These stories are entirely works of fantasy fiction. Please do not act anything on this blog out. Doing so would be extremely dangerous.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Master's Nut Popping Day

Leon stood obediently in the middle of the damp, stony basement wearing only a tight white T-shirt and a pair of white boxer briefs that hugged his modest package.  A thick rubber ring wrapped around the base of his scrotum made his full, large nuts bulge forward creating an obscene double bulge between his legs.  He was standing with his legs spread wide and his zip tied hands crossed behind his back. Master had been in an usually bad mood all week culminating with him knocking Leon's breakfast fork out of hand and ordering him into the basement where he was instructed to stand until further notice.  That had been hours ago and Leon was beginning to wonder ...

Master's lumbering, muscular frame shook the stairs as he stomped down the basement swearing into the air.  He's really in a bad mood, Leon thought, desperate to do anything to help.  Master was carrying something small and white in his hands and before Leon could see what it was it was being crammed into his shorts!

The movement had been so rapid it took Leon a moment to realize he was wearing an athletic cup.  Master, wearing only a pair of bright yellow shorts, stood in front of Leon eyeing him up and down as if contemplating what to do next with a toy.

"Against the wall! Do it!" 

Leon stumbled backward and as soon as his back hit the wall Master dove to the ground and secured Leon's ankles to wall with shackles. The handsome man was now standing with his legs spread, arms behind his back and being stared down by his towering Master.  


Leon was winded as Master's enormous fist slammed into his toned abs. Again and again without warning.  Leon doubled over and Master sneered as he darted off fetch something from a basement shelf.  He came with a U shaped metal object that gave Leon both delight and terror.  Master proceeded to secure Leon to the wall by the neck, totally immobilizing him and allowing him to only move his head slightly.  Any attempt to double over now would cause Leon to literally choke himself.  

Satisfied with his work Master knelt, reared his fist back and sent it sailing into Leon's crotch.  He winced out reflex but the blow was totally deflected by the athletic cup,  Master's huge fist pounded the cup several more times connecting so hard that the vibration, though sparing his junk, was causing his muscular thighs to tingle.  Leon was glad he was wearing a cup because if Master had been going to town like this on his bare balls...

Master continued sparing with Leon's crotch until he had developed a light sweat and his own thick tool was tenting in his shorts.  Leon couldn't help but admire Master. He was an Adonis, a muscular alpha male with a devil-may-care attitude and massive cock to match.  Master's cock looked truly enormous jutting out like a pole from his body and Leon's mouth literally watered thinking about being violently skull fucked after Master was done.

Master snarled and lumbered toward a shelf, coming back with a broad smile on his face.  Leon smiled back.

"Guess what? It's nut punching day, mother fucker!"

Leon's eyes grew wide at the venomous tone of the remark and before he could recover Master was slamming his fist once again into Leon's crotch. Only this time the blows felt much more solid.  Master's heavy fist was a blur, piston punching the cup so hard that Leon was sure it was going to break.  

"Oh yes! Fuck Master!" Leon screamed as he realized Master was wearing a pair of thick brass knuckles.

As if Master's own bearish strength wasn't enough now he was literally working up a sweat pounding away at Leon's crotch with heavy, sharpened metal knuckles.  Master was grunting and his eyes were glossed over as if he was in an erotic trance.  Only a thin layer of fabric and plastic was stopping Master's fist from colliding...


"Break mother fucker!" Master growled.

Master was really going to town, leaning in all of his beefy frame into each blow.  Leon was breathing hard, for the first time genuinely frightened that the cup was going to break.  Master kept pounding putting hundreds of pounds of muscle into each blow.


Leon was panting heavily.  His thighs had to be bruising from the impacts but the cup was holding on.

"Break! Break!"  spittle flew as an animal like Master continued to pound the cup until, suddenly there was an almost glass-break like 'crack'

"Oh Master..." 

Leon couldn't finish the sentence as Master's fat fist sailed into his crotch.  This time the shattered cup, though not totally broken, offered markedly less protection.  Each fist strike was met with the sound of more plastic shattering.  Leon could only watch in fascinated horror as Master was able to lay down punches to quickly that, somehow, his hulking frame became a blur.


The cup was lost most of its shape by now, and the center was starting to cave in on Leon's balls.

"My balls! Master!"

Master stopped for a moment and stood to face Leon, his sweat soaked face in a wicked smile.

Master's cock was still raging and he was eyeing Leon's beefy frame with lust.  Leon was sure the game was about to end and was going to be impaled by Master's foot long ass wrecker right there in the basement.

 Leon had been so caught up in his fantasy that he didn't immediately notice that Master had resumed his position, slightly squatting to put his fists level with the target.


"It's nut popping day mother fucker! Fuck! Fuck you!"

By now so much of the cup was broken that the outline of Leon's balls were once again plainly visible and shards of the cup caused jagged, random protrusions in his shorts.  Master drew his fist all the way back and sent it sailing full force in Leon's defenseless nuts. 

Leon attempted to double over but only ended up gagging himself as his neck restraint held firm.


Master was delivering the same ferocious, metal-knuckled, full-body-power blows into Leon's balls so quickly they might as well had been speed bags. Leon thought he was going to vomit and his eye rolled backward in his head.  He was screaming in a baritone, constant drone that only seemed to make Master's cock twitch.

Master was relentless and Leon's balls were quickly swelling creating enormous double lumps, their roundness acting like a rage trigger for Master.  During all the jostling Leon's dick became inexplicably excited despite the agony coming from his nuts.


"Fuck yeah! Hell yes!"

Master's fist had collided with Leon's hardening dick at an awkward, unfortunate angle.  Leon's sperm sprayer was permanently out of commission after the brass knuckles - and hundreds of pounds of force - caused the half inflated organ to sport a permanent fist-shaped indention. Blood that had just been pounded out of the shaft rocketed into Leon's cock head backing the mushroom expand so much that it was clearly outlined in his shorts.  Despite his writhing and futile attempts to escape in the back of Leon's mind he was weirdly excited for what was about to happen.

