These stories are entirely works of fantasy fiction. Please do not act anything on this blog out. Doing so would be extremely dangerous.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Should Have Said Yes

Dylan Masters was a forty-eight year old middle manager who worked on the thirtieth floor of The Shard. He was extremely handsome, but not arrogant, naively unaware how delicious most woman, and quite a few men, found him. This translated into a Devil may care, friendly personality that only made him more attractive. The Shard was host to dozens of firms stretched across ninety floors and it was one of several such buildings in the city. The Shard was literally a mirror image of Trinity House, an equally flashy tower across the street. The rents and amenities were exactly the same so it was sheer coincidence that Dylan's employer had signed a lease in The Shard instead of Trinity House, and it was total chance that he needed to take elevator lobby number three every morning at eight a.m. In a slightly different reality, his day would have started earlier or later and would have gone up with a completely different group of people. Dylan would eventually find out the awesome power of coincidences... 

One day whilst waiting for his elevator, Dylan - or rather Dylan's cock - noticed a beautiful blonde woman also idling in the lobby.

"Hi. Dylan Masters, from CB & T Technology, thirtieth floor," he introduced flashing his perfect smile.

"Heather Greene, Vector Industries on twenty-two. It's my first day," she smiled back.

And like that, by sheer coincidence, Dylan's relationship - such as it was - with Heather had started innocently enough.

Since their work schedules overlapped, they would chat in the elevator lobby on the way up and pickup the conversation at the end of the day on the way down. Soon their chats evolved into having coffee or lunch together at the building's cafeteria. Besides being an absolute blonde bombshell who was simultaneously provocative yet professional in her pants suits, Dylan found her charming and intelligent, but firmly friend material. Nothing more.

He had politely turned down the few fleeting invitations she had extended for drinks after work, but she seemed oblivious. She was a little intense. So much so that even his randy cock had determined it was safer to stay inside his pants. He couldn't quite place his finger on it, but something about Heather was off, especially after a chance throw away comment he had made about having fun at his nephew's birthday party. 

"Oh, how old is he?" she asked too enthusiastically, her tone making it seem like she didn't already know the answer.

"Oh, he's five. I wasn't really a fan of the clown, but I don't get to see my brother that often, so it was nice to see him and the family,"

"He's your twin, right?"

Dylan nodded. He had mentioned his twin brother and the age of his nephew exactly once, weeks ago, but Heather was a sponge for details. Obsessively so.

"I bet his kids are adorable,"

Dylan nodded again as Heather and a few others exited at the twenty-second floor. Ever since that conversation, Heather became more overtly flirtatious, trying to flatter Dylan with talk about how good looking his kids would be or how his strong, toned body would make his offspring extra athletic. One day, over lunch, he bluntly asked if he wanted to impregnate her.

"Excuse me?" Dylan gasped as he choked on his soda.

"I know you want to,"

Heather placed a hand on his thigh, slyly moving her hand toward his crotch, expertly avoiding any undo attention. Dylan stood up, too shocked to even continue the conversation, and promptly left the cafeteria. Within days Heather had joined his gym in what she swore was a coincidence and shopping at the same grocery store. She would send him picture messages with computer generated children created by merging their faces and boldly placed her hand in his pocket in the back of the elevator, playing with his cock through the fabric as the rest of the cabin's occupants looked forward unobservant. Oddly, Dylan got the impression that Heather was more interested in the genetic sauce sloshing around his sack than him as a person, even though he was six feet of gym toned, permanently-tanned muscle with a model like face and impeccably good taste. One day, in the produce section of the grocery store, his suspicions were confirmed.

"Look, just fuck me and fill me with your seed," Heather asked bluntly. 

She wasn't quite whispering but it was still just low enough to blend in with the market's ambient noise. The old woman just yards away continued picking out her avocados totally unaware. Dylan looked at her stunned. 

Heather stroked a cucumber and licked her lips as Dylan started to sweat. Despite the discomfort of being propositioned in a Whole Foods, his cock was starting to stir at Heather's frank talk of throwing him down and hoping on him like a carnival ride. Before he could speak, she rolled her eyes and sighed.

"Fine, just stroke off into a cup. I know you do it every day at two in the tenth floor visitor's bathroom anyway,"

Dylan's eyes grew huge. Just how much attention was this woman paying to him?

"And there was more than enough seed in the load you wasted all over that dumb bitch's face last night,"

The woman selecting avocados stepped away and another blonde young man in full hipster attire stepped up. The hipster seemed to pick up on Dylan and Heather's spat, and seemed determine to avoid staying longer than necessary. He hurriedly picked out his produce and headed away.

Dylan stepped closer to Heather, taking a breath to avoid shouting and causing a scene. 

"How do you know about her?"

Heather scoffed.

"We can make an appointment next week. There's a clinic in our building called Golden Loads. Think about our kids."

Our kids? Dylan thought. Heather was quite unbalanced. Without another word, Dylan walked away. The lunches and coffees stopped, as did the conversation in the elevator. To avoid seeming cold to his coworkers, Dylan would reply with canned responses whenever Heather would speak, but whatever weird, tenuous relationship they had clearly had ruptured. 

A few weeks later, Dylan recognized the blonde young man from the grocery store at his gym. He was mousy and barely had any definition but he seemed determined enough and clearly had the hots for Dylan. Dylan found the young man's overt, awkward flirting charming so was gracious when he finally informed the blonde lad he was barking up the wrong tree. Meanwhile, Heather continued to plead with Dylan in deranged text messages and voice mails to pump her with his cream. She left a sperm collection cup and some porn in a bag on his front porch with a note saying he could just fill the container and leave it outside. She wouldn't even need to be present. 

Over the next few months, Ryan, the young man at the gym, was filling out nicely and seemed to come to terms that Dylan was not going to suddenly flip a switch and become interested in him. Dylan being an overall nice guy kept up his friendly encouragement and even invited Ryan to join him and some of the other guys in their no-stakes amateur boxing club. 

One evening after a light workout, Dylan stopped at the market for a few items and headed home. When he arrived, he saw that his front door was propped open and he could hear music coming from somewhere in the darkened house. Dylan cautiously entered his front door and set down the grocery bag he was carrying. 

"Whose here?" he shouted in a deep, inadvertently sensual voice. 

There was no reply.

As he made his way down the hallway, he could see light creeping out from around the edges of his closed bedroom door and the music was coming from the other side. Dylan stopped just at the threshold and held his ear against the door trying to get a clue about what was happening. All he could hear was the music, that sounded like the grungy soundtrack of a cheap porno and what sounded like a woman moaning.

"What the fuck!" Ryan roared, his voice booming, as he threw open the door.

Heather was laying in the middle of his king sized bed, naked and fingering herself as porn played on the television. She was even hotter than Dylan's wildest dreams with perky breasts, a tone stomach and a bright pink, wet pussy just waiting for his ten inch monster to invade. In any normal context, he would have gladly welcomed a hot blonde in his bed after the gym but Heather was far from normal.

"What in the fuck are you doing!" 

"Oh come on! I can see the bulge in your shorts. Just come and pump me full already,"

Dylan blushed with embarrassment. His cock had instantly hardened at the site of the dripping, fuckable pussy. He gritted his teeth as he picked up her shirt from the floor and threw it to her. Despite his rage, Dylan calmly waited for her to get dressed before escorting her out and, in a surprisingly calm, gentle voice spoke to her as she reached the front door.

"Heather look, I'm flattered. Truly, but I'm not really looking to have kids..."

"Fine! Then seed me and walk away. I'll say it was a random one night stand. No one would have to know."

She ran her finger down Dylan's mounding chest, her pussy getting wet at the prospect of being impregnated by such a perfect specimen.

"I'm sorry. Good night, Heather."

Dylan closed the door on her and stood in the foyer in shock for nearly an hour.

Heather seemed to back off after that. There were no more text messages, or voice mails. No more banter on the elevator. Dylan was relieved things were getting back to normal as Ryan continued to improve his skills in the ring. One day Dylan noticed Ryan in the cafeteria of The Shard, but thought nothing of it. Hundreds of people worked in and visited the building every day and the restaurants were open to the public. He also seemed to run into Ryan more at the market and Ryan's workouts seemed to really be aligning to Dylan's. Dylan dismissed his observations as Heather-induced paranoia; suddenly he was seeing unhinged stalkers in everyone who happened to cross his path more than once.

Weeks passed without Heather saying anything more to Dylan than 'good morning'. One Friday morning, Dylan was standing in the elevator lobby with the crowd when Heather walked up. She gave him a warm smile as she slipped a note into his pocket. Dylan smiled back and waited until he was at his desk to pull out the note and unfurl it. It said only four words, scrawled in a mad person's hand in all capital letters: SHOULD HAVE SAID YES.

