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Friday, December 15, 2023

Breakfast for One

This story was written in collaboration with by buddy Charn. He's open for commissions so hit him up because he's really quite talented :) You can reach him at Charndatiger@gmail.com

Justin and Drake woke up before their alarm, the light coming in from the stunning picture windows was enough to stir them. Justin had booked a weekend at The Lux Resort Hotel in the City's bustling downtown as a way for them to reset their relationship. Justin had caught Drake cheating on him with their housekeeper Kyle. Well, "Caught" was the wrong word. Justin had been checking up on Kyle's OnlyFan's page and found a video of the slinky tousle haired Kyle being Chicago deep-dished by a very, very familiar cock. Granted, Kyle was a delicious 20-year-old twink but Justin had assumed that Drake would have taken their wedding vows as seriously as he had... though Justin could hardly be surprised Kyle had fallen for Drake.

Drake’s truly enormous, heavy cock made a constant bulge in his pants even when he wasn’t hard. The massive thing was 10 inches flaccid and ballooned to a hole-stretching 15 inches when fully hard. Justin loved it, the thick shaft with its bulbous head and ridged veins was enough to make any man whimper. It had such a presence that Justin could hardly believe he was allowed to touch it. He loved how it felt in his hand as he stroked it, the texture of the skin on his fingertips as he ran them up and down. 

Drake’s cock was truly something to behold with its crown-like shape at the top and its girthy thickness at the base. Every time Justin held it in his hands, he had to take a moment just to admire its size compared to his own smaller organ. He would wrap both hands around it and feel every inch of its length, marveling at how perfectly designed Drake's huge tool was for pleasure. 

As impressive as that powerful cock was, Drake’s testicles were just as much a show stopper. They were massive and heavy, like two egg shaped oranges in Justin’s hands. The density of his testicles was remarkable; they felt as solid as a rock when Justin squeezed them gently, the scrotum so tightly stretched around them that it seemed as though it might split with even the slightest pressure. He could feel their weight in his hands, the meatiness and richness of them made him gasp out loud. No matter how many times he had seen them before, Justin still found himself amazed by Drake’s impressively heavy testicles. Between the hormones they filled Drake with, and the size of that massive piston between his thighs, Justin was actually surprised Kyle hadn’t been split in half!

Drake had spend the intervening week desperately apologizing but Justin seemed oddly undisturbed, suggesting a staycation in the city would be a good way for them to reconnect.

“I love you...” Drake whispered into Justin’ ear.

Justin pretended not to hear him as he rolled out of bed, put on a robe and picked up the room phone. Drake slipped into his robe admiring the city views from the window as his husband placed their breakfast order.

“Food will be here in about thirty minutes. Think that’ll be enough time?”

Justin pulled the belt of his robe, letting it fall to the floor revealing his taught, middle aged body.

“I mean, I’m not a twink or anything but...” Justin gave his husband a sly grin. Drake flushed with embarrassment as he disrobed and approached Justin.

"Now, let me see this big bad piece of meat," Justin smiled as he knelt down in front of Drake. Ten inches of thick, soft dick hung down in front of him, the broad hose lazily curling over the twin weights of Drake's equally impressive testicles. Justin know that Drake's cock was what made Kyle fuck Drake, and that those fat eggs were what made Drake fuck Kyle. He cupped them, one big ball per palm, lifting them up and grinding them together against the root of Drake's rod.

Drake got harder, looking out the window at the city laid out below them. He was standing right by the window and he knew that someone out there was staring up at the sexy daddy with the massive cock in the window.

Justin began to lick and suck along Drake's cock. Drake moaned at this; Justin had given up long ago trying to get his behemoth into that cute little mouth of his, and the feel of his husband's hot wet lips and firm tongue had him throbbing hard and needily against Justin's lips.

Justin continued to taste him, increasing the pressure and speed as he went. His tongue traced a delicate lin along the stud's puffy cumslit, tasting the salt and musk that clung to the man's massive, beautifully shaped cockhead. He refused to suck on his husband's cock, instead only letting him feel the tip of his tongue, as his hands massaged and stroked the rest of his body.

He used both hands to twist and tug on Drake's massive balls, pulling and stretching them down until the already-stretched scrotum gleamed and seemed ready to tear loose of the man's tensed groin. He held them in place with one hand, keeping them stretched, helping those tight cords and muscles relax and get used to them being pulled away from Drake's body, as he stroked up and down the length of that thick, veined shaft. He smiled, his fingers pausing at the tattoo of a curling knot of barbed wire that lined the root of his husband's shaft. It was that tattoo that had confirmed that Kyle was fucking Drake, after all. He owed that tattoo some credit. 

Drake moaned softly and Justin smiled, pleased with his work as his husband began to try and thrust into his mouth. Justin let that broad head just brush through his lips, nudging against his teeth, and bit down gently at the big head, but at the last minute he eased off. Drake groaned, but Justin was unwilling to let Drake cum just yet. H preferred to keep him teetering on the edge of orgasm, while re-exploring every inch of his husband's body, as if for the last time. Justin stroked down from Drake’s cock to his inner thighs and lower stomach, stroking fingers through that thick fragrant bush, and massaging Drake's muscles, encouraging him to relax. He shifted hands on Drake's balls, always keeping them held down, stretched lower and lower, even after Drake complained about the ache it created in his belly. The pain grew, but so did the pleasure, and Justin seemed perfectly adept at keeping them in balance to make sure Drake was always just unable to cum. 

Drake was enjoying the frustration; his massive 15 inch cock swollen with need but not being allowed release. It felt amazing, and he wanted this attention to last forever. 

'Perhaps if Justin had done this sooner, I wouldn't have cheated on him,' Drake thought, eyes closed and smile wide with satisfaction.

"Come on, Justin... let's see if we can get this whole thing down your throat," Drake suggested, eyes gleaming. "You know how much I love a good deep throat."

"Maybe," Justin replied, as he licked slowly over the precum bubbling from Drake's dick. "It's been a long time since I've had such a big piece of meat in my mouth." There was a knock on the door, interrupting them. Justin stood up, and the two men put on their robes. In Drake's case, there was barely any point, as the massive tent was not something that could be hidden. He folded his dick up against his belly and tied a knot with the belt around the base, keeping it pinned in place, but precum drooled down the underside of it.

“Room service,” a burly waiter announced as he entered the room with a cart. Drake thought nothing of the two other waiters entering behind him, one of which was carrying what looked like a countertop griddle. They were on the penthouse level, maybe extra servants and food prepared in-room was part of the experience, Drake thought. He stretched his arms above his head, watching the large cart as it was rolled in front of him, not noticing as the extra two waiters stood just behind.

