These stories are entirely works of fantasy fiction. Please do not act anything on this blog out. Doing so would be extremely dangerous.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Rock, Papper, BALLS: Straight Roommate Contest

James walked into his apartment just in time to hear a shrill squeal coming from the other room.  At first he was startled but then immediately rolled his eyes when he heard faint laughter coming from the same direction.  It had been a trying day at work and he had a feeling he wasn’t going to be in the mood for whatever antics his two roommates were up to.

“What’s going on?”  he asked as he set his messenger bag near the door.

He was answered by another squeal and more laughter as he made his way down the hallway to the back bedroom.  Inside his roommates Sam and Hector were sitting on the floor, wearing only tight white briefs with their legs spread.  Hector was laughing as Sam was clutching his junk hunched over, a black shot put ball rolling between his legs.

James sighed.

“Are you two seriously playing nutball right now?  The apartment is a mess,”

Hector looked up at his too-serious roommate and smiled.

“What? I thought you’d enjoy seeing us in our tighty whities,” Hector winked playfully and grabbed his stuffed pouch, shaking it.

Hector’s bulge was quite impressive, James had to admit to himself, and Hector’s six pack abs were on full display.  James was gay and had always found his straight roommates attractive but never acted on it, going out of his way to avoid making them feel uncomfortable.  Hector and Sam on the other hand, seemed to enjoy teasing James, dangling their toned bodies and ample sacks in front of him like forbidden fruit, seemingly getting off on how hot they were able to get James just by being themselves.  

Just last week Sam had ‘forgotten’ to lock the bathroom door while he sat on the toilet stroking his thick seven inch cock and when James walked in on him, he simply kept going.  He made eye contact with James, licking his lips, stroking his cock and smiling, pretending to apologize.  James was too turned on to look away, standing in the doorway with a growing erection as his hot, unobtainable roommate proceeded to shoot a load that landed on his own face.

“Sorry, I forgot you were home,”  Sam said as he stood to leave the bathroom, cum still dripping from his face.

“Hey now, calm down dude. I’m not like that,”  Sam teased as he noticed the tent in James’ slacks.
Sam and Hector were always doing things like that, getting James worked up to the point where - had they been gay - James would have eagerly lunged on them.  But James was too respectful, choosing instead to keep his fantasies just that, harmless fantasies.  He had probably blown gallons over the years imagining all the nasty things he wanted to do to these two gym rats...

“You wanna’ play?”  Sam asked, still recovering from what was apparently a devastating blow.

James shook his head and Hector chuckled.

“Come on, there’s no way you could miss these targets,”

Both Sam and Hector stood up, approaching the doorway and cupping the pouches of their underwear, jiggling them slightly.  James could clearly make up all four of their big, fat nuts and their two flaccid cocks and gulped, transfixed by the blazingly hot image.  Sam and Hector were both about five foot eight with hefty builds that they spent hours at the gym perfecting.  Sam was blond with piercing blue eyes and boyish good looks that made him look like a large teenager rather than a twenty-five year old man.  Hector was the same age but with permanently tanned, Spanish skin, an older-looking face and thick black hair; just one wink from his dark eyes were enough to make James swoon and he knew it.  His big beautiful eyes had spared him James’ wrath from missing late rent several times.

“Yeah, you couldn’t possibly miss, James.  They’re so big,”

Hector winked and James felt a shudder run down his spine as Hector licked his lips and circled his balls with his hand, squeezing slightly and forcing his huevos to stand out in his tight underwear.  Hector wasn’t exaggerating.  His nuts were so big a blind man would be able to play him in nutball, and here they were just being paraded in James’ face and there was nothing James could do but feign disinterest.

“I think he wants to play,” Sam said laughing as he pointed to the tent that had formed in James’ slacks.

“I’ll say!”

James flushed with embarrassment as his nine inch dick caused a humorous tent in his pants.

“Will you guys cut it out,” James said adjusting his cock so that it pointed up through his waistband instead of sticking straight up.

Sam scoffed and took a step back.

“Are you seriously playing with yourself right now, brah?”