Dylan threw the note into the trash and went on with is workday. He stayed late to avoid running into Heather on the way down and made his way to the gym like normal. Ryan was there and the two chatted in the locker room as they got ready. Over the weeks, Dylan had given Ryan the broad stroke details about Heather, calling her just an 'obsessed psycho bitch' from the office without going into the more disturbing details. Ryan chuckled in sympathy as he patted Dylan on the back before heading out of the locker room. 

Dylan's workout and evening was uneventful. Until it wasn't. As he was walking home he started to feel woozy and his vision blurred. He heard someone approaching behind and turned to see who it was, smiling when he saw it was Ryan.

"Ryan man, I, umm... I don't feel so hot,"

"Hey, big guy, take it easy," 

The fit twenty-something blonde reached out and grabbed Dylan's lumbering body. He couldn't help but get turned on as Dylan's musky, scent raced up his nostrils.

"Let me give you a ride home, okay?" 

Ryan walked Dylan down an alley where his car was parked and as Dylan slumped into the passenger's seat his head began to pound and his vision started to turn black.

"You really should be more careful about sharing sports drinks with a guy whose sister you called an obsessed psycho bitch," Ryan snarled as he took his place behind the wheel and started the car.

"What are you..." Dylan blacked out completely as the car pulled onto the road.

Dylan awoke several hours later and immediately realized he was tied to a chair. He struggled to break free but his wrists were tied behind his back and some kind of beam attached to the shackles on his ankles stopped him from closing his spread open legs. He was still in his gym clothes but he was blindfolded and couldn't make out anything more about his surroundings. He tried rocking the chair but it seemed fixed to the spot. Disturbingly, Dylan could hear the sounds of porn playing from an unseen television. And it wasn't just random porn, it was an especially hot movie where petite bimbos at a summer camp setting were reamed by a line of hot, hung dudes playing the role of counselors. Dylan had watched the movie several times recently so was able to recognize it by its distinct background music and the pleasured scream one of the hot models gave every time she was plowed. It seemed like more than a coincidence that this particular movie was playing. 

"Hello? What do you want from me?"

"Well, well, well. He's awake," came a familiar voice. 


"The one and only,"

Ryan was circling Dylan, admiring the bound stud as Dylan struggled in confusion. 

"Ryan? Dude, I'm not into guys. I thought you were cool with that," 

Instead of screaming in rage or shouting out randomly, Dylan tried his best to keep an entirely off the rails situation at least somewhere near the track. 

"Oh, well then. I'm not very much into straight guys myself. Though some of you really are great to look at,"

Ryan crouched and ran his hands over Dylan's pecs, going lower until they were at Dylan's crotch, and then rubbed both of Dylan's thighs with his hands. Ryan was more than twice Dylan's age but he couldn't help but get turned on by the handsome daddy's body.

Dylan gritted his teeth as he was felt up by Ryan, resisting the urge to contest lest he make the situation go even more sideways.

"Ryan, what are you..."

Ryan stopped his examination of Dylan's body to cut Dylan's question short with a powerful backhand slap to the face. No real damage had been done but Dylan was stunned into silence. Clearly Ryan's gains weren't all cosmetic; the once meek hipster was now rocking some serious strength. Dylan was starting to regret all of the pointers he had given the young man at the gym.

Without a word, Ryan grabbed Dylan's shirt and pulled, ripping it off him like a cheap stripper. Ryan had seen Dylan's naked torso before in the locker room but something about seeing it tied to a chair made it especially hot. Ryan loved hot guys. Ryan really loved hot guys in bondage. And Ryan always started to leak whenever he saw a hot guy, in bondage, about to be tortured. At that point, even if Dylan had sincerely offered to fuck Ryan's brains out Ryan would have ignored it in favor of what he had planned.

"Like I said, you shouldn't have called my sister a psycho bitch," Ryan stood up and glared at Dylan in disgust.

Dylan's eyes grew wide behind his blindfold.

"You mean Heather is your sister? Dude are you fucking with me right now?"

Dylan heard a whooshing sound but couldn't process what he had heard before he felt it. He let out a ground shaking, deep scream as Ryan lifted his food and slammed it into his crotch, crushing his nuts and cock into his pelvis. His eyes crossed as Ryan ground his sneaker into Dylan's bulging crotch before bringing it back to the ground. Unseen by Dylan, a moment later Ryan had raised his shoe again and was hovering it just inches over Dylan's baby makers.

"You see, all you had to do is say yes, bro, and my big sis wouldn't have had to recruit me,"

Dylan couldn't believe what he was hearing. Ryan went on to confirm Dylan's paranoid thoughts; Ryan really had been stalking him for months, masterfully enough that the oblivious daddy had even started to befriend him.


Dylan let out a scream as Ryan slammed his foot down, crushing his oversized package, pressing down on it with all his weight. As Dylan pleaded for Ryan to stop, Ryan continued.

"See, my sister always gets what she wants. Alway. And she wants your kid. That's where I come in,"

Dylan gasped in relief as Ryan finally withdrew his foot. Ryan chuckled as he made his way over to a table and rattled around. The porn was continuing to fill the space with sensuous moans that Dylan's brain - and other organs - were autonomously starting to react to. Ryan returned and immediately plugged Dylan's nose with his hand. Dylan genuinely felt Ryan was preparing to kill him and started sobbing and begging for mercy which only made the tube shaped bulge in Ryan's shorts grow harder. Something about hearing a hot man scream always got Ryan horny.

Ryan ignored him as he shoved several pills into his mouth and quickly put his hand over it. This is it, Dylan sobbed. Ryan's hands were frighteningly good at the task of stopping him from breathing. Clearly this wasn't Ryan's first time.

"Just swallow. Just swallow," Ryan said softly as Dylan's face started to turn red from lack of oxygen.

Dylan was torn. Risk taking the mystery pills, which might kill him, or refuse and actually be choked to death by Dylan. He took his chances with the pills. Dylan gulped loudly and was immediately rewarded by Ryan withdrawing his hands. Dylan gasped for breath as Ryan smiled.

"See, wasn't too bad."

"What... what did you give me?" Dylan was panicked that this deranged gym buddy had just given him some awful poison.

"Oh just a little something to help out Dylan junior,"

Ryan knelt down and grabbed the thick tube of Dylan's flaccid cock through his shorts, giving it a playful squeeze. The sound of the porn increased and there seemed to be two videos playing at once, filling the room with sensual moans and girlish screams. At the same time the temperature seemed to be rising, making Dylan sweat and his balls sag low against the seat of the chair, protected only by a thin layer of fabric. Meanwhile Ryan was back on his knees between Dylan's legs, gently rubbing Dylan's huge bulge through this shorts. It did not take long before Dylan started to rise to the occasion. Despite his fear, his cock started to pulse creating an increasingly large tent in his shorts. It was go time Ryan thought.

"Very good, Dylan,"

Not wanting Dylan to have all the fun, Ryan started to slowly lick and nibble Dylan's abs eliciting a squeal of pleasure from the still-terrified jock. Ryan expertly swirled his tongue down Dylan's pecs, lapped over his corrugated abs and slowly kissed down his lower abs until his nose was flush with Dylan's shorts. Slowly he took the band of the shorts in his teeth and starting pulling them away, tearing them off with a yank.

As Dylan's shorts fell to his bound ankles, his package bulged in his tight white underwear. Ryan had seend Dylan in the showers lots of times but had avoid lingering his gaze too long below the below lest the straight bruiser reward him with a punch to the face. Ryan's pants grew tighter as his cock stretched at the fabric. Each of Dylan's huge nuts was slightly smaller than a kiwi, each lump clearly outlined by the fabric, and his thick cock was already nearly its entire ten inches, half of it sticking up from Dylan's waistband and oozing precum into his belly button.

Ryan grabbed Dylan's underwear and tore them off in an explosion of fabric, allowing Ryan's nuts to flop onto the chair and his dong to fall forward, pointed straight at Ryan looking like it was ready to fire. Dylan's package looked even bigger up close and without the cover of fabric than Ryan had ever fantasized about and for a brief moment he wished Dylan had just taken Heather up on her offer to spare him what he was about to endure. 

Ryan took one of Dylan's massive nuts in each hand and gently squeezed. Dylan winced, fearing for a harder squeeze that never came. He released them before he opened his jaw as wide as he could, took a deep breath and took every inch of Dylan's cock down his throat, not stopping until Dylan's nuts were flush with his chin. Dylan let out a sigh of pleasure and surprise. He had never met anyone able to take his entire rod in one go, yet Ryan was doing it like it was his job. Whatever cocktail of drugs Ryan had given Dylan was working, as Dylan's cock felt literally as hard as a rock. It was almost painfully engorged, throbbing with each heartbeat as Ryan expertly bobbed up and down on his pole.