Justin pulled up the silver dome of the delivered food, revealing two plates with pancakes, fresh fruit, even two small cups of grits. a large bottle of syrup rested to the side, glass with a large stopper on it.

“Ah, everything looks great but you forgot the sausage...” 

Drake snickered. "Well that sucks, you love sausages." Drake didn't care if the waiters overheard, he was extremely horny and Justin had left him very close to cumming. He groped his nuts through his robe, leering at his husband. "Of course, if you need one-" but before he could finish, arms wrapped around and under his own, strong arming him into position and pushing his thighs up against the cart.

“What the...”

Justin just smiled and leaned forward. "A sausage, you say?" He pulled the belt on Drake’s robe, a heavy BONG resonating through the room as more than a foot of thick Drake meat slapped down onto the silver platter, oozing precum and nestling up against a stack of pancakes. It was thick, the broad cap reddened from the previous stimulation, and it was unabashedly male. The three waiters were momentarily stunned at the sight, jaws gaping at the display, but all three of them stayed on mission. Justin smiled widely, and gripped his husband's cock by the head, gently squeezing and stroking it.

"Yes, this sausage should do..."

The young man who had been wheeling the cart pulled something out of his pocket and approached Drake. It was a cheese cutting wire, with two wooden handles at the end. Justin tugged on Drake's erection, stretching it as firmly as he could away from the stud's groin.

“What the fuck!" Drake exclaimed, as the waiter used a finger to stroke his scraggly pubic hair back from the root of his shaft, baring the barbed wire tattoo.


Drake struggled in vain as the waiter casually tucked one of the handles under his cock and looped it around, gently tugging the two handles until the thin metal wire was snugly snared around the root of his cock, exactly around the barbed wire tattoo.

Justin smiled, “I figured that if you're gonna treat this big dick of yours like meat, that I might as well, too. This is gonna be one hell of a breakfast.” He adjusted his grip on Drake's cock, stretching it even further away from his body as the waiter pulled on the two wooden handles. The thin metal wire bit into Drake's flesh with a surprisingly gentle pressure, gradually slicing through the skin like a hot knife through butter. 

Drake felt an odd tugging sensation in his groin as he watched in horror and fascination as tiny red beads of blood bloomed out from where the wire disappeared into the skin of his cock, dripping onto the table below. He could feel the wire, pinching and compressing and sawing through the root of his dick - feeling the whole thing go numb. He could see Justin stroking the end of his cock, but he couldn't feel it. With one final pull, the waiter's hands tugged sharply taut, the cheese wire straightening out now that there was no bulky dick blocking it.  Drake's prized 15 inch cock flopped down, severed by its root, flopping down onto one of the plates with a wet thud. 

Drake had been so transfixed on watching his cock's execution that he hadn't even thought to protest, but as the burn of pain from severed nerves lit up his brain, he began to wail and scream in denial.

"My cock! My cock you sick fuck, you just cut off my COCK!"

The waiters stood motionless as Justin picked and held up what remained of Drake’s member.

"Cock? I don't see a cock here."

Justin brought the severed dick to his face, and licked lewdly up along the length of it, from dripping cockhead to the severed root. "All I see is meat." 

He handled the cock, stroking and kneading it between his fingers. He had never been able to do so so freely, and the thrill of holding his husband's severed dick made his stomach thrill almost as much as the thought of what was coming next did. He moved to the end of the cart, where the waiter who had severed Drake’s dick with wire was setting up the griddle. The waiter wiped the inside of the griddle with a bit of butter and smiled as Justin callously dropped Drake’s severed dick on the hotplate. It hissed, the flesh flexing as steam cooked out from inside. 

Drake screamed as he looked on in horror. 

The griddle sizzled and popped as the fat rendered from the sausage and a nice even char began to form. Justin continued to press down on the sausage, watching as it slowly cooked in a pool of its own juices. The smell of cooking meat spread throughout the room, mixed with the masculine scent of Drake’s arousal that had already been filling the room when the waiters arrived. After a few minutes, Justin flipped the sausage over and gently rolled it back and forth. He smirked and pushed down on the head with the spatula, making sure to pan fry the delicate frenum that was just underneath the dick's head, frying that sensitive patchwork of skin. 

Drake sobbed as he watched his proud shaft turn from an ass-pleasing testament of manhood to a well cooked polish kielbasa. He placed Drake’s thoroughly cooked dong on the plate next to the pancakes and smothered the entire breakfast platter with syrup, making sure to coat Drake’s charred, burned meat sausage with plenty of maple syrup.

Justin took a fork and knife and sliced into Drake’s cooked cock, cutting behind the glans and lifting it up into the air, the meat still steaming and dripping sweet syrup.

“Oh, look honey, isn't this what you wanted, my mouth full of your cock?" Justin teased, as he stuffed the whole piece into his mouth. It was quite the mouthful, and as he bit down, juices and syrup sprayed from his lips. Justin covered his mouth, pretending to be embarrassed, but then made a show of chewing and savoring the massive mouthful of his husband's huge cockhead.

Drake could do nothing but watch helplessly as Justin ate his massive, cooked penis one bite at a time. He felt violated and humiliated, unable to comprehend the horror and degradation he was experiencing.  His hips twitched with each bite as the darkened, crispy sausage was consumed and savored in a way that he had never imagine and would never experience again.  It felt like an eternity before Justin stuffed the last few inches, with bits of barbed wire tattoo still hinted at, between his lips and swallowed them almost whole. Drake's prized fifteen inch dick was... gone. 

Justin put the plate back on the cart and grinned at Drake in a smug, satisfied way. “Wow, I don’t think I’m going to have room for the pancakes,”

Justin wasn't kidding. Drake’s big dick had been surprisingly meaty and filling, the flesh salty and crispy and juicy in a way that Justin couldn't help but savor. He hadn't even realized he had devoured it all until the last bit went down his throat and he went to cut off another piece... and found none. He looked his husband over, enjoying the patched up bandage that the waiter had applied to his husband's groin while he was enjoying his meal. A massive snake had hung down there, between Drake's thighs, for decades... now there was nothing but a couple bandages and two remarkably large testicles.

"Damn, Drake..." Justin said, and he could swear his belly growled in hunger, despite having a pound and a half of cooked meat inside it already. "I never noticed how big... and meaty... those balls of yours were."

Drake was crying, and afraid, and in pain. "I'm sorry, honey. I'll never cheat again, I swear. Please. Please just let me go."

"I don't know..." Justin replied, a playful smile on his face. "Those balls look delicious. They look like they'd go great with pancake syrup."


