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Friday, December 15, 2023

Breakfast for One

This story was written in collaboration with by buddy Charn. He's open for commissions so hit him up because he's really quite talented :) You can reach him at Charndatiger@gmail.com

Justin and Drake woke up before their alarm, the light coming in from the stunning picture windows was enough to stir them. Justin had booked a weekend at The Lux Resort Hotel in the City's bustling downtown as a way for them to reset their relationship. Justin had caught Drake cheating on him with their housekeeper Kyle. Well, "Caught" was the wrong word. Justin had been checking up on Kyle's OnlyFan's page and found a video of the slinky tousle haired Kyle being Chicago deep-dished by a very, very familiar cock. Granted, Kyle was a delicious 20-year-old twink but Justin had assumed that Drake would have taken their wedding vows as seriously as he had... though Justin could hardly be surprised Kyle had fallen for Drake.

Drake’s truly enormous, heavy cock made a constant bulge in his pants even when he wasn’t hard. The massive thing was 10 inches flaccid and ballooned to a hole-stretching 15 inches when fully hard. Justin loved it, the thick shaft with its bulbous head and ridged veins was enough to make any man whimper. It had such a presence that Justin could hardly believe he was allowed to touch it. He loved how it felt in his hand as he stroked it, the texture of the skin on his fingertips as he ran them up and down. 

Drake’s cock was truly something to behold with its crown-like shape at the top and its girthy thickness at the base. Every time Justin held it in his hands, he had to take a moment just to admire its size compared to his own smaller organ. He would wrap both hands around it and feel every inch of its length, marveling at how perfectly designed Drake's huge tool was for pleasure. 

As impressive as that powerful cock was, Drake’s testicles were just as much a show stopper. They were massive and heavy, like two egg shaped oranges in Justin’s hands. The density of his testicles was remarkable; they felt as solid as a rock when Justin squeezed them gently, the scrotum so tightly stretched around them that it seemed as though it might split with even the slightest pressure. He could feel their weight in his hands, the meatiness and richness of them made him gasp out loud. No matter how many times he had seen them before, Justin still found himself amazed by Drake’s impressively heavy testicles. Between the hormones they filled Drake with, and the size of that massive piston between his thighs, Justin was actually surprised Kyle hadn’t been split in half!

Drake had spend the intervening week desperately apologizing but Justin seemed oddly undisturbed, suggesting a staycation in the city would be a good way for them to reconnect.

“I love you...” Drake whispered into Justin’ ear.

Justin pretended not to hear him as he rolled out of bed, put on a robe and picked up the room phone. Drake slipped into his robe admiring the city views from the window as his husband placed their breakfast order.

“Food will be here in about thirty minutes. Think that’ll be enough time?”

Justin pulled the belt of his robe, letting it fall to the floor revealing his taught, middle aged body.

“I mean, I’m not a twink or anything but...” Justin gave his husband a sly grin. Drake flushed with embarrassment as he disrobed and approached Justin.

"Now, let me see this big bad piece of meat," Justin smiled as he knelt down in front of Drake. Ten inches of thick, soft dick hung down in front of him, the broad hose lazily curling over the twin weights of Drake's equally impressive testicles. Justin know that Drake's cock was what made Kyle fuck Drake, and that those fat eggs were what made Drake fuck Kyle. He cupped them, one big ball per palm, lifting them up and grinding them together against the root of Drake's rod.

Drake got harder, looking out the window at the city laid out below them. He was standing right by the window and he knew that someone out there was staring up at the sexy daddy with the massive cock in the window.

Justin began to lick and suck along Drake's cock. Drake moaned at this; Justin had given up long ago trying to get his behemoth into that cute little mouth of his, and the feel of his husband's hot wet lips and firm tongue had him throbbing hard and needily against Justin's lips.

Justin continued to taste him, increasing the pressure and speed as he went. His tongue traced a delicate lin along the stud's puffy cumslit, tasting the salt and musk that clung to the man's massive, beautifully shaped cockhead. He refused to suck on his husband's cock, instead only letting him feel the tip of his tongue, as his hands massaged and stroked the rest of his body.