Dylan threw his head back and moaned uncontrollably as he received what was hands down the best blow job he had ever had in his life. The hot young blond alternated between sucking his dick, licking his pole and sucking both of this balls whilst stroking Dylan's pole. Dyan couldn't believe that Ryan was able to fit both of his boys into his mouth at the same time. Ryan's cheeks bulged like a chipmunk and Dylan moaned at the warm wet feeling of having his sperm tanks rolling around in Ryan's mouth. Ryan was also rubbing Dylan's taught torso and moaning, complimenting Dylan on his manliness. 

"Oh yeah, daddy. You're so hot. Are you gonna' cum for me?" Ryan asked breathlessly before going back down on Dylan's cock.

Dylan's toes were curling as he felt his load about to boil over. Sensing Dylan was close, Ryan switched to pumping Dylan's cock with both hands, running his hands up and down over the entire length.

"Fuck dude! Fuck!"

Dylan's body convulsed so hard that the immovable chair started to rock and he grunted as his penis started firing jets of thick white sperm. Not being able to see the scene, Dylan presumed his typical gushers of cum was painting Ryan's face, but in actuality Ryan was carefully collecting them into a plastic cylinder. The strange splattering sound coming from the ropes hitting the inside of the cylinder altered Dylan to the fact something was definitely off, but his body was too absorbed in his orgasm to care. 

Dylan was panting, his cock still leaking, as he heard Ryan abruptly stand up and walk away. Ryan carefully placed the cylinder into a cooler set to a precise temperature and collected another vessel from the table. Dylan usually went immediately limp after blowing his load, especially a gusher like he had just unloaded, but he stayed rock hard. Painfully hard.

"What the fuck did you give me, Ryan!" Dylan barked. 

"Oh, don't worry. Nothing that will kill you, just some things to keep you in the game. Over and over again,"

Without hesitation Ryan dropped to his knees and sucked and stroked out a second load. Then a third. Dylan's cock was starting to hurt from the non-stop, aggressive pumping but stayed perfectly hard, his huge busy balls continuing to churn. Vial after vial was filled with cum and carefully placed into the cooler.

For the next load, Ryan stood behind Dylan, crouched over him as his well lubed hands reaching down Dylan's body as he stroked him off yet again. Dylan was experiencing the agony of being milked immediately after orgasm, but Ryan's hot breath on his neck only served to turn him on. Dylan let out a grunt as a single thick rope painted his abs. Ryan walked around Dylan and knelt down, licking up every drop before he was back on his knees for another round.

Dylan was delirious. The blowjobs and hand jobs had stopped being pleasurable and were now just pure post-orgasm milking torture, but his drugged up cock and busy balls kept producing load after increasingly small load. Most of the genetic gravy ended up in vials but a fair amount also ended up in Ryan's stomach and plastered all over his face.

"This might be the last load, Dylan,"

Ryan was squatting between Dylan's thighs smiling broadly, pumping his raging cock with both hands, purposefully aiming the hot daddy's cum cannon right at his face.

"Oh fuck!" Dylan screamed as a small amount of cum shot out of his cock, followed by a few pitiful drips. 


The relatively small load joined the others that had festooned his now dripping face and he smiled as he again went down on Dylan. Dylan was delirious, begging Ryan to stop, rocking in the chair as his balls desperately tried to produce yet another batch of stud sauce, but after a half hour of torturous milking and totally ejaculate-free orgasms it was obvious Dylan had been pumped dry.

Ryan wiped the drying cum from his face and licked his fingers clean, as he stood up, stopping when he was face to face with Dylan's still blindfolded eyes.

"Thank you for your, um, donations, man. You gave more samples than I thought would but looks like you're bone dry."

Ryan knelt back down and took one of Dylan's huge nuts in each hand, this time squeezing into them as hard as he could. Dylan let out a wail as Ryan's strong thumbs dug into his exhausted, emptied testicles.

"Heather got the juice she's been craving and now it's time for me to make sure you never get to knock up some random dumb bimbo,"

Dylan was screaming as Ryan continued to flatten his nuts. Ryan released them, letting the spent saggy monster nuts rest on the chair before clasping his hands together to make on giant fist and sending it slamming into Dylan's sack. Dylan screamed as Ryan's massive double-fist lay waste to his empty sex pods, hammering them over and over until they had taken on a rosy, though still healthy, hue.

Ryan stood up to admire Dylan. He truly was a paragon of male perfection. He was ripped with muscles without being obscenely overbuilt at an age in life where most guys had resigned themselves to just going soft. He was devastatingly handsome, even with a blindfold on, and between his perfectly sculpted thighs was the largest set of genitals Ryan had seen in person. Two massive, thoroughly drained nuts in the literal shadow of a ten inch, thick, veiny cock that was still hard as a steel pole after having spewed nearly a dozen forced loads. Even after being milked dry, Dylan's cock was still throbbing and pulsing up and down with each heartbeat, primed and ready to invade whatever hole was presented to it. The hottest part of the scene for Ryan though were the ropes criss crossing Dylan's sweat and cum soaked torso, his strong arms tied behind his back and his toned legs stuck wide open. Seeing Dylan so incredibly vulnerable was almost enough for Ryan to blow his load hands free.

Dylan begged Ryan to untie him, but that only fueled Ryan's twisted lust. He had grown to genuinely like Dylan which actually made the prospect of what was about to happen even hotter.

"So, what's the best way of stopping you from impregnating anyone else?"

Ryan asked the question with a casual, almost professorial aire, as he knelt down and took Dylan's right nut in both hands. Dylan was shaking like a leaf, pleading with Ryan and he made every euphemism for castration he could think of.

"I'm gonna' trim your family tree, man. Turn these babymakers into baby food. You feel me?"

Dylan responded with a deep, baritone scream as Ryan clasped both hands onto his trapped nut, feeling it flatten out and bulge between his palms. Ryan knew from experience that it was incredibly difficult - but not impossible - to pop a ball with his bare hands. Besides, a stud like Dylan needed an especially sick destruction to cap off nearly fifty years of having the biggest balls in town. Ryan smiled as he let go of Dylan's nut and walked away. Dylan heaved as he heard Ryan riffling around at the table. 

"Ryan? Ryan, what are you doing?" Dylan called out in a panic as he heard the young kid slowly approaching.

Ryan only chuckled as he knelt down and placed several thick rubber rings at the base of Dylan's nut sack, making each giant orb bulge out as it rested on the oversize seat. Dylan winced as one of the rings pinched his skin.

"You ever taken a mallet to a guy's balls, Dylan?" Ryan asked coyly.

Before Dylan could respond, Ryan slammed the hard, round head of a rubber mallet down directly onto Dylan's fat left nut, squashing it into the chair. Dylan let out a deep roar that made Ryan's insides shake as he rose the mallet and sent it slamming down onto his right nut. Ryan alternated between Dylan's nuts, applying every ounce of strength into each blow and Dylan filled the room with guttural, baritone screams that nearly drowned out the high pitch wails of the women still getting plowed in the porno playing in the background. Dylan's nuts were quickly turning red, swelling under the brutal assault but Ryan was showing no signs of stopping. After realizing that slamming Dylan's left nut made the handsome hunk squeal several octaves higher, Ryan focused on it, pounding it mercilessly into the chair's seat. Even though Dylan thought his nut was on the verge of cracking wide open, Ryan knew that the giant sperm factory could take much, much more.

Dylan's left nut was starting to look quite unhealthy before Ryan finally stopped to assess the damage. Dylan was sobbing, pulling against his restraints which made every muscle stand out. His bloated sack was a disturbing shade of purplish-red and his left nut was visibly more swollen than the right but Ryan knew that if he had stopped right then, Dylan would have only walked away with a hurt ego and two very swollen, sore balls. But Ryan wasn't one to leave a job partially finished.

Ryan returned from the table with a sturdy wooden vice. Even though Dylan couldn't see, he could feel the two wooden boards of the vice against his sack and instantly knew what Ryan was doing. He started screaming hysterically, begging for Ryan to stop, but that only made Ryan shudder as he let out a spurt of precum.

Ryan had positioned the vice on Dylan's sack vertically so that it would compress the fat nuts into each other instead of just squashing them flat. As he tightened the vice, Dylan could feel his two fat nuts being compressed into less and less space, each one fighting for survival. Ryan was steadily tightening, ignoring Dylan's increasingly frantic pleas as his massive nuts were forced to occupy the increasingly small space. The only way either testicle was going to survive was by crushing the other to free up room. It was a nasty battle against time and Dylan's already weakened left nut seemed to be loosing.

Dylan bellowed as his nuts were smashed into half their normal girth but Ryan just kept cranking the vise. Dylan's balls were so flat that each crank of the handle was starting to take real effort. The flatter and more condensed Dylan's balls got, the harder they put up a fight not to explode violently between the wooden boards. Dylan let out a howl of defeat and passed out.