Master's fist might as been a mallet. Leon's testicles were barely keeping their shape as membranes and tubes started caving in on themselves inside his bag..  His permanently inflated cock head was unceremoniously flattened so violently that there wasn't even a hint of a bulge there.

"Pop for me! Come on babies, pop for daddy,"

Master kept wailing on Leon's nuts until the right one finally popped open, spilling its contents into Leon's rapidly swelling sack.  By now the hideously swollen lump in Leon's shorts was too much of a target for Master and he he laid into it, pounding it mercilessly until Leon's left nut cracked completely.  Leon's sack didn't have a single whole nut by that wasn't stopping Master!

Leon was gurgling, barely conscious, only occasionally letting out a castrato yelp.

"Fucking get flat! Flat!" 

Master roared in lust and anger as he attempted to permanently flatten the lump in his toy's shorts. It didn't take long before the contents of Leon's sack were so thoroughly pulped that - after Master's final punch lifted away - Leon's crotch barely registered as a bulge.

Master was panting as sweating, roiling with rage that there any lumps at all.

He ripped off his shorts and stroked his massive cock with one hand as his other fist just pulverized goo.  After feeling a particularly meat lump explode under his fist, Master reared his head back and let off jet after jet of sperm even while he continued pounding.  

Finally, convinced that Leon's entire package was thoroughly destroyed, just pulp that would come spilling out as soon as those shorts were pulled off, Master stood to his feet. 

Leon had completely blacked out though a look of sick satisfaction was etched across his face.

"Fuck, I broke another one,"  Master chuckled as 


Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Sonic BOOM

"Don't touch that!"  Dr. Havens barked to the dumbstruck young man who was standing in his laboratory.

The lab was modern, spacious and gleaming with various odd-looking contraptions perched on sleek white pedestals and a window along one of the walls that looked into a smaller room that housed a single black pedestal. 

Drew was a college student who had been called into Genecontreo Labs to take place in the next phase of the survey after responding to an email questionnaire.

Dr. Havens explained that Drew had met the personality profile to field test one of Genecontreo's latest devices.  There was a lengthy explanation of how the JB 7200X worked. There was something about sonic resonance and a lot of overly technical word salad that was completely beyond Drew's comprehension;  Dr. Haven's sensing the confusion picked up the JB 7200X and guided Drew toward the small window.

It resembled a toy ray gun but with a thick barrel with that glowed red.  Dr. Havens tapped on the glass and another scientist placed two grayish round objects on the black pedestal then left.

"Those are human testicles," Dr. Havens casually explained.

Drew was too shocked at first to process what he had just said.

"Um, are those actual balls?" Drew stammered.

"Yes, from this morning,"

Drew instantly got hard as they stared at the two rather large testicles that had recently been liberated from their sack and he imagined that they had come from a hapless jock who was at this moment relearning to sing is favorite songs in soprano.

Dr. Havens noticed the slight bulge Drew's jeans and gave a knowing smile.

"The Jock Buster J-B 7200X is a ground breaking device that we hope will have a sizable market among discerning consumers like us."

Dr. Havens gave Drew a wink as he licked his lips and continued.

"Using the power of sonic resonance with the push of a button I'm now able to do this..."

Dr. Havens pointed the Jock Buster toward the testicles and pressed and held the trigger. For a moment nothing happened and Drew was about to ask what was going on when the barrel of the device turned blue and a pleasant male voice came from the Jock Buster "Targets acquired."

Suddenly the un-sacked balls started to jiggle, and Drew watched in fascination as vibration waves ripples across the surface as if the gonads were made of jelly. The vibrations became increasingly intense until with an audible 'pop' both of them exploded violently, leaving a stain on the window and the pedestal.  The whole process took less than ten seconds but seemed much longer to the now horned student who was now raging hard as he imagined using the machine on every big-balled stud he knew.

"Your task today is to test out the Jock Buster to make sure it performs as expected. Make sure it works within the desired range in a variety of conditions.  Of course who you test it on is entirely up to you."

Drew gasped and stepped back as Dr. Havens pointed the device at his head and pulled the trigger.  After several tense seconds the voice chirped "Target is not desired object."

Dr. Havens explained that the Jock Buster could detect when it is not pointed at a pair of testicles and abort the process.

"That way no one loses an eye,"

They both laughed.

Within the hour Drew was let loose in the city with one objective: Test the Jock Buster using the testing parameters specified in real world settings.  The neatly hand written scenarios were:

  1. Beach - Verify salinated atmosphere does not interfere with targeting scanners
  2. Group Use - Confirm recharge rate is sufficient to be discharged at least three times within one minute
  3. Exceptional Size - Verify the device provides desired results on targets of exceptional size; e.g jumbo egg or larger.
  4. Motion - Confirm targeting scanners operate as expected when target is moving faster than walking pace.

Since Genecontreo's building was only a short drive from the beach, Drew decided to start there first.  He parked his car in a cruisy, less populated section of the beach he knew would be mostly populated by hunks eager to show off their gym gains in the sun.  Today's crowd did not disappoint. The beach was busy but not crowded and most of the patrons were young men from the college who were tanning shirtless, most of them in tight fitting swimming briefs.  The beach was an eye candy smorgasbord but Drew had to will himself to ignore his own throbbing cock and focus on finding a target.  He settled on a middle aged blonde who had fallen asleep under an umbrella.  Drew walked by the man to size him up and couldn't help but admire the man's well built hairy chest, powerful thighs and a stuffed mesh basket that left nothing to the imagination. Drew smiled as he took a seat on a nearby bench, pulled the Jock Buster out of his pocket and aimed. Just like in the lab the barrel turned blue as the man's bulge started to convulse and vibrate.  The unlucky hunk's eyes shot open and he screamed and his testicles exploded with some matter ejected through the mesh like a sieve causing a spray of gunk . The man's hands raced to his crotch and his screams immediately attracted a crowd which Drew was able to slip through unnoticed.