Justin sighed in mock exasperation. "You don't get it, sweetie. You don't get to decide whether I'm gonna ruin your balls or not. If you're really nice, I'll let you decide HOW I'll ruin them. What do you think? Should I pan fry them whole, like your dick? Perhaps I should scramble them in their sack and make a soufflé? I've got a coffee maker - maybe I should boil them? The possibilities are endless! What's not endless, is your genitals. We only have one chance to cook them juuuuust right. I just can't WAIT to see what they're going to taste like. It's not my fault, though, I mean, I watched the porno with you and Kyle. You really REALLY wanted him to gulp down your nuts, right? So... here I am. Ready to gulp down your nuts. And you just seem so ungrateful!"

The thought of the juicy meat that would come out with each bite excited him as he imagined all the different spices and seasonings he could use to make these balls taste like something entirely new. Whatever way he chose, Justin knew it wouldn't be boring - Drake's big, meaty 'eggs' promised a delicious breakfast treat.

He grabbed a few spices from under the cart and sprinkled them onto the griddle before adding a few drops of olive oil for good measure. Then he placed Drake's oversized testicles onto the griddle and started cooking them slowly over low heat. As they began to sizzle and brown, Justin inhaled deeply, savoring their aroma. He scooped up some of the butter and oil with the spatula, drizzling them over the crisping flesh.

"No, no, please! OW! NOOOO!" Drake pled, but Justin was smiling, living in another world. For too long Drake had ruled their relationship with his oversized package... and Justin was enjoying 'evening the score', as it were. He hmmed. These fat balls were too big. They were going to take far too long to cook like this. Making an executive decision, Justin held the metal spatula by the handle, so that the front edge of it was perpendicular to the griddle. He pushed down, slicing the blade down into the center of Drake's left testicle, feeling the flesh simmering around the hot blade. He pulled it loose, and repeated the process on the right one, half-bisecting both egg-shaped balls. White flesh sizzled in the oil that crept into the opened organs, as Drake screamed and passed out at the excruciating pain.

That was fine. Justin picked up a hamburger press, the asterisk shaped metal weight perfectly suited for Drake's hamburger-patty-sized nuts. He lined it up on top of the first one, and pushed down with both hands, putting his weight behind it. The weakened testicle bulged, and then crushed, collapsing into itself. Frothing meaty gunky flesh spit out across the griddle, as sperm juices immediately cooked from clear to white. Justin grinned and moved it to the second testicle, repeating the process. The big balls were completely ruined now, the undersides cooked, the tissues crushed and simmering in their own juices. Taking the spatula, Justin flipped the massive scrotum over. The waiters blushed, watching this morbid recipe be created, but Justin just smiled at them.

"I like my eggs fried hard, don't you?" He used a spatula to cut the flesh free of Drake's entirely denuded groin, and the waiters brought the unconscious man over to the bed, to sleep off the trauma.

Then, the waiters left the room, surreptitiously checking their own goods, glad that they were not the guy who got caught cheating.

As for Justin? He sat down with his plate of scrambled eggs and syrup, and loaded up with his delicious, meaty breakfast.

Friday, November 10, 2023

POPS: Nobalz Gym

Illustrations by Whistle. His blog is here.

It was a typical day at the Nobalz Gym. Nobalz was a small, no-frills establishment in the seedy part of town and the guys who frequented prided themselves for being real macho men. They didn't spend a fortune at the boutique, glossy gyms that attracted young millennials nor did own any expensive home equipment like Peloton bikes or fancy elliptical. The guys who worked out at Nobalz were real man's men who loved working out their tight, muscular bodies in the small, dimly lit and somewhat dank little gym. Something about the place harkened back to an earlier time when 'men were men' and working out was the point, not showing off.

Unfortunately, one day three unrelated, completely disastrous mishaps took place that made the gym truly live up to the phonetic reading of its name 'No Balls'.

Morning: Trevor and the Weights 

Trevor was hot and he knew it. The twenty-five year old was a regular on the body-building competition circuit with his broad, well-toned chest and abs and his tree-trunk legs. Fueling his gains were his enormous baby makers that swung between his thighs. Even though Trevor consciously wore loose-fitting trunks (and nothing else) to work out in, everyone in the gym knew that Trevor's balls were huge; the slightest movement of his torso would make his lemon-sized, low hanging fruits brush against the fabric making an obvious bulge. As usual Trevor swiped his card to let himself into the gym and was pleased to see it was empty. He changed out of his clothes and walked to the free weights area wearing only a pair of baggy white shorts.

His legs were still sore from a punishing workout the day before, so he decided it was time to work his upper body. He worked up a sweat, his pecs glistening, as he worked over muscles most guys weren't even aware existed. He was a real stud. Trevor was so lost in his workout that to this day he doesn't really remember most of what happened next. He was holding a bar with two massive weights on both ends when he decided it just wasn't enough of a challenge. He was going to swap out the weights for heavier ones and had positioned the bar between his legs for leverage whilst he removed the first weight. Suddenly, the other end slipped free - still loaded with weight - and careened toward the floor. It had barely impacted the ground as the end he had been holding rocketed upward like a seesaw. Apparently, the bar itself was quite hefty as it slammed upward knocking into his spuds and crushing them against his pelvis.

 Trevor let out a squeal as he felt the bar - driven by the heavy counterweight - slam into his prize-winning testicles with so much force that they exploded as if he had been stomped. He felt - and heard - his twins' swan song as they erupted in his sack. 

"Ooouh!" he screamed in a deep bellow as he fell to the floor clutching his nuts. To his horror he felt a warm, gooey substance as hands plunged into his shorts. 

My.. balls... he thought as he blacked out.

Afternoon: Jake - The Treadmill

Jake came into the club several hours later, after Trevor had been rushed to the hospital and the mess was cleaned up. He laughed at the stories guys were telling in the locker room about the incident since clearly their graphic depictions were far worse than reality. They're just exaggerating, Jake thought as he sundered toward a treadmill. Jake was young, beefy stud who decided he was going to work out his massive legs with a brutal uphill run on the treadmill.

The cocky jock set the incline to maximum and the speed to just above what he could stand and started running. After a few miles he was dripping with sweat, but the extreme incline and speed was starting to catch to even his strong legs and he was starting to fall backward. No problem, he though, as he tied his wrist band around the treadmill's controls - tethering him in place - and forcing him to run fast enough to keep up. He smiled as he turned up the speed until his legs were blur. He was running faster and faster... until he wasn't.


Jake lost his footing and fell on his ass onto the rapidly moving treadmill. Ordinarily he would have just tumbled off, been laughed at by the other guys, and continued on with his day. But since his wrist was still tied to the control panel he was forced into a sitting position, squashing his fat nuts in the process.

"Shit! Help!"

