying, wet SPLAT as the scrotum started to take on a deflated, lumpy appearance.


The entire team took turns further pulping Travis's destroyed nuts until his once over-stuffed sack housed nothing but mushy remains.

"Whose next!" Fred shouted and the team erupted in shouts of "Darius" and "Patrick"

Fred picked up a blue ball and hurled it Darius's crotch. It collided with a loud SPLAT as his massive genitals started to be tenderized. The bound jock struggled and screamed into his gag as heavy blue balls collided dozens of times with his meaty nads, each time sinking further and further into his crushed testicular membranes.

"Let's see how he's holding up," Fred said walking up to Darius and pulling his underwear down to his knees.

Darius, half dazed, looked down as Fred roughly rolled each of his huge, swollen nuts in his hands, kneading and squeezing, pressing his thumb into the ball meat to look for any sign of weakness.

"Bingo! Let's use the bats,"

Greg pulled a heavy, aluminum bat out of the knapsack and handed it to Fred.

Darius's eyes bugged out as he let out a blood curdling scream that was almost totally muffled by the gag.


Fred's bat collided dead on with the swinging, vulnerable sack. Darius's black nuts bounced wildly, trying to escape as the bat came down on them again, this time with a wet, sickening POP.

Darius nearly blacked out as his destroyed left nut shattered in the sack. The watching basketball players cheered and Fred tossed the bat at the next athlete in line, who dramatically lined up his hit on Darius's last nut.
Darius wailed in terror as the bat sailed through the air with a whoosh...


His last nut instantly burst on impact, his scrotum split down the middle. Darius looked down as his destroyed, massive equipment sobbing hysterically and struggling so hard it seemed like he was going to escape. Shockingly, the handsome stud was awake as the team took terns swinging at his busted sack like a pinata until it finally exploded open, his crunched nuts dangling, totally exposed outside of his body.

Fred took two of the heavy blue balls, one on each hand, and positioned them so that they sandwiched Darius's fractured right nut. Darius wailed and begged for Fred to stop, but Fred only looked up smiling as he slammed the blue balls together, showering himself with an explosion of nut goop as Darius's right nut explosively burst. Darius blacked out, so didn't witness his last nut mushed in similar fashion.

Meanwhile, a group of boys were busy using Travis's flattened sack as a punching bag, their powerful fists landing into the mushy abomination with satisfying, sloshing noises. Greg grabbed Travis's bag and massaged the soupy mix in his hands, obviously enjoying the sensation of having totally nutted the arrogant jock.

Now only Patrick was left. He had just witnessed two team mates castrated brutally in broad daylight, and he was in the same vulnerable position. His underwear was wet from urine and he was pleading and crying uncontrollably as Fred stood in front of him with the bat.

"Hmm. I think we need to do something extra special for this bloated sack of nuts," Fred said as he reached out and pulled Patrick's underwear down with one hand.

Patrick's rippled stomach glistened with sweat as his donkey nuts hung lazily between his legs.

"What should we do with these," Fred mused to himself as he bounced Patrick's large nuts in his hands, his mind raising to calculate the messiest way to end Patrick's young sex life. Suddenly, Fred's eyes lit up as he stepped away from the struggling jock.

"Peter, did you bring your dog?"

A lanky, dark haired basketball player stepped forward, "No, I left him at home,"

"Go get him, quick. We won't be able to hold him much longer,"

Peter nodded and went off sprinting. The basketball players encircled the 'Make a Jock Sing Soprano' booth, pretending to be playing the harmless game. Anyone passing by would have been fooled unless they took the time to examine. Besides, most of the action was on the other side of the carnival. The men took turns beating the shit out of Patrick's sack with the bat. Patrick screamed and nearly choked on his own vomit as he felt his left nut crack after ten minutes of non stop beating.

A moment later Peter came dripping with sweat and panting heavily as if he was run the entire way home and back. He was carrying a rather fat, dopy looking beagle. in his arms. He handed the dog over to Fred who attempted to pet the ostensibly docile animal which instantly became viscus at the touch. The beagle's floppy ears swayed as it attempted to rear back and bite Fred.

Fred laughed as he carried the dog over to Patrick, who was wailing and struggling like a mad man.

Fred made evil eye contact with the helpless muscle stud. He hovered the beagle's snout in front of the half broken, bloated ball bag and waited. The beagle had calmed down a bit and was now just harmlessly licking the ball sack, unsure what he was supposed to be doing.

"Good boy," Fred said petting behind the beagle's ears.

As the dog licked, Patrick couldn't help but get aroused,, and his cock started swelling in response. The watching baseball players hooted and howled as Patrick's thick, veiny cock stuck out the full ten inches. It was truly a masterpiece cock and some of the supposedly straight young men were getting hard themselves looking at it as it pulsed with each of Patrick's panicked heart beats.

"Hey, beagle, beagle!" Fred cried out striking the animal with a fist on the nose.

The beagle became instantly aggravated and chomped down on Patrick's right nut. Patrick wailed as the dog's molars compressed his precious nut dangerously flat.

"Hey beagle!" Fred said again, poking the dog near the eye.

The enraged beagle chomped again, this time totally puncturing the testicle with its teeth. Patrick's cock continued to throb as the angry beagle kept biting and chomping on his sack.

"Aaah!" Patrick screamed in a girlish, high pitch wail as his head slumped to the side.

The beagle's canines had totally bitten through his right nut. The dog chomped again, sending it's canines through the left nut. The dog kept puncturing holes into the destroyed sack until it stopped, Patrick's right nut still between its teeth, and started to shake his head wildly.

"That's right, get the ball," Fred joked.

The beagle's shaking head was stressing and tugging on the connective tissues keeping Patrick's battered nut attached to its body. The chords were stretched and twisted, pulled out further and further until they released with an audible SNAP. The beagle chewed up Patrick's severed nut and swallowed the massive thing nearly whole before moving on to the next. Patrick's last nut took a bit longer for the thrashing beagle to dislodge, but it finally did with a wet, visceral ripping.

"Good boy, beagle," Fred said stetting down the beagle.

Peter crouched down and petted his dog casually as it was playing with -- and ripping apart -- Patrick's last nut. The fleshy orb started totally coming apart, membranes torn from membrane, as the beagle played until only a bloody, gooey mess remained.

Meanwhile Fred had grabbed Patrick's enormous cock and was grabbing it firmly at the base. It was still hard since Fred's tightly closed hand was stopping it from deflating.

"Rip it off! Rip it off!" the crowd chanted as Fred repositioned to grab Patrick's huge dong with both hands.

He began pulling away from the helpless stud's body, stretching the cock as far as it would go. He then alternated between rapid, quick pulls and long, slow tugs until he cried out "I think it's starting to rip off!"

Everyone cheered as Fred renewed his concentration and effort. He grasped the base of the still hard cock with both hands and twisted while pulling. Patrick's gorgeous cock rotated completely around, stressing the connective tissues, while it was being pulled outward. Blood started to appear at the base of his cock as the huge organ started to come detached..

"Rip it off! Rip it off!"

Fred was sweating from effort, determined to single handled destroy Patrick’s entire sex life...

R--I--II--PP! There was a loud, wet tearing as Patrick's cock came off so rapidly that Fred fell backward, still clutching the ruined organ.

The team cheered as they looked over the totally desexed jocks still tied to poles in front of them.

"What about his guy?" someone said pointing to the Ring Master, who was still knocked out, splayed spread eagle in the dirt.

"Someone just stomp his bulge until it's flat and let's get out of here."

Greg stepped between the totally defenseless Ring Master's legs and stomped viciously into the bulge between his muscular legs.

Without ceremony, Greg stomped and stomped, feeling the poor stud's pelvis with each stomp until SPLOSH first one and then SPLAT the other testicle violently burst. To be sure, every one on the team got a chance to stomp the mound until it was totally flat. There was no evidence the handsome footballer had ever had a bulge in his crotch.

The team hastily made their was away from the carnival, but not before untying each of the ruined, young football jocks so that they would be found as nothing more than a pile of sexless muscle.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Don Gets Used

Don glistened with sweat, his pendulous nuts swung and bounced as he feverishly stroked his 6" cock in front of his bathroom mirror. He'd just come in from a run along the river trail, his black running shorts were at his knees and his hastily-removed sweat soaked t-shirt was flung over the towel bar. As he jerked off, he couldn't help but admire the 5-foot-9, 160 pound body reflected in the mirror. He had taken up running and a dedication to healthier eating only a year ago, but the results were dramatic. His slight gut had melted away, revealing a taught, smooth stomach with slightly defined abs starting to poke through. Don's arms and legs were well defined and toned and at 34 years old Don had never felt more energized or felt more confident.

His svelte, 31" waist bucked slightly with each stroke, as if he were trying to fuck his hand. His other hand grabbed and twisted first his right nipple, then the left, then caressed down his body over his abs and down to his crotch until it came to rest under his wildly swinging ball bag. Don slowly wrapped his hand around his large, oblong testicles and began to squeeze. Not hard at first, but soon he was applying just enough pressure to make himself wince. He backed off slightly before applying the same amount of pressure again, then again. The sensation was driving Don crazy and, within minutes, he cocked his head back and sprayed the mirror in a powerful volley of cum.

The handsome blonde felt his knees buckle as waves of pleasure radiated his entire body. When it was over, the mirror and Don's hand were drenched and Don leaned back against the wall panting, his hair matted to his forehead. He had jacked off only a few hours earlier when he first woke up, but by the size of the load it didn’t take long for the perpetually horny young man's libido to recover.

