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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Your Invitation (Ball Busting Choose Your Own Adventure)

A few years ago I wrote 'The Fun House', a story about an otherwise ordinary middle-aged man named Larry who was presented with the opportunity to lay waste to sack after flattened sack in whatever manner his devious mind could devise.  That story serves as the establishing framework to this post, a choose your own adventure style ball busting story.

For those of you not familiar, a Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) story is like any other work of fiction, only at the end of each page, instead of simply turning to the next one, you pick which action/outcome you want to happen and in effect guiding the story as you wish.  

There are plenty of no-permanent-damage endings to this story (which is why it is tagged 'No Permanent Damage'), but if you want you can choose paths that end with varying degrees of testicular destruction.

This is probably the longest (in terms of sheer pages) and most complex (keeping track of all of the decision paths was a chore!) ball busting story I've ever attempted and your feedback is greatly appreciated!

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Monday, June 6, 2016

Good Doctor: Making the Grade

It had been a month since Zach Norris, a beefy, handsome yet outwardly conservative and preppy, thirty year old graduate student had reduced a man’s ball into goo, but for Zach the memory was as fresh as ever.

He could still replay in exquisite detail the crunching and squelshing sounds that resonated from the helpless rugby hunk’s ball sack as Zach’s strong hands squashed any semblance of solid structure out of  the defenseless, shattered ball.  Most hot to Zach was how long it took for the last remnant --- which Zach had taken to calling ‘the core’ -- to finally break, but when it did, boy did it break.

Zach closed his eyes to replay those final moments yet again.  His hands wrapped around Quinn’s already-destroyed nut, his fingers digging into the core, deeper and deeper until it felt like he wouldn’t be able to accomplish his goal... only to have the core burst violently with no more pressure applied.  One instance Zach’s hands fingers were separated by the core, the next, they were basically touching, separated only by the floppy skin of Quinn’s scrotum.  It was as if the core had exploded so spectacularly that it simply ceased to exist.

Zach was so caught up in his fantasy that he hardly noticed the rapping on his office door.  Zach’s hand had already found the head of his massive cock, which was snaking down the leg of his slacks, and was stroking his cock slowly when he was suddenly jerked back to reality by the knocking.

Zach ran a hand through his hair, slipped his horn rimmed glasses back on his face and turned toward his laptop, pecking the keys whilst pretending to work.

“Come in,”  Zach commanded.

The frosted glass door swung open and in walked Kamran Van Kirk, a student in an undergraduate genetics course Zach was teaching that semester.

“Professor Norris, I’m sorry to bother you outside of office hours but I’m in a bit of a bind.”

Zach looked up from his laptop with a slightly annoyed look, feigning as if Kamran had just interrupted some important email he was writing.

“Oh? What can I do for you, Mr. Van Kirk?”

Zach’s still hard cock twitched so violently at the sight of Kamran , Zach felt lucky his lap was hidden under the desk  Kamran was in his early twenties, a five-foot nine inch tall, extremely muscular jock with shoulder length blond hair, a smile so perfect it looked Photoshopped and big, sparkling blue eyes Zach could pick out from across a classroom.  Kamran always seemed to wear jeans that -- purposefully or not -- showed off his supple bubble butt Zach had spilled more than few loads thinking about plowing, and today was no different.  Kamran was wearing a pair of teasingly tight Abercrombie blue jeans and a plain yellow T-shirt that was literally straining to contain his massive upper body.  However, more impressive than Zach’s All American good looks and cavalier charm was the absolutely huge bulge he seemed to always sport in his pants.  Zach was sure Kamran had caught him staring on more than one occasion, but the handsome student, always the arm candy of an endless parade of women, never seemed to mind.  Recently, Zach had taken to imagining just how hot it would be to reach Kamran’s ‘core’...

“..so that’s what it is. Can you help me?”