Next Drew figured he would test out the machine's ability to de-nut multiple studs at once.  He drove to a park near campus he knew the basketball team often practiced at.  His timing was perfect as the game looked to have just ended and most of the players were disbanding except for four jocks who were chatting in a semicircle on the court.  They were all quite tall and their sweat soaked t-shirts clung to their muscled chests; Unfortunately their baggy knee length shorts obscured what Drew imagined to be eight low hanging, fat nards dangling between their legs.

Drew took up position near an informational sign and pretended to read it as he took aim at the first jock.

"Targets acquired,"


"Oh fuck!"  one of the players, a handsome red head screamed as his hands dove into his shorts.

Drew's cock twitched as he watched grayish, meaty chunks running down his muscular thighs.  Before the confused and paniced group could contemplate what had happened there was another 'POP'

"Christ!"  wailed an adorable Latino whose shorts instantly became considerably less full.

"What's wrong, man?"

"What's going on!"

The Latin and the ginger were now in the fetal position with their friends hovering over them in confusion.

"Targets acquired."

A toned black player had knelt to check on his fallen teammates and even though the bagginess of the shorts made it impossible to see a visible bulge, Drew could visualize that in that pose his heavy, black nuts were dangling perfectly for annihilation.

"Oooh!  he screamed as his unborn children painted the inside of his shorts, a meaty chunk fell out of his shorts and landed on his shoe.

By now the four were frantic with three of them in hysterics on the ground and the last man standing frantically dialing emergency on his phone.  He was tall even by the standards of the group and his shaggy black hair really made his facial features pop; in other circumstances Drew might have considered striking up a conversation. But the experiment must go on...

The black haired jock was standing with his feet far apart and as he gyrated wildly Drew could clearly make out the stud's hefty free balling nuts as they bounced against his shorts.  By now a crowd was appearing and Drew heard sirens but - despite the fact he was perfectly aimed on the last player - the Jock Buster was taking longer than normal to...

"Targets acquired,"


The last player had only been seconds away from being able to have kids. His sack erupted in his shorts just before Drew slipped the device back into his pocket out of view of a good Samaritan running toward the scene.  The handsome lad's eyes crossed and he dropped to his knees, a gooey substance dripping down both of his toned legs.

Drew slipped away as a crowd gathered around the writhing, babbling former males.

On his way to his next destination, Drew had to pull over and stroke out a load that left sticky streaks across his shirt as he replayed the gory destruction of so many sperm tanks  He only wished he could have seen the full show rather than having it hidden behind fabric but the results were undeniable.  Plus, Drew concluded he would have a great view for the next test.

He pulled up to his modest gym and went inside.  Like clockwork local gym rat Brett was finishing his workout and was headed toward the locker room.  Drew slyly followed him being sure not to be seen and took up position behind a bank of lockers as Brett peeled out of his soaked clothing.  As soon as Brett's shorts came off it became obvious why Drew had chosen him to test the device on targets of exceptional size.  Drew had admired Brett in the locker room for years.  His perfect musculature was almost beyond description though he wasn't bulky and swinging between his Adonis legs was a ball bag stretched to its limits with two lemon sized sex pods with his seven inch completely flaccid penis resting on top of them.  They were covered in the same thick brown hair that was on the top of his head which somehow made his nuts seem even bigger.

"Target acquired,"

Brett looked up at the faint voice but dismissed it when he didn't see anyone.  He started whistling a peppy tune as his balls started to visibly jiggle and bounce.  He let out a strange squeal and his eyes crossed as his enormous nuts danced in his bag.  Although Drew was enjoying watching Brett's manhood quivering on the brink, this was taking longer than normal and Brett's ridiculous squeal was bound to attract attention.  Suddenly, Drew realized that Brett's thick fuck stick was starting to convulse like a snake as it drooped over his bag.  Drew wondered if Brett's junk was simply too big for the Jock Buster and was about to take his hand off the trigger when Brett's mouth opened in a comical 'O' and he let out a falsetto scream that made Drew's cock twitch.

Brett was singing, his balls were dancing and his statuesque body was glistening when...


A shock wave of testicular and penis devastation radiated outward from Brett's chiseled pelvis for at least three feet as chunks and thick fibrous matter coated the locker room floor.  Drew couldn't believe that Brett's enviously huge package was now just a disgusting mess.  He sneaked a final view of Brett's neutered crotch as the dazed athlete stood silently for a moment panning the floor and - upon realizing that the unrecognizable goop was his cock and balls - let out a defeated, high pitch scream before falling to the ground.  Drew heard someone else coming into the locker room and ran toward an emergency exit, nearly slipping on a meaty chunk of Brett's left - or maybe right - testicle that turned instantly into meat sauce under his foot.

Drew laughed hysterically as he made his way to his car, replaying Brett's final moments as king of the locker room over and over in his head.  He only had one more trial left and knew exactly where he would perform it.

He made his way to a wooded jogging trail and took a seat on a bench.  He had cruised these woods several times before and knew there was an almost endless stream of hot runners who purposefully spaced themselves out so that they could duck into the woods unnoticed.

The first jogger was a ridiculously handsome blonde Drew had been eyeing for some time but the Jock Buster wasn't able to get a lock on the moving target.  Three more smoking hot joggers passed by before Drew figured out that he had to move the targeting beam slightly forward of the runner and follow their motion.

Confident he knew the system he waited for another jogger and was not disappointed.  A built Japanese guy Drew had blown several times was approaching and his too-small thigh length running shorts hugged his nuts and cock.  Drew took careful aim.

"Targeting scanner failure,"  the machine chirped and Drew was worried he'd miss his opportunity before the barrel suddenly lit blue.

"Target acquired."


"Holy! Holy fuck!"