He used both hands to twist and tug on Drake's massive balls, pulling and stretching them down until the already-stretched scrotum gleamed and seemed ready to tear loose of the man's tensed groin. He held them in place with one hand, keeping them stretched, helping those tight cords and muscles relax and get used to them being pulled away from Drake's body, as he stroked up and down the length of that thick, veined shaft. He smiled, his fingers pausing at the tattoo of a curling knot of barbed wire that lined the root of his husband's shaft. It was that tattoo that had confirmed that Kyle was fucking Drake, after all. He owed that tattoo some credit. 

Drake moaned softly and Justin smiled, pleased with his work as his husband began to try and thrust into his mouth. Justin let that broad head just brush through his lips, nudging against his teeth, and bit down gently at the big head, but at the last minute he eased off. Drake groaned, but Justin was unwilling to let Drake cum just yet. H preferred to keep him teetering on the edge of orgasm, while re-exploring every inch of his husband's body, as if for the last time. Justin stroked down from Drake’s cock to his inner thighs and lower stomach, stroking fingers through that thick fragrant bush, and massaging Drake's muscles, encouraging him to relax. He shifted hands on Drake's balls, always keeping them held down, stretched lower and lower, even after Drake complained about the ache it created in his belly. The pain grew, but so did the pleasure, and Justin seemed perfectly adept at keeping them in balance to make sure Drake was always just unable to cum. 

Drake was enjoying the frustration; his massive 15 inch cock swollen with need but not being allowed release. It felt amazing, and he wanted this attention to last forever. 

'Perhaps if Justin had done this sooner, I wouldn't have cheated on him,' Drake thought, eyes closed and smile wide with satisfaction.

"Come on, Justin... let's see if we can get this whole thing down your throat," Drake suggested, eyes gleaming. "You know how much I love a good deep throat."

"Maybe," Justin replied, as he licked slowly over the precum bubbling from Drake's dick. "It's been a long time since I've had such a big piece of meat in my mouth." There was a knock on the door, interrupting them. Justin stood up, and the two men put on their robes. In Drake's case, there was barely any point, as the massive tent was not something that could be hidden. He folded his dick up against his belly and tied a knot with the belt around the base, keeping it pinned in place, but precum drooled down the underside of it.

“Room service,” a burly waiter announced as he entered the room with a cart. Drake thought nothing of the two other waiters entering behind him, one of which was carrying what looked like a countertop griddle. They were on the penthouse level, maybe extra servants and food prepared in-room was part of the experience, Drake thought. He stretched his arms above his head, watching the large cart as it was rolled in front of him, not noticing as the extra two waiters stood just behind.

Justin pulled up the silver dome of the delivered food, revealing two plates with pancakes, fresh fruit, even two small cups of grits. a large bottle of syrup rested to the side, glass with a large stopper on it.

“Ah, everything looks great but you forgot the sausage...” 

Drake snickered. "Well that sucks, you love sausages." Drake didn't care if the waiters overheard, he was extremely horny and Justin had left him very close to cumming. He groped his nuts through his robe, leering at his husband. "Of course, if you need one-" but before he could finish, arms wrapped around and under his own, strong arming him into position and pushing his thighs up against the cart.

“What the...”

Justin just smiled and leaned forward. "A sausage, you say?" He pulled the belt on Drake’s robe, a heavy BONG resonating through the room as more than a foot of thick Drake meat slapped down onto the silver platter, oozing precum and nestling up against a stack of pancakes. It was thick, the broad cap reddened from the previous stimulation, and it was unabashedly male. The three waiters were momentarily stunned at the sight, jaws gaping at the display, but all three of them stayed on mission. Justin smiled widely, and gripped his husband's cock by the head, gently squeezing and stroking it.

"Yes, this sausage should do..."

The young man who had been wheeling the cart pulled something out of his pocket and approached Drake. It was a cheese cutting wire, with two wooden handles at the end. Justin tugged on Drake's erection, stretching it as firmly as he could away from the stud's groin.

“What the fuck!" Drake exclaimed, as the waiter used a finger to stroke his scraggly pubic hair back from the root of his shaft, baring the barbed wire tattoo.