Ryan smiled at his handiwork, tightening the vice once more to thoroughly squash Dylan's nuts together. The huge purple sack looked like it was going to simply burst at any moment and Ryan mindlessly played with his cock in his shorts as he contemplated cranking the vice again. He resisted the urge as he headed back toward the table and picked up another tool.

"Wakey, wakey!" 

Dylan jolted awake as Ryan held a bottle of salts under his nose. He was instantly overwhelmed by the feeling of his flattened, cracking nuts and his head slumped forward. Ryan slapped his face to keep Dylan in the land of the waking and the handsome stud sobbed as he felt his nuts on the edge of popping. It was the worst thing he had ever felt and a deep burning in his guts radiated outward and made his abs reflexively flex. Ryan's cock twitched at site. After letting Dylan truly feel the painful flattening of his gonads for nearly ten minutes, Ryan slowly removed the vice. Dylan screamed as the flow of blood back into his sack reawakened nerve endings that had mercifully started to go numb in their flattened sake. Despite feeling like his testicles were on fire, the two organs quickly plumped up to their normal round shapes. Dylan had barely recovered before Ryan lifted his sneaker and placed it on top of Dylan's screaming nuts and lifted the other foot off the ground.

Dylan's eyes crossed and his mouth opened in a silent 'O' shape, drool seeping out of the corner of his mouth as his brain was quickly overwhelmed by the sensation. Ryan was standing on one foot, his entire muscular weight pressing down on Dylan's nutsack, and the he was bent slightly grasp the helpless jock's own shoulders for balance. Dylan's huge nuts bulged and flattened in the sack, causing Ryan's leg to flex as he kept his balance on his shifting platform and he looked down at the drooling stud. Dylan's berries were flattening and warping horribly under the weight and Ryan ground his foot into the chair relishing the feeling of Dylan's crumbling nuts. He looked over at the cooler on the table to ensure that Dylan's final load of sperm was still safely stored. Ryan bounced his heel, further pulverizing Dylan's screaming nuts and Dylan let out an awful bellow before blacking out.

Ryan was tempted to just keep stomping and grinding Dylan's nuts until they cracked, instead he hopped off the chair and stood back admiring the passed out stud. He wanted Dylan to be awake for what was to come. While Dylan was passed out, Ryan grabbed the mallet and did a horrible number on Dylan's fracturing right nut, leaving the big bruiser hideous swollen and purple, barely holding together in its shell. It was obvious Dylan's right nut was starting to actually crack and Ryan hadn't even gotten started.  Throug hthe abuse, Dylan's cock stayed rock hard which gave Ryan a wicked idea.

Whilst Dylan was still hunched over and passed out in the chair, Ryan got on his knees between Dylan's knees and took every inch of his cock into his mouth, slowly licking and sucking it. Dylan let out an unconscious load and his balls were visibly churning in their damaged sack as Ryan worked out yet another load. Ryan was almost content to just enjoy sucking Dylan's brains out. Then he had a sinister idea.

Dylan holler so load that Ryan nearly shot his load as Ryan sank his teeth into Dylan's cock. It wasn't enough pressure to break the skin but it was uncomfortable enough to snap Dylan back into reality. It was all Ryan needed. He spat Dylan's engorged cock out of his mouth and headed back to the table.

"Ryan! Please man, I'm sorry! Please stop!" 

Dylan was desperate for Ryan to stop as he heard him rustling around the room. He wasn't sure what Ryan was preparing but if past was prologue Dylan was sure he wasn't going to like it. Ryan slowly returned to Dylan cackling to himself as he crouched down to Dylan's still blindfolded face.

"I think you're gonna' like this next thing,"

"Ryan, please! Please!"

Ryan carefully lifted a large scorpion out of a glass jar and placed the confused creature on Dylan's scrotum. Dylan wasn't sure what was happening, but could feel the scorpion's tiny feet as they moved cautiously around his sack. Suddenly, Dylan's world erupted into pain as the frightened creature stabbed its sharp stinger into his right nut. The actual physical damage was minuscule but the venom filled sting was literally the worst thing Dylan had ever experienced in his life. His lungs were totally evacuated with air as he hollered into the torture chamber, which only seemed to annoy the scorpion which responded three more randomly aimed stings. 

Ryan grinned as hideous welts erupted all over Dylan's already battered scrotum as the hot studs bellows echoed in the room, mixing in with the hot straight porn that was still blasting. Despite the pain in his sack, Dylan's cock stayed rock hard and was actually dripping even more precum even though it had been thoroughly drained. Ryan allowed the creature to assault Dylan's manhood for what felt to Dylan like forever before finally sighing.

"Well, we don't want him to have all the fun, do we? Maybe I should crush it?"

Dylan was too delirious to comprehend much, but instantly realized what Ryan was implying.

"Pleeeeeaase!" Dylan screamed in a rich, strong plea.

Ryan only smiled wickedly as he lifted a huge mallet over his head and sent it crashing onto Dylan's scrotum. The poor scorpion was instantly turned to mush a fraction of a second before the mallet's head collided with Dylan's sack, painfully flattening it to less than half its size. Dylan's eyes bulged behind his blindfold as his sperm tanks were ridiculously flattened and he was sure they had burst.

"Oops, looks like there's still more of him left," Ryan snickered.


Dylan thought he was going to pass out as the mallet slammed into his nuts yet again, weakening their structures as they struggled to maintain their massive, bloated but still round shape. Ryan cackled as he sent the mallet down full force a dozen times, the vibration making his triceps and biceps shake and utterly devastating Dylan's gonads. Throughout the assault, Dylan's cock staid rock hard.

Ryan tossed aside the heavy mallet and examined his handiwork as Dylan cried and pleaded. His nuts had taken on a slightly lumpy, purple appearance and Ryan knew they wouldn't possibly hold up much longer. He contemplated letting Dylan limp away with at least a chance of having functional testicles, but the two bulging orbs were just too delicious of a target and the sadistic twink headed back to his table of goodies for the next trick.

For the next hour Dylan's balls were assaulted in increasingly sick methods. Ryan placed small fireworks under Dylan's scrotum, lighting them off one by one and squealing in delight each time the relatively tame explosions elicited an increasingly panicked shriek from Dylan, the stud convinced that each time one of the otherwise harmless firecrackers was going to blow his scrotum into shreds. Ryan knew that the cheap fireworks would - at worst - cause a nasty stinging sensation - but the true injury was the overwhelming horror they filled Dylan with as he feared they were going to do much worse damage. The smell of burning gun powder and echoing sounds of the explosions didn't help either. For laughs, Ryan lit one of them in his hand and only winced at the temporary, harmless stinging just to juxtapose the reality to Dylan's frantic screaming.

The mallet got a lot more use and Ryan worked up a sweat as he tried to shatter Dylan's oversized balls. As did the vice, which nearly caused Dylan's right nut to actually burst in its sack, saved only by a moment of self constraint by the increasingly determined Ryan. Ryan took a lighter to Dylan's sack, hovering the flame just far enough to avoid severe damage but close enough to cause horrible burning sensations. He kicked and punched Dylan's sack, slammed it with a bat and stomped it with his sneakers. Each time Dylan would nod off into the peace of unconsciousness, he was wrenched back to the land of the waking with smelling salts and throughout the ordeal his cock stayed totally hard. 

Ryan switched up his normal gym-tone punches but putting on set of nasty spiked brass knuckles that were doing serious damage to Dylan's nuts. Dylan squealed and begged as Ryan lay into his crumbling nuts.

"Oh God!"


A horrible fracture had formed inside his right nut.


Another fracture.


And another. Ryan alternated between spiked punches and using a hammer to smash Dylan's right nut full force. Dylan was delirious as he screamed for Ryan to show him some mercy. Any mercy. But none came, just more blows to his busted nuts.

Ryan could tell that Dylan's daddy nuts had started to crack so he resorted to his trusty wooden vice. Only this time he wasn't going to stop until he felt at least one of them pop. By now Dylan was familiar with the sensation of having the vice placed on him and cried as Ryan started cranking rapidly, seemingly not going to teasingly stop this time. Dylan wailed as his fat nuts were compressed impossibly flat and Ryan just kept tightening like his life depended on it.

"Fuck! Nooooo!"

Ryan tightened, feeling Dylan's squashed nuts putting up more and more resistance as they flattened. The flatter and denser they got, the more they resisted deformation. Ryan knew he only needed to keep turning the crank to flatten them completely but was struck by an evil idea. He suddenly untightened the vice and tossed it to the ground. Dylan's pecs heaved as he struggled to catch his breath.

Ryan headed to the table and came back with a flat metal plate the size of a saucer with spikes protruding from the bottom. The top was flat. Dylan struggled as Ryan carefully placed the spiked side on top of his huge nuts. Just the sensation of the spikes without any additional pressure was enough to send Dylan into a convulsive panic as he desperately tried to close his legs, begging and pleading.