Drew creamed in his pants as the handsome Japanese stud's outlined package simply disappeared into his shorts.  It looked like a penis and testicles shaped souffle had collapsed into nothing.  The running shorts were too tight to allow the liquefied matter to leak out outright like had happened with the basketball players so instead it was now slowly pooling at the bottom of his shorts ready to spill out the second those shorts came off.

Drew smiled at himself, slipped the JB 72000X into his pocket and headed back to Genecontreo. Drew filled out a questionnaire and gave some feedback about the device to Dr. Havens before being walked to down a hallway toward an unmarked door.

"Your feedback has been so helpful that we would like to to help with one more round of tests,"

Drew rose his eyelid quizzically as Dr. Havens opened the door.  Drew smiled so hard at the site his jaw actually hurt. His face was locked into a permanent smile as he surveyed a line of handsome, naked young men who were standing side by side with their hands behind their backs smiling back at him.

"Would you mind doing a final endurance test of the JB 7200X? We need to verify how many rounds it can fire before it needs to be recharged."

Dr. Havens handed the still smiling Drew the machine and stepped back.  Drew rose his arm and pointed the Jock Buster toward the swinging sack of an exceptionally attractive footballer who winked at him as Drew pulled the trigger.


Friday, February 21, 2020

The Super Bet: Part 3

A continuation of The Super Bet: Part 2

The basement of the Tau Omega Chi house was a riot of cheering and cat calling as the group of frat boys surrounded the still trussed studly pledges.  Mark and Vance's model like bodies were dripping with sweat adding to the smell of male lust and hormones that created an almost palpable, intoxicating cloud among the assembled throng.  Several more rounds of the young men's twisted interpretation of stress relief had passed and the clock was inching closer to midnight which Lyle had declared would mark the end of the game.

During one turn Ryan had melted a good amount of candle wax onto Mark's battered sack then punched and squeezed it until every drop of wax had broken off.   Pip had used his turns to violently violate both of the pledges with the over-sized dildo before pulling it out and using it to bat their balls with it.

Trevor had taken the pliers to Mark's rapidly swelling right nut and tried his hardest to break whatever rigging Alan had done to them that was stopping them from closing completely, unfortunately he failed every time before Lyle yelled time.

Meanwhile, after Kent had slammed the bat so hard into Vance's sack that the resounding smack temporarily stunned several of the watching young men into silence, Monty reflexively clutched his own balls.

"That absolutely had to hurt! Fucking brutal!" he shouted in approval.

Trevor kept with the tried and true mallet during his multiple turns, focusing his attention mainly on Vance's ridiculously swollen, sagging right nut.  He would make a ring around the base of it with one hand causing it to balloon outward, then slam the mallet into it with the other resulting in horrific visceral crunching with every blow.

Tall long distance runner Parker used his toned legs to brilliant effect, alternating his turns between Mark and Vance delivering kick after family-tree-trimming kick.  A particularly brutal kick to Vance's nut sack left a testicle-sized lump in Vance's throat and a toe-sized purple welt on his bean bag.  Punches, kicks, knees, pliers and bats all rained down on Mark and Vance's swollen manhood with reckless abandon but as the night went on Mark found himself less and less the center of attention as the taller and more amply hung Vance became the primary target.

The permanent welt Parker had kicked onto Vance's bag acted as a macabre target with each subsequent player seeing if they could add to the Easter egg like menagerie of purples, red and blacks that decorated Vance's ambushed equipment.

"These puppies look pretty fucked up," Cedric joked as he grabbed Vance's heavy bag in his hand.

His brother Winston and the rest of the boys chuckled as Cedric gently bounced the hefty organs in his hands, amazed at their sheer size and bemused by the display of color that contrasted starkly with the rest of Vance's body.

"This thing is like squeezing a lemon,"

Cedric didn't break eye contact with Vance as his gentle probing became a devastating squeeze. The hot pledge's eyes cross and Cedric felt his jeans tighten after he felt his thumb press deep into Vance's right nut.  Cedric's biceps bulged and his boyishly handsome face was etched in concentration as he continued to squeeze egged on by the cheers and chants around him.

"That's it! Fucking pop that sucker!"

"Holy fuck! He's actually gonna' do it!"

Funny high pitch squeals came from Vance as his taught body writhed desperately under the assault but Cedric kept squeezing concentrating just on Vance's right nut which was being compressed into less and less space.

"Crack it, dude!" Pip screamed out as he stroked his cock through his jeans.

Indeed several of the horny young men were sporting obvious bulges in their jeans and some like Pip were starting to leak, rubbing their crotches while they waited for their own turns at Vance.

"That's time!" Lyle shouted, sending Cedric back into the queue to cheers as Axel walked up to Vance.

Despite his musculature being much more defined, Vance seemed to shrink in Axel's hulking presence and nearly fainted when he saw was holding the pliers again.  Axel gingerly ensnared Vance's huge right nut in the pliers and squeezed slightly.

"Who wants me to finally crack this nut?"

There was a hoot from the crowd.

"I said, who wants me to finally fucking crack this fucking huge nut?"

The distinctive high pitched ting of a metal pin hitting the floor could be heard even over the commotion and cheers.  Axel had removed the pin which had been rigged into the gears that had - until now - stopped the tool from being able to close completely.  A rush of realization swept over the watching boys like a wave and Pip and Tom shuddered where they stood, their jeans flooding with cum.  Connor made sure to zoom in especially tight on Vance's nuts while Alan focused on his panic stricken face.

"Mmph! Mmmph! Pwppph! Pwppph!"

"Fuck yeah!"  Axel shouted as he felt half of Vance's manhood instantly compress dangerously flat inside the jaws of the pliers.

Nut meat bulged around and over the relatively small section of Vance's nut that was being compressed by the jaws which were rapidly closing.  It was clear Axel wasn't going to make a grand production out of what was about to happen.

"Mmmph! Mmmgpht!"

Vance shook his head violently and every ridge of his washboard abs flexed as Axel effortlessly crushed his nut.  The middle of Vance's nut was being compressed flatter and flatter, Lyle debated calling time but was himself caught up in the spectacle and his grey eyes glinted evilly as...