Zach shook his head and wiped the sweat that was forming on his forehead.  Crap!  Zach thought, he had been so busy mentally undressing his student he had forgotten to put on his professor's hat and actually pay attention to what the adorable, hung, blond had to say.

“Oh, um.  I’m sorry, what was that?”

Zach forced his eyes away from Kamran’s crotch while Kamran restated his case.  Kamran, not an unintelligent lad, had been placed into introductory genetics for his life sciences elective at the bad advice of his guidance counselor.  Despite the word ‘introductory’ in the course’s title, everyone in the class -- except Kamran -- were actually biology majors with a focus on genetics and Zach was teaching the course at an accelerated pace.  Easy to keep up with for a future geneticist, but well beyond what an accounting major trying to get the minimum requirement could absorb.

So here was Kamran, at midterm, facing a failing grade in what was supposed to be an easy elective and pleading for Professor Norris’ help.

“Well, Mr. Van Kirk.  The deadline to drop the course without marks has already passed so...”

Zach felt his cock start to deflate as he shifted entirely into professor mode.

“I know, Dr. Norris, but I don’t know what to do.  There’s no way I can pass this course.”

Zach scrunched his eyebrows and turned to his laptop, only this time actually pulling up an actual file.  Kamran looked on helplessly as Zach’s eyes scanned the grade sheet in front of him.  Kamran sighed as Zach’s face unconsciously took on a concerned, sad look.  Zach could tell Kamran was extremely intelligent -- just not in the course material -- and it legitimately pained him to see a such a bright student who was trying so hard trapped with a academic-record-scarring failing grade.

Zach bit his lip, looked up at the still-standing Kamran and said sternly “I’m sorry, Mr. Van Kirk. You just waited too long to withdraw.”
“But what about extra credit?”  

Zach frowned.  

“Kamran, you know I don’t give out extra credit.”

Kamran took a step toward the desk, bringing his massive bulge within Zach’s arm reach.  Zach’s heart pounded as he struggled to keep eye contact with Kamran despite his eyes unconsciously darting between Kamran’s pecs and his crotch.

“Please, Zach, can I call you Zach?”  Kamran asked taking another step toward the desk.

Zach nodded affirmatively, his eyes locked on Kamran’s crotch.

“Please, Zach.  There has to be something, anything I can do to make up the points.  I’ll do anything,”

Zach wasn’t sure, but he was sure Kamran’s lip-licking at the end of that statement was more than just a case of dry lips.

“Well, Mr. Van Kirk, I’m sorry but...”

“Call me, Kamran. Or Kam.”  

Kamran took another step toward the desk, his bulge getting invitingly closer.  Zach was sure Kamran was breathing heavier and his face was taking on a slightly red hue.  Kamran also looked over his shoulder multiple times as if to make double sure that he had closed the office door behind him.

The hunky professor and the Adonis student spent several tense moments in silence.

“Like I said, Mr. Van Kirk...”


Zach was taken aback -- had Kamran just attempted, awkwardly, to bat his eye lashes at him?

“Like I said, Kamran, there isn’t much I can do.  Have you reached out to your advisor?”

Kamran grunted in frustration.

“Yes there is something you could do! You’re the one who submits the grades.  Isn’t there anything, anything at all, I could do to bump my grade.”

Zach’s heart was really pounding as Kamran ran a hand over his pecs and continuing down until his hand was over his crotch.  Zach let out a nervous sigh before continuing.

“Kamran, I can’t.  There’s nothing I can do...”


Kamran gave his crotch a slight squeeze, causing the outline of his kiwi fruit sized nuts to bulge out.  Zach gasped at the realization that Kamran wasn’t wearing underwear.  This entire meeting had been a setup from the beginning.  Zach quickly mentally reinforced his professor’s hat.

“Mr. Van Kirk, I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”

“Why?  I see the way you check me out after class.  Please, I’ll do anything you want.”

Kamran turned slightly, letting the profile of his perfect ass take up Zach’s entire frame of view.  Zach could feel his cock throbbing in his jeans and felt his rational mind quickly losing the internal argument with his lust.