After wiping down the mirror and hopping in the shower, Don lazily sat on his couch flipping through messages on his iPhone. Despite the fact he had just cum for the second time in six hours, he had a hand absentmindedly fondling his package through his form flattering skinny jeans. Most of the messages in his email were so routine he almost accidentally deleted a message from an unknown sender assuming it was spam but the subject line caught his eye at the last moment. Don's cock twitch and began to stir as he read:

Hey Man,

I know you posted a while back but were you still up for having a guy tie you up and bust your balls real good? If so, I'm game. I'm 30, six foot one, 180, black dude. Extremely large cock (see attached pic)


It was a reply to a Craigslist ad Don had posted so long ago he had nearly forgotten about it. He'd been reading bondage and ball busting stories one night and decided it would be incredibly hot to be tied up and used - and abused so he posted an ad online. That was nearly two months ago and Eric was the first reply. It wasn't at all obvious by Don's conservative, clean cut exterior,but he was incredibly turned on by the idea of being treated like a dirty bitch and forced to suck cock and have his balls bashed in, helpless to stop it. He had only done bondage a handful of times and serious ball busting once but he craved more.

Don's eyes grew wide and he subconsciously licked his lips when he opened the picture attached to the email. Not only was Eric not exaggerating about his massive penis, the rest of his body was equally as impressive. Eric was powerfully built with large biceps, chiseled abs and a handsome face, but it was the site between his legs that was making Don's already spent cock start to leak precum. It was hard to gauge from the image, but Eric's cock had to have been at least 8" long and twice as thick as Don's own impressive tool. Don was especially turned on by the stern, authoritarian look on Eric's face and immediately began fantasizing about being treated like a bitch by the powerful black stud.

Don immediately typed out a one-handed reply to the email and sent it off before setting his phone down, pulling down his pants and stroking out yet another load. he was just done cleaning up the most recent, albeit smaller load, when his phone vibrated. He eagerly picked it up and grinned broadly to see Eric had already responded...

Don and Eric corresponded regularly for the next two weeks, even meeting once at a coffee shop to make sure the chemistry was right. Don found Dane even more hot and dominating in person than his picture and graphic emails had conveyed. Meanwhile, Eric found the innocent looking Don to be just the type of ostensibly wholesome small town boy he would have amazing fun turning into a dirty little whore. That's why Don didn't even hesitate when Eric suggested that they finally meet for a round of dirty, sweaty fun. They set a time to meet the following Friday evening.

Night was just beginning to fall that Friday as Don arrived at Westwood Town Centre, an upscale open air shopping mall several miles from Don's home. As instructed, Don wasn't wearing underwear meaning that his large balls had been bouncing and smacking around in his shorts for the entire trip. The sensation was causing Don to sport an obvious tent in his black shorts as he paced around the back of a clothing store that was still under construction. Unlike the rest of the shopping center, the constitution site was dark and quiet. At first Don didn't immediately see anyone, and was just reaching to check his watch when he heard someone approaching quickly from behind.

At first Don yelped but was immediately silenced by a hand over his mouth while another arm wrapped around his torso.

"You'd better shut the fuck up," a voice Don immediately recognized as Eric's hissed into his ear.

"Good evening, sir," Don said "I thought we were meeting..."

"Never mind what you thought, boy. Get on your knees."

Without hesitation, Don dropped to his knees and frantically grabbed at Eric's belt buckle. It was dark but Don could still make out the shape of Eric's enormous cock protruding from between his legs like a pole. It was eleven inches with a giant mushroom head and thick throbbing veins, easily the biggest cock Don had ever seen let alone attempted to swallow but he took a deep breath and went down as far as he could. Five inches of Eric's cock disappeared into the jogger's eager throat as Eric grabbed the back of Don's head and attempted to shove even more in. Don's eyes watered and he tried to motion that he was gagging but Eric didn't stop.

Six inches. Seven inches....

Don's eyes were watering so heavily it looked like he was crying, but nothing was further from the truth. Eric was face fucking Don beyond his limits and there was absolutely nothing Don could do about it. He was Eric's bitch and he was loving it. Eric kept piston fucking Don's face for nearly five minutes, roughly running his hands through Don's hair and taunting him on how he wasn't able to take the entire cock. Don knew any moment Eric's ball sack was going to come banging into his chin as Eric forced his entire eleven inch tool down the poor little white boy's throat. Don was so distracted by having his head used as a cheap sex toy, he didn't notice Eric was looking at an entirely different target area.

Don had spread his knees for balance during the ruthless skull fucking and they were now spread quite far apart, his own cock tenting the fabric. But Eric had seen Don's balls in photos and knew they were huge low hangers. Without stopping his assault of Don's mouth, Eric pulled back his foot and let it sail full force into Don's crotch.


Don screamed as Eric's size fourteen tennis shoe collided with his nuts so hard he was lifted from the ground. Both of Don's egg-sized balls were instantly crushed into his pelvis bone, compressed instantaneously to half their normal width. The pain was so intense that at first Don's brain wasn't able to comprehend it. He moaned loudly as he rocked in a fetal position. Eric laughed derisively as he stood over Don's tone body writhing in pain.

"How'd that feel?"

"Good, sir," Don responded meekly as he rolled over on his back.

"Good. Now move your hands,"

Don hesitantly moved his cupped hands from over his crotch. Eric's large foot immediately stomped down with so much force Don thought for sure they had burst.

"Thank you sir!" he managed to get out between gasps for breath, his hands reaching into his shorts to massage his battered nuts.

They were throbbing but still entirely whole as he rolled them in his hands in a desperate effort to offer some relief.

Eric swooped down and picked up Don like a rag doll, carrying him to a waiting car. As soon as Don was strapped into the passenger seat, Eric wrapped a blindfold around his head, then snapped a pair of hand cuffs on him behind his back. Don was trapped. Eric could have done whatever he wanted to him....

They drove for at least a half an hour, the sound of busy expressway traffic gradually fading away as they drove further and further outside of the city. Don's cock was throbbing with excitement. He only had a cursory idea of what Eric had in store for him, but knew he was going to be treated like a muscle guy's cum rag.

When they stopped, Eric guided Don out of the car and into a house, through what was presumably the living room and down into the basement.

"Thank you sir," Don said as his blindfold was removed.

"Put these on,"

Eric handed Don a pair of white brief style underwear. Don stepped out of his lose black running shorts then put on the underwear. They were several sizes too small, and Eric licked his lips as he looked at the mounding outline of Don's eggs. The taught fabric was restricting their ability to move, or escape, whatever Eric wanted to deliver. Meanwhile, Don looked around the spacious yet empty basement and noticed that, aside being unusually well lit for a basement, there was nothing unremarkable about it. There were two wooden chairs near one wall, a small table with various small objects Don couldn’t make out from that distance and a camcorder on a tripod.

After admiring Don's body, especially his bulging crotch, Eric pointed toward one of the chairs and ordered Don to sit.

"Sit!" Eric barked as he shoved Don into a sitting position onto the slightly over sized seat.

Don's heart raced as he imagined all of the nasty things Eric was about to do to him. he could see the camcorder's record light was blinking and his cock raged at the prospect that his sluttiness was going to be captures on film. Meanwhile Eric moved the other chair slightly out of the way giving him a better view of his captive.

"Tie me up please, sir," Don begged as he saw Eric reaching for a spindle of rope on the table.

Eric ripped Don's t shirt off like an exited child tearing open a present revealing the blonde's svelte, toned body. He smiled as he proceeded to tie Don tightly to the chair, Don's torso was criss crossed by rope dozens of times as he was securely fastened in place. By the time Eric was done, Don could barely move. His arms and hands were pulled tightly behind his back and bound with what were easily the tightest bounds Don had ever been in and his legs were spread wide, each ankle fastened with intricate knots to the chair legs. Don struggled, not to escape but to instead feel how absolutely helpless and trapped he was.

"Sir, thank you."

"Oh we aren’t done yet, boy!"

Eric grabbed a ball gag and stuffed it into Don's eager mouth. The gag was large, bigger than the toys Don usually played with and was stretching his mouth open so far it was almost painful, but the look of anguish in his eyes only made Eric's cock stir in his jeans. He was still wearing what he'd met Don in at the construction site, a pair of tight jeans and a form fitting A-shirt that looked like it could barely contain Eric's frame.

Don took a moment to soak in the scene. Here he was, a clean-cut All-American boy bound and gagged while a muscled Adonis...


Eric delivered a powerful backhand slap to Don's unsuspecting face.

"Yeah, you look like you're up for some fun,"

Don shook his head 'yes' and was rewarded by another slap to the face. Don's eyes welled with tears and a slight panic fell over him: Eric could easily beat him to a bloody pulp and he'd be powerless to stop him. The thought only served to make Don's already hard cock swell even more.

"Mmmm I could do whatever I want to you right now," Eric began in a rough yet soft voice.

He leaned in and whispered into Don's ear "I could choke you on my cock. I could fuck you til your ass bleeds,"

Don, who was already going wild at the taunting and Eric's manly scent, squirted precum when Eric began licking and sucking his neck. It would be so hot to be fucked hard by Eric, Don thought as Eric's tongue expertly worked its way down Don's neck, then pecs, then stomach.

"Mmmm, what do we have here?" Eric said stopping from his tongue play and standing over Don.

"You wanna make me cum, bitch?"

Don shook his head yes as he mentally undressed Eric.

"Okay, good. It's hard to make me cum. You sure, boy?"