The jaws of the pliers touched separated only by a flap of skin.  Vance's porn sized nut had flattened permanently in the middle under the pliers as if some mischievous child had stuck their thumb into a ball of dough on a counter.  Axel slowly opened the pliers and stepped away giving the watching crowd a clear view of Vance's half-destroyed, rapidly swelling nut.

Vance screamed and blacked out.  Mark looked on in horror as Tom drove the bat into Vance's defenseless heavy balls eliciting sick wet splats almost in rhythm to the chanting.

"Knock them out of the park, dude!"

"Do him next!"

Monty was frantically pointing at Mark's relatively untouched equipment and Axel smiled broadly.


Axel took Mark's left nut into the jaws of the pliers and began to squeeze.

Meanwhile Tyler had picked up the mallet and he and Tom alternated laying waste to Vance's balls.  Vance's head seemed to roll slightly in a subconscious response to feeling his right nut totally cave under the abuse.

"Pop! Pop! Pop!"  Pip lead a chant as Axel made quick work of Mark's family tree.

"Dude that's gonna' make a mess!"  someone called out as Mark's fat nut became impossibly flattened, looking like it would actually burst like a balloon.

Mark's eyes grew huge as he felt his nut burst in his sack under the crushing force of the pliers' jaws.  Axel opened the pliers fully, the broken nut still in his sites, then closed the pliers completely.



It was clear that the 'rules' of the game were no longer being followed as multiple young men worked both Vance and Mark at the same time.  Vance's huge, hanging balls made for a target that was just too tempting and what was left of his mega size nuts was quickly pulverized in the bag.

Mark didn't fare much better.

While Pip rammed Mark's tight hole with the un-lubed dildo, causing his massive erection to uncontrollably jut away from this muscled crotch, Parker delivered the final blow to his sack with a mallet.  Parker, who had trapped Mark's large balls in one hand and was pounding away with the other, could feel the instant when Mark's right nut flattened into a thick meat patty against his palm... then just collapsed as Parker felt the head of the mallet against his hand and what was left of Mark's sex organ.  The fat testis that had been there just moments before had exploded so completely it was as if it had simply ceased to exist. All of Mark's kids were now swimming freely in the ocean of shattered testicles that filled his sack.

The frat boys stepped away from the still trussed pledges and gave each other back-pats and high fives as if they had just participated in nothing more extraordinary than a friendly volleyball game.
Lyle, observing the rapid swelling of what was left of Mark and Vance's testicles, calmly asked the group "Whose got Dr. Paulson's number?"

"Wait a minute! We still have two more pledges!" Pip shouted pointing toward Connor and Alan, his eyes fixated especially on Alan's pendulous sack.

"Grab 'em!"

Alan and Connor made a panicked dash toward the basement steps before being quickly overpowered by the ravenous crowd.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Testicle Mutilation - Story Category

Hey all! Just wanted to let you know that I've added a new story / post label called 'Testicle Mutilation' to the navigation list (on the right if you're using a desktop).

This categorization is for stories where the victims' packages aren't just flattened, popped or crushed in the sack.  It's for situations where what's left of their testicles actually end up outside of their ball bags or otherwise extremely mutilated.  Example phrases include:

  • Kyle's testicles splattered...
  • The young jock's right ball explode into a shower of gore...
  • Lance looked down to see that there was noting but a pile of nut chunks under his boot...
  • After the fourth blow, the baseball bat was coated in nut guts...
  • The hot athlete's nuts instantly turned into a spray of gore that painted the wall behind him...

And here are some handy visual aides:

If this is your scenario of choice I encourage you to re-read some the archived stories that have been retroactively categorized as 'testicle mutilation'. I'll also put something like 'This story includes extreme testicle mutilation" at the top of the post so those of you who would rather skip will know not to continue.

Some of my personal favorites that fall into this category are (in no particular order):

POPS! Anything For Master
An obedient sub offers up his manhood as the ultimate 'stress balls' after his Master comes home in a bad mood.

A Roll of the Dice
A group of lads decides to literally bet their balls in a dangerous game of chance.  Whose fuse - and manhood - is going to be extinguished first.

CBT: City Ballet Theatre
Captured young studs have their over-sized balls trampled into paste under the feet of aspiring dancers. Let the music play!

Crushed Ginger
A blazing-hot ginger athlete is abducted by a maniacal showman who turns his un-manning into a globally broadcast event involving a blender. Warning, this story is especially brutal.

The conclusion to the futuristic series The Federation, a group of huge-balled soldiers compete in a winner-take all contest of strength to see who can hold up increasingly heavy weights... but it isn't their massive biceps they'll be using!

The Fun House
A man gets the ultimate invitation: Spend an evening navigating a mansion whose rooms are filled with handsome, hung young men who've offered up their balls for entertainment. How many sacks will get flattened before the timer runs out...

After a young web cam performer accidentally blows his enormous nuts into wallpaper, the footage finds its way to his fans. This is the experience of an especially excited viewer seeing the video for the first time... 

What are your own thoughts on these types of stories? Let me know in the comments!

Friday, February 14, 2020

POPS! Tyler.mov

This is a mini continuation of Tyler Makes a Porno


Josh sat the small desk in his bedroom staring wide-eyed at his laptop screen.  Tyler Gripentrog, a hot young stud whose blog Josh followed, had gone silent a few weeks back but out of the blue there was an email from Tyler with a simple five word subject line that made Josh's cock twitch:

Horny Jock's Balls SPLATTER - BOOM!

Without hesitation, Josh opened email and clicked on a link that took him to a Google Drive with a single file on it: Tyler.mov

Josh's heart raced at the thumbnail.  It was Tyler laying shirtless on a weight bench screaming with a bright flash obscuring most of the image below his waist.  The time stamp was only forty-five seconds.