Jame’s face flashed an angry expression . He was experiencing a mix of extreme embarrassment, annoyance, lust and agitation.  It was cruel, James thought, for these two hot straight guys to purposefully toy with him like this.  James had had a bad day at work, he was genuinely horny and he simply wasn’t in the mood for any more of Sam and Hector’s bullshit, he concluded.  It was about time they realized what would happen if kept dangling raw meat in front of a hungry animal...

“Sure. Sure, I’ll play,”  James said.

Hector and Sam cut each other shit faced grins.  Little did they know that whatever sick plan they had to play with James’ emotions were about to be trumped by an exceptionally wicked scheme James had just hatched.

“How about instead of nutball we switch it up a bit. How about, rock, paper, scissors... balls.”

Hector and Sam eyed each other in confusion.

James explained that the two studs should play rock, paper, scissors with each other blindfolded. The loser of each round would have his nuts punched by James, who would play the referee, and a draw round would result in both of them having their nuts smashed.

“That sounds like you just want an excuse to touch our junk,” Hector scoffed.

James rolled his eyes.

“You’re always flaunting it, walking around naked. I mean fuck, you’re literally holding your balls in my face right now.” James said becoming enraged.  He was finally starting to crack from his roommates constant abuse.

Sam scratched his chin before adding, “So how does this game end?”

“Simple, the first one of you to give up loses,”

“And what happens to the loser?” Hector asked eyeing James suspiciously.

James thought for several seconds before responding.
“I get to fuck him,”

Hector and Sam’s faces both went pale and they backed away from their roommate as if he was going to pounce on them right then and there.

“Whoa, whoa.  I don’t swing that way, James. Why are you always...”

James waved his hand to silence Sam before he could even continue.

“You two have paraded in front of me for years, showing off, jerking off in front of me.  Walking past me in the hall, rubbing your asses against my cock on quote-unquote accident, bending over the couch and literally saying ‘don’t you wish you could fuck me?’.  Well, now it’s time to pay the fucking piper."

Both Hector and Sam were stunned into silence. Neither spoke for a minute.

“Fine. Deal. I’ll win and it would be funny to see Sam have his cherry popped,”  Hector laughed.

“Oh hell no. I’m not bending over for some faggot, no offense James.”

James flashed a look of hatred that must’ve transcended words because Sam immediately started apologizing with a sincerity James had never heard him use.

“So if you guys aren’t up for it....” James turned to walk away but Hector stopped him with a hand on his shoulder.

Leaning in, Hector whispered “Don’t mind him, brah.  We’re both totally cool with you, you know that....”

“He’s just an insensitive bastard with his words,” Hector concluded turning to Sam.

Sam looked away, seeming genuinely ashamed for what he’d said.

“Fine, let’s play.”

A few minutes later Hector and Sam were standing in the living room with their legs spread, blindfolded as James kneeled between them.  James’ cock was raging as he was eye level both of their over-stuffed baskets.  He inhaled deeply, taking in their musk and had to literally clasp his hands behind his back to avoid reaching out and rubbing their toned stomachs.  Hector looked especially hot since his underwear was slightly tighter, making the outline of each egg-sized nut especially obvious.  Sam’s tight white underwear left equally little to the imagination, his over-sized nuts protruding like two huge eggs waiting to be cracked open.

“Okay, so on my mark you each make a hand symbol for rock, scissors or paper.  Rock beats scissors, scissor beats  paper, paper beats rock.  You know the drill.”

Feeling bold James reached out and ran his finger over Sam’s taught midsection, his cock raging as his finger ran over muscle after chiseled muscle.

“The first of you to quit gets fucked by me until I... well, you know how that ends.”

Sam gulped as James’ finger stopped right at the waistband of his underwear.  

“But dude, you’re hung. Like, you’re really big. I don’t think...” Sam started to protest.

“Oh, are you afraid you’ll lose?” James asked sarcastically.

Sam didn’t answer.

“And what if neither of us quits?” Hector barked.

“Well I guess I’m just gonna’ have to keep pounding until your balls pop.”

Hector looked intrigued.