“Mr. Van Kirk...”

Zach had barely gotten out the words before Kamran grabbed the desktop and pulled the entire desk forward, knocking over the lamp and several stacks of papers and creating a clear view for Kamran to look down into Zach’s crotch.  Kamran’s own crotch seemed to stir at the site.

“Look at you, Zach.  You’re already leakin’!  That’s at least worth a few points.”

Kamran pointed at the small sheen of precum that was starting to form in Zach’s slacks.

“What do you say we use that to lube you up before you take my ass, sir.”

Kamran then turned completely around and bent slightly, exposing his beautiful jeans-clad ass.  It took more self control than Zach knew he had not to simply lunge over the desk and take Kamran up on his offer.  But Zach’s rational mind was winning the day.

Zach grabbed the desktop and pulled the desk toward him, again hiding his raging erection, cleared his throat and commanded Kamran to leave.

“Mr. Van Kirk, I have every right to report you to the Dean of Student Affairs right now. Leave my office at once or...”

Kamran’s face took on a serious look as he stood up and faced his professor.

“Or you’ll what? You'll fuck me? Suck me?  Ram your cock down my throat?  I know you want it, dude, just do it and get it over with. Please.”

Kamran was practically begging to be used as a sex object just for a grade. Despite the amateur porn nature of the situation ,which Zach had to admit was extremely hot, the situation was actually quite sad.

Zach took a moment to clear his mind of the flood of images of him fucking and sucking Kamran before he spoke again.

“Kamran.  You’re clearly in a bind.  Why don’t I talk to your adviser for you? Maybe...”

“They don’t stretch very far.” Kamran blurted out so fast it seemed disembodied.

“Excuse me?”  

“My balls, they don’t stretch very far, naturally I mean.”

Kamran looked behind him to verify the door was still closed, then reached into his jeans and pulled his junk up above the waistline. Zach literally gasped at the ridiculously huge organs in front of him.  Each of Kamran's nuts was easily the size of a large kiwi - and just as fuzzy - coated with a dense layer of short, prickly blonde hair.  His cock was 8 inches totally flaccid, and looked to be easily as thick as Zach’s own massive tool.  Zach’s mind raced as he found himself imagining reaching ‘the core’ of Kamran’s fat nuts, one at a time.  He imagined how the hunky stud would squeal as his balls exploded in his sack....

“So they don’t stretch too far.  I heard you liked that, stretching them.”

Zach looked up at Kamran stunned.

“Oh, did I mention Quinn was one of my best friends on the varsity rugby team. And even after he rolled off for graduate school we kept in touch. He tells me everything...”

Kamran leaned in as if for dramatic effect.

“And I mean everything.”

Zach couldn’t believe it.  Here was this blond Adonis offering up his balls just for a few strokes of a computer keyboard.  Zach would have settled for some unsolicited extra credit, or a meeting with Kamran’s adviser, but this looked much more fun. Without thinking, Zach reached forward and grabbed Kamran’s nuts, one in each hand.

“Oooh. yeah that’s it.”

Zach applied gentle pressure at first which got Kamran’s cock excited.  Zach watched in amazement as Kamran’s cock grew to an astounding twelve inches just from having his balls fondled.

Kamran threw his head back and moaned while Zach increased the pressure.

“Oooh. Mmmmm.”

Kamran was clearly enjoying having his balls manhandled and Zach wondered just how far he could take the randy stud.

“Harder,”  Kamran begged breathlessly despite the fact Zach was already applying maximum grip on each huge nut.

“So you like it rough?”

Zach said, letting go of Kamran’s nuts just long enough to stand and approach the handsome stud.  Zach motioned for Kamran to have a seat in his chair, which Kamran promptly did, then Zach dropped to his knees and proceeded to take a nut in each hand and continued his kneading and squeezing.