Drake struggled in vain as the waiter casually tucked one of the handles under his cock and looped it around, gently tugging the two handles until the thin metal wire was snugly snared around the root of his cock, exactly around the barbed wire tattoo.

Justin smiled, “I figured that if you're gonna treat this big dick of yours like meat, that I might as well, too. This is gonna be one hell of a breakfast.” He adjusted his grip on Drake's cock, stretching it even further away from his body as the waiter pulled on the two wooden handles. The thin metal wire bit into Drake's flesh with a surprisingly gentle pressure, gradually slicing through the skin like a hot knife through butter. 

Drake felt an odd tugging sensation in his groin as he watched in horror and fascination as tiny red beads of blood bloomed out from where the wire disappeared into the skin of his cock, dripping onto the table below. He could feel the wire, pinching and compressing and sawing through the root of his dick - feeling the whole thing go numb. He could see Justin stroking the end of his cock, but he couldn't feel it. With one final pull, the waiter's hands tugged sharply taut, the cheese wire straightening out now that there was no bulky dick blocking it.  Drake's prized 15 inch cock flopped down, severed by its root, flopping down onto one of the plates with a wet thud. 

Drake had been so transfixed on watching his cock's execution that he hadn't even thought to protest, but as the burn of pain from severed nerves lit up his brain, he began to wail and scream in denial.

"My cock! My cock you sick fuck, you just cut off my COCK!"

The waiters stood motionless as Justin picked and held up what remained of Drake’s member.

"Cock? I don't see a cock here."

Justin brought the severed dick to his face, and licked lewdly up along the length of it, from dripping cockhead to the severed root. "All I see is meat." 

He handled the cock, stroking and kneading it between his fingers. He had never been able to do so so freely, and the thrill of holding his husband's severed dick made his stomach thrill almost as much as the thought of what was coming next did. He moved to the end of the cart, where the waiter who had severed Drake’s dick with wire was setting up the griddle. The waiter wiped the inside of the griddle with a bit of butter and smiled as Justin callously dropped Drake’s severed dick on the hotplate. It hissed, the flesh flexing as steam cooked out from inside. 

Drake screamed as he looked on in horror. 

The griddle sizzled and popped as the fat rendered from the sausage and a nice even char began to form. Justin continued to press down on the sausage, watching as it slowly cooked in a pool of its own juices. The smell of cooking meat spread throughout the room, mixed with the masculine scent of Drake’s arousal that had already been filling the room when the waiters arrived. After a few minutes, Justin flipped the sausage over and gently rolled it back and forth. He smirked and pushed down on the head with the spatula, making sure to pan fry the delicate frenum that was just underneath the dick's head, frying that sensitive patchwork of skin. 

Drake sobbed as he watched his proud shaft turn from an ass-pleasing testament of manhood to a well cooked polish kielbasa. He placed Drake’s thoroughly cooked dong on the plate next to the pancakes and smothered the entire breakfast platter with syrup, making sure to coat Drake’s charred, burned meat sausage with plenty of maple syrup.

Justin took a fork and knife and sliced into Drake’s cooked cock, cutting behind the glans and lifting it up into the air, the meat still steaming and dripping sweet syrup.

“Oh, look honey, isn't this what you wanted, my mouth full of your cock?" Justin teased, as he stuffed the whole piece into his mouth. It was quite the mouthful, and as he bit down, juices and syrup sprayed from his lips. Justin covered his mouth, pretending to be embarrassed, but then made a show of chewing and savoring the massive mouthful of his husband's huge cockhead.

Drake could do nothing but watch helplessly as Justin ate his massive, cooked penis one bite at a time. He felt violated and humiliated, unable to comprehend the horror and degradation he was experiencing.  His hips twitched with each bite as the darkened, crispy sausage was consumed and savored in a way that he had never imagine and would never experience again.  It felt like an eternity before Justin stuffed the last few inches, with bits of barbed wire tattoo still hinted at, between his lips and swallowed them almost whole. Drake's prized fifteen inch dick was... gone. 