Don's eyes brightened and he shook his head up and down and attempted to say 'yes' through the gag. It had been a long time since Eric had come across a country boy as eager to be treated like a bitch as Don and the smile plastered on his face clearly showed his satisfaction. He balled his right hand into a fist so large Don could hardly believe how big and powerful it looked.

Without breaking eye contact with Don, Eric slowly lined up his fist so that it was covering Don's clearly-outlined right nut. He then drew his fist back and threw it forward, stopping just short of annihilating Don's nut, as if he was lining up his aim. Don could barely believe what was happening, his heart was racing and knew at any moment his huge ball was going to be used as a punching bag. Eric had bragged in emails how he had once turned the entire contents of a guy's sack to mush with only a few punches in a fight. Don was sure Eric was only exaggerating to get Don hot and bothered, but now that he saw Eric's physique and powerful fist, Don wasn't so sure...

"Ready.. Aim..."


If he hadn't been secured so well to the chair, Don would have immediately doubled over in agony. Eric's fist crushed the juicy ball into his pelvis until it was only a half inch thick. The pain had just registered when Eric's fist collided with the left nut. Then the right, then the left.


Don's huge nuts were trapped by the tight underwear, so every ounce of Eric's strength was going into their destruction. Don had been on the receiving end of ball busting before, but never anything like this. Meanwhile, Eric's cock which was snacking down his leg was getting longer and fatter and he helped the repressed Don live out his fantasy.

The merciless ball bashing continued for nearly a minute, though the force of the blows dropped considerably after the first two hits. Don's head thrashed from side to side and his body attempted to get free, although he was tied so tightly it barely looked like he was moving at all. With each blow Don's balls were pounded flat into his pelvis, with barely any time to recover being struck again.


"Mmmmph! Mmmmm!"

Don's muffled screams were getting Eric excited an a small wet patch of precum was now evident halfway to his knee, where the head of his giant cock was now resting in the constricting jeans.

"Yeah, boy! You're gonna make me cum hard!" Eric shouted as he finally stopped pounding Don's balls.

Don was in unbelievable pain. It felt like his testicles had been turned into meat patties, and his cock had long since gone soft just from the pain. But as soon as Eric pulled another item off of the table, Don's cock started to stir again.

Eric was holding two clothes pins, one in each hand, and placed them on Don's large erect nipples. Don winced as these particular clothes pins had stronger jaws than what he played with by himself, but never the less the sensation of having his nipples clamped was driving him crazy. Eric slowly started to flick and tug on the clamps that were firmly attached to Don's nipples, sending shivers up his spine.

Eric reached for Don's throbbing, bulging nuts with opened hands and at first Don thought he was about to have his nuts squeezed into pasted. Instead Eric rubbed the orbs gently as he proceeded to lean in and slowly lick Don's areola with his tongue. The triple sensation of having his still-throbbing nuts massaged, his nipples clamped and his pecs licked and sucked was almost too much for Don's mind to comprehend. His eyes were rolling and he was moaning in pleasure, his rock hard dick leaking precum so quickly it was making a noticeably wet patch on the front of the underwear. Eric smiled and removed Don's ball gag.

"Thank you, sir," Don said sincerely, gulping in air as he looked down at a now kneeling Eric.

Eric smiled broadly and his own monster cock looked like a snake dancing in his jeans. He stood up and slowly removed his brown leather belt from his pants. Don's cock instantly stirred at the prospect that this was the start of Eric unleashing his raging cock and forcing it down his too-small throat. Instead, Eric slowly wrapped the belt around Don's neck and pulled so that each hand was pulling in opposite directions, gradually crushing Don's slender neck in the band.

Don's heart raced as Eric gradually increased the pressure, squeezing his neck until it was just becoming difficult to breath. At that moment Eric lunged at Don, plunging his tongue into the hot blonde's mouth and began passionately kissing him, all the while not slacking on the belt. Don moaned in pleasure as his tongue danced in Eric's mouth, so horny that at first he didn't notice the belt was now extremely tight around his neck. Don's face was starting to turn red, breathing was difficult and a subdued panic was starting to wash over him, but he was too turned on by making out with this hot black stud to care. It was obvious by the look on his face and the feverish way Eric was now kissing and nuzzling Don's face and neck that choking the little country boy was getting Eric to the edge. By now, Don's face and neck were turning a purplish red, he was gasping for air but his cock stayed rock hard; he was Eric's bitch and the thought of being totally dominated by him was getting Don close to blowing his pent up load.

Eric held the belt snugly for another minute moaning just at the sight of Don's oxygen starved red face. Despite being incredibly aroused, Don's body was struggling subconsciously to break free of his restraints, gyrating slightly against his bonds. It only served to make Eric hotter and he almost gave the belt a final, devastating squeeze before letting go of it and letting it fall to the ground. Don got out a meek 'thank you, Sir' as he gasped for air.

Don was still gulping down air a few moments later when Eric peeled off his thirst and turned toward the small table to grab something else. Don was too distracted by Eric's awesomely sculpted body to at first notice the small object he was holding in his bands, but as soon as Eric keeled down between Don's legs, Don knew exactly what was going to happen next...

The pliers Eric had grabbed were set to just barely encompass Don's enormous and still swollen right nut. He made eye contact with Don, whose eyes were pleading with his master to squeeze the jaws shut, as he tightened the pliers grip. The cold metal teeth dug mercilessly into the squishy orb making it bulge obscenely at the middle. The jaws were almost entirely shut now, turning Don's ball purple as it was compressed about its middle to near bursting. Don squealed as his cock deflated from the mind numbing pain, but Eric didn't care. He was so turned on by the sensation of feeling Don's nut starting to crack that he was panting and sweating, never breaking eye contact with Don's crying blue eyes.

"Oh! Sir! Please!" Don wailed as Eric continued to squeeze down on the handle.

Don's nut was huge and tough, but it was being compressed beyond its physical limit by the pliers. It was going to rupture. Pop. Blow apart at any moment...

Just when Don was sure his nut was about to be totally squashed, Eric let off the pressure and moved the pliers immediately to ensnare the left nut. Don wasn't sure which hurt more, the feel of blood rushing back into his right nut or the sudden and severe compression his left nut was now getting. In less than a second, Eric's powerful fist has squeezed the handle of the pliers insantly compressing Don's defenseless left nut from the girth of a hen's egg to less than three-quarter inches thick.


Now Eric's eyes were fixated on Don's left nut. It was red and compressed nearly flat between the pliers jaws, but he continued to tighten them. He had flattened the puffy organ so much it was a dense, compressed patty of manhood that couldn't compress any more without splitting apart. Eric, sweating and moaning in pleasure squeezed the jaws even tighter causing Don to thrash about so violently it was only the strength of the constraints that stopped him from falling out of the chair.

"This big white nut's about to crack, "

Half inch...


Don's cock raged despite the pain as he watched how turned on Eric was getting at his nut's destruction. It didn’t matter if Eric closed the pliers completely and ruptured his testicle, as long as he was being used as the slut he was, Don was ecstatic.

"POP IT! OOOOOH!" Don screamed.

Nearly a quarter inch...

Don's left nut was blood red with purplish welts starting to appear on his scrotum. This was it... Just a little more pressure and...

Eric could hardly will himself to loosen the pliers at the last possible moment, sparing Don's abused nut from complete destruction. Don looked down into his lap to see that both of his nuts were now purplish red and swollen even larger than their normal hefty size. Eric's cock was so hard it was tenting his jeans and it jumped again when the pliers wrapped around Don's meaty right nut.

Don screamed as his nut got flatter and flatter and flatter but he didn’t care. His cock was raging and so was Eric's. He didn’t care that his right ball was being taken to the point of fracturing and obviously neither did Eric. He was getting so turned on watching Don's over sized nuts being crushed he thought he was going to spontaneously shoot his load.

Left, right, right, left. Eric alternated between each of Don's nuts with the pliers, kneeling in occasionally to give Don a passionate kiss as he slowly clamped down on his balls. By the time Eric was done, Don's balls were blood red and swollen to nearly twice their normal size, which made them look even more enormous. Remarkably, Don's cock was raging and precum was streaming out of its mushroom shaped head.

Eric tossed down the pliers and retrieved several plastic rubber rings from the table. Don watched as Eric squeezed the rings around his bloated nut sack one after another until Don's balls were forced several inches away from his body, resting between his legs on the chair's oversized seat. The rings were stopping Don's outstretch balls from escaping into his body, leaving them to pulse and bulge vulnerably for whatever Eric had planned.

Don's heart was pounding as Eric produced yet another sex toy from the table, a jaw spreader. Don had seen them in porn but had never had one used on him, so he opened his mouth as wide as he could as Eric positioned the devise so that two small metal clamps attached to either side of his mouth and were joined by hooks that met at the back of his head. When it was fitted, no matter how hard Don tried there was no way he could close his gaping mouth...

He instantly recalled the brutal face fucking earlier that night and instantly knew what Eric was planning.

"Oh! Fuck yes!" Don screamed, the words barely intelligible from his unclosing mouth.

Eric smiled and peeled off his jeans and kicked off his shoes freeing his now rock hard penis to flop free like a flag pole. It was even thicker and meatier than Don's brief encounter with it in the dark made it seem. All elven inches of his steel-hard cock was towering over two hairy, swinging black nuts. Without a word, Eric pulled up the second chair and positioned it so that it was directly in front of Don's, then he stood on it.


Without any delay, Eric grabbed the back of Don's blonde head and had rammed his cock 8 inches down Don's throat. Standing on the chair gave Eric the perfect height to violently face fuck the helpless stud.