Josh pulled his cock out of his jeans and began to stroke as he opened the video 


It was Tyler laying on his weight bench screaming with a hideous bruise on his forehead and his arms tied to the bar pressed against his chest.  At first Josh was too distracted by the Tyler's symphonic screams and ripping abs to immediately notice the egg-sized yellow ball and an evil smiley face staring at the camera but when he did he gulped and started stroking faster.

"Fuck!" Josh screamed in excitement when he realized that the yellow ball was a lit, and rather large, firework.  

He was fixated on watching Tyler's crotch and the massive twin lumps in his black shorts which were partially obscured by the almost equally large bomb.  Josh had seen Tyler's kiwi sized balls hang low and heavy in his perfectly trimmed bag in multiple videos and had blown gallons of cum fantasizing about how hot it would be to see Tyler's massive balls pounded into hamburger.


On the screen, Tyler writhed desperately and his hands attempted to stretch out to quash the flame which was rapidly eating away at the wick...


Josh was pumping his cock with one hand and squeezing his own nuts with the other as Tyler's glistening perfect body wriggled wildly.  At one point Tyler had tried kicking his legs out to dislodge the bomb but that only made it shift positions slightly, now resting slightly in the valley formed by those two donkey nuts.


Josh could feel his load building as the video reached its climax. His heart was pounding.  Surely this wasn't real, he thought.  No way a stud like Tyler whose animal-like endowment was literally his meal ticket would actually put himself in danger.  Yet there it was; Tyler pressed against a weight bench, all of those trained, toned muscles completely helpless and it was all captured in glorious high definition.


By now both Tyler and Josh were fixated on Tyler's junk. Josh's heart was pounding, excited to see the conclusion but convinced the video would cut out at the last minute or Tyler out shout "Just kidding!" and flash his signature boyish smile. 

"No way!"  

Josh panted breathlessly as he watched Tyler screaming in what he was now convinced was genuine terror. Every muscle on his perfect body was etched...


For an instant the frame went completely white before the camera quickly refocused on the scene.

"Fuck yes! Yes!"  Josh was wracked by an instant orgasm so powerful that he plastered his right eye shut.

Tyler's shorts were blown completely off, revealing the true extend of the destruction. On the screen was Tyler's washboard stomach coated in a chunky gory mess, some of it had even hit the now-passed out model in the face.  A chunk of what appeared to be burnt sausage was resting on his left pec.  It was a piece of Tyler's horse cock! All that was left on his crotch just a gross pile of everything that would ordinarily have been inside Tyler's overstuffed sack.


Josh had to rewind a bit to rewatch the final ten seconds... multiple times.  Someone had slowed down the actual explosion and stretched it over ten glorious seconds. Slowed down, Josh could make out in exquisite detail how Tyler's mushroom head had been blown totally out of the frame, flying away like a fleshy rocket. He could see the instant Tyler's nut guts splattered his own face and could zoom in on gooey testicular matter dripping off the passed out stud's nose.  

Josh stroked and came again replaying the part where a huge chunk of Tyler's package - perhaps his entire left nut - flew into the air, unraveling as it did like strands of thick spaghetti before raining down on Tyler's body, the bench and the floor. From what Josh could make out, Tyler's  giant right nut had met its end in a shower of jock puree spraying in all directions with most of it landing on the weight stack that had been holding Tyler down.

Finally, Josh was working on his third load of the night zooming in on the ruins of Tyler's crotch, realizing that his once nearly-foot long horse cock had been reduced to a burnt nub barely visible beneath the hamburger meat.


Josh screamed as his cock erupted yet again before setting the video clip to infinitely loop. 


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Saturday, February 8, 2020

Tyler Makes a Porno

Tyler Gripentrog was still wearing his sleeveless gym shirt and black shorts he'd been working out in at the gym earlier and he wanted to get in a few more power reps at his impromptu home gym before calling it a night.  Today's workout had been especially intense and he wanted to capitalize his especially pumped, taught muscles by filming a short clip for his esoteric and decidedly NSFW vlog.  The particular setup he had in mind would appeal to the small, but generous, subset of his fans who enjoyed watching the handsome young jock subjected to various predicaments like lifting weights wearing a chastity cage that he had to have custom modified to contain his thick flaccid dick and plump, kiwi sized balls while being forced to listen to lusty bitches being fucked through his headphones.  

The previous week he had bound his shorts-clad balls with rope, tied an extremely heavy weight to the other end then held it along while flexing his toned arms and looking pleadingly into the camera asking "Should I drop it? You know what would happen if I drop it?".  Toward the end of the video he pretended to accidentally drop the weight and edited a cut to black followed by the sound of him screaming and a cartoonish ripping sound effect; the visual of Tyler's huge baby makers makers in mortal peril must've struck a chord  as he was rewarded with the largest haul of tips he had made and that was while being essentially fully clothed.

For this video he decided to strip out of his sweaty gym shirt to show off his corrugated abs but keep on the shorts. They were still slightly damp with sweat so clung to his large nuts and he couldn't help but admire himself in the reflection of the window over his weight bench.  It was dark out so the window acted as a an impromptu, black mirror for Tyler to admire his own masculinity as he flexed his biceps and made his pecs dance to a jaunty rhythm that was playing in his head.  Workouts always made Tyler horny and today was no exception and he felt his heavy cock stirring in his shorts and briefly thought about just filming yet another wank and spurt vanilla clip but quickly decided that the tips he would rake in for what he was planning on would be far more lucrative.

He took a pause from his ego stroking to go rifle around his bedroom closet for something, smiling in delight as he found an old firework from independence day that had an unusually long, thick almost yarn like fuse. It was small almost perfectly round yellow orb the size of a small egg with a wicked looking smiley face painted on it. He held it up to the twin mounds in his shorts and smiled at the visual.  His audience would go wild for this.