The young blond sadist ignored him as he stepped onto Dylan's chair and stood on top of the metal plate, instantly driving his full weight onto it, the spikes driving into Dylan's meaty nuts. Ryan moaned as he grabbed the back of Dylan's head and pressed it forward; it was partially to keep his balance and partially to press the hot DILF's blind-folded face into his throbbing crotch. Dylan's pleas were muffled by Ryan's barely contained cock as the spiked metal plate pressed further into his collapsing sack until...


Dylan's right nut burst explosively, causing what was left to be extruded out of the holes the spikes had punctured; the resulting imbalance was so sudden that Ryan nearly fell off castrating metal plate. Ryan quickly regained his balanced and continued to squash down, causing more of Dylan's fractured nut to squirt out of the sack like very thick salsa at the same time his left nut started to literally crack, its membranes being compressed by the crushing, pin-point pressure.

Dylan let out a horrified wail as Ryan hopped off and tossed the plate to the ground. Without any respite, he crouched down and took Dylan's last, although fractured, nut in his hands and squeezed. Dylan screamed as he felt little pops and squishes signally the end of his manhood but his mighty nut was resisting too much deformation from Ryan regardless of how hard he tried. 

Not one to leave a job half finished, after several agonizing, membrane-rupturing minutes of pulsing Dylan's cracked left nut between his palms, he stood up and headed to the table. He returned with a large pipe wrench and ensnared Dylan's last semi-whole nut between it's rusty jaws. He had just began to tighten when his eyes suddenly flashed with a better idea. Instead, he lifted the heavy metal tool he had intended to use as a nut-cracker and instead swung it like a club. Over and over he smashed the heavy tool into Dylan's sack. What was left of Dylan's quivering left nut shattered completely and the meaty chunks left behind were crushed as blow after unnecessary blow turned them into paste. Half of the liquified contents of his sack had oozed onto the chair and Dylan's sack was now permanently misshapen and flat. 

Dylan tried to pass out but the adrenaline was keeping him anchored to the moment. He couldn't believe his huge nuts, his favorite body parts, the things he loved to wash - and show off - in the showers at the gym were gone, flattened and partially splattered. A few specks of Dylan's love potion pouches had even been beaten out so hard they had hit Ryan's forearms.

And through it all, despite the pain and horror, Dylan's cock was still hard thanks to the clearly over-kill drug cocktail. Ryan could tell that Dylan was about to black out too deeply for smelling salts to cure so he tossed down his castrating wrench and knelt to whisper in Dylan's ear.

"Oh, and it isn't enough that you can't squirt live cum anymore. We want to make sure you won't be able to squirt, period."

Dylan let out a shriek as he felt Ryan grasp the base of his throbbing cock with both hands and squeeze as hard as he could. The relatively untouched thing turned bright red as it was choked to death, Ryan squeezed and twisted as hard as he could, yanking violently at the enormous sex rod. Dylan screamed and begged as Ryan spent an ungodly amount of time trying to rip it off with his bare hands. Ryan enjoyed feeling little pops and tears as the base of Dylan's cock was being destroyed and Dylan's brain was firing alarm bells. He had though even if his nuts were cracked at least he'd still have his ten inch fuck pole to fill out his shorts.

Tiring of trying to rip off Dylan's cock by hand, Ryan returned with the mallet. This time striking the rock hard, swollen fuck stick on alternating sides so that it moved back and forth like a giant fleshy pendulum. The blows were so extremely that the structure of Dylan's cock was being utterly destroyed, and the big stud knew it. After a while, Dylan's cock had been so internally damaged that it was struggling to stay hard but still somehow was, every beat of Dylan's heart made his dick throb which only served to fill him with unbearable agony as the terminally damaged organ tried to stay hard. 

Ryan mixed squeezing Dylan's cock with his hands and squeezing violently, taking the mallet to it and yanking it for what literally felt like forever to Dylan. There were delightful crunching and tearing sounds coming from Dylan's cock but Ryan wanted to the finale to be truly epic.

He fetched a length of thin metal cable from the table and returned to Dylan who was whimpering and sobbing.

"This was such a gorgeous cock! Good thing I got to suck it dry before it was destroyed!" Ryan laughed.

Ryan wrapped the wire up and down Dylan's pulsing schlong, crisscrossing the length of his beautiful cock, admiring the twisted visual, before pulling the cable taught. Dylan blacked out as the cabling dug into his cock, slicing it into chucks that landed into the chair with wet splats. Dylan's once huge nuts and pussy-stretching cock had been reduced to burst, flattened, destroyed chunks. But that wasn't enough for Ryan.

Using every tool at his disposal, Ryan continued to ravage the ruins of Dylan's manhood until there was nothing left but a thick slurry which he scooped up and smeared all over the passed out stud's handsome face, thick tendrils of liquified testicle dripping from his chin.


Several months passed since Dylan had abruptly resigned from CB & T Technologies but his presence was hardly missed in the non-stop activity in The Shard. To the building and its teeming masses, Dylan's absence was simply one less person in the crowd.

Liam was a cocky thirty-two year old CB & T had hired to replace Dylan and he walked into The Shard like he owned the entire building. He wreaked of hubris as he showed his employee badge at the front desk, chuckling as he read the name tag of the young blonde who had scanned him in.

"Thanks, Ryan,"

Of course, Liam was being condescending, putting on airs at the lowly security guard who only smiled politely back at him. Liam made his way to elevator lobby three and stood among the crowd waiting for the next batch of elevator cars to arrive. As he admired his reflection in one of the mirror-like panels that graced The Shard's lobbies, he noticed a hot blonde waiting for the elevator.

Even though she was heavily pregnant, that would only last a few more months, he thought, and after all he wouldn't mind tapping a hot MILF.

"Hey, there. Liam White. I'm new here, up on thirty at CB & T. Nice to meet you Mrs..." 

Liam extended his hand and smiled.

The blonde blushed.

"Oh, not Mrs. Just call me Heather."

Liam had to physically bite his tongue to avoid appearing too pleased to learn that Heather was single. Liam and Heather's friendly chit chat melted into the ambient noise of The Shard's lobby...

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Birthday Ball Bash

My name is Miguel and you would not believe the amazing ball bashing, nut cracking birthday party my friends threw for me last November. Let me tell you about it, but trust me if you also have fantasies about rupturing a guy's sack you're going to get jealous...

The day before the big event, there was a more traditional birthday party at my mom's house. She and my father got divorced many years ago but are still cordial, so it was really nice to see everyone getting along and having fun. My mom seemed to really like my dad's new boyfriend- yes, boyfriend- Leopoldo. Leopoldo was a handsome thirty year old from Zaragoza and that was about all I knew about him. The few times I had met him before my birthday he was pretty shy but I could tell there was a lot going on under his hazel eyes. And knowing my father's tastes I was sure Leopoldo was anything but vanilla behind closed doors.

Anyway, the first party was very traditional. There were little kids running around playing tag, pop music playing and lots of fun mingling. Somehow my mom had invited the whole family - and half of the rest of Granada - into her home without it feeling crammed. It was a great day and midway through my sister presented me with a huge vanilla crème cake she had baked herself. It was tiered almost like a wedding cake and was so heavy that her adorable husband Valerio had to carry it to the table. I always liked Valerio,  but for some reason our relationship really hit it off after my sister had their fourth child. Maybe Valerio just enjoyed pretending he was a carefree bachelor again as we hung out in my living room drinking champagne, watching movies and chatting. I remember finding it odd that Valerio had accepted the invitation to my special birthday bash. It wasn't a secret what was going to happen there...

Okay, so that is enough about the relatively boring, cake and cocktails birthday party. Now, let me tell you about what happened the next day. The Big Event, as I call it. This time my father was hosting at the house he shared with Leopoldo outside of town. It was a massive home that overlooked the rolling Sierra Nevada foothills. There was edgy club music playing everywhere - my favorite - but unlike the traditional party there was no cake, no children and - most notably - no women.

Of course I was there, along with my father Lorenzo, a fifty-two year old who looked like a carbon copy of myself. He looked much younger than he was and people often confused us as brothers which only served to stroke his ego. My dad is hot, so I wasn't surprised at all when he ended up with a man twenty-years his junior. Along with my dad, the guess list included several of my male friends and family members. Valerio, by brother in law, was there, as was my dad's boyfriend Leopoldo, naturally. My uncle on my father's side Carlos was there with his sons, my cousins, Dario and Hugo. Dario and Hugo are thirty-two like me, and had just recently celebrated their own birthdays. We've always gotten along really well so I was beyond excited to see them at the party. My best friend from university Jose was also there. Jose is a bit younger than me so I kind of treat him like an annoying - but much loved - little brother.  