Kamran’s cock leaked precum as Zach tried to flatten the impossibly dense organs in his hands.  Despite his best effort, Zach couldn’t manage to get Kamran’s tough nuts to deform even the slightest.  They were literally balls of steel.


Kamran moaned and proceeded to pump his cock with both hands as Zach kept squeezing his nuts.  While Kamran continued to pump his rod, Zach formed an ‘O’ at the base of Kamrans’ balls, causing the comically huge organs to bulge in their sack, then proceeded to slap them his this free hand.

Slap. Slap. Slap.

Kamran’s balls bounced and jiggled, making wet smacking sounds as they crashed into his powerful thighs.  After a few minutes of slapping, Kamran breathlessly moaned ‘Harder!”

“Your grade in the course is an F, right now.  Do you wanna’ move up to a D?”

Kamran nodded his head yes, not missing a beat of stroking.

Zach balled his fist, lined it over Kamran’s sack and sent it full force into the rock-hard organs like a piston.  Kamran seemed to barely notice as he kept stroking.


Zach slammed his fist over and over into Kamran’s sack, expecting to at least elicit a yelp, but Kamran only moaned loudly and kept stroking his cock.  The hunky blond clearly got off on having his junk busted, which made Zach all the more excited to get to ‘the core’.


Zach pounded Kaman’s nuts full force for nearly ten minutes and they were starting to take on a slightly red appearance, but were otherwise unfazed.


Zach mused, letting Kamran’s heavy nuts fall as he contemplated where to take this scene next.  He grabbed one of Kamran’s huge nuts with both hands and started to squeeze.

“So did Quinn tell you want ended up happening to him.”

To Zach’s amazement, Kamran shook his head yes while his cock jerked and shot a rope of precum that landed on Zach’s shirt.

“Hmm, how about we try to raise your grade to a C?”

Kamran nodded his head yes while Zach formed another ‘O’ at the base of his sack, only this time trapping just Kamran’s slightly swollen left nut.

“Oh fuck...” Kamran moaned, fully aware of what Zach was about to do.


Zach rammed his fist into Kamran’s left nut once, twice... ten times as hard as he could and to his disbelief barely got Kamran to do more than moan slightly.  Kamran’s big nut flattened violently after each impact, but the big blond stud seemed hardly bothered.


Zach was panting and sweating has he unleashed everything he had into his punches. All two-hundred pounds of his beefy frame went into each devastating blow, Kamran’s nut was flattened to less than half of its girth, but Kamran only moaned and kept stroking as if Zach was doing nothing more than playfully massaging his giant balls.


“So, you like it really, really rough?”  

Zach looked up at his big dumb captive and winked. Kamran gave Zach a goofy grin and nodded his head affirmatively.

“Okay then.  Let’s say if I can get to the core, you’ll get an A in this class. Not only that, I’ll give you an honors commendation.  How’s that sound?”

Kamran nodded, his hair matted to his forehead and neck, oblivious by what Zach meant by ‘the core’ but excited by the prospect of a passing grade.


Zach desperately plowed his fist into Kamran’s indestructible nut.  He had bought men to their knees with blows half as powerful, but here was Kamran moaning in pleasure and seeming to hardly notice.  This was incredible, Zach thought.  All the more prize cracking these tough nuts would be.

After twenty minutes of ruthless pounding, Kamran’s left nut was slightly more swollen and red and Kamran’s shirt was absolutely drenched in sweat, making it cling to his incredible physique and leaving literally nothing to the imagination.

Out of frustration at getting even a slight response from Kamran, Zach let go of Kamran’s nut and stood up huffing.

“What’s wrong?” Kamran stammered.

“Nothing. I just really wanna’ make you sing.  But you’re one tough nut to crack,”

“Mmm.  So you wanna’ crack my nuts?”

Zach’s cock jumped in his slacks.

“I have always wanted my balls freakin’ busted so when I heard what you did to Quinn... Mmm.”
Kamran spread his legs wide exposing his nuts.