Don's eyes were watering as Eric piston fucked his skull, each trust going deeper and deeper.

9 inches. 10. 11.

Now Eric was absolutely destroying Don's throat with each powerful thrust. His heavy balls were slamming into Don's face as his cock made a visible bulge in Don's deck. Eric's cock was too big, Don thought he was going to gag, but Eric didn't care. Don was just a sex object to be used and that was exactly what Don wanted. The basement was filled with the symphony of male lust both Eric and Don moaned and squealed as they inched toward climax.

"Mmmphmmm!" Don screamed.

Eric had rammed his cock into Don's mouth so hard it felt like it was going to break out the back of his skull. Then he held the position for several moments. Don was sure Eric was about to blow a load directly into his stomach but he didn't, instead he pulled out and looked down at Don's still bulging nut sack.

"You want me to feed you, boy?"

Don shook his head 'yes' enthusiastically . He could only imagine what kind of load Eric was about to blast.

Using his powerful grip on Don's head for support, Eric rose one of his feet and gently placed it on top of Don's huge, swollen right nut. He applied just enough pressure to make Don wince, then proceeded to continue power fucking Don's face.

"Mmmmmph! Mmmmph!" Don screamed in agony as Eric slowly increased the pressure on the trapped nut.

Eric was a big, muscular stud and now all his weight was bearing on one battered organ. Don's screams made his throat vibrate around Eric's massive tool turning him into even more of a sex toy than he already was. Don was crying and trying to beg but Eric's cock stayed planted in his throat, pumping and thrusting like a wild animal.

Don's cock was starting to deflate from agony, but then in his pain clouded mind he realized something. The flatter his nut became, the harder Eric's cock got and the louder and more pitiful he screamed the faster Eric's thrusting became. Despite the fact his manhood was in mortal danger, Don couldn't help but be turned on by what was going on. His cock started to stir again, which was noticed by Eric and matched with a particularly violent thrust down Don's now sore throat.

Meanwhile Don's nut was turning purple and was now literally as flat as a hamburger patty. But Eric kept going, squishing the surprisingly resilient thing under his foot.

"Ooooh!" Eric screamed.

His orgasm was close and the feeling of Don's nut getting flatter and flatter underfoot was driving him crazy.

Flatter and flatter...

Don was hysterical. He knew Eric was about to burst his nut...

...and flatter....

Don looked into Eric's eyes pleadingly just as Eric threw his head back and blasted a dozen shots of splooge directly down his throat. Don didn't so much swallow the load as have it pumped directly into his stomach. Don could feel his belly being blasted with thick gobs of cum, and could also feel Eric hastily pulling his cock out of his throat just in time for a one final blast to shoot him point blank in the face.

Eric was sweating and moaning and Don's cock was raging... and Eric's foot was still firmly on Don's about to burst nut.

Don's cum covered face looked up into Eric and pleaded with to stop, but the handsome black man only smiled broadly and began to bounce his foot on Don's ball. It was starting to swell and deform. Don screamed and looked down at this assaulted nut just as several things happened at once.


Don's enormous baby maker exploded with an audible crushing just as he blew the largest load he had ever shot in his life. Don's mind almost shut down from the dual stimulation of having his testicle ruptured and experiencing a mind-blowing orgasm at the same time. Don's cock spewed shot after shot straight up into the air, landing with wet splats all over the place. Don was still mid orgasm when he felt something thick and warm splattering his face. Eric was cumming again with squirts so large it hardly looked like he had just climaxed less than a minute ago.

By the time it was over Don's cute face was drenched in semen.

The incredible pain and shock of having his nut crushed finally caught up to Don and he passed out.


Eric untied Don so quickly it was obvious this wasn't his first time. He then threw the handsome passed out blonde onto the ground on his stomach, climbed on his back and plunged his still hard cock into Don's defenseless ass. Don barely stirred, moaning weakly as his guts were ravaged by the too-big cock. Don's ass was bleeding, the tone jock's ass was simply unprepared for what was happening which was exactly what made it so hot for Eric. Don's ass was incredibly tight - at first - until nearly fifteen minutes of being fucked senseless loosened it up. Eric let out a final guttural scream and flooded the jock's guts with another huge load of nut cream.

He then collapsed on top of the thoroughly used white boy and lay there panting. The reprieve only lasted a moment before Eric's ass started humping again, he was already starting to ram into Don's blown out ass.

"Hey, man that's enough."

An unknown man's voice could be heard in the video, then the disc ended.

It had been a year since Don's encounter with Eric. Don's right nut was totally destroyed. All the doctors could do was remove the mushed contents and sew up the sack. His left nut, however, was totally fine. In fact it looked even bigger than before thanks to being wrapped in a thick layer of permanent scar tissue.

He hadn't heard from Eric since that night until he arrived home to find a blu ray disc slid under his door with a note the week prior.


Thanks again for the wild time. Here is a video of our night together that I hope you'll enjoy again and again. I know I enjoy watching it every day. My keyboards so sticky it barely works anymore! My pal Jason would like to 'meet' you sometime, too if you know what I mean! His email is at the bottom of this note. Just so you know, he really gets excited making peanut butter. And you know how they make peanut butter, right?

Yours, Eric

Jason's email: Jason.Quintero@yahoo.com


Jason was the man whose voice was heard at the end of the video. Don didn't remember seeing Jason enter, but seeing how he only appeared after his testicle had popped, Don's fuzzy memory wasn't surprising.

Don rewound the video to the moments just before his nut burst and replayed it.


He rewound again and played...


He rewound again and set the video to loop the scene over and over.


He couldn't believe his big nut had burst so violently it made an audible, albeit faint, sound as it was snuffed out.

"Oh shit!"

Don screamed in pleasure as his remaining nut pumped out a gooey load all over his now well-defined chest. This was the second load he had blown that day watching the video, especially the part when Eric's foot becomes level with the chair - marking the end of Don's nut. He had watched the video every day since he got it and caught himself eying his truly huge remaining nut with lust.

After he got cleaned up he dug out the note from Eric and his iPhone and turned on his email app. He could hear his heart pounding in his ears, but his cock was already raging just in anticipation of what he was about to type:

"Hey Jason, I got your email from Eric. Would you be up for some fun? Only one more left..."

Don attached a picture of his oversized nut before pressing send.


These are Don's  actual balls! What would you do to them? Let me know in the comments section :)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Fraternity Disaster