Jake cried out and his eyes crossed as he felt his huge nuts crushed under his gym-hewn ass.  Jake tried desperately to turn off the machine with his trapped hand but only succeeded in turning up the speed to maximum. There was a loud whirring sound as the treadmill motor spun at maximum speed. Suddenly Jake realized the fabric of his shorts - and his nuts - were stuck in the treads. The beefy stud's full weight was pressing down on his boys from the top as the treadmill raced underneath, pressing them in place. They were trapped and the conflicting forces were starting to wear down on them. 

"FUCK!" Jake screamed as he felt his shorts starting to rip. Suddenly his bare nuts tumbled out and a flap out of his scrotum and get stuck in the treadmill. His balls wanted to follow the treadmill, but his ass resting on top of them prevented them from moving. 

Jake wailed as his scrotum was pulped like a cheese grater until the pressure was just too much and his sack erupted open in a shocking, huge spray. Jake passed out, still stuck in place, as the treadmill ran underneath him. The more of his nut's guts were extruded from his sack, the lower his ass got to the treadmill. His ball were being shredded and flattened at the same time. Finally, a panicked fellow gym bro recovered from his shock enough to unplug the machine but by then it was too late. Jake's kids were splattered all of the treadmill.

Night: Clay and the Splits

Clay was a hulking stud who stopped by the gym at nights after work. It fit into his busy schedule and allowed him to avoid the crowds of the day. Clay hardly noticed the 'out of order' sign placed on one of the treadmills as he made his way to the locker room and put on his tight yellow underwear and tight white shirt. Clay was extremely proud of his ridiculously massive package and thick legs which were hugged by the fabric leaving little to the imagination. His shirt clung to his abs, perfectly outlining his chest and pecs. He stopped to admire himself in the mirror as he made his way to the empty free weight area.

Today Clay was going to work on his dead lifting, where he would raise a heavily weighted bar from a squatting position over his head in one motion. It was the ultimate show of strength as he heaved increasingly heavy loads over his head. He could tell that a few of the guys in the otherwise empty gym were stopping to admire him and the adoration drove Clay crazy. He couldn't help but start to get hard as he winked at the gathering crowd who were amazed as Clay dead-lifted more and more weight with less and less effort. It was incredible to watch his Adonis body as every muscle flexed effortlessly under the strain.

One of the watching guys couldn't help but whistle at the footlong erection growing in Clay's shorts as he lifted. The guy was cute, Clay thought, and he was imagining how hot it would be to bend the equally-hunky jock over a weight bench and plow his brains out. The head of Clay's cock was now sticking out of the waistband of his shorts and was leaking so much precum onto the floor that for a moment the watching men thought he was pissing. 

The handsome dark haired stud Clay had eyes on was hard as a rock as he watched Clay's cock leak like a faucet as Clay stopped to add even more weight to the bar. The handsome guy watching him winked as Clay rose the bar over his head... and slipped. His overactive cock had added to the layers of sweat and grit on the floor and Clay's left foot gave out from under him. He tried to balance himself but the weight he was holding over his head forced him to the ground. He didn't want to risk dropping the weight uncontrolled and hurting himself, but before he could think of a better plan Clay found himself falling to the splits. Clay was not that agile. He felt something tear in his groin as he landed in a perfect - though painful - splits. His husky weight combined with the weight he was holding with devastating effecting. He had landed on his free-swinging nuts and his bubble butt landed on them with so much force that they fractured slightly in the bag. It was like a violent kick to his unprotected junk.

As Clay sat in silence the watching men erupted into laughter. Like a mob, they descended on Clay. At first he thought they were going to help him up but to his horror, they grabbed his torso and the weight bar and lifted him slightly before slamming him onto the ground, crushing his nuts under his ass. They repeated the assault over and over until a thick, gooey paste formerly known as Clay's nuts plastered the ground. Clay, barely conscious, looked up at the handsome man he had been wanting to fuck - his dick raging hard.

"Guess that's why they call it 'no balls' gym!" he laughed as he and the others left a defeated Clay to crumple into a pile.

Friday, August 25, 2023


Dave and Carlos were two handsome nineteen year old guys who had been friends since middle school. Dave was flamboyant and loud with a streak of dyed blonde in his otherwise black hair. He was somewhat short and a bit lanky but he more than made up for it with his thick, fat cock which he showed off proudly in jeans that were always too tight. In contrast Carlos was handsome in the way that effortlessly attractive guys are: tanned, tall with strong, broad shoulders and muscles. He was much more muscular than Dave and his sculpted abs were always visible through his well-fitted polo shirts. Dave was pretty sure Carlos was gay, or at least pretended he was in countless jerkoff fantasies, but Carlos never made it obvious one way or the other.

It was the summer of graduation and Dave and Carlos were hanging out in Carlos' basement playing video games. Carlos' parents were out of town so the two teens had the entire place to themselves, not like they did much more than lounge at the pool or in the basement. It was so hot the two had stripped out of their shirts but were still sweaty; Dave couldn't help but admire Carlos' rippled, washboard abs. As they played Dave couldn't help but notice Carlos subtly spreading his legs and shift his weight oddly; it almost looked like... his balls hurt!

Dave's dick got hard thinking about his buddy's low hangers in some kind of pain. Dave had only seen Carlos naked a few times, the most recent being last week after the gym when Dave saw Carlos stepping out of the shower and gasped. Not only did he have the body of a statue he was sporting two of the absolute biggest, lowest nuts Dave had ever seen in his life and ever since he'd been hooked.

"Hey man, what's up? You got an ich or something?" Dave nodded toward Carlos' shifting crotch.

Carlos' face flushed with embarrassment. "Ah sorry man, it's nothing,"

Carlos tried to play it off.

"Nothing, I'll be right back," Carlos paused the game and abruptly stood up, looking down at Dave nervously as he went to the bathroom.

A very curious Dave sat waiting for Carlos to come back, scrolling through messages on his phone until he suddenly realized Carlos had been gone for a while. He crept toward the bathroom and pressed his ear to the door, hearing Carlos' muffled whining and strained breaths. A lot was happening behind the door but there was no question what the main activity was, Dave smirked as he realized his best friend Carlos was jerking off furiously, or at least it sounded like it. Dave grasped the door handle counted down and swung the door open. Carlos yelped in surprise, his hands racing to cover his huge balls.

"Holy fuck dude, sorry I was just..." Carlos stammered as he looked to the side, blushing furiously, still covering his testicles.

Dave looked around and gave an understanding nod as he rubbed his hands together with a devilish smirk.