Soon everything in his impromptu bedroom studio was setup.  He had to move the weigh bench to be almost flush to the wall under the window to accommodate the oblique angle he was going for from the tripod-mounted camera that captured the entire length of the bench.  Tyler put two large but relatively light weights on either end of the bench press bar he had setup and was pleased by the overall setup.  To be sure the view was just right, he flipped the viewfinder screen so that he would be able to see if whilst laying on the bench.  

He proceeded to stuff the bomb into his shorts with the fuse sticking out from the waistband and positioned it so that it appeared to be a small third testicle nestled between the other two then lay on the bench with his bottom half closest to the camera and grasped the weight bar as if he was preparing to do a set of bench presses. 

As was customary the camera was already recording and he was planning on editing in a slick intro for the resulting clip, perhaps something like "Jock Bets His Balls", he chuckled at his own cleverness.

"He guys an gals, its the Gripe Man coming at your again and this time I've seen to have gotten myself into quite a pickle..."  

He feigned fear as he started down at his crotch, his eyes fixated on his mounding crotch and obviously unnatural third lump.

"See that lump in my shorts? It's a bomb, a big one, and Master says if I don't finish this set in time he's gonna' light the fuse.  No fucking way!"

He then proceeded to lift the bar from its safety rests and pretend to struggle to lift the bar.


He groaned out, being sure to lift his head slightly to make his pecs stand out.


His arms started to shake and his face took on a convincing look of panic, eyes still fixated on his junk.

"Thre..ee.... oh fuck!"

He then pretended he was being over come by the weight pressing down on him and his muscular frame wiggled as he struggled to control the weight.  The look of absolute panic on his face was beyond convincing, so much so that anyone watching would have been surprised to see his handsome face break into a smile as he effortlessly returned the bar to the safety supports and sat upright on the bench.

In his mind we was envisioning a cut to black at the moment when he looked the most fearful and put up a title card explaining that the never seen 'Master' character -- really his own twisted imagination -- had overloaded the weight stack and was standing by to light the fuse and paint the walls with Tyler's unborn kids. And that's when the money shot, so to speak, would begin.

Tyler spent several minutes imagining how to setup the second part of the scene.  He envisioned elaborate setups where the weight bar could be attached to the bar to make it look like it would detonate if the stack fell too quickly.  He thought up a Rube Goldberg idea where the up and down motion of the weights as he lifted them would somehow light a match... Whatever he came up with he quickly shot down by the simple fact that he simply wasn't that good at making things.  He already had to pay a guy he had chatted with in the comments section of his vlog to build him an automatic ball slapping machine that was really just a motor with a paddle at the end; simple for someone with even a modicum of craftsmanship, but not for this gym rat.

Finally Tyler decided on the simplest and perhaps most visually striking setup.  He would just actually light the fuse, pretend to struggle with the weight stack, scream about not wanting to have his nuts blown off and then cut to black before he casually put out the flames.  Followup with sound effects of him screaming mixed with the firework actually exploding then cut to a clip of something bloody looking and chunky hitting a wall. Cut, print, nailed it. 

Maybe he'd put the bomb under some raw hamburger in his garage and attempt to capture splattering effect that way, or maybe there were ready made CGI clips he could buy. He could deal with the editing specifics tomorrow; right now Tyler just wanted to shoot the scene then lay on his bed and finally stroke out the massive load he could feel building in his loins. He was confident he'd end up drenching his own face and chest again and the thought made his nine inch cock tent in his shorts.

He lay back on the bench and fiddled with the fuse until it was positioned just so, snacking up his chest.  However, he quickly realized a problem with this setup; the long fuse would burn his chest as it meandered toward his crotch.  Ever the performer, he fished the yellow orb out of his shorts and rested it on top of the lump in his shorts but it rolled away almost immediately.  Undeterred Tyler fetched a tube of super glue and a pair of trick handcuffs from his desk.  He then  placed a generous amount on the underside of the explosive prop then attached it to his shorts so that it was placed directly on top of balls and the smiley face would be visible to the camera when he laid down. 

Again he laid on the bench and wiggled his hips so that the double mound of his jock pods and the snake like protrusion of his semi hard cock were perfectly in frame. And on top of it all was the yellow bomb grinning wickedly toward the camera.  

"Fuck, the fuse!"

Tyler rolled his eyes as he realized his genius move of using glue didn't solve the problem of him scorching his rippled abs, assuming he could even get it to light now that it had been in contact with his increasingly sweaty body.   Disappointed that he would have to get up from his carefully choreographed position, the young hunk made his way back to his desk and, without giving it much thought, proceeded to cut the fuse to mere inches in length.  To his delight, the relative stub seemed to do a good job staying upright only curling slightly and staying safely away from his body.  

Before he positioned himself on the bench he decided to up the realism of his impromptu predicament by adding more weight to the bar. More and more plates were added until it was pushing the limits of what even the muscled performer could comfortably handle, but he checked the setup in the viewfinder and had a brilliant idea. He added a few more weights then zoomed the camera in slightly.  


The weights hanging off the ends of the bar were now extending out of the frame perfectly visualizing the dangerously overloaded visual he was going for.  His cock got hard thinking about all of the people -- men and women -- who would get off watching him scream and struggle as his massive nuts were in mortal danger while admiring his gym-sculpted body and model good looks.   Before taking his position under the weight bar and finally filming the final scene, Tyler caught his reflection in the window, flexed his arm, kissed his bicep and winked at himself.

"You're a fucking stud bro," 

He grabbed his cock through his shorts, being careful not to jostle the most important prop out of place as he lay on the bench.  His towering cock was not also messing up the frame layout he was going for, it was stretching the shorts in such a way that the bomb, though still in place, was now several inches away from his balls which were themselves lost in the tent.  He closed his eyes and tried to blank his mind only to interrupt himself several times as a wandering hand tweaked one of his nipples or he had a vivid memory of having his cock serviced by a twink with an amazing mouth in the gym showers.

Despite his own raging hormones, his cock had deflated to the point it was just a cylindrical lump next to the stars of the show -- the twin, massive orbs between his legs.  He did some last minute adjustments to really make sure the setup was perfect and that his boys - and the device threatening to destroy them - were right in the center of the frame.