Justin sat in an overstuffed leather chair in the fraternity common room, a small fire cracking in the regal fireplace. He was flipping through the pages of A History of the Modern World, seeing the words, but not really paying attention to what he was reading.  His mind was elsewhere, too distracted replaying the events from earlier that month which had so totally disrupted his otherwise carefree world of frat parties and juvenile cares.  He stopped pretending to read long enough to pull out his bookmark, a folded piece of paper which was in actuality a letter from his family's lawyer. He scanned it, again not so much reading it than looking at the words as if they were strange glyphs.  For a moment he contemplated throwing it into the fire like it would somehow undue the chain of bad decisions that resulted in the need for legal advice in the first place.  He tucked the letter back into the history tome and closed his eyes to contemplate.
"We have to drop one of them, the pledge class is too big as it is," Justin said waving his gavel casually in the air.
Justin, Marcus, Fred and Nigel were sitting together in their fraternity house's Common Room and discussing that semester's incoming group of fraternity pledges.  Pi Omega Phi was known for their exclusivity, which was saying something considering the University itself was known for its well-connected alumni.  The chapter bylaws set a strict limit of no more than ten new brothers per semester and this semester they had already taken on twenty potentials.  Over time most of them dropped out, either because they couldn't afford the exorbitant dues, scored poorly on their fraternity history quizzes or had failed one of the 'rituals' (the fraternity didn't use the word 'hazing' since it was against University rules)..  Now it was November, a month before the final induction, and eleven potential candidates remained.
Justin and his group as the New Member Committee were tasked with deciding which of the young men would have to be dismissed.  They had narrowed it down to two: Brad, a sophomore and Sam, a junior.  Brad was quiet and his family was not nearly as well off as the rest of his Pi Omega Phi brethren.  He was relatively short, only five foot six, and on the thin side.  Sam, on the other hand, was a paradigm of the privileged frat boy.  He was attractive and athletic and, at six foot ten, towered over most of the other boys in the fraternity.  Sam had a bright smile and emerald green eyes that seemed to light up entire rooms. People gravitated to him even before they realized that it was his family's name on the campus library.  Brad, though not nearly as charismatic, had won favor with a large bloc of the existing fraternity brothers for his tenacity against such fierce competition.  It was a tough decision to decide which of them would be cut.
"I say we cut the nerd,"  Nigel said, referring to Brad, taking a sip from his martini, "he could barely pay his dues..."
"But he paid them," Marcus shot back.
"Sam's way better looking, I think we should keep him. Fraternity image and things," chimed in Fred.
"'Fraternity image' my ass. You just wanna' get in his pants, ya' pervert." Nigel sneered.
"Guys, guys..." Justin said lightly tapping his gavel on a table top.
"Oh, so it's okay for meanie martini to call me a pervert because I'm gay?"
"No, it's because you're a manwhore," Marcus said mockingly. 
Everyone laughed, defusing some of the tension.
"Well I think we should settle this with a final ritual. A one on one between Sam and Brad,"
"Are you kidding? Sam would kick Brad's ass. He's like two feet taller," Fred started to protest.
"Well not if it€™s a Star Wars trivia contest," Nigel said taking another swig from his martini glass. Marcus grinned and even Justin had to hold back a giggle.
"No, I was thinking along the lines of Tug O' Balls."
The room fell silent.
"Seriously?" asked Nigel.
"Well yeah, we haven't done it in a while, and the other rituals are..."
"Over done," Marcus interrupted, "I think it's a great idea." 
It was possible Marcus was more interested in seeing Sam naked and manhandled than any interest in settling the fraternity feud.
"Okay, so when is this happening?"
"Tonight. House basement."
The basement of the Pi Omega Phi house was crowded. The pool table and chairs had been pushed out of the way to create a large cleared opening.  Heavy drapes were pulled over the windows, the lights were dimmed and a roaring fire cast an uneasy glow on the scene.  Standing in the middle of the room, surrounded by their future brothers, were Sam and Brad, neither one knowing what was being played out. 
"Pledges, strip out of your jeans,"  Justin's voice boomed.  The chattering crowd grew silent; the games had begun.
"What?" Brad said in protest.
"Strip, pledge!"  one of the brothers shot back, clearly annoyed by the insubordination.
Brad and Sam obediently stripped out of their jeans and underwear and stood facing each other.  As expected, Sam also outranked Brad in the genital department. His pendulous testicles were almost perfectly round and hung heavy in his neatly shaved sack.  HIs thick penis flopped over them.  Brad, on the other hand, had relatively small nuts that were tight to his body, his penis just a tiny shrivel.
"I said strip!" Fred shouted.
Brad sighed as he and Sam peeled off their shirts without a word.  Sam's chest was broad and muscular, Brad was lanky. His muscles barely defined.  Sam was hot and Fred, and a few other gay brothers, were blatantly eye fucking the studly junior.
"Pledges, you're here before us to show your worth.  You'll be connected, ball sack to ball sack, with this rope.  When I say 'go', you'll each pull using just your testicles until the other has been pulled over this line,"  Justin explained the rules as two other brothers quickly tied nooses tightly around the pledges' testicles.  The ropes were taught, forcing each of the young man's sacks to be pulled several inches from their bodies, the nuts inside forced to the very end of the sack. They were so taught that the skin of the sack glistened from the bulging package inside.
Brad and Sam fidgeted, the tugging on their junk already quite severe and the game hadn't even started yet.
"On your marks, get set... go!"
The basement erupted into cheers as Sam and Brad began walking backward in an effort to pull the other boy forward.  It took several minutes for either of them to establish a rhythm.  To everyone's surprise, it was Brad who first seemed to be getting an advantage.  He grunted and tugged, beads of sweat forming on his forehead as he pulled.  Sam's balls were being pulled to the very end of the sack and were turning beet red.  Sam struggled to hold his ground, but after he had gave an inch, it wasn't long before Brad could gain a mile. 
"Pull! Pull!" Brad's supporters chanted as the more muscular Sam was being pulled literally by the balls across the basement.
"Oh! My balls! Stop it!" Sam shrieked, the alarm in his voice almost causing Justin to call the match. 
Sam's large balls were bright red, veins were pulsing on the surface and his sack was pulled at least six inches from his muscular thighs. Brad was straining in effort as he was practically falling backward in an effort to coax Sam forward.  
"They're gonna' pop!"  someone shouted laughing.
Brad stopped pulling just for a moment, concerned that he really was going to hurt Sam.  This was all the opening Sam needed as he quickly sprang up from his feigned position of weakness and began walking backward with such little effort it didn't even look like he was pulling Brad's weight by his balls.  Brad struggled to hold his ground as the larger student made quick work of him, his nuts bulging obscenely in the sack.  They were literally begin stretched off, any effort Brad made to stop being tugged just made Sam pull harder, straining the delicate chords that were keeping his manhood attached to his body.
"What a snake! Pretending to be hurt like that!"  Marcus protested and, before anyone realized what was happening, he ran behind Brad, wrapped his arms around his waist and started pulling.
Sam's cocky smile quickly melted and his eyes bulged in pain.  His mouth formed a perfect 'O' but no sound escaped.  He was being pulled by the balls by two frat boys and it was almost too much for him to take.
"That's right!'  another student said jumping up and wrapping himself around Marcus' waist.  Sam's testicles were now being ripped off his body by three men.  Sam let out a blood curdling scream as his nuts were pulled forward in the sack.  A blood vessel must have bursts then because the veins on his sack were quickly swelling and turning bluish red.
"Not so fast,"  came Nigel quickly running up and grabbing Sam by the waist.  Two others joined him. Another boy joined Brad's side and soon there was a line of ten young men pulling for Brad and only five for Sam. Despite their best effort Sam's team was clearly loosing.  By now Sam was babbling and sobbing, he could feel his nuts were literally about to be ripped off. His sack had gone purple, starved of oxygen for so long, and if the noose tightened any further it looked as if his nuts would simply pop out the front of the boy's stretched sack. 
"Oh God! It's ripping!"  Sam wailed, but by now the commission in the basement made it hard to hear. 
"Stop it you guys! Stop!"
"Everyone stop!"
"His nuts are gonna' pop!"
The scene was simply too chaotic for anyone to comprehend the mortal danger Sam's genitals were in.  His sack was starting to tear at the base, trickles of blood were apparent, but over the jeers and cheers of the crowd, two more guys actually joined the Brad side of the rope -- clearly unaware of Sam's true plight.  The added strain was just too much...
The line of boys who had been pulling for Brad suddenly fell backward in a heap.  The thing which they had been pulling -- namely Sam's package -- no longer offered any resistance. With a loud, wet ripping sound Sam's entire scrotum was ripped from his body.  The severed testicles flew across the basement landing with a plop at the base of the heap of boys. 
"We won!"  one of the young men on the ground shouted, still not realizing what had happened. 
A hush quickly filled the basement, except for the inhuman shrieks coming from the denutted Sam.  He was finally allowed to crumple to his knees, clutching the empty hole below his cock, sobbing and wailing.  It took nearly a minute for everyone to become aware of what had happened.  Two of the boys immediately got sick, spewing their dinner all over themselves.  Someone fainted.  There was yelling, shouting. Running. 
"Those aren't real balls!"  Someone shouted in disbelief, "This is a joke,"
But it was no joke. The force of having so many grown men pulling on Sam's balls had not only ripped them off, but the lateral tugging had caused the testicles to implode just before being severed.  In a flash, Sam's once plump balls had been reduced to a bag of mush on the basement floor.
"Oh my God! Call an ambulance!" Someone finally shouted.
Sam passed out before any paramedics had arrived.
Justin again scanned the letter from his family lawyer.  He, as the head of the fraternity house was being sued.  Making matters worse, Sam had suffered an infection from the injury and was now laying in the hospital perilously close to adding 'manslaughter' to the list of charges.  He genuinely liked Sam, and the thought that he could die because of a frat prank gone amok made Justin sick to his stomach.
Justin stood up and made his way upstairs. He had might as well get a good night's sleep before his court appearance the next day.  As he made his way up the grand stair case he was struck by how quiet the house seemed.  Several of the boys had moved out in the subsequent weeks after the incident, but even still it seemed oddly quiet.  Everyone is probably already in bed, he concluded as he drifted off to sleep.
In the Land of Nod, Justin was dreaming of being with a still healthy, whole Sam on the beach.  He, Nigel, Marcus and the rest of the boys were laughing and living it up like nothing had ever happened.  It was a good dream...
Meanwhile, Nigel hovered over Justin's bed, a stern look over his face.  He was clad all in black, holding a large, heavy object in his hands.  The object was weighing down the relatively lanky Nigel, but he was holding it with fierce determination.  His heart was racing as he looked down at the sleeping House Master, who had stripped down to his boxer shorts and was splayed spread eagle on the bed.
"Are we ready," came a voice over a Bluetooth device in Nigel's ear.
He pressed a button on the side of the headset and responded "Yes," and in turn four other voices replied that they too were ready for whatever was to come.
"Okay guys, ready... aim."  came the whispering voice over the headset.
Nigel grasped the heavy object in his hands, a sledge hammer, with both hands.  His hands were sweaty and he could literally hear his heart pounding in his ears.  He rose the awkward, heavy hammer far above Justin's bulging, defenseless crotch and waited for the final instruction.
"Mash em!"  came the voice, and before Nigel could change his mind, he sent the sledge crashing onto its target. 
The destruction of Justin's entire package, including his limp cock, was nearly instantaneous.  Pieces of crushed genitals splattered all over Nigel.
Justin's head shot from the pillow and he screamed hysterically, falling out of the bed while clutching his crotch.  He wasn't sure what had happened, but he could feel that his balls were gone. His crotch was just a mushy mess.  His cock had split.  He was in indescribable agony.
At the same time, The stillness was broken by four other screams, one of them was Marcus, and three other boys who had joined in on Brad's side during the tugging match.  The upstairs of the drafty fraternity house quickly erupted into chaos and screams as the ruined studs stumbled into the hallway. Meanwhile, the assailants quickly made their way out of the house.  Along the way there was another blood curdling scream. One of the fraternity boys in black had stumbled across Jordon Messer, a husky senior who had also been on Brad's side, and proceeded to crush his testicles with one quick swing of his sledge hammer. Poor Jordon, obvious to what had just happened upstairs, had turned toward his attacker and was actually saying 'hello' when he felt something gooey and warm splash onto his chin.  It was all that was left of his nuts.
"Did we get him?"  came the whispering voice over the intercom.
"Okay, meet outside,"
The four attackers made their way into the parking lot, stuffing someone whose head was wrapped in a burlap sack into the trunk. They sped away just as police sirens wailed toward the house. The car drove for nearly an hour, well outside the city, coming to rest in an empty field.  The four piled out and roughly picked up their captive, forcing him to stand in front of the car.
"Not so big now, are you?"  Nigel hissed, pulling off the hood.
Brad gasped for air, having nearly suffocated in the trunk, his legs weak from having fallen asleep.
"Please... don't"  Brad's pleases were interrupted by a punch to the side of the head.
"Tie him!" 
The others held Brad down as his pants were removed.  They then tied a rope just like the one that had been used in the fateful game around his sack, being sure that only his left nut was in the loop.
Brad was in a state of panic, every attempt to even try to beg was met with a kick to the stomach or a fist to the head.
"See, I don't think you meant to hurt anyone.  It was the guys behind you who did it,"  Nigel said, his voice surprisingly tender as he knelt to be at Brad's level.
"That's why we're not gonna rip off both or your nuts. Just one. Just the left one so every time you piss or jack off or fuck you'll be reminded,"
Brad expected to feel a tugging but was totally unprepared for what happened next.  The engine of the car revved and the vehicle slowly inched forward, the other end of the rope attached to the bumper.   Brad started jogging, trying to reduce the slack on his scrotum, but as the car neared 10, then 15, then 20 MPH he was barely able to keep up.  Brad let out a scream as he fell.  The car continued to accelerate as he desperately tried to extend his legs as a break.  He was drug several yards by his left nut, he could feel his chords starting to snap...
"OOH!" Brad screamed so loud even Nigel flinched.
Brad had been dragged over a particularly bumpy patch of ground and his testicle, pulled to the limit of the sack, burst through a hole that had split in the skin.  The vehicle stopped and the attackers gathered around.  To their surprise, the nut was still attached to Brad's body by several chords, the bare organ sitting helplessly in the dust. Nigel approached and gently put his foot over the exposed nut.
 Brad winced.
"Oh my God you guys!  He can still feel it!" 
"Let me stomp on it!" 
Brad threw up as the boys took turns flattening his bare nut into the dirt. He was comatose in pain and horror and had nearly blacked out when he felt a tremendous, wet popping sensation.
A nearly deranged looking Nigel had been jumping up and down on the tough, round organ until it finally exploded like a ripe grape.
Brad was starting to pass out, his ruined nut still radiating unbearable pain.
Nigel knelt down, grabbed Brad by the back of his head and declared "Welcome to P-O-P. Yeah, that's why we call it that,"
Then all was darkness.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Good Doctor