"I'm so fucking horny, dude, but I can't get off because of this stupid shit..." Carlos lifted his hands from his crotch so Dave could see his massive, heavy dick crammed into a metal cage way too small. It was compressed to barely an inch, looking like an extremely squat tin can. Dave couldn't believe such a huge dick could be compressed like that without bursting.

Dave burst out laughing and pointing and making all kinds of lewd jokes about the ridiculous scene. When Dave had finally stopped laughing long enough for Carlos to get in a word, he explained that his extremely religious father had locked him in the cage for a month after catching him browsing porn on his phone. Dave knew Carlos' family was a little weird but even he couldn't believe it.

"So what, exactly, have you been doing to try to get off?" Dave asked.

Carlos showed off some techniques where he tickled the exposed part of his head making his dick slightly pulse before being crushed back by the cage. He thought if he could do that enough he might be able to squeak out a few drops of cum from his dick. Dave didn't seem so sure. Suddenly Dave had an extremely mischievous idea.

"Have you ever tried squeezing your nuts to get off?"

Carlos looked at Dave in confusion, shaking his head no but clearly curious to hear more.

"Ah, man you gotta' try it, I always squeeze mine when I wank,"

Carlos looked down at his massive nuts and smirked; if there was a way to use them to help himself cum despite the cage Carlos was ready to try it.

"Alright, show me how to do it."

Dave led Carlos to his room and sat him in a desk chair. Carlos leaned back a little in his chair and Dave positioned himself between Carlos' thick, muscular thighs and kneeled in front of the heavy sack but not before tying Carlos to tightly to the chair with some rope he'd produced from the garage. Dave was surprised at how readily this presumably alpha male agreed to it but Dave wasn't going to complain. The blond licked his lips as his tongue swept over every part of his friend's swollen, plump scrotum. The smell was thick, manly and not totally unpleasant. Dave raised one finger and began to lightly graze the area with tiny, featherlike touches as Carlos leaned his head back and bit his bottom lip, his trapped dick starting to throb in its ridiculously undersized cage.

"Ooooh God this feels so fuckin' good...!"

Dave smiled as he stopped his gentle caressing and took one of Carlo's heavy nuts in each hand and gently squeezed. Carlos' head rolled back as Dave slowly increased the pressure until he let out a sudden sharp gasp. Wow, Dave thought, I haven't even started yet. He slowly increased the pressure on Carlos' fat right nut , pressing his thumb into the center until the heavy thing until Dave's thumb was buried deep in Carlos' bag. Carlos started to tense as a line of sweat appeared on his brow. Dave pressed even harder until Carlos began to moan.

Despite the pain, to Carlos' surprise, his cock - even trapped - was starting to swell with waves of unexpected pleasure but eventually the pain won out.

"Aah! Not so hard, bro!" Carlos lied. Deep down he knew he wanted more but didn't want to freak Dave out.

Dave pretended to apologize and loosened his grip.

"I have an idea..."

Dave took Carlos' left nut and sandwiched it between his hands. Carlos looked down at his friend nervously, slightly relieved that the smaller guy couldn't actually hurt him, or so he thought. Carlos gritted his teeth as Dave began to apply steady pressure, rolling Carlos' ball between his palms, stretching the skin then quickly letting it bounce back only to do it again. He tried to keep it relatively light and fun until Carlos really started wincing in pain but it was hard not to get carried away. The only thought running through Dave's head was 'I can't wait to turn this ball into a bag of mush,'. As Dave increased the pressure and Carlos began to hiss in pain the blond only increased the pressure, his own cock throbbing as his buddy's massive trapped dick tried painfully to get hard. Despite the pain in his balls, and now his dick, Carlos could feel his pent up load boiling and knew that if Dave kept it up he'd finally be able to release the pressure.

"Oh fuck I'm gonna cum!!" Carlos moaned, he had gone a month without being able to come and having an orgasm was a long time coming. The pressure was finally starting to reach a crescendo and just when Carlos thought he was finally going to explode, Dave let go of his flattening left nut and let both heavy, slightly red nuts, fall between his legs.

"Really?" Carlos moaned.

"What? Are you in a hurry? Not like you're going anywhere..." Dave smiled, running his hands over the ropes he'd used to tie Carlos down. That's when Carlos became acutely aware that Dave had tied some very good knots. Perhaps too good...

"Bro come on, you got me here all red and swollen, come on.." Carlos cried in pain as he struggled futilely with his bound hands. He couldn't believe it, after waiting so long Carlos' thick cock was straining against his chastity cage, he could feel his head trying to grow and finally release himself. Carlos pleaded for Dave to keep up his rough ball massage, practically begging his friend to bust his nuts.

"Okay, okay. I'll help you out,"

Dave grabbed Carlos' right nut again and sandwiched it between his palms, applying deep, firm pressure. Carlos tried his best to relax, tensing his powerful glutes with his pelvis tipped back, presenting his huge, imprisoned cock. Dave was sweating but Carlos didn't care. There was no way to tell if the way he kept rubbing his lips with his tongue was nervousness or lust, or maybe some combination of the two, it was hard to tell with Dave.

Dave's cock was leaking in his shorts as he manhandled the two enormous firm babymakers at his disposal, enjoying how Carlos' desperation was letting him do things to them he'd never allow ordinarily. The two had played nutball a few times and Carlos knew Dave really got off landing a good shot, a real ball buster, but figured he was probably safe with Dave. At that point, he didn't even care, he just needed to get off.

Carlos whined and gasped with Dave increasing the force of his squeezing, sliding his hands up and down his scrotum in a hypnotic, jerking motion. Carlos almost felt like a prized cut of beef being prepared for slaughter as Dave squeezed and stretched his balls. But unlike a cow, whose slaughter likely brings an end to most misery, the constant, intense squeezing Dave was administering was not building to a satisfying, pleasurable finish for Carlos. He was certainly on the edge, moaning uncontrollably, straining his muscular abs and round glutes, sweat dripping off his toned body.

"Oww!" Carlos let out a deep throaty scream. Dave was really starting to go to town on his boys but his cock seemed to be loving it.

Despite being trapped in the impossibly small cage, Carlos' dick was actually starting to leak precum. A lot of it. Dave's hands were getting sticky as a flood of watery precum oozed out of his painfully crushed dick which was desperately - stupidly - still trying to grow inside the cage. Dave gave Carlos' nut a final devastating squeeze before letting go. He proceeded to blow on the head of Carlos' dick, his hot breath feeling incredibly good, as he ran his hands up and down Carlos' abs, stunned at how rock hard and perfect they were. Carlos moaned in pleasure, begging Dave to keep going and Dave was happy to oblige his not-quite-so-straight buddy.

"I'll be right back..."