“Oh fuck yeah.  You really want me to fuck you up?”

Zach reached down and took one of Kamran’s massive nuts in each hand and squeezed as hard as he could.

“Fuck yes!”  Kamran screamed as he spontaneously came just at the threat of having his jock nuts turned to peanut butter.

Zach didn’t care as one of Kamran’s cumshots plastered his eye shut,  Kamran’s rock jerked and shot in random directions, soaking his shirt, Zach and the floor with a huge load.


Zach wiped the cum from his face and looked down to see Kamran was still rock hard, his massive nuts looking even more vulnerable.

“Please, Zach. I really want that A.  My right nut for an A.”

Kamran moaned and formed an O at the base of his sack around his right nut.  It looked so dense and tough that Zach imagined it would take hours of brutal beating before he could finally reach the meaty core.

“Oh, you wanna lose a nut?”

Zach dropped to his knees and before Kamran could respond was pumping his fists one after another into Kamran’s ball.  

Sick wet splats followed each impact, but Kamran’s ball only turned a slight shade of red despite the non-stop, viscous pounding.

“Oh yes! Oh fuck!”  Kamran shouted.



Zach was putting everything he had into his  punches but Kamran’s balls were just incredibly tough.  


“Your ball is so tough.”

“Crush it! I know you can!  Pop my cherry, dude.”


Despite Zach’s brutal assault, the big dumb jock was actually laughing as if the powerful punches were doing nothing more than tickling him.

“Come on! I want my A! Make me earn it! Crack my fucking nut!”


“Come on! Make it burst! Burst it, dude!”

Kamran was moaning and stroking his cock furiously, seemingly getting more excited the more damaging Zach’s blows were, but it was no use.  Despite nearly a half hour of ruthless, no holds barred punching Zach has only succeeded in making Kamran’s nut turn an angry shade of red but it was otherwise totally undamaged.  Even the swelling was hardly what Zach had expected.

Frustrated, Zach stood up again.  

“Move your fucking hands,”  Zach barked and Kamran obediently put his hands behind his back.

Zach fumbled around in his office for some rubber bands and after grabbing a handful proceeded to tie them around the base of Kamran’s scrotum until both of Kamran’s bloated nuts were forced toward the bottom of his sack, bulging obscenely and glistening with sweat, every vein clearly visible as the blood started to become trapped in this sack.

Zach braced himself on Kamran’s shoulders as he proceeded to place a foot on Kamran’s trapped nuts, crushing them against the chair of the seat.  As he slowly stood up, more and more of his two-hundred pounds was shifted onto Kamran’s nuts.

“Oooh!”  Kamran bellowed, for the first time showing any signs of actual anguish as Zach settled his entire weight on his balls.

Kamran’s balls bulged under Zach’s leather shoes, compressed to a fourth of their girth under Zach’s weight.  Zach could feel Kamran’s balls shifting and bulging under his foot and was determined to squash them like bugs.

“Oh yeah! You like that? Answer me!”

Kamran bellowed ‘yes’ as his cocky smile was quickly replaced by a low droning moan.  Despite his obvious pain, Kamran’s cock stayed rock hard the entire time.

Zach bounced his foot on Kamran’s nuts several minutes, expecting the over-sized organs to simply explode at any minute.

“Oh yeah! You want that A?”

Kamran looked up at Zach and shook his head yes feverishly.  This was his ultimate fantasy and he couldn’t believe he would also be getting a grade out of the deal. It was too good to be true.

Flatter and flatter Kamran’s nuts became...

“Oh shit! Oh fuck!”  

Kamran’s cock started to deflate slightly as the true pain of having two-hundred pounds of solid weight on his balls started to set in.

“Oh yeah! Burst for pappa,”

Zach and Kamran filled the small office with moans, Zach from pleasure and Kamran from agony.  Zach could feel Kamran’s balls starting to implode and knew any moment they were going to explode.  What a mess these big things would make, Zach thought.  Kamran’s nuts were so big and so incredibly dense he knew their end would be an incredible explosion.  