Quinn sat on the cold examination bench quietly as the doctor jotted down a few last minute notes onto his chart.  Quinn was getting his annual sports physical at the university medical centre, a usually routine affair that typically only covered the bare minimum requirement for a physical.  Quinn was the last patient of the day, just one of a sea of college students the doctor had had to treat today and his indifference was obvious throughout the exam.
Quinn, a powerfully built twenty-two year old rugby player at Amajor University looked uncharacteristically nervous as he waited for the doctor to finish writing. He ran one of his thick hands through his shaggy black hair, cleared his throat and spat out "Doc, I was wondering.  How do you give yourself a testicular exam?"
The doctor looked up from his pad and eyed the handsome jock.  Quinn was six foot four, with a husky, athletic built.  His pecs were perfectly sculpted, outlined nicely under his white polo shirt.  His thick, muscular legs filled out his too-small jeans and an ample bulge was visible at the intersection of the jock's legs.  Dr. Paulson was openly gay, and always took a professional detachment from the countless attractive, virile young men he treated, but with particularly handsome men his hormones sometimes clouded his professional judgment.   This was the case with Quinn..
Dr. Paulson was in his late forties, his grey hair cut short.  Being a doctor with a specialty in sports medicine, he took particularly good care of himself and his five foot ten body was quite muscular, with his arms bulging out the sleeves of his white medical coat.  Overall Dr. Paulson looked and carried himself like a man ten years his junior.
"Oh, a testicular exam? You mean for cancer screening?"
"Yes.  My pa' was just diagnosed..."
Dr. Paulson showed genuine concern as he took a step closer to the sitting jock.
"... They caught it incredibly early. A miracle, actually. He's going to be fine but it got me thinking that I may have a higher risk, ya' know since it runs in the family, and I wanted to start, ya' know, examining myself."
Dr. Paulson set down his clip board and took a step toward Quinn, putting a hand on his knee in a strictly professional, calming way.
"Well, Quinn. Studies haven't linked regular self examination to increased survival rates with this particular cancer, so the American Cancer Society doesn't have guidelines on how regularly it should be done."
The doctor continued, "But some doctors, including myself, do recommend that patients with a family history or other risk factors do perform regular self checks.  I can show you how if you'd like,"
Quinn nodded affirmatively and stood up. 
"Please lower your pants again," Dr. Paulson said, swallowing hard as the beefy jock pulled his jeans and boxers to his ankles.
Quinn's genitals, matching the rest of his frame, were quite large.  Each of his testicles was slightly smaller than a billiard ball and hung low in the bottom of this hairy sack.  His cock was five inches long and quite thick even though it was totally limp, hanging slightly to the left.
Dr. Paulson grasped the meaty right nut and felt the organ in his hand. Quinn winced from the feeling of the doctor's cold hand on his junk.
"I usually recommend that patients perform the exam after a hot shower or bath, when the genitals are lower in the sack and relaxed.  But I can still show you the basic techniques. Just take a the testicle between your thumb and fingers and roll it applying slight pressure..."
Quinn winced as the doctor squeezed his ball slightly between his thumb and fingers.  Dr. Paulson's cock jumped in his slacks as he felt the surprisingly squishy orb compress in his hands.  He rolled the nut around for a few seconds before stopping.
"Do you feel that?" 
The doctor guided Quinn's hand to a benign lump near the middle of his testicle.