Finally, to make this scene especially perilous, he secured his right hand to the weight bar, lit the fuse, then proceeded to secure his left hand to the bar as well.  It took some finesse, but Tyler's hand were nimble enough to perform the task quite expertly and he had become quite versed in self bondage after one of his subscribers, a soccer mom from Australia, had been requesting and tipping quite well for such content. 

The yard like fuse wasn't burning particularly fast but even if it were the cuffs were break-away and Tyler's biceps were more than powerful enough to excise him from the situation should the need arrise.  As the flame slowly made its way toward its final destination, Tyler feigned a look of absolute horror, even managing to quickly generate tears as his eyes fixated on now-lit bomb.

"Oh no! Oh fuck! Not my balls!"  he screamed.

"I gotta' keep doing reps until Master tells me I can stop or else I'm gonna' be a Tina soon!"

Still faking panic Tyler gripped the weight bar, lifted the weights high into the air, then to his chest, counting out the reps as the fuse wandered toward the bomb.  There were occasional wafts of smoke that he imagined enhancing during editing to really draw the viewer to the main event.  He babbled and screamed, begging for his nuts and to anyone giving the scene a cursory glance they would have been convinced Tyler had been kidnapped by some depraved maniac who actually was about to watch his ripe seed pods be splatted all over his rippled chest.  The more into the scenario he got, the more frantically he pumped the weight, hoping that he'd hit the magic number soon. 

"...Twenty...twenty.... one... "

Tyler screamed and pretended that he was struggling with the weight stack which was actually starting to cause his pecs and arms some serious discomfort. But ever the cocky jock, Tyler just grunted and thrust the bar back into the air being sure to lift in such a way to really show off his sculpted pecs and...

"Ouch! Shit!"  

He felt a sudden tightness in his chest and, not wanting to break character, screamed out.

"Master! Please! Not my balls! Please I wanna' have kids!"

His eyes were frozen in Oscar-worthy panic when he felt his chest and arms spasm.  He had been so focused on benching the weight faster and more frantically to show off his body and build up the scene, he had long ago abandoned proper form and had quite suddenly was paying the price.

Tyler had done his fair share of over-doing it at the gym so wasn't particularly alarmed. Beside, the fuse was down to just under two inches and even at its leisurely pace was getting too close for comfort.  He'd leave the castration part of this clip to special effects.  This would be the part where the clip ended he concluded so suddenly stopped his wild lifting and began to slowly lower the bar onto the safeties. 


Tyler let out a yelp of genuine pain as his right wrist suddenly bent too far back and for a brief moment he lost his grip on the bar.


The weight bar landed with such force, his pecs acting like rock hard pillows, that Tyler the wind was literally knocked out of him and he instantly started seeing stars.

Tyler was snapped out of his daze by a strange, acrid smell filling his nose.

He looked down and his eyes widened in legitimate horror as he noticed that the flame had gotten much larger and was now burning much faster. The material of the fuse was different at this terminal length, which perhaps explained why the the otherwise limp fuse could stand upright; probably something he should have checked first he thought. 

Despite the flame now munching away at the fuse like a fiery version of Pacman, Tyler wasn't particularly alarmed and started to lift the bar off his chest.


Tyler bellowed and his eyes welled up with real tears as he felt something pop in his wrist.  He could hear the sizzling of the fuse but was doing a surprisingly good job keeping panic at bay as he tried to pull his arm free from the prop handcuffs so that he could at least extinguish the flame before dealing with the crushing weight.

The handcuffs rattled and clanked against the bar but refused to break free. 


Tyler looked down and could see that the fuse was quickly getting shorter.  He tried reaching for the flame with his fingers but the constraining  handcuffs severely limited his range of motion.


"Holy fuck! Holy fuck!"

The reality of the predicament was starting to dawn on Tyler and his struggle against the handcuffs became much more desperate all the while the weight was crushing into his chest and he was starting to find breathing painful.  


The fuse was at just over an inch, burning faster than when the video had started but still relatively slow, Tyler thought, enough time to get out of this ridiculous situation.


In a desperate move Tyler decided to try simply sitting up, hoping that the thrust of this toned upper body could give him the leverage he needed to get out from under the bar. 


Tyler's forehead slammed into the marble window sill so hard it cracked. The dazed stud fell immediately backward, his forehead bleeding and the weight bar sinking painfully into his chest.

"Help! Help!"  

Tyler was alone, his pleas being entirely automatic and quite hoarse as air was being pressed out of him. His head was splitting, his wrist felt broken and despite his wild gyrations, the glued bomb stayed firmly in place and the handcuffs refused to yield.  There were instances where Tyler's finger was just inches from the flame, but they might as well been miles away.


His level of panic was now so high he couldn't think straight, with truly random thoughts clouding any effort to escape.  His heart, whose chest cavity was quite literally caving in, was racing and the pain in his head become all unbearable; then his vision started to blur.

Stunned by panic and pain, Tyler could only look down at his crotch and scream, his upper body struggling to get out from under the weight and his trapped arms flailing comically in an attempt to reach the flame.


The fuse was practically gone at this point and Tyler became hysterical. His vision was starting to blur around the edges but one thing was in laser focus - his manhood. He could see his balls and cock bulging under the bomb that barely had any fuse left.

"Oh no! No!"

Tyler was horrified into inaction and his crotch became his entire world.


Tyler's big fat, perpetually horny balls and most of his thick defenseless dick were about to be blown into meaty chunks in what sure to be a gross, brutal explosion far beyond anything Tyler could have dreamed up with special effects. 


His mouth was opened with an 'O' shape that would have been humorous in another context 


Tyler's eyes opened wide and he gave out a howl of defeat, panic, horror and incredulity...


The hapless jock passed out instantly as he felt bits of something hot and gooey striking his face.

Wanna 'watch' the video? Check out Part II: Tyler.mov