“Oooh! Oh shit!”  Kamran bellowed becoming more frantic.

Kamran could feel his balls were as flat as they could possibly get before they simply had to burst and the realization was enough to...


Kamran’s cock shot a rope of cum three feet long that landed with wet splats all over the handsome blonde’s face and head.  

The site was too much for Zach who pulled his own cock out of his slacks and was about to stroke it when he felt Kamran’s tongue rubbing the head. It was all the cue Zach needed to grab the back of Kamran’s head and plunge his entire ten inch tool down Kamran’s eager throat.  Zach’s cock muffled Kamran’s increasingly frantic screams and his foot bounced on Kamran’s doomed gonads.

“Mmmmph! Mmmph!”

Kamran’s mind filled with an erotic panic has he desperately tried pushing Zach off of him, but it was no use. Zach was focused on his mission now and nothing Kamran could do could stop him.

“So... you thought... this would be a game... “

Zach asked breathlessly as he face fucked Kamran mercilessly whilst stomping and jumping on his increasingly squishy nuts.

“Mmmph! Mmmmph!”

Kamran started crying as he felt his nuts reaching their terminal limit.  There was no way they could hold up much longer.  They were impossibly flat and felt like they were on fire... they were gonna’ burst!

“Mmmph! Mmmph! Pwwwwz!”

Kamran was frantic but it was obvious Zach wasn’t going to stop until the deed was done.

“Oh, fuck yeah. You want that A?”

Kamran, despite his panic, shook his head frantically ‘yes’.

“Oh, yeah! You’re gonna’ get that grade mother fucker!”


Zach began jumping up and down, utterly crushing Kamran’s junk with each impact.  Kamran screamed and begged but before he could get too much out, Zach settled back on his steady foot rocking on Kamran’s balls and gagged the handsome blonde with his cock.


Kamran’s eyes ran with tears as his balls got even flatter until Zach’s foot..


And flatter...

“Oh yeah. Burst for pappa. Burst, baby,”

Despite his best efforts, literally standing and stomping Kamran’s nuts for ten minutes was barely fazing them, other than their bright red color and flattened appearance.  It was obvious to Zach he was going to need to bring in the big guns to finish this task.

Zach stepped down from the chair and stepped back, allowing Kamran to immediately cradle his nuts in this hands and rock back and forth.  All of Kamran’s muscles were shaking and glistening with sweat which only made him look even more delicious to Zach. Zach so wanted to utterly destroy those massive orbs between Kamran’s legs and -- he thought to himself -- he wouldn’t mind taking a few inches off Kamran’s huge dong, either.  But Kamran’s nuts were proving too tough to crack with traditional means.  Zach envisioned Kamran’s package sandwiched between the jaws of a wood working vice.  Tighter and tighter he’d compress the jaws until BLOOOSH, Kamran’s entire sexual package would be history.  

“Get on your knees, bitch!”  Zach shouted and pointed to the ground and Kamran quickly obliged.

Without prompting, the supposedly straight student took Zach’s entire cock down his throat like a champ, sucking and slurping until he felt a jet of cum hit the back of his throat.  Zach was still cumming when Kamran pulled his head away from Zach’s dick, causing Zach to totally drench Kamran’s adorable face with jet after sticky jet of cum.  By the time it was over, Kamran looked like a glazed donut, cradling his hurt balls with one hand and stroking his giant cock with the other.

“Thank you, sir.” Kamran said gasping, his eyes plastered shut from Zach’s copious load.

“Oh I’m not done with you, bitch.  I’m gonna pop your cherries, if you know what I mean.  Just not right now.”