“You don’t mean... you won’t really hurt us, will you?”

Unseen by Hector or Sam, James was rubbing his rock hard cock through his slacks.

“Well, Hector, eggs can only take so much...”

He stood to whisper the last part in Hector’s ear “...before they crack.”

Hector shuddered at the uncharacteristic malice in James’ voice.

“Three... two... one... mark!”

Sam and Hector both made the symbol for scissors.

“Looks like round one is a draw,” James didn’t even try to disguise his schadenfreude.

Hector and Sam braced themselves but both were totally unprepared for what happened next. Jame’s fist smashed into both set of nuts simultaneously... and hard.

“Fuck!” Hector screamed.  

“Dude! Not cool!”  Sam shrieked.

James shrugged.

“Well you two were throwing metal balls at each other, figured my fist wouldn’t even compete.”  

“Well take it down a notch, dude.” Sam said as waves of nausea overwhelmed him.

James wasn’t as sculpted as Hector or Sam but he was just as tall, and heavier and was able to put a surprising amount of force behind his punches. It was a skill that came in handy the last time someone had called him a faggot.

“Okay, round two.... Go!”

Sam put out scissors again and Hector put out paper.  

“Who won.... Oh!”  

Hector nearly doubled over as James’ fist crushed his huge balls into his pelvis.  James was surprised at how yielding the big orbs were; it felt like punching two pillows. Sam’s nuts were much firmer he noted.

“James...” Hector coughed.

“Not so rough, please...”

James didn’t even dignify Hector’s weak excuse with a response. This was, James concluded, the ultimate payback for the years of blue balls Hector and Sam had given him.

“Round three... go!”

Both Sam and Hector made the rock symbol.

“So who one?” Sam asked nervously.

“Well it was a draw, looks like you both take a hit. One at a time this time.”

James reared his fist back, taking careful aim for Sam’s left nut.

Sam felt the hit was coming and pleaded for James to take it easy.

“Dude, I’m sorry. You know I’m cool, I don’t think you’re a fa---- Ooh!”

Sam dropped to his knees from  the impact. James’ aim was deadly accurate, instantly compressing Sam’s nut to a fraction of its normal size. The blow had been so devastating James's knuckle actually hurt, though had relished the feeling of Sam’s meatball warping and bulging under his fist.

“What happened?” Hector asked in a panic after hearing Sam hit the floor.


The handsome Spaniard grabbed his junk and dropped to his knees after James planted a devastating punch right in the middle of his sack sending his balls flying in opposite directions.  James could see and feel each heavy nut flatten as they bounced in his sack was surprised at how much visual damage he was doing to Hector’s seemingly indestructible nuts.

Hector coughed and clutched his nuts as boiling pain roiled his stomach.  

“Dude...” Hector said panting, “...what the fuck? It’s just a game, dude?”

“Well looks like Sam likes playing,”

Sam had already regain his stance, legs spread and arms obediently crossed behind his back.  James thought he saw a new third bulge start to harden in Sam’s underwear.  

He placed his arm over Hector’s shoulder and asked him with false sincerity “So you wanna’ give up?”

Hector shook his head know and sprang to his feet, his face defiant as he pretended to be unaffected by the pain radiating from his crotch.

“Bring it on!”

“Okay.  One, two, three... shoot!”

Hector threw out a rock and Sam did scissors.

“Oh, sorry, Sam.  Looks like you lost this round.”

Sams eyes widened under his blindfold and he steadied his stance in preparation for the blow... but he was still unprepared.  James’ fist smashed into his big round nuts so hard and fast that, for a brief instant, they weren’t round anymore.  He screamed and his knees started to buckle but he bit his lip and regained his composure.

Panting he looked in the direction he assumed James was kneeling and spat out “Dude! What the fuck is your problem?”

James scoffed.

“Next round?”

The two contestants nodded, both of them were now to engrossed in their pride to be defeated by their relatively doughy queer roommate.

“One, two, three... shoot!”