My close friend Hector, a fiery Irish redhead who seemed to be on a permanent vacation in Spain, was also there. Hearing his Irish-accented Spanish always makes me giggle and our geeky yet perverted personalities play off each other nicely. We had met years ago when he was backpacking through the region and became fast friends. After that he would frequently visit, still opting for hostels instead of nice hotels which I'm sure he can afford. He claims it is to get a more authentic experience, but I'm pretty sure it is to have easier access to naive - and sexually adventurous - young men along the way. Whatever the true reason for his frequent trips, I am always glad to see my buddy Hector.

There were only four rules to my party. No children, no women, no clothes once you entered the house and no saying no to anything I wanted to do. The invites only went to guys who I was sure could follow these rules and - as I expected - a few did decline, which was fine. I wouldn't have enjoyed it if anyone was forced to do anything they didn't want to do, so I took the acceptance of the invitation as permission for me to have my ultimate birthday wish. After all, the title of the card was 'Birthday Ball Bash' and no one was fooled into thinking that it was just a clever play on words. The full invite was: 

You are invited to help me celebrate my thirty-second birthday with an epic ball bash. If you're receiving this then you already know how much I enjoy crushing nuts and yours have been on my list for years! 

That's right, I've secretly been dreaming of turning your family jewels into diamond dust - but you already knew that, didn't you? 

Your testicles will enter, but will probably not leave. Make a deposit at a sperm bank and kiss your boys goodbye! Accepting this invitation would be giving me the ultimate gift - you know you want to! Get ready to sing castrato :)

- XOXO Miguel, November, 20xx

Once everyone was present, and naked, the real fun began. I chose the no clothes rule so that I could clearly see the toys I was going to be working with and I was not disappointed. Like I said, my dad is hot with a fit, if not particularly sculpted body and a ruggedly handsome face that looked like someone took my picture and aged it a bit in Photoshop. Unlike my meticulously manscaped body, dad embraced his naturally hairiness and his torso, legs and arms were covered in thick black hair. His two pendulous nuts swung between his toned legs and were covered in fine black hair which somehow made them look even bigger. They were about the same size as mine, large but not enormous.

Valerio, on the other hand, had a set of truly massive nuts that hung halfway to his knees. It was no wonder my sister had cranked out so many kids so quickly with such sperm tanks in her bed. The svelte twenty year old was the youngest guy there and he seemed especially excited to be there. I knew from hanging out with him that Valerio was straight as an arrow - or at least espoused to be - so it was hot to watch him comfortably mingling with the other totally naked guests so nonchalantly.

Leopoldo was my age but his rugged handsomeness made him look older, not in a bad way at all. Between his sculpted legs was the largest set of testicles I had ever seen on a man - including in porn. They were huge, round and shaved and I could tell Leopoldo was enjoying the attention they were getting. Even Valerio seemed impressed. 

Like my dad, my uncle Carlos was quite hairy but was in amazing shape for his age. He was well into his fifties but his abs were a virtual washboard and his big strong arms were still rock hard. Like me dad, uncle Carlos sported a pair of large, if not giant, nuts that I had dreamed about cracking ever since I had first laid eyes on them in a locker room way back when I was in high school.

His sons Dario and Hugo were in their early thirties and are even more fit, younger versions of their dad. On the day of the party, they looked like bronzed-skin Greek statues and it was obvious everyone was noticing their chiseled physiques and devastatingly handsome faces. They each sported large, oblong stones and fat, girthy cocks that were as big flaccid as most cocks were fully hard. They were indeed paradigms of male perfection but the hottest thing about them was how modest and friendly they were. Even though they could have been, Dario and Hugo weren't arrogant or cocky and in fact seemed slightly embarrassed that they were hands-down the hottest men at the party. There is something incredibly hot about a guy who knows he's hot yet doesn't flaunt it. Being humble truly is sexy.

Shockingly, the party was the first time I had ever seen my friend Jose naked. I had tried to sneak views of him in the locker room after a workout, but he always managed to stay hidden under a towel. He was straight, and I valued our friendship too much to ever make a move on him, but he knew how much I lusted after him. I took it as the ultimate sign of friendship, understanding and respect that he accepted the invitation. I had made no secret of my love of ball busting over the years and Jose knew that I jacked off frequently thinking about cutting off his family tree. He was an only child so ruining his chances of having offspring was that much hotter, especially since he always talked about how much he wanted to have children. He was from Madrid, a cosmopolitan lad, whose youthful appearance almost made him look like a hot teenager rather than his actual thirty years old. He was basically hairless, though to this day I'm not sure if that's natural or shaved, but it doesn't matter. The lack of hair really showed off his slim, toned body and I was pleasantly surprised to see that he was sporting a huge, fat sack between his legs. I had always envisioned that Jose's nuts were large but they were even bigger than I expected. I knew I was going to have a lot of fun with them.

Rounding out the guests of honor was Hector, my Irish friend. His red hair was neatly styled and he was mingling freely through the crowd. Hector's cock was permanently semi-hard and I could tell he wanted to bang every man at the party - including my dad who he had often referred to as a DILF, "Daddy I'd Like to Fuck". I was pleased to see that he hadn't trimmed his man berries, and the low hanging, round orbs were covered in a layer of ginger hair. I remember reading his response to my invitation. He knew how much I wanted to pop his ginger nuts wide open, so he had replied with a hand written note: 

My amigo Miguel! You're my brother from another mother! I cannot wait to let you finally get what you've always wanted! You know I don't want to be bothered with kids anyway! 

Love You, Hector!

There was plenty of alcohol at the party, along with poppers and porn playing on the televisions both straight and gay to make sure everyone had something to their liking to look at. I noticed that Hugo was helping himself to the poppers and when I walked up to him the goofy grin on his face made it clear that he was ready for my first party trick. He grabbed his fat sack and shook it toward me .

"Hey cousin, are you ready to have some fun?" he winked and smiled at me.

I smiled wickedly as I determined Hugo would be the first to get the party started. I turned down the music and had everyone gather around at the side of the infinity pool. There was a table setup and I instructed Hugo to lay on it, his thick cock swelling and pointing straight into the air.  My dad and uncle tied his arms and ankles to the corners of the table, forcing his muscular legs to stay wide open as he was spread eagle on the table. His heavy nuts rested on the table between his legs and his massive cock literally cast a shadow over them, looking like it was going to spurt at any time.

I produced a long thin candle with a wooden wick and hovered it over Hugo's cock. 

"It is my birthday, cousin. How about I blow out the candle!"

Hugo grinned as I lightly lubed up the candle and slid it into his piss slit. I'm well experienced with sounding so was very careful not to cause any actual damage - at least initially - but judging by the howls coming from him, Hugo clearly wasn't. Once ten inches of candle had disappeared into his cock, leaving just an inch sticking out to be lit, his bother Dario handed me a lighter. I lit the fame and set the candle alight. The heat radiated through the wooden wick, slowly heating his shaft from the inside out and Hugo thrashed on the table. Leopoldo and and some of of the others quickly stepped in to hold him down, letting the his giant flaming cock jut straight into the air. The gang sang happy birthday to me as I lowered my face over Hugo's cock and the roaring birthday flame. The flame was roasting the mushroom head of his cock and blisters were starting to appear. Meanwhile, the melting wax was forming a thick layer on his trapped balls, with each boiling drop of wax eliciting a shriek from my hot cousin.

After a thick layer of wax had formed and Hugo's cock was thoroughly cooked, I blew out the candle. Hugo wasn't even done giving a sigh of relief before I relit the wick, letting the flame roar back to life, sizzling his huge cock and continuing to drip hot wax on his boys. After another rousing rendition of 'happy birthday', I blew out the candle again. Then lit the candle again. By now so much of the candle had disappeared into Hugo's cock that I quickly blew it out before reaching for the lighter fluid under the table. 

Hugo looked up to me with a mix of panic and lust as I squirted a generous amount of the liquid all over his rock hard shaft, his fat nuts and what was still visible of the candle. I held the lighter dangerously close to his soaked manhood.

"Whose ready for a happy birthday!" I shouted. 

All of the watching crowd, especially Hugo's brother and dad, roared in approval. I lit the lighter and held it just away from Hugo's huge junk. I wanted to make sure that I thoroughly captured the visual of his large, fat nuts and huge throbbing cock soaked in lighter fluid before...


The flame had barely touched Hugo's pole, but it was enough for his entire package to erupt into a towering flame. Hugo thrashed and screamed as his cock turned a painful looking lobster red and every drop of sperm started to boil in his bubbling nuts. It was obvious the flames were doing real damage to my cousin's package, but I was too turned on to put them out. I turned to the watching crowd and motioned for them to sing the birthday song yet again. The tempo of the song was slower than normal, giving the flame time to really do damage to Hugo's nuts and cock. I watched in delight as Hugo's cock blistered and boiled and his balls became charred and blackened.