Zach stuffed his cock back into his slacks and delivered a powerful kick between Kamran’s spread legs. Kamran, who was still blinded by cum, was totally unprepared and screamed girlishly at the surprise kick which was followed by another  and other. Kamran’s seemingly indestructible balls must have been finally reaching their limit, Zach thought, as he felt Kamran’s squishy nads compressed nearly flat between Kamran’s thigh and his foot.

Kamran’s hulking frame collapsed in a heap, clutching himself in the fetal position and moaning.

Zach barely gave Kamran a reprieve as he knelt down and roughly pushed the big stud’s hands off of his junk.  Grabbing Kamran’s right nut in his hand and squeezing, Zach smiled maniacally.  Kamran wailed as Zach rose to his feet, forcing the hapless stud to stand as well.

“So, Mr. Van Kirk, you’re gonna earn your damn A-plus,”  Zach growled.

Kamran whimpered and shook his head in compliance, his eyes still partially matted shut with jizz.

“You know what that means... “

Zach let go of Kamran’s nut and made a fist in between his face and Kamran’s.

“Boom! Goes the dynamite, or in your case, your balls...”  

Zach opened his fist in a sufficient proxy for the sick visual they now both had of Kamran’s nuts bursting explosively.  Zach smiled at Kamran’s willingness before shoving the big blond out of the way and retaking his seat, logging into his laptop casually as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.  Kamran, stood watching, as if expecting Zach to produce a hammer, or a vice or some other instrument of torture so he could earn his ‘A’.

Finally, after several silent minutes Zach turned to the confused young man and smirked.

“Well, don’t just stand there.  Go clean yourself off.  Hit up the bar, find some random bitch, fuck her brains out over and over and savor every minute of it.”

Kamran looked on puzzled.

“If you’re serious about this, meet me here Saturday night.”

Zach wrote an address on a slip of paper and handed it to Kamran: 48 Blossoming Chrysanthemum Lane.

Kamran pocketed the address as he stuffed his massive equipment, which had been hanging out the entire time, back into his tight jeans.

“So that’s all I have for now.  Either come Saturday or be content with the ‘C’ grade you just earned...”

Zach stood up from his desk, his cock still bulging in his slacks, and slowly made his way around the desk. Kamran’s heart pounded and his hand reflexively went to cover his own giant bulge but the move was unnecessary... for now.  As soon as Zach was mere inches from Kamran’s face, his dick got painfully hard just from how handsome Kamran looked with a drying coat of cum on his face.  Zach leaned in and whispered.

“It’s not just about the grade, is it you sick bastard?  You want someone to really fuck up those nuts, don’t you?”

Kamran’s  cock throbbed as he slowly shook his head ‘yes’.

“Mmmm. It is going to be so much fun cracking these....”

Zach swung his arm back and sent his fist sailing toward Kamran’s crotch, stopping just short of making contact causing Kamran to wince and Zach to chuckle evily.

Zach then retook his seat and pulled up his email, flipping through the messages while Kamran stood slack jawed at the proposition he’d just been given.  

“You’re dismissed, Mr. Van Kirk.”

Zach gestured toward the door, barely looking up from his work as Kamran slowly made his way out of the office; he already had it in his head he was going to skip the rest of the week’s classes and head straight home to line up his ‘farewell tour’ of women -- and men -- to fuck before Saturday.  He only had a few days to carry on the Van Kirk family line before... Kamran smiled deeply at the prospect as he headed out the door.  A passing janitor smirked at the site of dry, yet still shiny, cum on Kamran’s face but Kamran only grinned more broadly and strolled confidently toward the stairs.

Professor Norris spent another few minutes responding to emails and attending to his junior faculty duties before pulling out his cellphone and instructing Siri to dial “Dr. P”.

“Hey, Zach.  How’s it hanging?”

“Hey Joel, whatever you have planned Saturday night, cancel it.”

Dr. Paulson’s slacks tightened as he listened to Zach’s erotic play by play of his run in with Mr. Van Kirk and his mind began spinning... what would be the best way to annihilate Kamran's core?