Hector lost the round and he was visibly shaking as he stood with his legs wide and arms behind his back.  James rubbed his knuckle over each of Hector’s man lumps, savoring the feeling of such manly orbs virtually in his grasp, lining up his punch.  He decided Hector’s right nut was going to take the brunt so without further delay he pulled his arm all the way back and sent it -- and his upper body weight -- sailing forward.  The impact was gross.

Even the blindfolded Sam looked away and winced at the wet splat and baritone gurgle.  James felt Hector’s nut flatten and bulge around his knuckle so completely that for a brief instant he actually thought he had ruptured it.  Hector screamed and fell to a knee, holding back gags as he clutched his nuts.

“Looks like I’ll be seeding your Spanish pastures tonight,” James said, openly lusting after his hot roommate.

Hector nearly wretched and tried to get back to his feet, but collapsed.  

“Tick tock, Hector.  Do you give up?”  James asked smiling.

“No... no I’m good,”  

Hector rose to his feet, spread his legs and motioned for James to continue to the game.

“Okay. One, two, three... shoot!”

Hector lost yet again.

“Uh oh, Hector.  You lost again,”

Hector’s face went limp as we braced himself for another blow.

“James.... James, please...”  he begged as he felt James’ knuckles rubbing over his swollen sack.

Hector screamed like a girl as James’ fist plowed into his bulging right nut.  Hector thought he was going to puke.

James stroked his cock through his slacks, hoping that Hector would give up and open his ass to him.  He wanted Hector so bad he could taste it and hoped that, if Hector didn’t give up right now, he would lose the next round so that he could unleash yet another devastating blow to force him to end the game.  Hector took nearly three minutes to compose himself enough to stand, though his powerful legs were trembling.

“Next round.  Three, two, one... shoot.”

Hector threw out a rock, and Sam threw out paper.

James laughed as he announced the results.  Hector started crying and Sam smiled coldly.

James positioned his fist over Hector’s right nut and pulled his fist back, sending it sailing forward and only stopping when he made slight contact.  Over and over he pretended to lay waste to Hector’s nut, each time eliciting a whimper from his handsome roommate.

“James... Ooooh!”

Hector collapsed in a heap, nearly landing on James, after James put everything he had into smashing Hector’s beefy right nut. The bruised organ deflated nearly flat, compressed between James’ powerful fist and Hector’s body, compressed to less than a quarter of its normal girth.  James could actually feel Hector’s pelvis under his fist and nearly shot his load at the sensation.
Hector was crying , clutching his nuts and swallowing back vomit. He had never felt anything so painful in his entire life.  After a few minutes of Hector rolling on the ground, James started an arbitrary countdown to mark the automatic end of the game.  

“Ten, nine, eight...”

James’ cock was fully hard and leaking precum.

“...seven, six, five...”

James was salvating over the violent fucking he was about to give Hector’s virgin hole.

“...four, three...”

Hector stood up slowly, still crying, and his knees were shaking.  

“James, please don’t hit so hard...” he coughed, true desperation in his voice.

Sam chuckled.

“What can’t take a few hits to the nuggets?”

“Okay, next round. Three, two, one... shoot!”

Hector lost again. And again. And again.  James almost felt sorry for the hunky Spaniard after each blow flattening his increasily squishy right nut.  James wasn’t holding back and sincerley was afraid Hector’s pride was going to result in him  losing a nut.

“Hector, dude, your nut is getting really fucking soft. Maybe you should give up?” James suggested.

But Hector righted himself and jumped back into the game.

He lost again. And again. And again. And again.  

“Oh fuck, Hector. Are you sure you don’t wanna’ just give up?”  James asked as he readied his fist.

Hector knew James’ incredibly powerful fist was just inches from his throbbing, cracking nut and he pleaded with James to take it easy... Though the thought of getting pounded again was actually kind of hot.

“Guess you wanna’ keep playing,”

James sent his fist flying into Hector’s swollen nut and he literally felt Hector’s pelvic bone.  Hector’s huge nut was flattened to nearly non-existence, warping and buckling under James’ fist like a water balloon that was about to blow.  Hector collapsed and wretched on the carpet.  His nut wasn’t plumping back as fast as normal and it felt like it was covered in fire ants. It tingled and throbbed, but also felt numb.  