Finally, I tried to blow out the giant cock candle but my blowing was no match for the fiery column towering over Hugo's crotch. Hugo's cock looked like a giant flaming torch and his balls were bright red, starting to turn charred as his manhood was literally burned to a crisp. Hugo screamed and thrashed but his cock stayed rock hard.

"Put it out, Miguel! Please!" he screamed. 

I kept blowing on Hugo's flaming cock but it was no use. Finally I ran into the villa and returned with a small metal fire extinguisher. Everyone backed away from the table expecting there to be a cloud of extinguisher smoke, but I had other plans. I raised the heavy fire extinguisher over Hugo's crotch. Through his screams, I could tell Hugo knew what was about to happen next.


I slammed the fire extinguisher straight down onto Hugo's raging cock. I almost jizzed as I felt the fat ten inch fuck stick crumble under the force. It collapsed into a deformed husk but his crotch was still on fire. Without hesitation I slammed the extinguisher down again, slamming into his heavy nut sack. Hugo let out a tortured wail which seemed to make Dario's cock twitch as I slammed the fire extinguisher over and over into his still flaming balls. Hugo's crotch was still flaming when I felt the satisfying crunch of of one of his nuts collapsing completely under the blows. A moment later, this last nut flattened completely. Hugo let out a final horrified scream before blacking out, a waft of smoke rising from his totally ruined package. I tossed the fire extinguisher aside and surveyed the damage, Hugo's once massive schlong was completely destroyed, pounded into his pelvis like a big meaty nail and cracking under the pressure. His shaft was full of nothing but oatmeal and it was obvious Hugo would never again be able to get hard. Both of his nuts were charred, burned and utterly flattened. Each of the fat man pods were now permanently a half inch thick, which was much too thin for them to even hope of maintaining any of their structural integrity. Hugo's nuts were ruined and it took all of my self control to not just stroke myself off right there.

Instead, my dad and Dario untied Hugo, lifted him up and tossed him into the pool.

"You look like you were getting a bit hot!" Dario joked.

Hugo swam to the edge of the pool and crawled out, clutching his still steaming, crushed nuts and absolutely destroyed fuck stick, whimpering quietly as he lay dripping along the side of the pool. Hugo's nuts had felt amazing being crushed like that. It was like I had taken the extinguisher to two large bugs which finally exploded with a satisfying crunch. I could tell this was going to be the best birthday ever.

Next up, was the piñata game. I hadn't had an actual piñata at a birthday party in decades, but this was going to be an extra special twist. Dario was Hugo's paternal twin so I didn't want them to be too physically different. Uncle Carlos and Hector were able to tie Dario to a tree near the pool with his ankles tied to his wrist, I believe the term in English is 'hog tie'. Dario was hoisted up but not before I stuffed a massive ball gag into his mouth. He looked so hot hanging and vulnerable, unable to scream as his handsome face was deformed by the gag. His oval shaped low hangers dangled from his body. His muscles glistened with sweat as he nervously anticipated what has going to happen next.

I produced a wooden bat and tossed it to Hector. Hector held the bat slightly confused as I explained the rules. We would treat Dario's hanging ball bag like a piñata, swinging at it and striking it as hard as we could. The only real rule would be that I would be the one to land the terminal blows. Hector smiled broadly and took a batting stance under Dario.

"Mmmmph!" Dario screamed into his gag as the bat slammed into his nuts.

Jose was next and he delivered a devastating blow to Dario's low hangers, which bounced wildly under the blow. Dario screamed into his gag but his cock stayed rock hard as Hector handed the bat off to Leopoldo. Leopoldo's gym toned body was well equipped for the task and the wooden bat hit Dario's nuts so hard that it sounded like the bat itself was going to break, let alone Dario's nuts. Leopoldo got in a final hit before giving the bat to uncle Carlos, Dario's own father.

Carlos took a moment to admire his offspring suspended in midair. He had already seen one of his son's nuts torched and flattened, but here was Dario's nuts, swollen and red but otherwise healthy. It was quite a contrast to Hugo; a contrast uncle Carlos seemed determined to resolve. 

Dario's eyes bugged out and he screamed into his gag as his dad sent the bat sailing into his nuts over and over.

"Pweeeeeze!" Dario screamed as his battered testicles were sent bouncing between his legs.

"I think he likes it!" my dad commented pointing to the string of precum oozing out of Dario's cock.

Indeed, despite the fact Dario had just suffered the worst ball busting of his life, his cock was literally hard as rock and dripping. It was all the visual my uncle needed to slam the bat into his son's orbs yet again, sending them rocketing around in their swelling sack. Dario wailed as uncle Carlos tossed the bat to Valerio.

My brother-in-law took a moment to feel the weight of the bat in his hands and responded with a wicked grin. This wasn't some foam knock-off, this was a genuine, high quality heavy wooden bat that was guaranteed to do some damage.

"Batter up!" Valerio roared as he swung the bat as hard as possible into Dario's nuts.

Dario screamed as his nuts flew away from his body like a pendulum. They were immediately slammed again upon return, and again. By the tenth hit, Valerio had established quite a rhythm with Dario's huge, red and swollen plums connecting with the just-swung bat every time they had recovered from the previous blow, leaving them in a state of perpetual nut-cracking motion.

Dario's nuts looked quite bad by the time Valerio tossed the bat to my dad who unleashed all of his power into the blows. I honestly thought Dario's testicles were going to be knocked right out of his sack. They were being hideously deformed with each blow, swinging wildly between his legs and I knew that if my dad kept up his wild swinging there wouldn't be anything left of Dario's baby makers except confetti.

"Come on! I want to see the candy shoot out!"


Dario was delirious as my dad permanently dented his big right nut. He laughed as he tossed the bat back to uncle Carlos, who promptly took the bat to his son's battered balls. He held the bat with only one hand, trading in the devastating full-body blows my father had been giving to slightly less extreme - but still damaging - hits. Dario's nuts were swinging like a crazy pendulum, bouncing and cracking as the bat was passed around the group until finally, sensing that my cousin was just a few blows away from falling off the family tree, I took the bat.

Though he was dazed and exhausted from yelling, Dario looked at me pleadingly as I readied my stance. I let the bat sail forward, coming just short of slamming into his piñata. I did that multiple times, each time eliciting a shriek from Dario without ever making contact. I wanted to make sure my aim was perfect. Finally, I let the bat sail. Dario's eyes bugged out and he hadn't even comprehended the impact before I went crazy and the bat became a blur. Dario's sack bounced like a feather in the wind as his last nut was turned into paste in his sack. By the time I was done and my dad and uncle bought him down, Dario's sack was lumpy and flattened. He whimpered off next to the pool with his brother, clutching an ice pack my uncle had thrown to him.

After my cousins were out of the game, I decided it was time to play my version of pin the tale on the donkey. Hector had volunteered for this game. He got down on the ground with his torso over a tree stump, not quite touching but it came in handy as you'll see. My uncle tied his ankles and wrists to spikes forcing him to stay on all fours, his delicious Irish ass jutting up into the air and his big, heavy sack dangling between his legs.

I pulled out a vibrating dildo that started out normally proportioned but got gradually wider until the tenth inch where it was a thick as a soda can. I explained that each of us would take brief turns blind folded to try and ram it into Hector's ass and after it was inserted I would activate it so that he was being fucked while I would try to kick his nuts back to Ireland. Hector seemed really excited and his thick cock was hard, oozing into the grass as Leopoldo took his turn. We all laughed as Leopoldo kept ramming the dildo near Hector's hole but not quite hitting the mark. Next it was dad's turn. He was able to find the hole and had gotten it just barely in before it was time. Valerio actually found the hole with expert precision, but hesitated slamming the dildo in, only inserting it sheepishly before his time was up.

By now Hector was leaking like a faucet and uncle Carlos was able to walk the short distance from the starting line to Hector without losing his target even with the blindfold. Hector squealed in delight as all ten inches were rammed into his hole. 

"Oh fuck yeah!" Hector moaned as I pushed the button on the remote.

The intensity gradually increased until his prostate was being thoroughly pounded. Valerio and Jose tried to act like watching Hector getting fucked wasn't turning them on but their semi hard cocks weren't fooling anyone. We all watched and cat called while uncle Carlos expertly milked Hector's prostate, his full nuts bouncing under him and his cock looking like it was primed to shoot.

"Slow down, uncle, it's my birthday!" 

I crossed my arms and faked indignation as Carlos chuckled, ramming the dildo all the way in as we stepped away. For this game, I decided to wear a pair of soccer cleats. I lined up my kick carefully before sending my foot slamming into Hector's nuts. Over and over. Hector let out a scream mixed with a laugh and naturally tried to collapse, but the tree stump kept him from falling too far and the rope around his ankles kept him from closing his legs. I worked up a sweat and everyone was cheering me on as I laid waste to my buddy's nuts. Every cheesy sports theme metaphor that could be applied to ball busting was thrown out, and through it all Hector was moaning and crying and squealing in pleasure and pain. The closer his nuts came to rupturing the harder he got.