"This is totally normal.  Which is why if you do decide to self exam that you do it regularly, so you get to know what's normal and what isn't what your testicles."
Dr. Paulson dropped Quinn's heavy right nut and reached for the left, grasping the huge organ between his fingers and thumb.  The doctor rolled Quinn's nut in his fingers, squeezing slightly as he examined the hung stud's sex organs.  Quinn winced slightly, apparently his nuts were as sensitive as they were large.  As the doctor rolled the ball, Quinn's cock began to stir.
Quinn's entire body flushed red as he looked down to see his penis was quickly swelling.  Dr. Paulson, pretending not to notice, grasped Quinn's other ball in his hand and was now gently rolling both orbs in his powerful hand.  Quinn winced as his cock continued to grow until was its full nine inch length.  Dr. Paulson swallowed hard as the massive organ pulsed with each beat of the jock's heart, the bulbous mushroom shaped head swelling as Quinn's balls were massaged.
Quinn's handsome face was now beet red in embarrassment.
"I'm not gay. I'm sorry, I don't know what's gotten into him."
Dr. Paulson smiled at the way the stud was addressing his penis as 'him'. 
"It's a totally normal automatic reaction.  It may even happen when you're examining yourself." 
Dr. Paulson had finished actually examining Quinn's testicles, finding nothing wrong, but continued to compress and roll him in his hands, now pressing much harder than necessary.
Quinn winced and his perfect body shuddered as Dr. Paulson's thumbs bore deeper into his fleshy balls. Dr. Paulson kept kneading the large testicles for several minutes until he drove his thumb even deeper into the rugby player's sack.
"Oww, doc. That hurts.:" Quinn yelped as Dr. Paulson's thumbs dug into his balls, now separated from his hands by only a half inch of painfully compressed ball meat. The huge orbs looked like they had been dented in their middles as the doctor continued to press in.
Dr. Paulson's heart quickened and he felt his own seven inch cock throbbing in his slacks. He cleared his throat and did his best to sound professional "Now I'm checking the deeper tissues and membranes."
Quinn screamed and stumbled back, his ass now pressed against the exam table. 
"Do I have to do it so rough to myself" Quinn asked, his face contorted in pain but his massive cock still rock hard.
"No. Only your doctor should. We wouldn't want to cause any permanent damage.  Hmm. Let me look more closely at the left testicle."
Dr. Paulson released Quinn's now reddened right testicle and grasped his horse like left nut with both hands.  One hand was busy compressing the top of the nut and the other hand was compressing the bottom.  Quinn let out a gasp and his eyes were tearing up.  He went to close his legs out of instinct...
"Please keep your legs spread, please."
Quinn complied, spreading his thick legs giving the doctor easy access to his nuts.  Dr. Paulson's heart was pounding as he felt his hands digging further and further into the handsome jocks' nut.  The organ was getting flatter and flatter and Dr. Paulson could feel the delicate membranes starting to give in. 
Quinn was now screaming, begging Dr. Paulson to stop but he kept pressing into the large ball until it was flattened to a half inch thick.  And despite himself, Quinn made a conscious effort to keep his legs open, and his big nuts totally exposed to Dr. Paulson.
"Doc! Doc! Please, that hurts!"  Quinn yelped, his voice cracking.
Despite the pain, Quinn's cock continued to throb painfully, a thick stream of precum dripping from the head.  Dr. Paulson was tempted to take the handsome stud's cock into his mouth, but stopped himself.
"Uh oh.  We don't want your semen to back up."
"You mean like blue balls?" the clueless jock asked while the doctor continued to manhandle his nut.
Dr. Paulson took his right hand and started pumping Quinn's enormous cock, using the now pouring stream of precum as lube. His other hand was now entirely encircling the swelling left nut, his bicep flexing as he attempted to literally crush the young man's nut.  Quin cried out, but his mind was too awash with pleasure and pain to fight back.
This rough kneading went on for several minutes and Dr. Paulson was dripping precum himself as he felt Quinn's battered, bloated nut starting to collapse in his hands.  The jock was now screaming steadily, his brute voice echoing in the empty clinical building, but his cock was still rock hard.
"Oh doc! You're crushing it."
"Well you have to ejaculate soon, then I'll stop squeezing."
The doctor pumped Quinn's enormous dong like his life depending on it...
"Oh doc! You're gonna' squash it!" Quinn wailed, ironically the more the thought about Dr. Paulson's hand crushing his nut the hornier he got.
Dr. Paulson licked his lips and smiled as the powerful muscle jock squirmed, obviously in pain, but going out of his way to keep his balls available to Dr. Paulson.  It was as if the jock subconsciously wanted Dr. Paulson to pop his baby maker.
"Oh! That feels so good! Keep squeezing!"
Dr. Paulson was taken aback, and incredibly aroused, by the hapless jock's exclamation.
"I'm gonna' shoot!" Quinn screamed as his back arched in pleasure.  Dr. Paulson's face and jacket were plastered with four thick, powerful spurts of seamen.
Quinn stood panting, catching his breath as Dr. Paulson slowly let off the pressure on his nut. It was clear to the doctor that he was only a few minutes away from permanently damaging the stud's bull nut. It was incredibly swollen and red, and the doctor could feel that his thumb was starting to destroy the membranes and connective tissue that was keeping the jocks' nut whole and round. Maybe next time, if the doctor played this right, Quinn wouldn't be so lucky.
Quinn looked down at the doctor's messy face and smiled.  He usually wasn't a shooter, but as was evident by the thick splattering of cum dripping off the doctor's face, having his balls squeezed clearly triggered something inside the horny young man.
"Sorry doc. I made a mess.  That felt so fucking good." 
Dr. Paulson washed his face in the exam room's small sink, then headed back to the hapless jock who was now pulling his pants back up.
Quinn looked at the doctor and said meekly "I've never cum like that.
Dr. Paulson smiled, "I must have squeezed it right out of you."
There was a brief silence as the spent rugby stud looked around nervously as if dancing around an awkward question.  Finally he spoke.
"When you were squeezing my nut.. er, testicle, it felt so good. But it hurt. Is that normal?"
Dr. Paulson smiled broadly "Well, some guys do enjoy it."
The two looked at each other for what seemed like a long time before Quinn finally spoke "Maybe I should come in for an exam tomorrow."
"And the next day probably, just to make sure I didn't miss anything."
Thinking back to the weirdly erotic, explosive orgasm he had just had, Quinn nodded his head in agreement.
"Actually, Quinn.  I could give you a harder--- I mean more thorough examination at my private office. At home."
Quinn wasn't sure why, but his cock instantly got hard again at the prospect of getting another ball squeezing from Dr. Paulson. Maybe next time he'd press in even harder...
"That sounds great, doc!"  Quinn said smiling.
"How hard can you squeeze?"
"As hard as you want,"
Dr. Paulson held out his arm, palm opened, and began clenching his fist as if he was wrapping it around a nice juicy testicle.  Quinn's eyes grew large, and his cock began to stir as he watched the handsome doctor's fist close tighter and tighter.  Quinn imagined one of his own nuts trapped in the slowly closing space inside Dr. Paulson's hand. 
Just as Dr. Paulson's hand compressed to about the same distance it had been when Quinn shot, he made eye contact with the mesmerized stud and licked his lips.  Dr. Paulson feigned as if he was encountering invisible resistance, pretending that his fist couldn't close any more.
Quinn's cock was fully erect again as he imagined his nut was being crushed by Dr. Paulson.  The doctor smiled broadly as he dramatically clenched his fist totally shut rapidly, as if he'd finally broken through the invisible resistance.  Quinn thought he was going to shoot another load as he envisioned what would have happened to his nut had it been in the doctor's palm.  Would it have burst?
"Wouldn't that kind of pressure damage me?"  Quinn asked breathlessly, his mind racing with a graphic visual of his ruined nut oozing from between Dr. Paulson's fingers.
"Yes.  Your testicle would have been crushed."
Dr. Paulson nodded affirmatively.
Quinn swallowed hard.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Ruined Mechanic

Max had been sitting on the rest stop toilet for nearly an hour. It was well past three A.M and only two other men had entered the rest stop that evening and none  of them were responsive to his suggestive foot tapping.  Maybe this was going to be a bust evening.  He ran a hand through his now blond hair and was about to exit the stall when he heard the restroom door open.  Heavy footsteps lead quickly to the next stall. Max could tell that the man was sitting, but not actually using the toilet.

He gently tapped his foot.

The man, to Max's pleasure, reciprocated.

Max knelt down and removed the toilet paper holder which was only half bolted to the wall, revealing a large glory hole.  Almost before the hole was completely uncovered a fat nine inch black cock and two large balls were pushed through the hole.  Max inhaled the man's scent slowly. It was clean, yet had a hint of masculine odor that got Max instantly hard.  Without further delay, Max inhaled the man's dripping cock and began to suck.  He took the long tool all the way to the base of the man's balls, which caused the Stranger to gasp in pleasure.

"Oh yeah," came a deep voice from the other side.

Max bobbed up and down on the truly enormous dong like a champion, putting a hand on his throat so he could feel the bulge as nine inches of cock snaked its way down.  The Stranger was moaning heavily and, after only a few minutes, Max could feel the large nuts, which he had been gently cupping, starting to retract.  It was time.

"Oh yeah..." the Stranger moaned breathlessly, furiously pumping his cock into Max's face.

Max slowly reached for the butcher knife he'd laid next to the toilet and slowly positioned it. With one hard swoop, he was going to sever the man's dangling nuts right as we was cumming.  The anticipation made Max drip with precum, his own cock raging in his jeans.  His breathing quickened and his palms became sweaty.  This was a large pair of nuts and he was sure they'd go great in his collection.  He was studying the stuffed sack, noticing that the right nut was much more oblong and bigger than the left, which felt..

"It's cumming!" the Stranger screamed and Max felt a burst of goo splatter his tonsils.

Shit! Max thought, he'd gotten distracted.  Without further delay he swung the butcher blade and it collided with the man's sack. The Stranger let out a hideous shriek and Max could hear the man fall with a slump to the ground.  But the man's balls had retracted between the time Max had took aim and the time he swung. As a result, the blade didn't slice cleanly into the dangling sack, it bisected the juicy testicles, slicing them in half like two black grapefruits.  Max looked down and saw the two testicle halves on the floor.  He scooped them up and,  almost going into the next stall to finish the job, but reconsidered.

As he made his way into the forest surrounding the rest stop Max stopped, looked down at the two testicle halves in his hands and threw them down.  He looked at the ruined things just for a moment before stomping them into a gooey paste under his foot.

Those didn't count, he concluded.  Only whole nuts did.  He continued, satisfied that the two halve testicles were nothing but an unrecognizable mess, and contemplated how best to totally sever his next victim from his balls...

Max wandered for several miles, staying just out of sight of the few headlights that came down the nearly abandoned highway bypass.  It was approaching four A.M, but he hadn't collected a proper pair for the night.  The thought of aborting, and trying again another time crept to him when suddenly, as if on cue, a small car repair shop appeared on the horizon.  Although it was actually only dimly lit, the building shone brightly against the stark dark night sky. 

Max hesitantly approached the building. He had almost nutted a mechanic a few weeks prior in a similar back roads repair shop, but the guy's testicles had ruptured from being pulled by the pliers before they were severed.  Max left the guy there, crushed balls still attached. After all, he only wanted to take whole testicles.  Though he wasn't opposed to crushing them to goo once removed, like over-stuffed stress balls.

Max peaked into the window and saw a small, cluttered counter, behind which was a single automobile service bay, the back wall full of tools.  Max pulled at the door, which was locked. He peered through the glass, hoping to find some young, cute mechanic working late...

Suddenly a figure appeared from the service bay. Max's eyes were still adjusting from the transition to near total darkness so it took him a minute to make out the outline of a very handsome, twenty-something blonde standing behind the counter.  His short hair was matted to his forehead with sweat, his chiseled face dirty from grease and dirt.  The mechanic was wearing only a tight fitting white T-shirt, a name Max couldn't make out from that distance was stitched over the left breast, and blue jeans, both rather dirty and sweaty.  He had obviously been just at work, and the thought of un-nutting this muscular young man while he was ripe from work was making Max's cock stir. 

As he approached, Max could make out that the Mechanic was about five foot ten, maybe one sixty, and well built, but not too muscular.  Max was slightly shorter, but -- mixed with the element of surprised -- he was sure he could handle him.  As the Mechanic approached, Max -- remembering his shirt was still bloody from earlier, started playing the role of the victim, pounding at the door and screaming for help. 

Oh wow, he's cute, Max thought as the youthful Mechanic flung open the door in a panic.

"Are you okay, buddy?"  the Mechanic asked, his soft voice -- even through his alarm - only made him seem even more youthful.

"He just kept hitting me, I was so scared..." Max cried, thoroughly convincing tears streaming down his face as he walked through the door.  He made a point of reading the young blonde's name; Adam.

"Oh shit, is he here?" Adam asked, ushering Max to the counter and quickly closing -- and locking the door behind him.

 Max was now at the counter, facing Adam, and abruptly stopped his charade.   Adam, his adrenaline still pumping from this late night 'victim' was confused, and only just became aware of the bloodied knife sticking out of Max's pocket...

"What the..."