Justin put the plate back on the cart and grinned at Drake in a smug, satisfied way. “Wow, I don’t think I’m going to have room for the pancakes,”

Justin wasn't kidding. Drake’s big dick had been surprisingly meaty and filling, the flesh salty and crispy and juicy in a way that Justin couldn't help but savor. He hadn't even realized he had devoured it all until the last bit went down his throat and he went to cut off another piece... and found none. He looked his husband over, enjoying the patched up bandage that the waiter had applied to his husband's groin while he was enjoying his meal. A massive snake had hung down there, between Drake's thighs, for decades... now there was nothing but a couple bandages and two remarkably large testicles.

"Damn, Drake..." Justin said, and he could swear his belly growled in hunger, despite having a pound and a half of cooked meat inside it already. "I never noticed how big... and meaty... those balls of yours were."

Drake was crying, and afraid, and in pain. "I'm sorry, honey. I'll never cheat again, I swear. Please. Please just let me go."

"I don't know..." Justin replied, a playful smile on his face. "Those balls look delicious. They look like they'd go great with pancake syrup."


Justin sighed in mock exasperation. "You don't get it, sweetie. You don't get to decide whether I'm gonna ruin your balls or not. If you're really nice, I'll let you decide HOW I'll ruin them. What do you think? Should I pan fry them whole, like your dick? Perhaps I should scramble them in their sack and make a soufflé? I've got a coffee maker - maybe I should boil them? The possibilities are endless! What's not endless, is your genitals. We only have one chance to cook them juuuuust right. I just can't WAIT to see what they're going to taste like. It's not my fault, though, I mean, I watched the porno with you and Kyle. You really REALLY wanted him to gulp down your nuts, right? So... here I am. Ready to gulp down your nuts. And you just seem so ungrateful!"

The thought of the juicy meat that would come out with each bite excited him as he imagined all the different spices and seasonings he could use to make these balls taste like something entirely new. Whatever way he chose, Justin knew it wouldn't be boring - Drake's big, meaty 'eggs' promised a delicious breakfast treat.

He grabbed a few spices from under the cart and sprinkled them onto the griddle before adding a few drops of olive oil for good measure. Then he placed Drake's oversized testicles onto the griddle and started cooking them slowly over low heat. As they began to sizzle and brown, Justin inhaled deeply, savoring their aroma. He scooped up some of the butter and oil with the spatula, drizzling them over the crisping flesh.

"No, no, please! OW! NOOOO!" Drake pled, but Justin was smiling, living in another world. For too long Drake had ruled their relationship with his oversized package... and Justin was enjoying 'evening the score', as it were. He hmmed. These fat balls were too big. They were going to take far too long to cook like this. Making an executive decision, Justin held the metal spatula by the handle, so that the front edge of it was perpendicular to the griddle. He pushed down, slicing the blade down into the center of Drake's left testicle, feeling the flesh simmering around the hot blade. He pulled it loose, and repeated the process on the right one, half-bisecting both egg-shaped balls. White flesh sizzled in the oil that crept into the opened organs, as Drake screamed and passed out at the excruciating pain.

That was fine. Justin picked up a hamburger press, the asterisk shaped metal weight perfectly suited for Drake's hamburger-patty-sized nuts. He lined it up on top of the first one, and pushed down with both hands, putting his weight behind it. The weakened testicle bulged, and then crushed, collapsing into itself. Frothing meaty gunky flesh spit out across the griddle, as sperm juices immediately cooked from clear to white. Justin grinned and moved it to the second testicle, repeating the process. The big balls were completely ruined now, the undersides cooked, the tissues crushed and simmering in their own juices. Taking the spatula, Justin flipped the massive scrotum over. The waiters blushed, watching this morbid recipe be created, but Justin just smiled at them.

"I like my eggs fried hard, don't you?" He used a spatula to cut the flesh free of Drake's entirely denuded groin, and the waiters brought the unconscious man over to the bed, to sleep off the trauma.

Then, the waiters left the room, surreptitiously checking their own goods, glad that they were not the guy who got caught cheating.

As for Justin? He sat down with his plate of scrambled eggs and syrup, and loaded up with his delicious, meaty breakfast.


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  2. wow! this story was amazing!!!! you're writing is incredible!


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