"Crack my nuts!"  He roared as my foot made contact. 

His beefy nuts had endured much more abuse than I thought they would, but all good things come to an end. Hector flooded the ground and tree stump under him with scrambled nut sauce as his boys were both turned into chunky ball stew. It felt like i had kicked a deflating soccer ball and left a permanent dent! I still remember clearly the sensation of his nuts' cascading failure as my toe tore deeper and deeper into the flesh. 

"Way to go, Miguel!" Leopoldo shouted.

We got Hector untied and let him lay out in the grass nursing his battered, cum covered nuts. He had quite the look of satisfaction on his face. 

A heavily modified game of bowling and darts were next. Dario and Hugo had managed to rejoin the party, they were still obviously in pain but found the inner strength to participate once they saw who the next players were. Carlos, their father, my sexy friend Jose and the hunky Leopoldo were up.

Leopoldo was tied standing to the same tree Dario had been suspended over, with his big nuts tied at their base making them bulge out. They looked absolutely huge. Carlos and Jose were laying on the ground with their legs spread and wooden ramps positioned that ended right at their nuts. The rules for the games were simple. Valerio, my father Lorenzo, Dario, Hugo and I would take turns throwing heavy metal darts at Leopoldo's sack or rolling large metal balls down the ramp to crash into Carlos or Jose's trapped nuts. 

Dario and Hugo both took one of the heavy metal balls in their hands and looked down at their dad smiling. The balls were slightly smaller than actual bowling balls but much heavier and they smiled wickedly at each other as Dario placed his ball on the ramp. It rolled picking up speed until slamming into uncle Carlos' sack. He let out a wail as Dario picked up the ball that was now smashing his dad's balls into the ground and Hugo took his turn. The brothers kept alternating as uncle Carlos' screams kept climbing octaves.

Valerio seemed to be taking special delight in rolling the heavy metal ball down the ramp leading to Jose's sack. His cock would twitch every time the ball landed on Jose's balls with a loud splat, each time flattening them just a bit further. Jose's meaty cock stayed mostly soft during the abuse which was a shame because his hard dick jutting over his smoking body as his balls were turned to mush would have been the best visual. 

My dad and I were loving using Leopoldo's sack like a pin cushion. The throwing line was far enough to be a mild challenge but not so close that it was effortless. A few of them had struck his abs and thighs but most of them had impacted - and were sticking out - of his sack and cock. Leopoldo's truly massive nuts were lacerated by the sharp heavy darts and the worse they got the closer dad and I nudged the line forward. 

"Honey, thank you so much for giving this gift to my son!"

Dad said smiling as he reached out and punctured his boyfriend's juicy left nut with a dart. Yeah, I know, but the end we were cheating so blatantly that we weren't so much throwing the darts as pushing them in like pins. Meanwhile...



Dario and Hugo gave each other high fives as their dad's bloated sack permanently flattened to less than half inch. Afterwards they told me there was a sickening-sweet crunching at the moment of final impact, and I wish I had been closer to hear it. Jose was not faring better. As soon as uncle Carlos was out of the running, Dario and Hugo joined Valerio over Jose. No one was using the ramp now, they were just hovering the ball over Jose who tried desperately to close his legs.

The sound of Jose' wailing in falsetto was music to my ears and I knew what was about to happen. I gave Leopoldo's nuts a break to walk over to Jose.


His nuts were swollen and black. They obviously weren't going to last too much longer. I stood over him stroking my cock as my eyes darted between Jose's abused sack, his amazing laid out body and the three hot men throwing metal balls at his junk. Dario and Valerio were being so violent that they had worked up a sweat, heaving every ounce of strength in to the task. Their bodies were glistening and the whole setup was so fucking hot...

"Oh shit!" I screamed and my knees buckled.

I shot all over Jose. Literally. I sprayed so hard and so much I didn't even believe it as it was happening. His pecs and face were covered. I plastered both of his eyes shut. He was gargling my cum as ropes had landed in his open screaming mouth. He trying to beg with a mouth full of jizz. He couldn't even see what was happening clearly since he'd been blinded by my load.


Everything inside Jose's sack disintegrated. It looked like a purple, bruised sack of oatmeal. It was a beautiful site. As the others helped up Carlos and Jose, I made my way over to Leopoldo, slowly - and painfully - removed all of the darts from his cock and balls then kicked, punched and kneed his swinging manhood, slamming it into the tree, until the already weakened organs burst one by one. His handsome face was etched in shock as the gravity of losing his favorite body parts sank in.

I gave everyone time to recover in order to join me in the house for the final phase. Valerio and my dad were going to present their gifts which I could then use on their packages however I wanted. Valerio went first. I tore the wrapping off of the box and gasped in shock at what was inside. 

"Thank you! Thank you!"

I gave my hot brother-in-law a hug and a kiss on the cheek, our naked bodies were pressed tightly against each other. I could feel his absolutely ridiculous nuts slapping against my thigh. All eyes were on Valerio's massive low hangers and the box.

"Umm, should we maybe lay down a tarp?" Hector joked. 

His nuts had cracked into pieces in the bag, but Hector wasn't sure Valerio was going to have anything left after I was done. And judging by the size of Valerio's tomatoes there was a very real chance I was going to cover the room with tomato paste.

"I thought you'd like it," Valerio grinned.

That's when I noticed his cock was starting the swell.

Valerio had gone to the hardware store and picked out various items that I had told him I had always fantasized about using on him. It as so hot he had remembered! There was a mallet with a stiff rubber head, a heavy duty woodworking vice and a power drill.

I asked for a volunteer to help hold Valerio's hand behind his back as he stood against the table, letting his awesome nuts rest on it. Carlos stepped up to help and there was no way Valerio could escape, even if he wanted to.

What I ended up doing to poor Valerio's package was so incredibly depraved that even retelling it gives me goosebumps - and a hard on. I think I just got overwhelmed by the prospect of neutering this totally hot, down to Earth, Mr. Nice Guy who was cool enough to literally let me crush his nuts. I will spare you the gory details, but let me just say: Long drill bits should not be used as urethral sounds - even if they are well lubed and if you do, definitely - definitely - don't turn the drill on. I bet Valerio was such a hot fucker in bed, expertly using his eleven inch, perfectly shaped penis to please any hole lucky enough to have it. But now... not so much. 

Every muscle in Valerio's taught little body was etched as he struggled to break free from my uncle's grip. Dario had to assist keeping Valerio in place. His cock, his perfect cock, was transformed into a chunk filled hull as the drill bit spun inside of it. Valerio's cock certainly won't be able to get hard - let alone fuck anything - ever again. He's had it reconstructed with an inflatable tube but it isn't nearly the same.

As for Valerio's bull nuts, they ended up under the vice. His legs were thrashing wildly trying to save something of his manhood but I just kept cranking it shut, never breaking eye contact with those beautiful hazel eyes, until his nuts were a thick, dense patty. They seemed like they weren't going to flatten any further but we all know how 'man versus machine' stories end. Valerio's huge nuts cracked into at least four or five big flattened chunks.  I should have stopped there, just left him with a sack full of broken jewels but then I remembered the mallet.

I will just say that testicles - especially big ones - are not nearly as resistant to blunt force after they've been ruptured. I probably should have stopped after smashing what was left of one of his nuts until it felt like slurry. Instead, I kept going until the table top was cracked and his last huge, busted nut was struck so hard that it... splattered out of the sack. Valerio finally blacked out, his eyes locked on mine as he faded out.

Unfortunately, after that, everyone's attention turned to cleaning up after Valerio so I wasn't able to get to dad's present. Maybe next time...


So that's the story of my wild birthday ball bash! I'm already in the process of trying to convince the guys who declined my last invitation to accept this coming year, and I think I already have a few on board. There is also the hot junior manager from work who I saw on a fetish website; I've been slowly leading him down kinkier and darker conversations so I'm pretty sure that by the next party he'll be on board, too. 

My dad has already agreed to host again along with Leopoldo and Alejandro - the newest member of their throuple - who Leopold has told me has absolutely enormous balls. "Cracking one of his would be like ruining both nuts on a normal guy," Leopoldo wrote in a recent text. I'm excited to see if his boasts are true. Hector already agreed to drop in next year and he promised he'll bring along a hot young guy from his travels as well as let me - and these are his words - 'rip off my big Irish cock with your bare hands'.

I hope you enjoyed the story, but I have to be going now. Valerio is on his way over to watch movies, drink champagne and help me get off retelling the gross end of his package.