Max grabbed the knife before Adam could act and, in a surprisingly agile move, grabbed Adam's arm, spun him around and pulled him toward himself.  Max's now raging cock was pressed against the young man's back, the blade of the knife was held so tightly against Adam's throat, it drew blood when his neck barely bulged with a swallow.

"Don't move." Max whispered with incongruent softness into the now crying man's ear, "Take me into the shop," said Max motioning his head toward the mechanics bay.

"Pl-please! Just take the money, "

"I don't want the money..."

Adam, too distracted by the knife was only just now consciously aware of the hard cock pressed into his back. 

"No! No! Please don't rape me...." Adam said through sobs, too petrified to even attempt to move lest the blade plunge into his neck.

Max didn't dignify the plea with a response, instead slowly walking Adam around the counter into the mechanics' bay.  As they rounded the counter, Max caught a glimpse of a photograph taped to the computer monitor.  It was Adam smiling broadly as another man, a brunette, kissed him on the cheek.
"Who is that?"  Max asked still slowly walking Adam into the bay.

"My husband.... please I just wanna' see him again," Adam cried.  The young man was hysterical with fear, which was only making Max's cock harder.

"Do what I say, and you just might,"  Max said softly in Adam's ear as they entered the bay.

The two stopped just a few feet away from a car that was suspended at waist level on a hoist.  Max, being mindful not to give Adam an opening to play the hero, glanced around quickly to see what he could use to castrate the unsuspecting mechanic.  He grinned to himself when his eyes came across something on a back shelf.

"Get down," Max shouted, lowering the blade and shoving Adam to the ground.
Adam, still too petrified to mount a fight, stayed on all fours, fighting back sobs.  "Please, don't hurt me. Plea---"

WHOOMPH! CRUNCH! -  Max delivered a kick between the young man's legs so powerful that Adam's backside was lifted into the air.  Adam let  out a scream and fell over, landing on his stomach. Adam rolled to his back in agony and  Max took the few moments the dazed mechanic was rolling in pain  to run to the shelf and grab a spooled length of twine.  He returned, Adam still clutching his nuts, and promptly stomped on Adam's chest and he was sure he felt something crack.

Adam gasped, his arms instantly clutching his chest, which left his crotch open again...

CRUNCH! CRUNCH! Max stomped on the slight bulge in Adam's dirty jeans several times, each time eliciting a squeal from the young man, who was now in too much pain from his cracked rib and throbbing nuts to mount any kind of response.  Adam was pleading, begging Max to stop, but Max kept stomping and grinding the mound, the young man's firm testicles being squashed into his pelvis.
"Shut the fuck up!"  Max roared with a ferocity that startled even himself, tiring of Adam's begging.
He kicked Adam in the side of the head so hard his neck snapped violently to the side and the young man almost instantly blacked out.  Except for a trickle of blood coming from his nose and the shoe prints on his crotch, Adam looked like he could have just been peacefully sleeping.  Max swooped down and put his finger under his nose... a slight puff of air signaled Adam was still breathing.  Max got to work literally ripping Adam's sweat and grease stained T-shirt off, revealing a nicely defined, albeit bruised chest.  A washboard like trail of abs ran down this stomach into his pants.  Max licked his lips, his own pants now soaked with precum, as he dove his head into Adam's chest and began to swirl his nipples with his tongue. 

Adam's head rocked slightly to the side and Max thought he heard him groan in pain, but he kept going.  While he did this, Max massaged the lump in Adam's pants until he could feel the unconscious cock starting to come to life.   That was his cue.

Rubbing a hand over Adam's rippling stomach with one hand, Max unbuttoned Adam's jeans with the other. He pulled them and his underwear down to his knees revealing two shaved walnut sized nuts tight to his body.  His hardening cock was only about five inches long but incredibly thick and veiny.  His husband must enjoy this, Max thought.  Adam's distinct odor of sweat and masculinity wafted up from the now totally exposed crotch and, for a moment, Max had to stop fondling the young man lest he blow his load right there.  

For a brief moment, Max considered abandoning his plan to destroy Adam's sex life - and by extension the sex life of his partner.   Adam was, Max had to admit, simply beautiful. His rippling, but not imposing physique, the way he smelled, his handsome face.... Max rubbed the bulge in his crotch as he ran a finger to Adam's butt hole.  It was so tight Max could hardly get a knuckle in.  Adam's ass subconsciously twitched, clenching Max's finger tightly.  Max's cock dripped precum and for a moment he contemplated just plowing Adam's tight hole and leaving him be. But then Adam thought back to the very first pair of balls he had crushed into a goo all over a bathroom stall and his cock jumped at the memory.  No, Max concluded, castrating Adam would be infinitely more fun than fucking him.

Without any more thoughts about pounding the mechanic, Max tied the twine tightly around the base of Adam's sack, making sure there was still a bit of slack. He then tied it to the underside of the vehicle hoist.  Adam was starting to stir a bit.

"Pl-please don't hurt me no more," Adam barely got out, drifting in and out of consciousness.

"Oh this won't take long," Max whispered in Adam's ear.

He quickly found the lever next to the hoist that controlled it going up or down.  He pulled it forward and the hoist noisily started to rise, lifting the car and pulling at Adam's sack.

Adam groaned, but was still too out of it to respond.  As the hoist rose, Adam's sack was pulled one.. two... three inches from his body.  Then it suddenly stopped stretching, even as the hoist kept rising.  The noose tightened around the balls, which were being pulled painfully against the top of the stretched sack and were quickly swelling and turning purple as they were starved of oxygen.

Finally it happened.  Max smiled to himself as he saw Adam's tight body slowly lifting from the ground.  When Adam was clear of the ground by a few inches, Max stopped the hoist.  He walked up to Adam and looked down at the unconscious stud. 

"Mmm, wonder how long they'll hold up," Max joked to no one.

Adam's body was being suspended entirely by his nuts and it was obvious the strain was getting to be too much for the poor organs.  After a few minutes, as Max watched silently, the bulging sack turned completely bluish purple. Adam's balls were dying.  Adam slowly began to come around and, as if overcome with a shot of adrenaline, starting begging and pleading in earnest.

"OH GOD! Let me go!  Let me down!"  Adam screamed at the top of his lungs, his arms and legs flailing.  "They're ripping!"

Max watched as Adam's body slowly started to lower, the sack stretching further... and further....

"PLEASE!"  Adam screamed a final time before his cries became an unintelligible drone.

Max ignored him and raised the hoist a few more inches.  Adam's body lowered further as his sack was viciously stretched.  Max walked up the writhing blonde and put a hand on the bulging nuts.  They were still warm but didn't feel quite as hot as they should have been. They were also now totally blackish blue.

"Yup, these things are toast, Adam.  Hope you're a bottom,"  Max joked cruelly.

Adam's screaming was at a fever pitch as his sack stretched further... and further... and ...


There was a loud, disgusting ripping followed by a thud as Adam's body fell to the floor. The severed balls still suspended from the hoist.  Adam's hand immediately reached for his crotch as he sobbed and begged for Max for help. Max stepped over Adam's gorgeous body and casually retrieved the hanging ball sack.  He rolled the organs still in their sack in his hands for several moments, savoring how they felt totally detached from their owner.  He squeezed his hand tightly, feeling the dead baby makers compress under the strain. He kept squeezing and squeezing, determined to crush at least one of them right there in the garage.  His efforts didn't take long. The membranes of Adam's abused right nut collapsed and Max explosively came in his jeans without touching himself when he felt his fist totally close over what had once been a firm, virile nut.

Max nearly doubled over as gush after gush of seed splattered the inside of his pants.  Then, matter of factly he turned to leave the garage, stopping at the desk.  He looked at the picture of a smiling Adam and his equally cute husband and thought to himself how they had probably had sex the same day that picture was taken, Adam's balls slamming into his husband's ass as the brunette was bred.  The same balls that were now in Max's hands, half crushed. He grinned as he reaching for the cordless phone, throwing it at Adam.  It hit him in the side of the face and as Max left, he turned to see Adam frantically dialing for help. 
"Local. Trusted. Live. This is News Eight at Eleven," came a dramatic voice over rousing fanfare.

"Good evening, I'm Dianne Simmons.  We start tonight with breaking news that County officials are launching a dedicated task force to track down the assailant in a string of gruesome attacks on young men, most recently two victims found just miles apart outside of Riverview,"  an attractive woman began the news cast.

"That's right, Dianne. This man is wanted in connection to what police are calling a string of sexual assaults. Although all of the victims have been gay men, police are stopping short of calling this a hate crime..."

A police sketch flashed across the screen.

Max turned off the television, casually sipping a martini.  He was sitting on an overstuffed leather couch, a fire roaring in the large fireplace of his luxurious uptown apartment.  In front of him on the cocktail table his untouched Surface displayed spreadsheets and charts, work he'd bought home from his accounting firm.  As he picked up his tablet and began to scroll through the figures on the screen, but his mind was distracted. 

The police sketches were beginning to look a little too much like him. Perhaps he was getting too brazen as his 'trophy' collection had grown.  He closed out of the spreadsheet app and opened his email; it was filled with casual correspondences and invitations to cocktail parties. He responded, genuinely laughing and smiling at the routine personal emails.

None of his recipients suspected for a moment that the emails they would be reading in response were being typed by the same hands that had crushed, sliced and ripped off so many pairs of nuts.

After a while, he sat down the tablet and finished his drink.  His obligations as the fun loving, goofy sidekick 'Max' were finished for the night. He began plotting his next hunting excursion with the calculated casualness he had just addressed his emails.