Dave left the room for what seemed like forever and Carlos could hear him roaming around the house opening drawers and closets. What's he up to, Carlos thought. Carlos' eyes went wide when he saw what Dave was carrying. The handsome jock started immediately struggling in his seat, mostly out of nervousness than actual fear. Dave was carrying a wooden baseball bat in one hand and an actual nutcracker in the other, the kind where you'd put a walnut at the hinge and squeeze until it cracked open, only Carlos knew Dave had a very different kind of nut in mind.

Dave set down the nutcracker and held the bat with both hands, carefully lining up his aim. He tapped the business end of the bat on Carlos' huge, swollen sack and then rubbed it teasingly around his scrotum. A series of small, quiet whimpers let from the other teen's mouth as his legs began to visibly tremble.

"What're you gonna' do man?"

Carlos was starting to get scared as he looked at the look of pleasure just the visual of the bat against his balls was giving Dave. Without warning Dave reared back and swung the bat against Carlos' scrotum in a forward stroke. Carlos knew Dave didn't have the strength to really hurt him, although it sure felt like it when the impact struck his boys and took his breath away. Carlos hadn't fully registered the first hit before another came then another. His huge balls bounced wildly with each hit, sometimes Dave would smash both at once or he'd land just one at a time. Carlos' dick was throbbing so much he thought it might bust through the cage and that kind of made him excited. Carlos could tell Dave was holding back and, oddly, the thought made him incredibly excited. In an actual fight, which Carlos would never dream of having with Dave, he knew he could snap his scrawny friend in half. But here he was, totally at the smaller man's mercy.

"Looks like someone likes it!" Dave laughed.

Carlos' painfully swollen dick was leaking precum, some of it landing on the bat. His nuts were starting to glisten as the sticky liquid covered them and some of the impacts had caused slugs of the stuff to land on his abs. Dave wasn't only gawking at Carlos' abs either, his mouth watering at the amazingly huge and swollen dick trying so hard to fight back against the crushing metal jail. Carlos' mind was awash in pleasure and pain; he hadn't ever experienced anything like it and didn't want it to ever stop. He had suspected Dave was a kinky fucker but had no idea what he'd been missing out on all these years.

"I had no idea you were into having your nuts cracked!" Dave smiled, holding the bat ominously over Carlos' lap.

"I... I'm not I just..." Carlos couldn't lie himself out of the clear answer his dick was giving. It was obvious that had it not been for the cage Carlos' dick would be fully hard and throbbing. Heck, he probably would have cum already.

"That's okay. I always thought you had really fuckable nuts." Dave admitted. Carlos didn't know what to think of his friend's sudden interest in his genitals.

"Any time I would think about your balls I thought 'wow, I want to do nasty shit'."

Dave gave Carlos a look that wordlessly conveyed that playtime was over.

Carlos was completely shocked. "Dude... you're fuckin' crazy..." 

Carlos could hardly believe his ears and he was beginning to suspect Dave might actually want to hurt him and the thought made him incredibly horny. Dave seemed to take that as a challenge.

"Awww you know you like it, you're practically drooling"

Carlos gulped as Dave let the bat slip from his fingers and clatter to the floor. Dave reached down and picked up the nutcracker. Carlos' dick dripped as Dave ensnared his right nut, which was so big it barely fit in the jaws even when they were wide open. Without hesitation Dave squeezed down as hard as he could with both hands and was rewarded by a literal jet of precum that shot out of the cage. Dave thought Carlo's swollen nut was actually going to crack so quickly released the pressure. Carlos bit his lip; he was starting to panic but that just made the whole scene that much hotter. He knew Dave could actually ruin him if he really wanted to and started jostling at his restraints. Shockingly, Carlos was actually happy that the knots seemed to be holding.


The two friends made eye contact before Carlos breathlessly moaned "Dude, I gotta' cum. Please let make me cum!"

"Mmmm. No. You're gonna sit there and take whatever I give you, like a man" Dave licked his lips.

Carlos didn't know why, but that sounded hot to him. "You want to keep going, tough guy? Don't forget that I could beat your scrawny ass anytime" Carlos smiled.

Carlos was hoping his provocation would elicit a response. It did.


Dave squeezed even harder with his hands. The tool was putting incredible pressure on the helplessly trapped nut, pushing in so far Carlos thought his egg might explode.

"Holy fuck!"

Carlos felt like he was going to pass out and it was so painful. Carlos started screaming at the top of his lungs but Dave didn't let up. Despite the pain, Carlos was as horny as he'd ever been in his life. He actually leaned back in his chair to give Dave easier access to his crotch and Dave picked up on the signal. He squeezed Carlos' nut until he was having trouble compressing the nutcracker even with both hands and all of his strength.

"Make me cum!" Carlos roared, desperate for more pain. He looked at Dave with lust in his eyes, desperate to be totally owned. Dave released the nutcracker and quickly closed it around Carlos' other nut, not waiting at all before pressing down full force. The trapped, fat, cumfilled ball was beginning to burst as Carlos screamed in pain. His massive trapped dick throbbed, trying desperately to get hard and shoot a massive load, but it was crushed into the cage. Dave kept it up, alternating left to right, until Carlos' nuts were swollen, bruised and red.

"Ready to cum yet?" Dave smiled.

Carlos had lost all track of time. He was as writhing, sweaty mess. The pain in his balls was unbelievable but the more Dave kept going the more he wanted him to. Dave had Carlos' right nut crushed nearly flat and bulging out of the nutcracker's jaws when Carlos screamed something that made Dave's cock jerk and startled both of them.

"Crush it flat! Make me cum!"

Dave realized the nutcracker just wasn't going to be strong enough. It was designed to deliver a sudden burst of pressure for destroying the hard, but delicate, shells of walnuts not the meaty, squishy and pain-absorbing membranes of actual testicles. Dave set down the nutcracker and picked up the bat. He gave Carlos a chance to ask what he was doing but he didn't even bother, instead raising the bat high in the air. Dave's arm began to come down at incredible speed. Just before the bat went swinging Carlos got a glimpse of Dave's surprisingly large bicep bulging his T-shirt sleeve and thought "Fuck! Dave is in better shape than I thought..."


Carlos screamed, tears rolling down his cheeks.

Dave brought the bat down so hard he felt something give inside his best friend's sack. The blow had been aimed at the left testicle and the heavy swing connected perfectly. Carlos' body involuntarily convulsed and he let out another roar, his jaw clenched shut, eyes squeezed shut, muscles bulging as his arms strained against his restraints. It felt like every ounce of power had gone to Carlos' abs as his back arched. Luckily, what Dave had misinterpreted as damage was just the natural reverb of Carlos' tough nut deflecting the blow, but the sensation was still hot. For a dark moment, while the bat was still arched over his back for another hammer-like pounding, Dave thought about actually ruining Carlos' balls, at least one of them. But then he reconsidered. He had accidentally found out than an incredibly hot guy with massive nuts was actually getting off having them beaten and he figured Carlos would serve him better intact. But still, Dave thought, accidents do happen.