“You get off hurting me?” Hector cried as he wiped throw up from his mouth.

James almost felt guilty until he caught site of Hector’s bubble butt in his underwear.  He was leaking precum at this point and was ready to finally claim his prize.

“Are you sure you want to keep going, Hector?”  

Hector regained his posture and nodded yes. James sighed as he counted down yet again.

“Three, two, one... shoot!”

Hector lost four more times in a row.  

James, for the first time, felt genuinely awful as he felt his fist crushing Hector’s abused right nut but his raging cock told a different story. Hector's nut was swollen to twice its normal size and felt positively squishy. James was afraid he was really starting to hurt Hector but Hector kept right on resuming his position.

James stood up and placed his hand on Hector’s shoulder, leaning in to whisper in his ear.

“Hector, it’s okay. Just give up, I won’t fuck you, I promise.”

Hector sobbed, leaning in clumsily with his blindfold to whisper his response.

“Own me, James,"

James almost shot his load right then and there.  Finally, the fantasy he had envisioned for years was coming true. Here was Hector, this handsome bronzed skin Adonis with with a massive package literally begging James to fuck his brains out at the same time he was allowing James to ruin his nuts.  It was almost too erotic for James to comprehend.

“Okay, ready? Three, two, one... shoot!’

This time Sam lost.  He spread his legs and put his arms behind his back, confident that he could endure whatever James could unleash.  Afterall, his balls were relatively undamaged.

Hector breathed a sigh of relief as James lined up his fist, practiced his aim and sent it flying into Sam’s ballsack.  The two big orbs compressed nearly flat as James placed all of his weight into the blow.

Sam gasped and doubled over, clutching his nuts briefly before immediately resuming his position.

The game continued with Sam taking a few more punches than Hector but Hector’s balls were still the worse for wear.  One thing James noticed though was that both of his roommates were sporting raging hardons on their shorts, with the mushroom tips of both poking above the waistband.  Sam’s was even leaking precum.  It was all James could do to not go down on both of them right then, but he continued to do his referee duties with the most seriousness he could muster.

“Okay. Next round.  Three, two, one... shoot!”

Hector lost again.  He was shaking as James lined up another devastating punch to his swollen right nut.

“Do you just want to just give up?”  James asked.

Sam chuckled but Hector stayed upright.

“Okay, it’s your kids’ funeral,”

James’ knuckle collided with a hideous, wet splat and Hector’s round nut flattened, only this time it seemed to stay permanently dented.  Hector’s cock leaked a rope of precum and he  screamed and clutched his battered junk as Sam laughed hysterically.

“Sounds like you got him good!” he laughed, grabbing his own relatively undamaged package and giving it a squeeze.

James wished to himself that the arrogant blond would lose the next round, which he did, and James relished the feeling of Sam’s nuts being crushed under his over-powered blows. Sam lost the next round. And the next. And the next.  Finally after losing ten rounds in a row Sam was starting to feel the same pain and fear Hector was.

“Spread your legs,” James barked and Sam tearfully obliged, placing his hands behind his back as he steadied himself for what James was going to do.

James hovered his fist over Sam’s bulging left nut, drew back his fist, and sent it sailing into the heaty stud with so much force that Sam was actually knocked to the ground.  Sam screamed and clutched his nuts, squeezing them as if checking for damage but they felt whole at least for now.  

Sam lost the next several turns and Hector was enjoying the temporary reprieve.  Sam, on the other hand, was losing his resolve, begging James to take it easy on him and howling with each powerful blow.  James could feel Sam’s nuts were swelling and getting squishy, but Sam’s cock stayed rock hard, leaking precum throughout his torture.

“I think you’re getting off on this, Sam.”

Sam scoffed as James resumed his position and counted down the next round.

Sam lost and screamed in frustration as James lined up his punch.


Sam covered his crotch with his hands just in time to dampen the blow of James’ punch.  James broke into a wide grin as he stood up, unbuttoning his pants and stepping out of them, allowing his heavy nine-inch cock to flop freely.   