Dave wound back, making sure to swing slower so he could more carefully aim, and let out another strike to the left nut. The bat slammed home again and again. Carlos' trapped dick was leaking, his mind was going numb and he thrust out his pelvis to make targeting even easier.

"Fuck yes! Bust them, Dave!"

Dave could barely believe the scene playing out before him: his best friend Carlos, the guy all the girls at school loved and he wanted so badly, tied to a chair with his huge nuts hanging between his spread legs and a bat in the air getting ready to bust his balls into paste. Dave wanted to enjoy every last bit of this, to relish in the feeling of owning the studliest guy in the school and forcing him to be totally submissive, but his own balls were starting to ache and he could feel the precum flooding out of his dick, filling his underwear. Dave pounded Carlos' swelling nuts until they were an unhealthy shade of purple but Carlos just moaned and begged and screamed. Dave was shocked at some of the truly twisted things Carlos was screaming out between blows and smiled as he realized Carlos' browsing history was probably filled with same kinds of depraved ball busting sites he liked to visit himself.

Carlos looked down at his sad looking nuts and trapped dick and screamed out "Pop them, bro! Pop them!"

Dave let the bat rest between his legs, watching with amazement as Carlos' cock oozed out more and more precum. He had a sudden, dirty thought that was too good not to act on and lifted the bat so Carlos could get a good look. Carlos looked at the end of the bat which was already so messy with Carlos' thick precum and grinned as he knew what Dave was getting at. Dave reached his tongue out and dragged it against the tip of the bat, dragging a thick stream of Carlos' sticky, potent, manly precum onto his tongue. Dave took the sticky substance into his mouth, letting it hang and ooze between his lips for a moment before gulping it down and opening his mouth, sticking out his tongue and showing that he had swallowed the entire thing.

Carlos' face went red in shame and pleasure, his dick throbbed as he watched his friend slurping up his thick pre like it was ice cream. It made Dave so happy he got Carlos off like this; it made his balls feel so tight and made him feel so full he was surprised he hadn't already came in his pants. But Dave had other plans. He carefully put the bat aside stood between Carlos' spread legs, looking down at his beaten nuts. He pulled down his shorts and exposed his own cock which was nearly as big as Carlos, maybe slightly shorter. It was so hard it was bouncing around on its own, leaking and dripping as Dave wrapped his hand around his shaft and squeezed his head.

Dave stood just close enough to Carlos that when he let go of his dick Carlos could see his fat mushroom head just inches from his pecs. Dave looked like he was ready to bust his own load and Carlos got hornier than ever at the prospect of being showered by Dave, a deceptively sheepish alpha male who was gonna finally put him in his place. Dave couldn't believe how submissive Carlos was becoming and suddenly had an even darker idea. He still had no intention of actually hurting Carlos but he no longer cared; he was going to take full advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime moment regardless of the consequences to Carlos' ability to have kids.

Dave left the room and returned quickly with a duplicate chair, placing it against Carlos'. He stood on it facing him and Carlos opened his jaw wide without prompting. At his new standing height Dave was able to effortless slam his cock down Carlos' greedy throat and the horny jock took every inch like a pro. Even though it was true, Dave couldn't believe it was the first cock Carlos had ever sucked. Ordinarily Carlos would have gagged but he was willing himself not to lest he spoil the moment, his trapped cock was throbbing and the more Dave moaned the more Carlos leaked. Dave grabbed the back of Carlos' head and used it as a support as he lifted his foot and placed it on top of Carlos' nuts, slowly applying more and more pressure, squashing them into the seat. Carlos' eyes went wide as his friend's surprisingly heavy frame caused his huge nuts to bulge and flatten out.

Dave began to fuck Carlos' face and Carlos sucked at it eagerly, moaning around it, the vibrations of his voice adding to Dave's pleasure. Dave's foot kept squishing down, further crushing his nuts until it felt like they might actually pop.

Carlos felt Dave's thick dick throb in his mouth. "Fuck, man! You want this, don't you?" Dave smiled as Carlos nodded his head yes, Dave's dick sliding back and forth. "I'm gonna bust my nut and you're gonna eat all my cum you little cock sucking cunt, aren't you?" Carlos nodded again even more eager as he felt all of Dave's weight on his screaming nuts.

Dave continued fucking Carlos' face and the sound of Carlos' nose banging into Dave's pelvis over and over as he pounded his mouth made a loud and obscene slapping noise. Carlos moaned as the sounds of him being forced to suck dick reached a fevered pitch. Meanwhile his nuts were getting critically flat, flooding his abdomen with unbearable pain which only made his cock start to pulse. He could feel that Dave was literally about to squeeze out a loud from his nuts by force.

Carlos looked up at Dave pleading with his eyes and Dave, though his dick was getting harder by the minute, let up the pressure and Carlos gasped. His nuts were definitely flat but not broken, his dick still trapped in a cage and he knew he would cum if Dave just finished the job. The thought made him blush in embarrassment but he knew it was true and was excited about how Dave was gonna finish him off. Dave stepped off and looked down at his best friend with bemusement.

"Fuckin' bitch..."

"Yeah, I'm your bitch, Dave!"

It took every ounce of strength not to let loose all over Carlos' face. He could do that another day, for sure, but he had a different goal in mind for right now. He was going to make Carlos cum one way or the other. Even though Carlos' rational mind was relieved that Dave had let off some pressure, the dirty sub inside his head took control and roared "Stomp them flat bro!"

Dave grinned, rubbing his foot in a circle around the flattened balls as they struggled to refill. Dave continued pressing down with his foot as Carlos' breath grew short. It felt like a thick lump of lead in his scrotum, slowly getting flatter and flatter. His balls were being literally compressed to a quarter of their natural size by his best friend's heavy foot and he wasn't doing anything about it. His eyes began to roll back in his head, the sensation was so intense he felt like he could have came at that very moment.

Carlos' eyes rolled into his head, he was screaming and drooling but wasn't making any serious attempts to escape. Dave started bouncing on Carlos' fat nuts, his full weight pressing down as he started to bounce on them with his heels. The sensation was beyond Carlos' comprehension. Dave started to bounce higher, standing on his tiptoes so his entire weight would press down with each landing, making sure he could feel Carlos' balls crunch beneath his weight. Dave didn't hold back and bounced up and down, over and over, hard as he could. He wanted to flatten Carlos' nuts as much as Carlos wanted to have them flattened and he could tell that his friend was going to have a huge orgasm soon, no matter how his balls came out. Dave's own cock was still hard, bobbing in Carlos' face, and Carlos' tongue was sticking out desperate to suck it even as Dave's feet were slamming into his balls.