“Well, Sam. Looks like you lost the game,”

Before Sam even realized what happened, James grabbed him roughly and threw him over the couch.  Sam hollered in protest but James didn’t care, grabbing the waistband of Sam’s underwear and wrenching them to the floor.  James gulped, literally salivating, at the sight of Sam’s hot ass.  It was a perfect bubble butt with a perky pink virgin hole just waiting to be plowed.

“Dude! Dude, please!” Sam screamed as James put his hands on Sam’s shoulders, forcing him down.

Sam tried to right himself, shocked at how easily owned he was by James who was preparing to mount him effortlessly.  Years of pent up lust were giving James an adrenaline rush sufficient to override Sam’s ostensibly more powerful body.


James spat in his hand, lubed Sam’s hole and plunged his dick into him.  Sam, still blindfolded, squealed and bit the back of the couch totally unprepared for James’ rock hard fuck stick destroying his ass.  

“Oh!” Sam was making an odd mix between screaming and moaning, his hips bucking as James fucked him mercilessly.

Hector removed his blindfold and watched James fucking their blindfolded roommate.  The blond stud was in agony as James’ over-sized tool pounded his virgin hole.  Sam had fingered himself whilst jacking off but it wasn’t nearly preparation for this.  James was pounding Sam so hard that Sam’s swinging nuts were being flattened against the back of the couch, eliciting howls of pain.

Hector was stroking his own ten inch cock and inspected his nuts which had turned an angry shade of red from the abuse.

“Oh, fuck... fuck yeah!”

Sam’s hip bucking became less protestation and more rhythmic as he started matching his thrusts to match James.  Hector felt like he was close to blowing his load as he watched the handsome blond being fucked so hard the couch was creaking and groaning from the stress.

“Oh fucking hot!”  Hector screamed.

“Oh shit!”  James exclaimed as he felt Hector’s thick cock plunge into his ass, lubed by the galloons of precum he was leaking.

The three roommates made a smoking hot train as Sam was fucked by James and James was fucked by Hector.  The apartment was filled with their moans and squeals of pleasure as their fucking became more and more intense.  Poor Sam let out the occassional scream of pain as James continued dominating him, but held on the couch with his ass in the air.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” Sam screamed

Hector wrapped his arms around James’ torso and tweaked his nipples as he leaned in and kissed James’ neck.  The sensation was too much.

James plunged his cock balls deep into Sam’s ass, put his hand on the back of Sam’s neck and shot his pent up load.  Cum was just starting to leak of his his stretched hole when Sam flooded the back of the couch with his own impressive load and the smell of spunk and feeling of James’ ass milking his cock caused Hector to scream and shoot his own load.  James felt his knees get weak as Hector’s gargantuan load absolutely filled him to brim and he shot yet another load into Sam.  Hector kept rhythmically fucking James while James slowly pulled out of Sam, his dick drenched in cum.

“Holy fuck!”  Sam gasped as he and the others fell into a heap on the apartment floor.

It took several minutes before any of them could speak in anything more intelligible than moans and squeals of post orgasmic pleasure.

“That was fucking hot,” Hector said playing with his softening cock.

“Hell yeah,” Sam agreed.

“You really did a number on my nuts though,”

Hector cupped his nuts to show James. They were starting to turn purple and the right nut still didn’t look totally round. Hector winced at the slightest touch of it.  Sam’s packaged looked even worse; it was beet red and both of his spuds looks permanently flattened.

James grabbed a sack in each hand and squeezed them roughly, rolling all four nuts in his hands as if he were preparing to roll dice.   The two studs squealed and tried to pry Jame’s death grip from their balls, but James kept right on squeezing and kneading them until he decided this inspection was complete.

Hector and Sam fell over, clutching their junk.

“I don’t think we broke anything,”

“Too bad, though,” Sam said winking at James.

"Yeah, the ultimate nut ball," Hector added.

James looked over at Sam who was on his knees with his ass up, jizz leaking out of his hole.  To his surprise, James was rock hard again and - before he even realized what he was doing - his dick was once again in Sam’s ass.

“Fuck!”  Sam screamed in pleasure as he was bred yet again.