"PLEASE!" Carlos screamed out. It was a guttural, frantic plea that momentarily snapped Dave into reality. He lifted his feet and looked down. Carlos' nuts were purple, swollen and bruised. They were starting to feel squishy.


Dave was stunned as his whimpering friend begged him to keep going, his trapped dick throbbing and just moments from finally getting off a load.

Well, he did say please, Dave thought. He lifted his foot and slammed it down onto Carlos' balls so hard he for sure felt something break that time. Carlos let out a tortured wail.








Carlos screamed, begging Dave to put all his strength into the act of brutally stomping on his balls. Carlos couldn't believe he was enjoying himself so much but he wanted more. Dave raised his right foot up and then slammed down with all his might on the left nut and then repeated the process on the right. Dave kept stomping on Carlos' nuts until he felt something go 'squick' under his foot. He moaned as he unleashed a hands-free volley of thick cum that absolutely painted Carlos' face. Carlos had always been attractive but seeing his face dripping with cum was the literal icing on the cake, made especially hot by the site of Carlos' eager tongue sticking out eagerly taking as much of the gooey load as he could into his mouth.

"I'm gonna' cum, man! Keep going! Please!"

Carlos was delirious. He needed to cum and literally didn't care what it took. Dave hopped off his chair, pushed it aside and ran out of the room. He returned holding a large pair of pliers he'd found in the garage. Carlos smiled and screamed and moaned as Dave squatted down and took his absolutely wrecked right nut in the pliers.

"You ready, buddy? This is gonna make a huge mess when it pops, man. You sure?"

"YES!" Carlos roared. He was totally submissive at this point but used his last shred of manliness to demand Dave finish what he started. It didn't take much convincing.

Dave started twisting and squeezing. Carlos' ball started to feel hot inside the pliers. Carlos could tell that it was just going to take a few more moments and his mouth went wide in shock as his eyes rolled back. Dave did his best to keep squeezing but the nut wouldn't crack. Mad with lust, and with Carlos' encouragement, Dave harnessed every ounce of strength and squeezed. Harder and harder. Both hands sweating on the grips. His face was red, his biceps were bulging and Carlos' was screaming at the top of his lungs.

"DO IT!"


Carlos' mind went blank.


Carlos felt a burst of pure, incredible pain as his nut exploded like a water balloon at the same instant his trapped dick finally exploded. The orgasm was doubly painful; the feeling of his nut rupturing in the bag and his cock being squeezed and contorted only made him hornier. His face was an almost deranged smile as his cock unleashed a flood of cum all over his half-ruined sack. He screamed as his mind went blank; he couldn't think about anything but his nuts and how one had just been reduced to a puffy, oozing mass.

Dave kept squeezing until he felt another burst. Carlos' huge nut was history. Cracked in two.

Carlos moaned in pleasure as he blacked out completely. Dave stood up and looked as the incredibly hot, sweaty, cum soaked jock tied in front of him, his half-smiling face still covered in Dave's cum. The site was so incredibly hot not just because half of Carlos' manhood was toast but because Carlos had literally been begging for it. It was the culmination of every hot, twisted fantasy Dave had ever had. A small part of him wanted to stop right now but he knew Carlos would want even more. He sat between his studly friend's legs and contemplated what to do next...

Carlos came two a while later, he wasn't sure how much time had passed but it was getting dark outside. Dave was sitting between his legs, just admiring the view of Carlos' half-ruined sack hanging low between his legs.

"Ah, someone's awake," Dave smiled.

"I didn't want you to be asleep for the finale,"

Carlos' cock started to swell and he screamed "YES!" when he saw Dave was holding a heavy rubber mallet. The head of the mallet was scuffed and warn, clearly from pounding stakes into the ground or some other activity where it had been pounded against something full force and Carlos was excited to feel that sensation on his last nut.

Dave lined up the mallet and looked into Carlos' eyes.

"You sure, bro? No take backs?"

Dave was so hot and horny he could hardly stand it but was still present enough to know he was about to totally change Carlos' life with a single, fateful blow. Carlos shook his head yes, his cock already starting to leak again.

"DON'T BE A BITCH! Fucking do..."


The mallet left a crater in Carlos' last nut. Carlos bellowed in agony and bliss, his cock squirting out another impressive load as Dave delivered one final hit to his now useless, fleshy ball sack. Despite his body wanting to pass out, Carlos' devious mind forced himself to stay conscious as Dave hammered away at his sack until both nuts were so pulpy and flat they were barely recognizable as testicles

"Holy fuck...!"

Carlos' voice was a mixture of lust and disbelief, finally passing out with a smile on his face.

Dave dropped the mallet and mangled and massaged his friend's pulped bag in his hands for nearly an hour, rolling the sludge in his fingers and occasionally finding - and promptly squeezing out of existence - some semi-solid chunk. By the time Dave was done Carlos' balls were basically liquified beyond repair. Satisfied, Dave left to fetch another piece of equipment from the garage. He carefully used bolt cutters to remove the tiny cage from around Carlos' dick and was stunned that it quickly sprang to life. Inch after inch filled with blood until Carlos' dick was at its full ten inch glory. Dave untied Carlos and let his heavy muscular body fall to the floor on his stomach, giving him a perfect view of Carlos' perfect bubble ass. Dave smiled thinking how much fun countless tops would have with such a nice ass, quickly concluding that a total power-bottom didn't really need such a massive dick.

Dave roughly used his foot to roll Carlos onto his back like a sack of garbage, then kicked Carlos' legs apart. His broken nuts rested on the floor and made too hot of a target for Dave, who slammed his foot into the gelatinous blob three times, squealing in delight as the pulpy nuts warped under this foot with no resistance. Then he turned his attention to Carlos' fat, hard dick.

It looked obscene, resting on his stomach like a sleeping anaconda with its giant red head.

Dave wrapped his right hand around the throbbing cock and lightly tapped it with his other. It didn't take much stroking with his one hand and a few more soft whacks before Carlos' dick squirted out a large load on its own and Carlos moaned loudly. Then Carlos' eyes sprung open and Dave smiled as he positioned the jaws of the pliers around the base of Carlos' fat dick and held it. Carlos knew deep down what Dave was going to do and started to panic, before succumbing to his darker urges. Carlos wasn't even tied up at this point. He could have fought Dave off and ran, but he didn't want to.

"DO IT!"

Dave grasped the pliers in both hands and squeezed...