“You gotta’ try this, Hector,”  

Hector grinned and before Sam could protest, as if he would have anyway, James had pulled out and Hector was diving in, fucking his hot roommate like his life depended on it.  James stood up admiring the scene of these two two straight muscular hunks fucking each others brains out, stroking his cock.

Hector rolled Sam over onto his back, lifted his legs in the air and plowed him silly.  James squatted behind Hector and grabbed his heavy, swollen right nut.  Hector moaned and he leaned in to kiss Sam, still plowing away as James’ increased the pressure.

Hector screamed, still fucking Sam, as the space inside James’ fist got smaller and smaller.

“James! Fuck... yeah!”  Hector bellowed, biting Sam’s neck in a desperate bid to stop himself from screaming.  

Sam gasped and his eyes rolled into his head as Hector rocked his world.

James’ grip got harder and harder and Hector’s nut got flatter and flatter, oozing between James’ finger like putty.  It was starting to feel quite squishy but James didn’t care. Neither did Hector who didn’t let up on the pace of his fucking.

“Oh! Fucking... crush... oh!”  Hector couldn’t even get out sentences as he moaned.

James’ fist turned red from effort and Hector’s nut.... Hector’s nut was at its limit.

“Fuck me harder!” Sam screamed, though Hector was already piston fucking him with all ten inches.

Hector’s nut got flatter and flatter. James brought in his other hand to add to the pressure.

“Crush it, James!”  Hector squealed as he felt his orgasm boiling in his nuts.


Hector’s right nut, already swollen and sagging, suddenly compressed much smaller and Hector wailed but he intensified his fucking of Sam.  Sam’s asshole was starting to bleed from the monumental fucking but Sam didn’t care, he arched his back giving Hector even easier access.

James’ cock was rock hard, pointing at Hector’s back as he continued to squeeze Hector’s dying nut.

“Oh.. oh fuck! Fuck!”

Hector’s dark eyes rolled into his head as he shot so hard into Sam’s ass the force actually pushed his cock out slightly.  Sam squealed and a dribble of cum escaped his perfect mushroom head.  James wasn’t sure what had happened, but Hector’s nut definitely felt different now.  Squishy but still whole, but smaller like it was starting to break.  And there had been a muted ‘squish’.  His fist was practically closed which probably didn’t bode well for the massive testicle that was trapped there.  He stroked his cock while he continued to squeeze Hector’s nut.  Hector bellowed in ecstasy.

Hector’s nut flattened again and James was stroking his cock so hard it was raw.  Hector stayed mounted on Sam, not even trying to stop James from squeezing his nuts.  Hector’s nut got compressed even more.  James was sure he knew what was about to happen and just the thought made his cock jump.


James felt a massive load bubbling inside.

“Fuck!” Hector screamed landing in a heap onto Sam’s sweaty torso as he flooded Sam's guts with the thickest load he had ever shot in his life.

James explosively shot his own load at the same time Hector passed out from the pain radiating from his mortally wounded, nearly cracked nut. His sculpted back was painted with ribbons of James’ thick sperm, some of it landing in his perfectly styled black hair and Sam’s face.  James had never blown such an explosive load in his life.

Sam gently rolled the lumbering Spaniard off of him, looking up at James panting.

“Did you just wreck his nuts for real?”  Sam stammered.

James shook head as he rolled Hector's large swollen nuts in his hands. Hector's right bollock was hideously swollen and felt lumpy but was still whole. In a matter of days it would be healed enough for another round of nut ball, a round James hoped Hector would permanently lose.

"Everything feels fine, but I don't think he'll be up for any fucking anytime soon."

Sam sighed and rolled onto his stomach, his head in his crossed arms as if he was going to fall asleep. His brutally assaulted asshole was still spasming from the over powered cherry popping.

"Good, I don't think I'll be up for any more fucking for a while either."

After a while Sam joined Hector in the land of Nod and James salivated over his still raw, leaking hole totally defenceless against another sausage invasion.

James smiled evilly as he contemplated plowing his slumbering roommate..
Inspiration for Hector ;)